Saturday, 2012-10-27

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zz_bottomHi... starting to find me old N900 with maemo old... thinking of trying Nemo... but I could not make it run on my test ESX-server...12:44
zz_bottomCan anyone tell me if there is a working OpenVPN solution for NEMO12:44
zz_bottom... or meego for that sake?12:44
zz_bottomBeen googling, and there are apparently some for meego12:44
zz_bottom... but many find them troublesome.12:45
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dm8tbrI'd expect that someone did openVPN for mer/nemo on COBS12:52
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zz_bottomAnyway, I just found something about Android on n900...13:08
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dm8tbrNITdroid never used that and probably wouldn't want to13:54
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dm8tbrzz_bottom: btw, nemo is an /additional/ install so you won't lose maemo and there is no risk.14:36
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zz_bottomdm8tbr - yup... guess it will boot on the external SD-card...15:16
zz_bottomAnyway, what I need is openvpn support and either bluetooth PAN/DUN or wifi-hotspot15:17
zz_bottomI have been messing around with this to long without getting it to work properly15:18
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specialkulve: mind putting the output of 'zypper search gst' on pastebin, too?16:08
kulvespecial: any quick hints for choosing the video sink?16:08
kulvespecial: I have added my own packages and repos so not usre if that could be helpful..16:09
specialvideo sink.. moment16:09
kulvefor playbin2 you can give "video-sink" parameter. I guess that's something I would like to try out16:10
specialuse xvimagesink16:11
specialshould give decent performance16:11
kulveit's not supported on this hw but there are couple of others I would like to try out. And playbin2 seems to pick a bad one automatically..16:11
specialnot having xvideo might be painful16:14
vgradekulve: I have some notes on playbin2 from my T2 days, I'll look them out next week16:14
kulvespecial: there seems to be others that are hw accelerated and that's why I would like to try them out.16:14
kulvevgrade: for playbin2 I can give "video-sink=sink-of-my-choice" and that works nicely16:15
specialwhich hardware?16:16
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7156 waiting for review at
kulvespecial: tegra16:18
specialhmm. Try them out, but I'm not sure how much you'll be able to do without xvideo16:22
kulvehow to try them out with the gallery application?16:24
kulveI've already succesfully tried them out from the command line with "gst-launch playbin2"16:24
specialits sink choice is buried inside qt-mobility16:25
specialwithout that patch, it'd be using overlay (which is a custom sink in mobility using GL)16:27
kulvethanks, I'll see if I have the energy to patch and compile all that. Too bad that doesn't allow override with e.g. an environment variable16:31
specialkulve: see also
specialand yeah, qt4 multimedia is not well written for cross-platform use :|16:33
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vgradekulve: there is a patch for qtmobility so it can use the nvidia sink from an env var16:44
vgradeits in another vm at the moment , I'll post later16:46
vgradekulve:  is T£ still using nv_gl_videosink16:51
kulvevgrade: well, I'm not sure which of those are supported to which level, but at least there is nv_gl_eglimagesink16:54
vgradewell I have a patch to qtmobility which uses an env var to pick up that sink and use16:55
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kulvevgrade: sounds good17:49
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Stskeepsvgrade: sounds nice to send to mer18:26
vgradeStskeeps: need to find it, first and I'm not sure if it was nVidia specific18:34
vgradeStskeeps: I recall there were some issues in getting the sink caps matched18:35
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