Tuesday, 2012-11-13

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7372 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/737209:33
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faenilmorning :)10:37
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sledgesgood mornan!10:44
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faenilmorning sledges .910:49
sledges.9 <- how I look in the morning: http://favim.com/image/42004/10:50
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faenilrcg-work, morning10:54
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rcg-workhey faenil :)10:55
rcg-workhow's it going?10:55
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faenilrcg-work, good, good11:05
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Sage_kjokinie1: ping11:41
lbtSage_: what's the component gallery in nemo called?11:44
Sage_componentsgallery? :)11:44
Sage_qmlcomponentsgallery actually?11:45
lbtnot on mer obs yet?11:45
lbtqt-components in nemo:devel:mw ?11:45
faenilno that's not it11:46
faenilqt-components should be meego qt components11:46
lbtmeh maybe search is broken11:48
lbtI really can't find it ... any idea where it is?11:51
Sage_lbt: we are still using cobs atm.11:51
lbtlooking there too11:51
Sage_lbt: the package name isn't that :)11:52
Sage_lbt: qt-components provides that11:52
lbtI checked the spec11:53
lbtI guess it's just badly packaged then11:53
Sage_it is in main package11:53
lbtyeah -11:53
Sage_# rpm -qf /usr/share/applications/qmlcomponentgallery.desktop11:53
the-bossSage_: Error: "rpm" is not a valid command.11:53
lbtdon't have a running nemo annoyingly :/11:53
w00tthat should be in a seperate package, true11:54
* w00t fixes11:55
w00tSage_: qt-components-gallery ok?11:57
Sage_I think so yes. Isn't there another one "extras" or somethign as well?11:58
Sage_qmlcomponentextrasgallery.desktop yes11:58
Sage_maybe that one there too11:59
w00tI was going to put both in there, yes11:59
kjokinie1Sage_: pong12:02
Sage_kjokinie1:  kernel-n9-  in https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/7374 looks bad12:03
kjokinie1Sage_: ugh... I did not change those12:04
kjokinie1Sage_: need to check what went wrong there12:05
w00tSage_: what's the Group: for applications?12:05
* w00t always forgets12:05
Sage_w00t: well, I haven't really cared about those so far. As we haven't really defined the groups.12:06
* w00t feels bad about tagging this Development/Libraries... :p12:06
Sage_Put Applications/Development :)12:07
Sage_or something12:07
sledges\\o// for build.merproject.org ! thank you for the swift account transfer as well, feels like home now :D12:14
faenilwait have we moved?12:14
w00tcobs is busy, isn't it... ;)12:14
w00tfaenil: not yet12:14
faenilok thanks w00t12:14
sledgeswaay too busy :) I showed cobs to the guys at the openSuse stand in ELCE last week, they seemed to be pleased (though the lag was big :))12:18
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w00tcp debian/desktop/*.desktop %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/applications12:26
w00tthere's install rules in the damn project file12:27
w00tgah gah gah12:27
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faenilwhere componentsgallery?12:31
faenilwere you talking about componentsgallery's project file?12:42
w00tyes, i was talking about whichever idiot decided to put content in the debian directory instead of in the source tree + install it from there12:47
w00tand then left the install rules in the project file anyway - meaning it could have worked just fine12:47
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w00tSage_: any thoughts on creating github.com/nemomobile-archive or something, where we can transfer repos that are no longer used, but may have some potential historical interest? (libseaside, contextkit-meego, for instance)13:10
VesuriSage_: any idea what's going on there: https://build.pub.meego.com/project/monitor?project=CE:UX:MTF:Trial:SR737213:11
Vesuriit seems to be stuck13:11
Vesurisome of them say blocked even though they were building before (and have been built if you click on "blocked")13:12
faenilI'm going to smash my n950 if qmldialer doesn't stop popping up xD13:13
w00tVesuri: cobs is busy13:13
Vesuriw00t: building qt & libmeegotouch? :)13:13
w00tbuilding pretty much everything13:13
w00tnew mer release import, i guess13:13
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w00ti guess Project:MTF:MW still being full of packages doesn't help13:17
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w00tpvuorela: did you ever look into https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=500 ooi?15:03
Merbot`Nemo bug 500 in Maliit "Figure out why maliit doesn't seem to be unredirecting" [Major,New]15:03
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faenilw00t, is the lockscreen bug still there?15:04
w00tfaenil: which one?15:04
faenilthe one which if you rotate and then unlock you see half lockscreen15:04
faenilsomething like that15:04
faenilI just updated and it's still there15:04
faeniljust wanted to make sure15:04
w00tyes, I haven't touched it15:05
faenilok thx15:05
w00tif you've got some time, feel free to poke colorful-home :)15:05
faenilalright, got any info about the problem?15:05
w00tthe lockscreen position y is moved depending on screen lock15:06
w00ti'd guess that it isn't correctly moved enough to deal with orientation changes15:06
faenilok thanks15:07
faeniloff to uni now, will probably give it a look later if I have some spare time15:07
faenilcya people15:07
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Mrichi everyone, according to wikipedia is it not yet possible to dual boot Nemo/Meego. Is that true ?15:12
iekkuMric, with what device?15:13
MricI have a Nokia N915:13
iekkuMric, then it's true15:14
iekkuwith n950 dual boot works15:14
Mriciekku: iekku: but not with N9 ? strange no ?15:15
sledgesN950 is a [very shiny though, but a] developer's phone15:16
pvuorelaw00t: sorry, haven't yet. it's not crashing so been lower priority so far :)15:17
Mricsledges true but less people have a N950 than N9 ...15:17
w00tpvuorela: pah! :P15:17
iekkuMric, n9 is mass product and it's not e developer device15:19
AardMric: it's not too hard to get n9 dualboot, however: you will loose security related features in harmattan (forced to openmode), and implementing it within the messy moslo we currently have is non-trivial15:19
Mriciekky: yes exactly my point, more poeple could trry the great Nemo :)15:20
MricAard: Alright, I will directly try when a stable dual-boot is realeased !15:21
AardMric: the security bit is unsolvable, though. you'll only get dualboot into open harmattan15:21
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MricAard: I currently have nitdroid... so my device is alreade in openmode, I have also installed nemo which I was able to boot once but no more because when my device is booting it doesn't give me the option to boot nemo.15:23
MricIf I reflash only the  molso will I be able to use nemo for 1 run ?15:24
AardMric: you can _load_ moslo, i.e., boot nemo when you're connected by usb, without flashing the kernel15:25
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MricAard: sorry I'm a newbiwe :), but how can I just load moslo ?15:26
Aard-l instead of -f at the flasher commandline, iirc15:27
MricAard: cool :), I lost the link to download moslo, do you know it by any chance ?15:28
sledgesMric, http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/maemo-dev-env-downloads.php15:28
sledgesMOSLO: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Nokia_N915:29
Mricsledges: super thanks15:29
Mricsledges: do you think one day there will be a dual boot system without everytime loading moslo via USB ?15:30
sledgesone day there will be a Jolla phone ;)15:31
* sledges hides15:31
Mricsledges: in 8 days they will demonstrate Jolla :)15:31
sledgesSailfish OS on a virtual machine (or a dev phone)? yes ;)15:32
sledgesbut his is #nemomobile15:32
sledgesmy hiding related stuff -> #jollamobile :))15:32
Mricsledges: alright ;) but for the few hours I have tried nemo I honestly found it awsome :) I'm really hoping the OS will go far.15:34
sledges+1 `15:34
sledgesSailfish OS is largely based on Nemo and Mer core15:34
tadzikare they contributing back?15:36
sledgesthey will contribute back everything to Mer and Nemo, what is open15:36
sledgesand what they will want to stand out with (UX namely), will remain closed15:36
Mricsedges: that's cool15:36
sledgesotherwise they can't make the moneys :)15:36
tadzikso now we wait for the release so they can push all this stuff back :)15:37
tadzikpretty ossum15:37
sledgesi think they are constantly pushing? ( w00t should know more ;))15:37
tadzikno eye deer15:37
sledgessurely there will be an increase at some point15:37
Mricsledges: makes sense :)  gotta go to uni will talk soon (if I need help for loading moslo but it shouldn't be a problem ;) )15:38
w00tit's always ongoing - take a look at packaging changelogs, git, etc15:38
tadzikI hope Sailfish devices will have tad higher battery life than Nemo :)15:38
tadzikor maybe I should try the new build15:38
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sledgesand look for Author: xxx@jollamobile.com ;) )15:38
sledgesPM mainly will be down to the linux kernel15:38
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faenilback o/17:33
faenilsup lady?17:34
faenilwhatsup, Iekku? :P17:36
faenilhowdy :P17:37
iekkusorry, i'm too old (and tired) for that kind of language17:37
iekkubusy, busy, busy17:37
faenilstop looking at IRC, deliver! :P17:39
iekkumore coffee to hackers?17:39
Stskeepsfaenil: it might shock you, but irc.. is part of our work17:39
faenilStskeeps, me likes that :D17:40
faenilbeing open to community like this is #1 priority17:40
iekkuit's really important channel for me, to keep communication ongoing17:40
faenilthat's so cool :)17:41
iekkuand irc is soooooo much easier and faster than mails17:41
faenilso you don't have something like im.nokia.com :D17:41
iekkuno :)17:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7375 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/737519:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7372 Accepted promotion request19:13
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