Thursday, 2012-12-06

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7509 waiting for review at
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romaxaw00t: I'm working on it.. got normal gecko compiled with native chroot.. now working on refactoring of embedding with threaded rendering06:33
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niqtmorning all07:47
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sledgesgood roarning10:45
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w00tso.. n9 gps is apparently bcm475110:57
w00tkernel driver (quality unknown) apparently located at
w00tfirst step would be trying that out10:58
w00tnext problem is that the protocol it uses (MEIF) isn't documented in the open10:58
sledgesand harmattans gps components are surely closed(?)10:59
w00ti did a bit of hunting around, and found that some people have already done a bit of research there:
w00twhether or not that applies to the bcm4751 in the n9, who knows - but we might get lucky there10:59
w00tafter that... there'll need to be tie-in to qt mobility somehow, presumably through one of the existing gps frameworks11:00
w00tStskeeps: might be more useful there, i don't know what was used on the n900 for instance11:00
sledgeshmm with root `ps ax | grep -i gps` doesn't return anything whilst gps is in use11:03
sledgesand email to mer ml talks about n900 which might or might not be it11:03
sledgeswonder as well how the "N9 kernel update project news" guys are doing11:04
* sledges loves reverse engineering btw, doing this at work atm :)11:04
sledgesthanks w00t for the info, hope to receive Stskeeps ACK that no-one from his team is on the case in Jolla already11:05
w00tsledges: as far as I know, nobody is working on this right now11:05
Stskeepson gps? no11:05
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sledgesStskeeps, what's the gps low-level framework on N9 (as I see it's definitely not gpsd)11:07
Stskeepsdont bother investigating that, the stuff harmattan had isn't public11:07
Stskeepsgo for low level bcm4751 stuff instead11:07
sledgesbut it's the only working realm. you'll want me to hook immediately to the /dev/ node11:08
Stskeepsprobably, yeah11:08
sledgesthough i'll need to validate against the userspace endpoint11:08
Stskeepsand then into stuff like gpsd or gypst11:08
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w00tStskeeps: which of those has a mobility backend?11:09
w00t(I guess you knew, since you had one of them working on N900 right)11:09
Stskeepsn900 was tied into nokia stuff11:09
Stskeepsclosed source, etc11:09
sledges`ps ax | grep -i gyp` returns nothing11:09
Stskeepsyes, nothing's running atm11:09
w00taha: qgeosatelliteinfosource_gypsy.cpp11:09
sledgeson N9, gpsmeefor running, tries to get a fix, so i was wondering what deamon is in effect11:10
w00tso, tie it into gypsy, and we'll also then be able to get existing Qt applications using it easily11:10
w00tfaenil: there's a whole lot of "maybes" and "what ifs" before it gets to that point ;)11:11
w00tso don't get your hopes up just yet11:11
faenilw00t, yeah I can imagine... :)11:11
faenilbut at least we have hopes11:12
faenillast info I had is it was almost impossible :)11:12
jonwilso it sounds like there is no N9 version of "11:13
jonwilso it sounds like there is no N9 version of "location-adaptation-rx-51"11:13
w00tfaenil: well, the impossible part was MEIF11:13
w00tjonwil: correct11:13
faenilw00t, oh ok :D11:14
jonwilthats a pitty, its about the only part of the N9(50) that isn'11:14
jonwilisn't otherwise supported by MeeGo/Mer/Nemo11:14
w00tjonwil: well - see above discussion11:14
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w00ti have some hopes that if someone put some time into trying to hack the pieces together, we could get it working with reasonable amount of ease11:15
w00tjonwil: do you have an n9 out of interest? :)11:15
jonwilI dont11:15
jonwilJust the N90011:15
w00ti still have my (sadly deceased) one in a box11:16
jonwilbtw, I have been messing with ti-omap3-sgx and I dont think reverse engineering it (the 2d parts at least) is anywhere near as complex as some people have made it out to be...11:16
Stskeeps2d parts are easy, probably11:16
Stskeeps3d not so much11:16
Stskeepsnobody uses the 2d parts though11:16
jonwilIs 3D essential for a working Mer/Nemo environment?11:17
Stskeepspractically, yes11:17
faenilwhat's wrong with ti-omap3?11:17
w00tfaenil: it's closed source :)11:17
jonwilso you cant run Mer/Nemo without working GL?11:17
faenilw00t, mmm xD but aren't we already using 3d hw acc in Nemo?11:17
w00tjonwil: yep, no support for no composition11:17
faenilon n950 for example11:18
w00tfaenil: yes, through the binary blob you just named there - but binary blobs are a pain, so not having to rely on them if possible is better11:18
faenilsure :)11:19
faenilthe world isn't ready for a successful fully opensource phone11:21
jonwilwhat I do wonder though is why given all the work being done by people on reverse engineering so many other things in the mobile space (including other ARM GPUs) no-one is interested in reverse engineering PowerVR...11:22
w00tjonwil: i've wondered that sometimes11:22
* w00t shrugs11:22
w00ti know i don't have the time or the talent for it11:23
jonwilif I had IDA ARM HexRays I would probably have a go at that (and any number of other things :)11:23
jonwilpitty I dont have a spare 3k to buy it :P11:24
w00ti try stick to things that happen once a display is up :)11:26
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sledgesjonwil, there are always attempts (fuelled by GTA04 project):
faenilThe USSE opcodes have been reverse-engineered, as well as the assembly language decoded. This is an important step forward because this information cannot easily be decoded from simple observation of the data passing through the Linux Kernel Driver.11:37
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cheriffit the .ko open?11:38
cheriff(insofar as it's pretty useless without a corresponding userspace, at least)11:38
sledgesbtw that status is as of October 2011 faenil11:40
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faenilsledges, true that...but it has never been
* w00t adds GPS notes to
w00tjonwil: perhaps you could add your notes to an N900 page there at some point11:42
sledgesthe link I provided has been updated September 2012, at least some tractions through mailing list. the FSF wiki is just for reference, rarely updated (I just fixed broken link to ml there)11:43
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faenilok ;)11:46
w00tfaenil: btw, did you see ?11:50
Merbot`Nemo bug 493 in N950-N9 "General phantom device slowness" [Normal,Assigned]11:50
w00t(comment #14)11:50
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* faenil reads11:51
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faenilw00t, wow12:00
faenilnice find indeed12:01
faenilcanteen time, bbl12:02
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sledges\o/ for depheating the phantom!12:21
sledgesassimilates to one of those one-character-fix problems :)12:25
rcg-workhuzza to solving problems :)12:26
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phaeronsledges: gps fixed already ? :D12:37
sledgescould you test it please? :D12:37
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phaeronhuh. really ?12:38
sledgesbeing sarcastic about me being sarcastic about you being sarcastic? :)))12:39
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phaeroninfinite loop12:39
jonwildecided to join the mailing list for the powervr stuff :)12:40
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sledgesOpenMoko resurrectors have some things brewing under the bonnet, but they've never mentioned Mer/Nemo/Jolla in their main gta04 ml :)12:42
phaeronsledges: so what do you want me  to test (no sarcasm :D)12:42
sledgeshope their povervr offspring picks up!12:42
sledgesthe inexistant fix of gps (no sarcasm :))12:42
sledgesi was cheering to the N9 phantom sloweness fix as one-character-fix12:44
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sledgesRE would need more than one character fixes to arrive there.. :)12:44
phaeronoh , yeah12:45
phaeronone character in assembly means a lot :D12:45
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sledges:) yes, just soothes watching pros at work at jolla12:46
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w00tVenemo: good news, seems there's a fix for bug 49313:16
Merbot`Nemo bug 493 in N950-N9 "General phantom device slowness" [Normal,Assigned]
Venemow00t: awesome! what was the solution?13:16
w00tsee comments on there13:16
w00t#14 in particular :)13:17
the-bossw00t: Error: "14" is not a valid command.13:17
Stskeepsbizarre-est issue ever13:17
Stskeepsnext after the tearing issue13:17
w00twith those solved, n950/n9 is actually in pretty good shape13:18
w00ti guess the next most annoying items are ofono and connman13:18
w00tso, do i open bugs saying "wifi sucks" and "cell reception keeps going awol" and wait for someone to fix those too? :-p13:18
phaeronI looked at "wifi sucks" and it seems we have no power management settings , which might go back to no bearer management13:21
Venemow00t: are you familiar with the QML components in Qt WebKit?13:21
Venemow00t: I can't find any sane documentation about the Qt5 version of QtWebKit13:22
w00tphaeron: mm13:23
w00tphaeron: well, it can't just be a qt problem though, e.g. zypper will need to function too13:24
w00tVenemo: not really13:24
w00tVenemo: what's the problem13:24
phaeronw00t: i meant system bearer : iwconfig wlan0 power13:24
Venemow00t: the API is incompatible with that of the Qt 4.x documentation13:24
w00tphaeron: ok.. how do we fix it? :D13:25
phaeronwe need to figure out what should set those power settings , depending on if internet is in use , how much is it in use , battery state13:25
phaeronwhich could be in connman already for all I know , that's as far as I went13:26
phaeronwhen I did iwconfig wlan0 power off like Stskeeps said , the wireless was super fast , but the device heated up quickly13:26
w00tphaeron: can you add some notes on ?13:27
Merbot`Nemo bug 590 in N950-N9 "Wireless on N950/N9 is slow and unreliable" [Normal,New]13:27
phaeronI can13:28
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faenilhey Venemo o/13:49
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Venemohey faenil14:24
faenilhey, how you doing?14:24
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Stskeepsevening Venemo20:25
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ftonelloguys, anyone interested in a position in CA for embedded linux with qt, contact me in pvt.21:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7510 waiting for review at
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rabitI have a question regarding setup of Qt Creator and MerSDK with Nemo mobile. What is the best way to get started as a beginner? I built the Qt version for Mer and and installed the VM image in VirtualBox. Now, when I try to connect from Qt Creator to the running VM (testing the connection), I get the response "VM is not registered". I can connect to the running SKD using ssh -p 2222 root@localhost.23:02
rabitAnd is this the right place to ask such beginner questions?23:03
faenilrabit, yes this is the right place ;)23:05
rabitI'm following the instructions on this wiki page:
faenilthough I test on device, so I can't help you :/23:05
faenilrabit, my advice is to try again tomorrow, which timezone are you in? :)23:06
rabitfaenil: thanks, :-) I'm in GMT +1 h (Munich, Germany)23:06
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faenilalright so same as me (I'm in Italy)23:07
faeniliirc xD23:07
faenilmost people are active 09:00 - 22:0023:07
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faenilso you'd better try tomorrow morning, and I'm sure you'll fix your issues ;)23:08
rabitfaenil: thanks, I'll try again tomorrow, then. Thanks for your help!23:08
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faenilunless Venemo already has QtCreator working with MerSDK23:08
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo23:08
faenilVenemo, ^23:08
faenilrabit, are you using mer-qt-creator with mer branch?23:08
rabitfaenil, yes, that's what I did. Followed the steps here:
faenilmer integration is quite fresh as you can see from the commmits23:10
faenilso I haven't tried it yet23:10
faenilbut I'm sure someone will be able to help tomorrow ;)23:10
faenilor maybe special knows something?23:11
rabitfaenil, I'll try again tomorrow. thanks, and have a good night! :-)23:11
faenilalright, I'm off to bed too, good night ;)23:11
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