Monday, 2012-12-10

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VDVsxmvogt, morning, can you please have a look:
VDVsxactually will change the api to allow minimum number of msg as well, just noticed now :)06:40
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mvogtVDVsx: howdy07:01
KypeliGood morning07:02
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mvogtVDVsx: minimum == 0 means 'retrieve all messages' in this context, right?07:06
VDVsxmvogt, yes07:07
mvogtVDVsx: seems like a dangerous default07:07
VDVsxmvogt, which can be misused07:07
VDVsxwell, would be good to have similar api as qmf07:08
mvogtVDVsx: does QMF default to retrieve-all?07:08
VDVsxmvogt, for this action yes: void retrieveMessageList(const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &folderId, uint minimum = 0, const QMailMessageSortKey &sort = QMailMessageSortKey());07:09
mvogtVDVsx: worrying. fair enough, though07:11
mvogtVDVsx: I can't see how to approve the pull-request - maybe I don't have the right status?07:14
VDVsxmvogt, yeah, guess only w00t can do that, but it's fine if you don't have any comments07:14
mvogtVDVsx: ok, cool07:15
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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon07:59
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sledgesgood lawning!10:32
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cos-i just added support for forums to siilihai13:51
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sledgescos-, is it easy to add this for example:
cos-yep, looks like fairly normal vbulletin13:55
cos-i really should do a tutorial video about adding forums some day..13:55
sledgescan it do subforums like ^ ?13:56
cos-almost all forums are 2 levels deep and yes it can do it13:57
sledges\o/ good app ;)13:57
cos-hold on, i'll add it..13:57
sledgesdoes it do notifications?13:57
sledgesi surely bet it should ;)13:57
cos-you mean private messages etc? no. it's strictly a reader.14:00
sledgesdoes a notification come up (like new email, sms/text or facebook notification)14:00
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sledgesof your watched sub/forums or threads get a new msg ?14:00
cos-watching is not implemented, but yes it would be a nice feature14:01
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sledgesaa, so there is no daemon running in the background?14:01
sledgesit would, and would spare an email notificaiton (you know, save the planet, don't use emails :DD)14:01
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sledgesniqt, did you manage to fix "Can't add Qt version" ?14:09
cos-sledges: no daemon.. but i have thought about implementing a daemon14:12
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niqtsledges: i can try to fix tonight, now i can't14:19
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cos-sledges: ok peugeot forum seems to work now. wasn't as easy as usuallu because vbulletin has weird url's and difficult to parse html14:27
sledgesnice to have the main and only dev at hand :) cos-14:36
sledgesniqt, ok, just double check the mount points, as this the next thing mer-qt-creator-plugin does when it successfully connects to -p 2222 mersdk@..14:37
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cos-sledges: yeah.. but it's against the spirit of crowdsourcing that i add all the forums :-)14:41
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sledgesplease explain cos-14:42
sledgesi'm not warmed up with the word crowdsourcing in this context yet :)14:42
sledgesyou mean we should add forums, not you (and only the ones we need) ?14:43
sledgesbut your app should provide instrumentation to do so(?)14:43
w00ti was scrolled up14:43
w00tno wonder i thought it was quiet in here14:43
sledgesit's non-the-less quiet though :D14:43
sledgesbut we're trying to change that ;)14:44
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sledgescos-, cron job would be more than enough for a daemon14:48
sledgesso it's doably doable :)14:49
cos-sledges: cron job should know which user to run the database update as.. and the user would always start the gui during the upgrade14:52
cos-it would require a per-session daemon + ipc between it and the gui14:52
sledgesah surely for that we need to write a separate executable14:52
sledgesand a shared .sqlite maybe14:52
sledgesdaemon could only trigger notification14:53
sledgesclicking on notification then calls the main ui, otherwise ui is not disturbed if notification unclicked (cleared)14:53
sledgesand crontab -e executed under user works immediately14:53
sledgesfor that user14:54
sledges(under POSIX Linux at least)14:54
sledges:) unless aegis kicks in14:54
cos-let's say something like this is planned for siilihai 3, but don't except it anytime soon ;-)14:54
sledgesunless someone writes it faster than you and contributes ;)14:55
cos-technically i know what to do, but as it's a freetime hobby i can't put too much effort to it14:55
sledgesthat's what the community is all about14:55
cos-i think next major thing to do is to get rid of qt components in mobile reader and port it to android and maybe maemo14:56
sledgesyou mean to detach UI from logic? as Qt Components would remain in N9/Nemo/Sailfish14:58
cos-well it's already been done, but the UI currently uses Qt Components. i don't know is it possible to support both components and non-components in same app easily15:00
cos-life would be easy if necessitas would ship components..15:01
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sledgesso you are going to use Android JNI for the porting? still don't know how you are going to have a cross-platform UI elements (Android/Maemo/Qt)15:05
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faenilhey o/17:47
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6 Rejected promotion request18:20
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7 Rejected promotion request18:20
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Sfiet_Konstantincool, there is merbot now18:31
Sfiet_Konstantin#kill elop18:31
the-bossSfiet_Konstantin: Error: "kill" is not a valid command.18:31
Sfiet_Konstantinthe-boss is still here as well18:31
the-bossSfiet_Konstantin: Error: "is" is not a valid command.18:31
phaeronSfiet_Konstantin: different obs  :)18:32
Sfiet_Konstantinah ?18:32
Sfiet_KonstantinMer have it's own obs now ?18:32
phaeronwe have a new obs that nemo is moving to18:32
Sfiet_Konstantincool :) that's good news :)18:32
phaeronmer has long since had its own. nemo is now moving to another one18:32
Sfiet_KonstantinOK, I thought that all of them were actually still based on MeeGo OBS18:33
phaerononly nemo. which will change soon18:33
phaeronit was on MeeGo Community OBS18:33
phaeronmeego obs is a different thing :D18:34
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Sfiet_Konstantinyeah MeeGo community obs18:48
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8 Rejected promotion request19:15
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#9 Rejected promotion request19:17
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w00tphako: SR 8? has Merbot gone mad? :-)19:40
RzRSage, should i do something for ?19:41
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RzRphako, ?20:23
phakoRzR: I meant w00t20:23
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#11 Rejected promotion request21:38
Sagedon't mind aobut the flood of request soon ;)21:41
Sagephaeron: sr 7479 seems to be stuck21:43
phaeronI'll get confused by those different sequences :D21:44
w00tso are low SRs for the new OBS or?21:45
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phaeronSage: ok will check the other one first21:47
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7479 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#12 Rejected promotion request21:53
phaeronSage: does that thing mean that spectacle needs to be  upgraded ?21:54
Sagepah, no. :/21:55
Sagethe comparison is a bit wrong there, one line changed its place and now the comparison fails21:56
phaeronhighest version already installed21:56
Sagebefore comparing the commented and whitespace lines should be removed and comparison should be done after that21:56
Sagenow when comments where added the diff fails21:56
phaeronI don't see anything that says the line moved21:57
Sage+ Name:       rsync21:58
Sage- Name:       rsync21:58
Sagelet me show you21:58
Sagecause by that21:58
Sagethus I said we should remove commented and empty lines and only after that do the comparison21:59
phaeronI don't think the participant should remove anything21:59
phaeronif the versions of spectacle match the output should be the same22:00
Sageit doesn't match see the pastie above22:00
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phaeronspectacle-0.25 on server , what version are you running ?22:01
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phaeronyou should update the spec file with that spectacle version22:01
Sageyup, for all 400 packages22:02
phaeronwell .. that's what the check was made for22:02
phaeronI can disable it if you want :)22:03
Sageyes, but it should be modified as things have changed :)22:03
RzRSage, thx for unblocking it22:03
Sagecp orig.spec -> comments_removed.spec, run specify; cp new.spec comments_removed_new.spec; compare comments_removed.spec and comments_removed_new.spec22:04
SageRzR: thank phaeron22:04
RzRphaeron, thank Sage :)22:04
*** RzR is now known as rZr22:05
* phaeron zones out22:05
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Sagephaeron: ok, either we disable that specify check or modify it. Disabling probably better in the end.22:38
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