Tuesday, 2012-12-11

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HtheBso, the first time im going to try out nemo on the N95000:13
HtheBalthough before I flash the moslo, i keep getting this warning:00:13
HtheB"WARNING: bad moslo format in ...."00:13
HtheBAlthough I just extracted it from the armv7hl.rpm  file, just like the wiki said00:14
HtheB(for the dualboot)00:14
HtheBanyone knows where the problem could be?00:14
w00tin ...? it literally says that?00:16
HtheB... is just the path where it goes00:16
HtheBplaced the moslo.img in the flasher directory now00:17
HtheBWARNING: bad moslo format in moslo.img  Picked ape-algo from a FIASCO file  Suitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...00:17
HtheBso it wont take the moslo.img if I continue... correct me if I'm wrong00:17
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HtheBor, anyone else that could help me? :)00:26
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w00ti'd guess corrupted download, but that's just a guess00:27
HtheBwell, can you please extract it for me then?00:28
HtheBand upload the small file?00:28
HtheBjust to be sure00:28
HtheBwget -r -l1 -nd --no-parent -Amoslo-0.*.rpm http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE:/Adaptation:/N950-N9/CE_Adaptation_N9xx-common_armv7hl/armv7hl/00:29
HtheBrpm2cpio moslo-*.armv7hl.rpm | cpio -vidu00:29
HtheBthat should give you the moslo.img00:29
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HtheB(it's 6MB or so)00:30
w00tmm, bit too late for me sorry, if i multitask i'll lose focus on what i'm doing00:30
w00t(1:30am here)00:30
HtheBsame here, 1:30 :)00:30
HtheBstill very curious about this nemo, donno why I never looked into the mer project before though00:30
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w00tI know special is awake, you may be able to bribe him with free candy samples00:31
specialI know nothing about moslo, sorry :|00:31
HtheBspecial, wanna have some free candy!?00:31
HtheBI think I might know where the problem could be00:31
HtheBcan you obtain the moslo.img for me pls?00:32
HtheB(Stupid windows is the problem) haven't got my ubuntu laptop at the moment (no virtual box on this machine and no live usb's at the moment in had either :( )00:32
HtheBI'm sure 7Zip does something wrong while extracting the cpio file00:33
HtheBwhich could give some bad headers to the file I guess00:33
HtheBthats why i need YOUR help special00:33
specialyou're trying to flash from non-linux?00:33
HtheBspecial: well... it should work without problems00:34
specialyou might be able to flash, but you're going to have trouble setting up the rootfs afterwards.00:34
HtheB(and yes, I have the ext drivers installed so i can access to those files :P )00:34
HtheBafaik, it uses ext2?00:34
HtheBor ext300:34
specialI don't know; it requires extracting a tar while preserving permissions and copying that over00:34
HtheBdarn it00:35
HtheBdo u know any tiny linux distro?00:36
HtheBwhere I can do this00:36
HtheB(to make a live usb session)00:36
specialnot specifically. Pick something you know and use it in a VM?00:37
HtheBwell, I know Damn Small Linux, but dont know if those commands will work though00:38
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HtheBoke, found live cd... lets try out ! :D00:44
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HtheBspecial: seems like it still give me the same warning :(01:06
HtheBanyone else alive over here?01:10
HtheBDocScrutinizer05 !01:12
HtheBhelp pls :(01:12
HtheBwell, as mentioned above01:13
HtheBI try to install Nemo on the N950 (dual boot)01:13
HtheBbut when I try to flash the moslo01:13
HtheBit gives me the warning message01:13
HtheBabout a bad moslo file01:13
HtheBWARNING: bad moslo format in usr/share/moslo/moslo.img Picked ape-algo from a FIASCO file01:13
DocScrutinizer05sorry, no real clue about that01:13
DocScrutinizer05ask in #harmattan01:14
HtheBalthough I could continue, but then it wont take the modified Moslo if im not wrong... right?01:15
HtheBStskeeps: you still awake?01:16
HtheBor Aard , Sage , lbt , iekku , marquiz ?01:19
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#13 Rejected promotion request08:02
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away08:03
* Sage mumbles something about new checks with old packages ;)08:04
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#14 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/1408:05
Sageyey, that works ;)08:06
phaeronSage: I disabled yaml check btw08:07
Sageyes, noted08:08
Sagewe probaly should make boss as strict as possible with everything. I need to fix things anyway so why not fix them properly ;)08:09
phaeronwow, big change  overnight :)08:09
SageI'm still not awake so lets see how I feel after couple of hours ;)08:10
* phaeron tranquilizes Sage08:10
SageStskeeps: telepathy-glib seems to fail on -next08:11
Sageit fails even on -latest08:11
Sagehmmp and seems like a random fail as it happens only in my branch08:12
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#14 Accepted promotion request08:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7479 Accepted promotion request08:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7517 Rejected promotion request08:33
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* Sage sents nuke to cobs08:37
Sagehttps://build.pub.meego.com/package/rdiff?opackage=fuse&oproject=CE%3AMW%3AShared&package=fuse&project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3ACE%3AMW%3AShared&rev=2 <- yes and still it didn't find it :D08:37
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phaeronSage: send again08:38
Sage7518 is one of the new things08:41
Sageactually it is the same request yes08:41
Sageand 7519 is the another set08:43
phaeronerror in both of course08:44
Sagesecond fails anyway I had a bug in my script08:46
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7518 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/751808:46
Sageone package isn't valid will fix08:46
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HtheBStskeeps, sup11:26
HtheBSage, u still there?11:28
HtheBStskeeps, finally someone is alive \o/11:31
HtheBI tried to install nemo on my N95011:31
HtheBbut it kept saying that it couldn't repartition11:31
HtheBon the bootloader11:31
Stskeepsthere's a section on that, i think11:32
HtheBi cant even telnet it11:32
HtheBmaybe it is related to pr1.3 ?11:32
HtheB(leaked one)11:32
HtheBi tried the dualboot one11:33
HtheBmodifed moslo11:33
Stskeepsthat i don't know, once you use a leaked thing, all bets are off11:33
HtheBwell, i have to check if the apps  working on pr1.3 :P11:34
HtheBso i had to11:34
HtheB(and honestly, pr1.3 is much better)11:34
HtheBthat aside, marquiz made the modified moslo11:34
HtheB(accourding to wiki I guess)11:35
HtheBmaybe he knows it?11:35
HtheBwhat else could be a reason Stskeeps?11:35
HtheBany idea?11:35
Stskeepsi don't have any idea atm, i'm using moslo on n9 :/11:36
HtheBafaik, both moslo are the same..?11:36
HtheBor am I wrong11:36
Stskeepsthey're a bit different11:38
HtheBmaybe thats the reason11:38
HtheBi just downloaded the moslo which was given on the wiki11:38
HtheBi assume it was the one for the N9 then11:38
* HtheB feels desperate11:39
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StskeepsSage: nemo images?12:58
Stskeepsof -pre12:58
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* VDVsx pokes w00t :)13:50
VDVsxw00t, when you have time take a look to my pull on nemo-plugins, quite small one13:50
w00taha, i see, didn't see those in all the spam i've had the past week13:51
VDVsxI need to submit some more small ones and then hope release will be soon :)13:51
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w00tyou get to do the releases ;)13:57
VDVsxw00t, sure, but I would like to have two more small things in first :)13:58
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w00tno rush14:01
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alteregoSage: is boss broken?14:47
alteregoI've had a package in automated review for over 40 minutes ..14:47
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phaeronalterego: new mer prerelease is rebuilding world in cobs14:53
*** rcg-work has quit IRC14:54
Stskeepsi thought that was imported yesterday14:55
Stskeepsor is it still going14:55
phaeronrebuild started to happen some hours ago14:57
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alteregoAh, fair enough15:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7518 Accepted promotion request18:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7520 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/752018:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7521 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/752118:11
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phaeronSage: tell me if there are other stuck requests ( world rebuild is done )18:21
phaeronit has become much better since we split appluancherd off meegotouch ( thanks special )18:21
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Sagephdeswer: sure, I'll check stuff tomorrow at some point19:49
Sageah, phaeron left ;)19:49
SagerZr: I prefer talking in here about nemo stuff :)19:50
SagerZr: but yes new image is coming in week or two with the new obs hopefully19:50
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rZrnew obs great ! will it be open to community ?20:20
sledgesit allready is20:22
sledges*already: https://build.merproject.org/20:23
sledgesand user accounts have been transferred from COBS \o/20:23
Stskeepsnop, it's merproject accounts20:27
rZrI confirm20:28
rZrwill not hammer it today :)20:28
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:28
rZrStskeeps, I guess harmattan target is out of scope of the project ?20:28
Stskeepscorrect, if there's harmattan to be there it needs to have functioning cross compiler and those who want it as a target has to share the load they use in terms of cost20:29
rZrmakes sense ...20:30
rZrStskeeps, is it planned to support services also ?20:31
rZryes obs has the ability to fetch from vcs20:32
rZrusing _service file20:32
Stskeepsprobably, but it may be a variant20:32
rZrFailed to add project or repository: MeeGo.com:MeeGo:1.2:oss20:33
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AardrZr: meego is dead :p20:35
rZrAard, so what is this a problem : http://www.who.is.free.fr/wiki/doku.php?id=meego#more ?20:35
Aardcute :)20:36
rZrso we are :)20:37
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*** sivan is now known as sivang20:58
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sivangre all20:59
sivangsocail presence intro text up on the ml for review :)20:59
sivangsledges: ^20:59
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sivangqwazix: can you see an email from me to the ml?21:05
sivangqwazix: I can't find my post to link it on other media..21:05
*** blaroche has quit IRC21:05
specialsivang: "Here is my suggested introductory text:..."?21:06
sivangspecial: yep, I am searching through the ml to find this thread and can't find it.. how odd21:06
specialarrived in my email, at least21:07
sledgessivang, \o/21:07
sivangspecial: j, thanks21:07
sivangah! found it21:08
* sivang prefers GNU ml software21:08
sivang(and forgot it's wonderful name, getting old :-p)21:08
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sivangsledges: ha, I did mention the (tm)ing thing.. I was sure I just said that to myself :-p21:10
sivangnow back to learnyousomejolla, qwazix ;)21:11
rZrStskeeps, Sage: good works guys the new obs is working fine as expected21:13
qwazixsivang, yep, I can see the mail21:15
sivangqwazix: cool, feedback would be good and polish on that if anybody has any.21:16
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sledgesetherpad sivang qwazix ?21:24
sledgessivang, qwazix, anyone else, please: http://openetherpad.org/urfxx467L6 :)21:26
sivangsledges: cool, you guys go on fix, and proof read etc21:28
*** jussi01 has joined #nemomobile21:28
sivangsledges: I always read that as etherape jeje21:29
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile21:29
sledges:)) sivang21:30
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:33
* sivang hugs sledges 21:35
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HtheBmarquiz: are you there?23:46
HtheBdoes anybody got some experience with MOSLO?23:48
uniflyhei you don't resolv?23:48
HtheBstill the same problem with the repartitioning error23:49
HtheBI just keep getting the error at the bootloader that it cant repartition it23:49
uniflyyou try to connect to?23:49
HtheBI tried telnet, no luck either23:49
HtheB(couldn't connect to the device)23:49
uniflyyou make usb connection?23:49
HtheBwell, yes23:50
HtheBotherwise, I can't flash/connect it :D23:50
uniflyyou ping the IP of device?23:50
HtheBno response23:50
uniflyyou try wit dhclient usb023:50
HtheBlet me try it once more on windows though23:50
HtheBcouldnt get it to work on ubuntu 1223:51
uniflymake the procedure with linux23:51
HtheBas far as I understand, it has to detect the device on linux23:51
HtheBso after that, I have to "make a stable mac" thing23:52
HtheBright *23:52
uniflyyou try to up the interface usb023:52
HtheBhmmm.. I haven't I guess23:52
HtheBhang on, let me boot into ubuntu then23:52
uniflyifconfig usb0 or 15 i don't remember23:52
HtheBbooting to linux now23:53
* HtheB will be right back!23:53
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HtheB_oke, here we go23:57
*** HtheB has quit IRC23:57
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*** HtheB_ is now known as HtheB23:58
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