Saturday, 2012-12-29

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Sagespecial: Vesuri: et al. I'll try to do reviews today evening when getting back home.07:16
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tarantismHaving trouble booting either of the last two images on my N900. FW Error. Sending firmware failed. Any clues?13:50
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specialSage: thanks18:38
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fk_lxhi Sfiet_Konstantin18:42
Sfiet_Konstantinhi fk_lx :)18:42
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juicemecould anybody share a bit of light on how to compile the nemo kernel to n9...18:55
juicemewhat I have tried, is;18:55
juicemegit clone
juicemethen, in scratchbox: make clean ; make mrproper ; make rm581_defconfig18:56
juicemeand finally make -j518:56
juicemebut, it will not compile through... I am getting various errors.18:56
juicemeSo what am I doing wrong? The vanila N9 kernel compiles OK in my box...18:57
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Venemo_N9juiceme, sounds like something worth asking on the mailing list19:03
juicemeah, ok.19:03
juicemewhat's the majordomo stanza to join into it?19:04
juicemeis there any HOWTO etc. on building the mer/nemo kernel on various targets...19:05
Venemo_N9I don't know, sorry19:05
juicemeI mean, I am just assuming that rm581 is the correct target gor N9, as that is same config to build the vanilla Nokia kernel...19:06
Venemo_N9news to me19:06
juicemeI am here the first time on #nemomobile, is the talk here mostly user-level or developer-level?19:06
Venemo_N9I'm a developer, just not a kernel developer19:07
juicemeIm mostly kernel&shell developer myself19:08
Venemo_N9and there're not many people here when it's holidays, that's why I suggested the mailing list19:08
juicemeRM851 yes, that's true.19:09
Venemo_N9I would've expected RM-696 (since that was the internal name of the N9 IIRC)19:10
juicemeBTW, about the rm581, I myself am not sure why it is that, as the actual HW version is rm696... who knows :)19:10
juicemeI would assume that is propably designation of a preceeding demo board or something.19:11
Venemo_N9who knows19:12
juicemeRE-holidays... This is exactly the best time to do some kernel hacking19:13
juicemeI recall Linus himself got the first publishable demo out on christmas holidays :)19:13
juicemethat was back in.. i am not sure, 90 or 9119:13
Venemo_N9what brought you to Nemo?19:15
juicemeUsually I dwell in #harmattan19:15
juicemeI am creating a new multi-OS boot loader for n919:15
juicemeOne target will be Nemo19:16
juicemeand I need to do some cross-checking between the Nemo kernel and Harmattan/Nitdroid kernel19:16
juiceme.... hmm back in a moment...19:17
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TheorboAre there any active developers on?21:05
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yuntais there something wrong with ?21:09
Stskeepsyes, lbt's trying to figure out what's wrong21:09
Venemohey guys21:10
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juicemehi again..21:20
juicemea, stskeeps, ya can propably answer my q's..?21:20
Stskeepsyou can always try21:20
juicemeif ya have logging, see my questions up about an hour ago..21:21
juicemebut meanwhile i THINK WHAT i AM BOTCHING HERE..21:21
juicemeoh sorry caps21:21
phaeronyunta: I'll try to debug it , lbt is away21:21
juicemeIs it so that nemo kernel cannot be compiled on scratchbox?21:22
yuntaphaeron: as always, not urgent, leave it till monday....21:22
juicemedo I need SB221:22
TheorboAnyone know what time faenil is usually on?21:22
Stskeepsjuiceme: i don't think any of us uses scratchbox1 anymore, just compile it with a cross compiler (linaro gcc should be fine) and make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=21:22
phaeronit's been bugging him for a few days and I was busy21:22
juicemehmm I have been using scratchbox for ages, compiling baseline N9 kernel and all my binaries there...21:23
juicemelinaro gcc... need to google tahat21:24
juicemebut, I just found info on page which says I need to install SDK & SB2, is that valid?21:25
yuntajuiceme: you aren't using sdk vm from wiki, are you?21:25
juicemeno, see I normally develop for harmattan.21:26
juicemeJust now tried to compile the nemo kernel and ran into problems21:26
yuntaok ok21:26
juicemeI use the basic old scratchbox environment21:26
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yuntacool, I'm asking just in case, because kernel actually can't be compiled on that sdk vm :)21:27
juicemereally? The info is not updated there...?21:28
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juicemestskeeps, is the corrcect package "gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi" in ubuntu?21:29
Stskeepsfor example21:29
juicemeso, basically I do not need a chrooted devenv to compile it, just the cross-compiling toolchain?21:30
Stskeepsie, the kernel21:32
tarantismanyone know why I can't boot images on my N900? I had no problem back in February but now everything I try fails with a 'sending firmware error'. I'm using uboot.21:33
juicemeyes, the kernel is what I am intresed for now21:33
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juicemeOK thanks stskeeps, now got the build started21:46
juicemeahh, no, run into same kind of errors I got when I used scratchbox21:47
Stskeepsdo you have the right branch?21:47
Stskeepsthere's 3.4 (?) and 2.6.32 which is product kernel for n950/n921:48
juicemeis the correct config rm581_defconfig ?21:48
Stskeepsi don't recall offhand21:48
juicemeI cloned ""21:48
juicemethat's 3.5.something21:49
Stskeepsyou probably want to look at git branch -al21:49
Stskeepsi think21:49
TheorboCould someone who is a regular developer of Nemo explain to me what some future goals are for the platform?21:49
juiceme3.5.3 it is21:49
juicemeis that an older kernel branch?21:50
Stskeepsuse the older one21:50
TheorboIs it simply to offer a more open option, built on Mer, for N9/N900/N950 users? Or is it to branch out to other devices, or have no device interest at all?21:50
TheorboBy "no device interest" I mean - only focusing on developing the UX/OS and let individual developers focus on getting it running on various hardware/devices.21:51
TheorboI'm just interested in some of the goals of Nemo. I intend to do some development for SailFish by producing apps that are related to security and networking. If I find time, I may be interested in supporting Mer/Nemo if there is any need for a security consultant who can also help in general networking development.21:53
Stskeepswell, security'd probably be on mer/nemo mw level anyhow21:54
Stskeepssailfish = mer core + nemo middleware + sailfish ui, so21:54
Stskeepsand mer is ported to a lot of stuff, nemo is a little more picky, but can run elsewhere21:54
juicemehmm... how do I find the "-a1" branch...?21:55
juicemethere exists something like "mer-n9-2.6.32-20121301", though?21:56
Stskeepsthat's probably one21:57
juicemeI'll try that... it may be a bit oldish?21:58
Stskeepsit's what the n9 runs generally21:59
TheorboI was not aware that SailFish was using Nemo middleware. I assumed that was all in house for them22:01
TheorboThanks for sharing that.22:01
TheorboI'm behind22:01
Stskeepsnah, that'd be silly wouldn't it :)22:01
juicemeyeah, that's right but as nemo is a fresh start sure it needs the latest and most beautiful kernel :)22:01
Stskeepsjuiceme: powr management on non-product kernels is always a bitch22:01
juicemetrue, though.22:01
TheorboI was, of course, aware that they were pulling from Mer. I was not aware of Nemo integration.22:02
Stskeepsit doesn't use the UI, but the middleware is there and toolkits22:03
Stskeepsthe homescreens' made with nemo middleware's lipstick22:03
tarantismI've tried the 2012-07-02 image and two different SD cards but no luck. I know I could get earlier images to boot. Is there an archive of older images I can try?22:03
TheorboThank you22:03
TheorboI'm really trying to determine if core developers behind Nemo are interested in producing a distribution in it's own right.22:04
TheorboMeaning, not simply for the sake of projects like SailFish. I hope this is not a completely daft question - I've been out of the mobile Linux loop for a while.22:04
Stskeepswell, it's an UI but i think many are also waiting to see what licensing will be of sailfish UI22:04
TheorboI'm still on Maemo22:05
Stskeeps , and nemo looks quite nice, too22:05
TheorboIs anyone hoping to run Nemo on a device (be it N9/N50 or something else ported to) their main OS (Meaning Mer+Nemo)?22:07
TheorboIs that in any way a goal?22:07
Theorbo"as* their main portable OS"?22:10
Stskeepsthat's one of the original goals but hardware adaptation on n950/n9/n900 makes it difficult22:15
Stskeepsalso, productization is hard with limited resources22:16
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juicemeOk, now it'd been compiled. tnx stskeeps :)22:35
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7581 Rejected promotion request23:51
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