Sunday, 2012-12-30

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7589 Accepted promotion request00:04
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Sage[1;5DVesuri: lipstick-colorful-home should obsolete version 1.5.1 of meegotouch-systemui-volume-fullscreen and also it creq of removing that component from system ui should be added.00:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7586 Rejected promotion request00:12
SageVesuri: ^ currently installing of the lipstick-colorful-home doesn't remove the meegotouch-systemui-volume-fullscreen as it is newer than the one it obsoletes. Also we should remove te old volume thing at the same time as it should not be used after that.00:13
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SageVesuri: otherwise the submit seems okish (orientation change is not working for volume control similar to the notifications)00:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7507 Rejected promotion request00:22
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* Sage finished reviews in queue00:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7582 Accepted promotion request00:25
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7583 Accepted promotion request00:36
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HurrianJolla just demoed Sailfish to Engadget. It looks pretty slick, but could Sailfish apps run on Nemo?12:56
HurrianDoes Mer specify the versions of Qt and other middleware to be used for each Mer Core version?12:56
Stskeepsjolla uses stock mer, which includes qt12:56
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Stskeepsremember, sailfish = sailfish ui + nemo middleware + mer core12:56
kulveHurrian: sailfish and nemo will be compatible in both ways12:57
kulvei.e. the applications on top of those12:57
HurrianOn a side note, I can't help but feel the Sailfish UI could use some heavy darkening and blurring for the backgrounds.12:58
HurrianHelvetica Light on plain images seems like a nightmare to read in daylight, unlike the Black/White contrast scheme used in Blanco/Darko.12:58
Stskeepswell, there's always a lot of shader stuff that can be done13:00
HurrianStskeeps, overlay rgba(0,0,0,0.85) on top of the background, and that's good.13:02
Stskeepsi'm not the right person to tell this, but i'm inclined to think you might be right13:03
HurrianI mean, from the video, even the text doesn't look solid white13:05
Hurrianit looks set by the ambiance, and is actually slightly translucent13:05
Stskeepsif you do me a favour to ask this again on the 2nd, i'll bring it up13:06
Stskeepseverybody's on holiday atm, so13:06
HurrianStskeeps, will do.13:06
HurrianLemme add a sticky to my desktop.13:06
Stskeepsyou have to love qml and shaders though - fine tuning is so easy13:07
Hurrianoh, and they're testing it on the N950, which has a LCD screen, and produces nice colors. should be tested on the N9 too, for dithering (and all the issues with PenTile LED screens) if it still looks good.13:07
Stskeepsone of the developer targets is n9 as it's simply easier to have around, but n950 is used as it's an actual hacker device13:08
HurrianStskeeps, hacker device as in falling back to tty if sysuid bombs out?13:09
Stskeepsas in you can actually have moslo on there fairly sanely13:09
HurrianI'll bring them up on the 2nd, probably here or via PM.13:09
Stskeepsbecause of the stupid f***king licensing in the n950/n9 adaptation, it's difficult to do anything with those devices..13:09
HurrianDoesn't the N9 have a MOSLO partition too though?13:10
Hurrianmtd5: 02000000 00040000 "moslo"13:10
Stskeepsyeah, but the bootloader doesn't support it in same way13:11
Hurrianisn't moslo just some sort of ramdisk?13:11
Stskeepson n950 it's able to dual boot in the field, on n9 not so much13:11
HurrianStskeeps, IIRC juiceme's been working on using the 480MB empty NAND partition as a large rootfs to kexec kernels off of.13:12
HurrianI mean, it's free space, might as well use it.13:13
Stskeepsdon't assume it's free, might be mtdswap13:14
HurrianOn devices < 1GB RAM, according to enable-swap.conf.13:14
HurrianAs the final versions of the N9 and N950 both have 1GB RAM, they don't need to swap on the mtd.13:15
HurrianStskeeps, what's the licensing for the N9/50 adaptation?13:16
StskeepsDistribution for commercial13:17
Stskeeps[22:27] <Stskeeps> purposes not allowed without prior written approval from Nokia.13:17
Stskeepsthat makes it very difficult for anything to be done on sailfish side13:17
M4rtinKcouldn't they just pay them to allow * and be done with it ? :)13:18
Stskeepslike that'll happen13:18
faenilyeah :)13:18
M4rtinKit's not like they are selling them anymore or anything13:18
Hurrianby "commercial purposes", does that mean selling the s/w as a paid upgrade, or supporting it in any official manner?13:18
M4rtinKwell, yeah :)13:18
Stskeepswell, sailfish is inherently commercial purpose13:19
HurrianStskeeps, distribute it without the Jolla App Store (or whatever it's called) and the bits required to run it?13:19
HurrianThen it'd be 100% detached from $$$, just like Mer/Nemo.13:19
Stskeepswell, ok, theoretically nemo project could distribute a loader of sorts13:20
Stskeepsthat contains the bits13:20
Stskeepsand installs it into the image afterwards13:20
HurrianStskeeps: Make the said closed bits like the Google Apps package for unsupported devices: "Installation is the user's decision"13:20
Stskeeps.. i can't believe we're back at this after all the discussions we had in deblet times..13:21
Stskeepsanyhow, bbl13:21
HurrianStskeeps, by a "loader" you mean a way of automating the addition of repository and packages from Jolla into Mer to build Sailfish?13:22
HurrianThat could work too, I guess.13:22
Stskeepstake existing image, chroot /target rpm -i13:22
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HurrianStskeeps: back to the issue of Nokia gimping NOLO, again13:28
jonwilwhats the problem with nolo?13:29
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Hurrianjonwil, apparently on the N9, it can't be configured to append the MOSLO ramdisk to cmdline13:30
jonwilthat sucks :(13:30
HurrianSince in the case of dual-booting, MOSLO simply kexec's the Harmattan kernel, why not build the MOSLO zImage to point to /dev/mtd4, and put the MOSLO contents into that?13:31
Hurrianheck, with 480MB of space, uncompressed, you can probably throw in an entire recovery system, with a virtual keyboard.13:32
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mrichello everyone, just wondering what is happening with nemo ? no release is nearly 3 months ;(14:49
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mricoooh I can't change the wiki page , but it is outaded aswell. In the Nemo/Status page the last release is not writing even if the last image is in the folder.14:51
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Stskeepsevening khertan20:52
khertanwhat happen to the repository ?20:52
khertandoes they migrate elsewhere ?20:52
khertandidn't see anything about it in wiki20:53
khertanhi Stskeeps20:53
Stskeepsperhaps /obs/ instead?20:53
khertanyep indeed ... just see that .. why my repo list is wrong on device is a good question :)20:54
khertanbaseurl=plugin:ssu?rnd&repo=nemo-mw <<< strange base url20:55
Stskeepskhertan: so there's no chance of wallet being on own device?20:55
khertanStskeeps, i'm working on it ... not difficult20:56
khertanjust founding a way to store it securely20:56
M4rtinKbitcoin needs like 4GB of storage currently20:56
khertanM4rtinK, you don't need to store blockchain20:57
khertannot even download it20:57
M4rtinKoh, thats nice20:57
khertanif you trust some third party services20:57
khertanlike the light client electrum20:57
khertan(you can also run your own server :) )20:57
Stskeepsand it doesn't compress nicely?20:58
khertanStskeeps, the things i like about blockchain is that they store an crypted wallet20:58
khertanStskeeps, anyway p2p will be block by many phone isp20:58
khertanthat an huge restriction20:59
Stskeepshow about adding bitcoin into contacts?20:59
Stskeepsor sharing plugin20:59
khertani've never works with it20:59
khertan(i ve made some unsuccessfull try in fact)21:00
* Stskeeps likes disruptive technologies, so21:00
khertanbut i ll probably add in near future a way to scan bitcoin qrcode address21:00
khertanand something to share address easily21:01
khertanbut before i need to works on storing wallet locally :21:01
khertanaegis is the easy way but exclude nemo/sailfish21:01
M4rtinKfor the record21:02
M4rtinKboth modRana and Mieru contain a Bitcoin donation link :)21:02
khertanbut not a nice qrcode like this one :
khertanyep it s a working qrcode :)21:03
M4rtinKit shows a qrcode of the address & you can copy the address to clipboard21:03
M4rtinKmine is plan black & white :)21:03
khertan <<< and the khertan contact qr21:04
khertanit s funny to include logo21:04
M4rtinKI plan to include more qrcodes in the future21:04
M4rtinKfor POI, Mangas (once onlines repos are implemented in Mieru), etc. :)21:05
khertani plan to use the camera to scan qrcode21:05
khertanbut i need to find a lib to do that21:05
khertandoing it in pure python will be slow21:06
khertanor see if i can interact with meeScan21:06
khertanor something else21:06
M4rtinKwell a QML element for this would be really nice21:06
M4rtinKor at least an external app & DBUS interface21:07
M4rtinKso if two people have your app21:07
M4rtinKone displays the qrcode for something (say a POI, route from A a to B,  etc.)21:08
M4rtinKand the other scans it from inside the application21:08
khertantime to go to bed21:11
khertangood night everybody !21:11
M4rtinKgood nite !21:12
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TheorboIs Mark Dillon (Jolla CEO) from the U.S. originally?22:36
Stskeepshe is, marc, not mark, though22:36
Theorboah, thank you. I haven't reviewed his "LinkedIn" page. Was he one that came over form the Nokia teams?22:37
Stskeepsi think a lot of jolla guys used to work in nokia :P22:38
* faenil fingerpoints at Stskeeps 22:38
TheorboFor certain. I was just interested in his background.22:39
Stskeepsfaenil: i never worked in nokia :P22:39
Stskeepssubsubcontractor, worst scum22:39
faenilStskeeps, ahaha22:39
faenilgood night, for real :D22:42
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Venemo_N9just tried Nemo on an N900. it's unusable and it sucks.23:54
lpotterheh. you mean 'barely usable'23:56

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