Tuesday, 2013-01-01

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juicemeHi Hurrian, Stskeeps :)00:46
Hurrianohai juiceme00:46
juicemeRead back the discussions ya had today00:46
juicemeThanks to You both, Now I am running the MOSLO from ubiboot00:47
juicemeHave been testing it with chainloading to Harmattan yet, though00:47
juicemeIt works "mostly" correctly there :)00:48
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juicemeFor some reasons I had problems related with tracker... when booting the second stage it took quite a while to load Harmattan up and I did lose my messages and contacts. After restoring from backups, however it booted up nicely without any other hickups...00:55
juicemeI suspect it might have due to me messing up my second stage /sbin/preinit though. I did trim it a bit when I was experimenting with it.00:56
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juicemenote-to-self; must add "warning, do ay your own risk, make backups" notices really loud when releasing it :)00:58
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Hurrianjuiceme, that's great01:03
HurrianWhich Harmattan kernel are you running?01:03
HurrianPatched Openmode or NITDroid?01:03
juicemeThe first stage booter is patched Nemo kernel, "kernel-adaptation-n950-n9-mer-n9-2.6.32-20121301"01:05
juicemeHowever I tried, I could not fix the kexec() on the vanilla kernel01:05
juicemeevening stskeeps01:06
juicemeI patched it to use fixed cmdline, and added a new /proc/original_cmdline entry to store the NOLO-given cmdline01:07
Hurrianjuiceme, ah, and that's what's passed to the kernel.01:08
Hurrianinteresting solution.01:08
juicemeto boot either Harmattan or Nitdroid on it, I just change the init=/sbin/preinit_harmattan or init=/sbin/preinit_nitdroid for the second stage boot01:08
juicemeI thought that easiest to get to the actual cmdline. the patch is fairly small, ~4k01:09
HurrianOr you could kick it straight into NITDroid, skipping the chroot process in sbin/preinit altogether.01:09
Hurrian[given, you've partitioned off some space for it]01:10
juicemewell yes, the Nitdroid preinit is streamlined so it does not do much extra stuff01:10
juicemeI am just running it chrooted, no extra partition01:11
Hurrianjuiceme, so the second stage kernel is e-yes' NITDroid kernel (which we apparently are still missing the sources for?)01:11
juicemeyes, that is what I need to use.01:11
Stskeepsmissing sources? how very android-ish01:12
juicemeHowever, I have not actually tested it... been playing around with just harmattan01:12
juicemeI should re-test it now, but previously I was not able to chainload it01:12
juicemeHurrian's hunch is that it should be compiled with kexec enabled, to fix the aligment so that it can be loaded correctly01:13
Stskeepsdid you hear about the L2 cache issue and kexec?01:14
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juicemeSome while back I asked e-yes quite politely a few times for the source, but did no get it :(01:14
juicemehmm no, what about it?01:14
Stskeepslong story short we found that kexec disabled L2 cache but kernel forgot to re-enable it01:15
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Stskeepsmassive speedup01:15
juicemeoo. has that been fixed=?01:15
Stskeepsyeah, in the .32 kernel01:16
juicemein the nokia-official 2.6.32?01:16
juicemebecause that is what I am using as my second-stage boot01:17
Stskeepsno, in the nemo one01:18
Stskeepsit's probably an issue in nokia-official too01:18
juicemeokay... need to patch that in then01:18
juicememight have that issue... as the 2nd stage boots fairly slow iir01:19
juicemeand the phone DOES feel a bit sluggish :)01:19
juicemecan I see if it's active/disbled from some proc entry etc.?01:20
Stskeepsno, we caught it with performance statistics / benchmark01:20
Stskeepseven more amazing is that the sailfish demo was -before- we fixed that, so the damn thing just flies now01:20
juicemeCan you give me some pointers what files were changed, so I can diff the kernels a bit..?01:21
juicemeWell, it just goes to show sailfish is efficient :)01:21
juicemeaa, it will be fixed by idle thread by itself at some later point?01:23
Stskeepsyeah, but it can take ages01:24
Stskeepsbootup is really badly hurt by it01:24
juicemewell thats the bloody thing I have been wondering about, then?01:24
Stskeepswhat are you guys working out, out of interest?01:24
juicemeCos it REALLY takes ages to boot 2nd stage, the spinner spins for almost a minute..01:25
Stskeepswell, just wondering what you're hacking on :)01:25
Stskeepsi'm having so many balls in the air i'm having difficulties following what community does, so :P01:26
juicememultiboot loader with graphigal front-end :)01:26
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juicemeWhat I like to do, is to create a toolset that can be used to make any kind of boot loader with fancy bells & whistles01:27
juicemeIt's just for N9 as that is what I have01:27
juicemealso, there have been other useful stuff that's based on it, other people have used it to create backup-menu that can be used to save & load partition images in preinit phase, before OS mounts the /user stuff01:29
juicemeAhh, thanks..01:32
juicemeNow I checked the diff on arm/mm/proc-v7.S01:33
juicemeIt sure is a bug in Nokia kernel, it's missing the git patch01:33
Hurrianjuiceme: Config files + evtap + math to automatically determine hitbox size?01:33
juicemehitbox size?01:34
Hurrianthe size of the touch areas for evtap boot scripts.01:35
HurrianI was thinking of putting evtap and its dependencies into the ubi-boot to make it easier to select tools.01:35
juicemeaa of course :)01:36
juicemethe map files :)01:36
Hurrianjuiceme: for the boot selection screen, the script should count how many boot items are to be displayed, and divide the mapping accordingly01:36
juicemeyes, that wouls make it easier01:36
juicemeUp to now, I have always calculated the map file by hand, just measuring the boundaries by hand in GIMP01:37
HurrianWell, assuming the screen resolution is known, it could simply be sed into the map file.01:38
juicemethat is if the menu icons are set up in a grid or array01:38
juicemeAs for myself, I have "aesthetically scattered" the icons on the screen01:39
HurrianArrange them in a single column then.01:39
juicemebut for creating automatic menus, really easy to do it that way01:39
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juicemeand easy to create even long dialogs, with entry yes/no/back , for example01:40
Hurrianjuiceme, maybe you should test the patched Openmode kernel and use another entry for NITDroid01:41
Hurrianso you can keep testing without hurting performance01:41
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* Stskeeps is trying to make qtwayland with xcomposite_egl backend work..01:42
Stskeepsso far i've found out that SGX is a bit of a bitch with shader syntax..01:42
juicemeHey, stskeeps, about the patch.01:43
juicemeIs it enough to fix the cpu_v7_proc_init function?01:43
Stskeepsthink so01:43
juicemeas there is also change in cpu_v7_proc_fin, where the L2 cache is switched off01:43
Stskeepscheck rest of three01:43
Stskeepser, tree01:44
juicemeis the fin function ever used?01:44
Stskeepsin kexec?01:44
juicemewell, like ever, if we assume that kexec() is never done from the vanilla kernel again after it is once booted01:45
juicemeI'm not so well-aquinted with arm assembly, c is my main dish...01:46
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Hurrianjuiceme, even if L2 cache is switched off in cpu_v7_proc_fin, as long as the kernel is patched to initialize L2 cache in cpu_v7_proc_init, it's fine01:49
juicemegood. Then I will patch the fin part also, for completeness sake :)01:49
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Hurrianjuiceme: just make an announcement on TMO for kernel developers01:51
HurrianThat should hopefully get the whiners on TMO to push e-yes to wake up.01:51
juicemeI will have to do that :)01:51
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juicemeOkay, now while I am compiling the changes to tha vanilla kernel due to the L2 enable patch, at the same time I now tested 2nd stahe boot to Nitdroid.02:15
juicemeTo my surprise it actually works :)02:15
juicemealtough I think the same patch should be also inserted there....02:16
Hurrianjuiceme: you'll need e-yes to release sources02:16
juicemeI do not undestand why it is so difficult, even as he has done a lot of work on it...02:17
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juicemejust ran a quick perfo test on it == runs angry birds space OK :) :)02:18
Hurrianjuiceme, it seems he hasn't went on nitdroid forum for some time, lemme tweet him02:20
Hurrianand there, tweeted. let's see how long it takes him to respond.02:26
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lbtHappy New Year \o/02:42
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MorpogRomaxa, anything new for harmattan as well?13:27
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MorpogTried the mer version on harmattan, doesn"t work :(14:31
MorpogSems to miss a shared library ld-linus-armhf.so14:35
MorpogHmm the file exists on harmattan as symbolic link to ld-2.10.1.so14:38
MorpogMaybe too old :(14:39
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