Wednesday, 2013-01-02

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HurrianStskeeps, seeing as it's the 2nd in GMT+0, just reminding you about the text visibility issue.01:11
HurrianStskeeps: methinks that instead of darkening the black overlay behind the text evenly, the darkening should increase as text size decreases01:12
TheorboWhat window/screen are you talking about Hurrian?01:13
TheorboI think that is a good idea.01:13
HurrianTheorbo: we were talking about the text visibility issue on Sailfish01:23
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w00tafternoon, jonwil03:24
w00thow's things?03:25
* w00t is investigating a bit on device lock in nemo03:35
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TheorboIs Jolla planning on having LTE or WiMaxx (4G) for their initial device?06:25
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kontiow00t: I guess you missed my ping before x-mas for: so I reping :-)07:27
w00tkontio: hum, I thought I had checked all my backlogs... but yeah, I missed it07:27
kontionot urgent07:28
w00tlooks fine to me07:28
kontiook thx, I didn't verify the spec file but it might need also a change to include the new tests.xml file07:29
w00tlikely will do07:30
w00ti'm not sure who really pokes ofono-qt much07:30
w00tlast changes are from lpotter07:31
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lpotterwho me?07:40
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lpotterno one has been doing much with ofono-qt07:43
w00tyeah, i didn't say you did much ;)07:43
lpotterwell ofono-qt is fairly complete.07:45
lpotterhmm .. or not07:46
jusa_what would be the best place to put info about nemo specific volume handling etc PulseAudio/policy related info (in mer/nemo wiki)?07:46
Stskeeps Nemo/somewhere i guess07:46
jusa_ok, so I'll just put it somewhere.. I was just thinking if there is already some common location for related stuff07:47
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Sagemer-next test image (cc: Stskeeps)09:14
Stskeepsthanks, grabbing09:14
Sageplease not that this isn't the snapshot I talked about previously in mer-general09:14
Sagethat is still not done mainly as I don't have place to upload the images yet :/09:15
* Sage pokes Stskeeps and lbt 09:15
w00tromaxa: cool!09:16
w00tromaxa: so, downloaded and got it running.. looks like this is giving me a tabbed interface of some kind? but i can't figure out how it's supposed to load urls09:17
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rozhkovw00t: urls are supposed to be specified in cmdline09:46
rozhkovSHOW_FPS=30 ./qtMozEmbedTest -url
w00trozhkov: ah, ok, let me see..09:47
w00twhat does SHOW_FPS do?09:47
rozhkovshows FPS in stdout :)09:48
w00tI was meaning the 30 value specifically.. the name of it gave me that hint :)09:48
w00tdoesn't seem to want to load anything09:48
rozhkovdid you press "Open"?09:49
w00tahh! I didn't wait long enough the first time :)09:51
w00tlooks like a promising start09:56
StskeepsSage: duicontrolpanel seems to crash09:57
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Stskeepscould somebody test n950/n9 image on and tell me if ther 'settings' crashes too?10:14
sledgesHappyNewYear! wishing you all Qt times :)10:20
sledgesStskeeps, I'm on it10:20
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sledgesStskeeps, Settings app doesn't crash10:51
SageStskeeps: ffs... those images are bad10:51
* Stskeeps wonders why it does on x86 though10:51
Sagemy bad messed a bit .ks files10:51
sledgesSage, possibly true, I managed to boot N9 only after 5th attempt10:51
Sagedoing new images now10:52
* sledges more testy times! 8)10:52
sledgesthis image's still using old repo naming scheme10:53
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HurrianStskeeps: you there?11:23
HurrianDid you get the ping around 12 hours ago?11:24
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Stskeepsnot really no11:25
HurrianI thought of a better idea than simply dimming the background, which was supposed to be bling11:25
Hurrian*dimming the background evenly11:25
HurrianThe smaller the font size, the darker the background behind the text.11:26
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StskeepsHurrian: could you introduce the idea/problem seen here on #nemomobile to mikkoh?11:29
HurrianStskeeps: Sure, do I just query him?11:30
Stskeepsjust do it here, it's better if ideas are stated in public :)11:30
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HurrianIn that case, mikkoh, ping11:31
mikkohHurrian: pong11:34
Hurrianmikkoh, I was talking to Stskeeps about a possible text visibility issue on Sailfish with certain ambiances11:34
HurrianThey're just based on the demo videos, but I noticed that sometimes the background is definitely not dimmed enough.11:35
mikkohHurrian, right, just read the backlog11:35
HurrianDoes Sailfish use standard UI font sizes (e.g. header, subtitle, body text)? In that case, I suggest assigning +0.1 (rgba) opacity for the background, for each smaller size category11:38
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mikkohHurrian: do I get it right, you mean there would be dynamic dimming around small text?11:40
Hurrianmikkoh, behind the smaller text, yes.11:41
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mikkohHurrian: style: Text.Outline would probably work but incurs some performance penalty. Or then we just need to tune the bg dimming (for example, do some non-linear dynamic range reduction for highlights)12:19
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Hurrianmikkoh, ah, dulling the brighter parts of the image?12:19
mikkohHurrian: yes12:20
HurrianSounds good. Plus, I guess the result of that can be cached unlike text backgrounds.12:20
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SageStskeeps: sledges:
sledgesta Sage , I'm on the case14:16
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Hurrianhmm, is it just me, or does the Sailfish promo video remind me a lot of the Jessie's Girl N950 promo?14:56
sledgesSage, on N9 all good (though freezes on first boot)15:01
sledgesStskeeps, ^15:01
sledges(previous image was more iffy to get it to boot)15:01
sledgesdon't know if boot problems are image-related though15:02
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romaxaw00t: it can load urls only via command line -url blabla16:09
romaxaw00t: after Open button click... I'm wrapping api into qml declarative widget now, and writing simple qml UI now16:10
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faenilsledges, last snapshot I tried16:16
faeniltook 3 reboots to boot16:16
faenilso I'd say it's image related :/16:16
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alteregoIs there a rebuild in progress?16:52
alteregoOr is boss stuck?16:53
sledgesfaenil (ah you're gone already), are you talking about mer-next snapshot? sometimes it needs many reboots, sometimes none. no correlation with image17:04
sledgesnice MemoServ works as it should :))17:09
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fk_lxdoes anyone still plays with Nemo on N900?17:23
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fk_lxseems that only me ;-)17:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinfk_lx: nsuffys is testing it17:40
Sfiet_Konstantinbut good luck to find him17:40
anYcI will try it again soon. I had to buy a faster card17:40
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fk_lx16 minutes left to sth mobile on ubuntu.com17:43
anYcah almost forgot17:44
fk_lxany guesses what it can be?17:46
Stskeepsi bet it's tegra3 based17:47
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sledgesbut what could price-beat N7 ?17:50
fk_lxI'm wondering if their website will still load after those 9 minutes17:50
* sledges just duplicated the tab17:51
niqtother device for nemo/mer if price e-beat N7 :D17:52
sledgesor kde:pa &)17:53
fk_lxwhen someone writes N7 in the first moment I always think about non-existent Nokia N7, then after a sec - ok they are talking about Nexus 717:53
fk_lxget ready for big "WOW!"17:58
fk_lxrotfl :-)17:58
fk_lxthen big "Buuuuu!"17:58
fk_lxno this loading thing for another hour to test if you are Mark Sh. big fan18:00
anYc"time to ddos: 10, 9, 8, ..."18:01
anYcyeah 40418:04
anYcgreat work18:05
kulveyeah, that's shouldn't have been a surprise to them..18:05
anYcah now, "ubuntu on phones at CES" and still loading...18:05
anYcmust be that "ubuntu on android with docking"-thingy18:06
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anYcthey did not announce a hw partner or did I miss this?18:40
kulveno hw partner18:40
anYcah thx18:41
fk_lxthe first device is planned for 201418:42
fk_lxaccording to Verge18:42
* anYc yawns18:43
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