Thursday, 2013-01-03

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kulveanybody interested in building/testing nemo images for nexus 7?08:59
jukkaeklundkulve, testing yes!09:07
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rcgah kulve, didn't see you here on irc :)09:19
rcggotta chatch the bus but i might look into building an nemo image the weekend09:19
kulvercg: I'm always in irc :)09:20
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jukkaeklundrcg, kulve, ping me anytime for testing, got N7 sitting on idle09:31
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kulveone problem with the images would be the size. Where to upload?09:40
kulvedm8tbr had some place, iirc09:40
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jukkaeklundkulve, yeah I think09:52
kulveI did earlier build nemo for n7 and it worked quite nicely, even if it had some windowing problems (which I think is a bug in nemo and not in the HA). HW accelerated video, 3d and window compositing worked.09:54
jukkaeklundpower of Mer09:56
jukkaeklundyeah I think Nemo still has those compositor bugs09:57
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alteregoSage: is stuck10:13
phaeronalterego: looking10:14
alteregoThanks phaeron :)10:18
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dm8tbrkulve: yes, still available. just msg me if you need space...10:22
kulvercg: I patched the qt-mobility in tegra3:common as well to support selecting the sink (just a two-liner)10:22
kulvedm8tbr: thanks, will do10:22
rcgkulve, great :)10:23
rcgwill try to take care to take the new packages when creating the new image10:23
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Venemojukkaeklund, kulve: what kind of compositing bugs are those?10:26
jukkaeklundVenemo, black screen at least10:27
kulveVenemo: not compositing I guess but that not positioning the window correctly in all cases10:27
kulveah, that black screen with keyboard was one annoying thing, yes10:27
Venemocould you please file a bug report with the steps to reproduce?10:28
jukkaeklundits not seen with N9/N95010:28
jukkaeklundI think there is a bug..10:28
Venemonot seen with N9x0, that's weird10:28
jukkaeklundI'm waiting for latest image from sage10:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7593 waiting for review at
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phaeronalterego: anything else stuck ?10:31
alteregophaeron: not from me10:37
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VDVsxw00t, you want to review as well, or can I just merge it:
w00tI'll take matt's word for it :)10:54
VDVsxw00t, ok, thanks :)10:55
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sledgesalterego, ringtones ftw! does it address .wav file locations and alsamixer settings issues? (listed in )11:29
MerbotNemo bug 593 in Dialer "enabling ringtone disables other music playback" [Major,New]11:29
alteregosledges: it should address the alsamixer issues.11:31
alteregoThe file location for ringtones is now the same as harmattan until I introduce custom ringtones.11:31
sledgesbut this does not exist on my N9 Nemo: /usr/share/voicecall/sounds/ring-1.wav11:32
sledges(from voicecall-0.3.1.tar.gz/plugins/ngf/src/ngfringtoneplugin.cpp11:32
alteregoSo it should be under: /usr/share/sounds/darko/stereo/ring-1.wav11:32
sledgesyes, though .cpp file points to the other one11:32
alteregosledges: yeah, ignore that, it still needs to be in /usr/share/sounds/darko/stereo/ring-1.wav11:32
sledges8) ok, can't wait to test! :)11:32
sledgesah, because it's in the else { } statement ;) gotyou11:33
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sledgesmeans it will fix file location issues as well ;)11:34
alteregosledges: no, it's just NGF strips the leading path and only uses the files' basename. It then looks for audio files under the /usr/share/sounds directory11:34
alteregoI've fixed that line to just be "ring-1.wav" but it actually makes no difference.11:34
sledgescan be that when I successfully enabled the ringtones, it was the alsamixer bit which did the job, and copying files around was irrelevant, can't remember now11:36
sledgeswell, at any rate thanks and keep up the good work!11:37
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juicemeWhat is the minimum kernel command line requirement for Nemo running on an N9?11:42
sledgesjuiceme, are you optimising?11:42
juicemeI would like to try running nemo from a chrooted directory (like "exec chroot /mnt/nemo /sbin/init" ...11:43
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juicemewell basically I just think I would like to try it without executing a new kernel, straight off a kernel booted on mt4 root11:44
juicemeSo my question actually is, what parts of the Nemo that are started after /sbin/init require stuff on the command line, and what needs to be there in order for it to work correctly. I assume it needs at least mtdparts and IMEI, but what else?11:47
sledgeswell, I never tried chroot approach; just dedicated a partition and used MOSLO to dual boot11:48
sledgespersonally never thought the need of chroot (performance-wise)11:48
alteregoMeh dual boot is for wimps, I just single boot :P11:49
sledgesalterego, lol yes, I abused the term though ;) using single (non persistent) boot myself :P11:51
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juicemeWell, this relates to multiboot :)11:51
juicemein this case, multi > 3 , at least :)11:51
juicemeAnd the reason I want to chroot is because the installation is a lot easier if there is no need to repartition mmcblk...11:52
sledgesrepartition is a one-off operation, make a backup if you're unsure11:53
juicemeabout the performance, I am not really sure there is that much difference when running on chroot vs. raw partition11:54
* sledges never tried so sadly can't tell 11:55
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juicemewell the problem is not just mine, I would like to make more or less foolproof way to install the multiboot environment.11:55
sledgesmultiboot=chroot in your case?11:56
juicemewell, I am chainloading from Nemo kernel, the 1st-boot filesystem is on mtd4:var partition and the next stages are booted from there via kexec() based on user selection.11:57
juicemeor, currently I am booting eithe Nitdroid kernel or Harmattan-almost-vanilla kernel11:58
juicemeI thought of chainloading also Nemo kernel the same way, via kexec, but then I thought why should I bother?11:59
juicemeas I am already running the Nemo kernel in 1st stage11:59
juicemeso, instead of reloading, maybe I could just chroot it to FS and run init...?11:59
juicemeBut my problem currently is that the kernel command line is tailored to booting from ubifs partition, I am missing all the extra thingies NOLO normally feeds the kernel command line.12:01
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juicemeso maybe I just have to try it... See how far I get with my default commandline :)12:03
sledgessure :)12:05
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juicemehmmh.. Tried to do it manually, "chroot /mnt/nemo ; /sbin/init"12:12
juicemeI get an error "Couldn't find an alternative telinit implementation to spawn."12:12
juicemeahh dman12:13
juicemeI am already running init :(12:13
juicemeso cannot do it maually12:13
juiceme#  ps aux | grep init12:14
juiceme    1 0          0:00 {init} /bin/sh /init12:14
juiceme  103 0          0:00 {init} /bin/sh /init12:14
juiceme  355 0          0:00 grep init12:14
the-bossjuiceme: Error: "ps" is not a valid command.12:14
juicemewell, never tried it before :)12:14
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M4rtinKI'm trying to boot Nemo on my N950 using the dualboot method12:20
M4rtinKbut I only get a black backlighted screen for about 20 seconds and then the device shuts down12:21
M4rtinKI'm using the latest Nemo image from November12:21
M4rtinKanything I should try ? :)12:21
Hurrianjuiceme: ohai12:21
sledgesM4rtinK how many times you tried? ;)12:21
juicemeoay, urroan :)12:21
M4rtinKabout 4 times12:21
M4rtinKwell, I can continue12:21
M4rtinKbut even with 50% chance it should already boot12:22
Hurrianjuiceme, well then I guess kexec boot to Nemo isn't an option?12:22
sledgestry reflashing again, sometimes it cleans the pipes (or do sudo meld /media/Alt_OS/ /nemo-extracted-img/)12:22
HurrianThen again, only Android liked starting init not as PID 112:22
juicemeseems so12:23
sledgeskexec from Harmattan to Nemo that is ;) MOSLO is doing nothing other than kexec12:23
juicemeyes... I did not think of the init already running there *sheepish*12:23
juicemesledges, cannot kexec() from Harmattan12:24
juicemewell, not from the Nokia-kernel anyway12:24
juicemethat is why I do it the other way, kexec() from MOSLO to Harmattan12:25
sledgesjuiceme, gotyou12:25
sledgesinto harmattan with Nemo kernel12:26
juicemeSo it looks like I have to work with partitions anyway12:26
Hurrianjuiceme, got the fancy touch boot menu working?12:27
juicemeyes, but not fully 100% functionla yet12:27
juicemeI can boot 2nd stage to Nitroid on touch12:28
juicemebut Harmattan is trickier12:28
Hurrianjuiceme, in case you haven't wrote your own parser for the boot menu:
juicemefor some reason the same commands that work when I give them on console do not work correctly when executed from script12:29
Hurrianwhat that software basically does is parse a text file, present a menu, and whatever you chose, it kexec()'s to12:29
Hurrianjuiceme: try "sleep 1" ?12:29
juicemeI have tried with different sleeps12:29
juicemesee, from the menu I do "kexec -l $commandline $kernel"12:30
juicemethen, if that goes correctly "kexec -e"12:30
Hurrianhmm, so it works when you enter it manually, but not from a script?12:30
Hurrianare you using absolute paths?12:31
juicemeI am quite sure it is not anything to do with delays12:31
Hurrianalright, that's weird12:31
juicemewell, even I can execute the menuscript, and then after touch-selection the script does the kexec-l part12:32
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juicemeafterthat, when I just execute kexec -e it boots correctly12:32
juicemebut if it's scripted, it will hang after boot12:32
juicemeCould be I have something wrong in my /sbin/preinit_harmattan , maybe12:33
Hurrianif it works directly from the shell and not a script it's the shell or some other boot component that's borked12:34
Hurrianhmm, it may have something to do with the amount of processes run (shell + kexec vs. shell + shell + kexec)12:34
juicemebut wy should it be sensitive to whether it has been executed from shell or from script, I have no idea...12:34
juicemebut, when kexec() is run, it should clean off all runnig processes, right?12:35
HurrianI don't think kexec cleans up12:35
HurrianIIRC it's up to you to clean up and shut down the system before you run kexec()12:35
juicemehmm. there is fair amount of stuff running there12:36
HurrianThe system will reboot immediately. Unlike the normal reboot process, kexec does not perform a clean shutdown of the system before rebooting. It is left to you to kill all applications and unmount file systems before attempting a kexec reboot.12:36
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sledgesps, M4rtinK does single boot work?12:37
juicemeI might need to try that... there is something like 50 processes up...12:38
juicememost of them kernel processes anyway... nothing to do for those...12:39
M4rtinKsledges: running meld right now, as suggested12:40
sledgesM4rtinK, yes, in case copying failed. will save you one rewrite NAND scrape :)12:42
M4rtinKmost of the files are empty on the N950 for some reason :D12:42
M4rtinKI wondered why the copying is so fast :D12:43
Hurrianjuiceme: try building a single binary that performs the kexec(), and exits after performing it12:43
M4rtinKI wonder how did that happen - I run that extraction command from the wiki, it only change was that it was outputting to /media/username/Alt_OS12:44
M4rtinKand now I used the same command to output the rootfs to local folder and they are not empy12:45
M4rtinKmaybe some weird flashdrive caching ?12:45
sledgesM4rtinK, sync ? ;)12:45
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M4rtinKI kinda expected it always syncs by default on Linux :)12:46
HurrianM4rtinK, not in my experience with the N900 and N9.12:46
sledgesnot on my one at least :)12:46
M4rtinKI've also unmounted it correctly12:46
sledgesit syncs if you unmount it (has a window popped)12:46
sledgesbut I run sync beforehand just in case12:46
sledgesdodgy USB cable?12:46
M4rtinKok, I'll try that12:46
Hurriannah, sometimes you just don't notice the high CPU load after the copy12:47
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sledgeshas anyone got an rsync script not to touch the files on Alt_OS that both exist and are identical ?12:47
juicemeOK letssee... biited it..12:48
juicemejammed to the screen just saying "NOKIA"12:49
Hurrianjuiceme, wait, you're trying to boot Nemo, right?12:49
Hurrianor was it Harmattan?12:50
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juicemeWhai I tried, added "killall syslogd" etc..12:50
juicemeHarmattan this time12:50
spiiroinsledges: is it vfat fs? do you have: --modify-window=NUM     compare mod-times with reduced accuracy12:50
Hurrianjuiceme, you should probably compile kernel with framebuffer console12:51
sledgesspiiroin, ext3 , just looking for a cmdline, haven't tried myself yet12:52
juicemeokay... but there's still no kbd :)12:52
sledgesnever been much of an rsync user either :)12:52
juicemebut I get the idea.. see the messages12:52
juicemedo you have any hunch what options to enable in conf?12:53
juiceme(never used fb console before)12:53
juicemeand I suppose I should somehow tell it where the screen fb is etc...?12:53
Hurrianjuiceme, compile as module, and "modprobe fbcon"12:55
M4rtinKso now I just see some dangling symlinks12:55
HurrianJust remember to rmmod it before the UI starts12:55
Hurrianoh wait, you don't need to rmmod it.12:55
HurrianOh, remember to build it in statically for the second stage kernel to see if it actually launches or not12:56
juicemewell I would need to make that on the 2nd-stage (harmattan) kernel, to see the boot messages, right?12:56
juicemeso it cannot be a module12:56
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juicemebtw, it worked just like before, after hanging I rebooted it to 1st stage kernel, then ran the script to "kexec -l" the harmattan kernel, and finallyy MANUALLY gave the "kexec -e" command and up it goes, no problem...12:58
juicemewoof.. almost 3'oclock already12:59
sledgesM4rtinK, safe to ignore them12:59
juicemehafta go home... :)12:59
iekku7win 10312:59
M4rtinKok, now it boots13:00
M4rtinKthanks all ! :)13:00
juicemeYa lucky, M4rtinK13:00
sledgesM4rtinK, \o/ one more victory for Nemo ;)13:00
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M4rtinKhmm, its quite responsive on the N95013:02
M4rtinKquite #unlike on the N900 :)13:02
Hurrianjuiceme, hmm, on third thought just build harmattan kernel with fbcon static13:02
Hurrianoh, it works with kexec -e being put in by hand?13:03
Hurrianjuiceme: dirty hack: pressing the item adds text to hidden console, another button sends Return13:04
*** arturo182 has joined #nemomobile13:04
HurrianM4rtinK: all those Qt libraries have to weigh /something/ in RAM13:05
M4rtinKHurrian: well, yeah13:06
Morpogkulve I can also test on my Nexus 713:07
Hurrianwell, when juiceme wraps up his kexec bootloader, I'll once again have a Nemo machine13:07
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*** Morpog has joined #nemomobile13:23
juicemeHurrian, now i got it!13:27
Hurrianjuiceme, what hack did you use this time?13:27
juicemeit has to be my pid13:27
juicemesee, when running from scfipt i am INIT=013:28
juicemehas to be that13:29
Hurrianso, you're going to fork a separate script to do the kexec?13:29
juicemewhdn i give the command from console, i am child of telnet :)13:29
*** niqt_ has quit IRC13:29
juicemewill try that later, now am on thee road13:30
Hurrianjuiceme: ah, I'll keep an eye on the channel13:31
juicemein train actually, 3g reception varies...13:31
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sledgesdoes anyone know/ who owns NemoMobile twitter account?15:47
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juicemenah, did not work :(16:59
juicemeand I was so sure about it16:59
rozhkovcan somebody create bluetooth-qt repo at github? it seems its upstream is dead17:07
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