Friday, 2013-01-11

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kulveSage: about filing bug reports. It's hard to know what actually is a bug and what not. And what's a bug in my kickstart files.. Also it usually is a bit pointless to create bugs that happens with some random hardware that the actual developers are not using..04:51
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Jake9xxkulve: in that case bugzilla should outline the available hw/env, no?06:41
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kulveJake9xx: but it would be doubtful that the bug would be ever fixed if devs don't have that particular hw06:45
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Jake9xxkulve: that's also true, but bug hunting on plat X makes no sense if f.ex issues are related to hw on plat Y06:46
Jake9xxkulve: which one is better, ignore on purpose or waste time on trying something that's impossible?06:47
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Sagephaeron: SR's 7633 7644 764508:24
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Sageall in ERROR state apparently08:24
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phaeronok in a minutes08:25
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kulvedoes nemo have plans for moving to Qt 5?08:27
Stskeepskulve: that's the effort in
Stskeeps(bit outdated)08:28
kulveI'm a bit confused. Should we talk about Zephy in #mer or in #nemomobile? :)08:30
Stskeepsgood question ;)08:30
Stskeepsi guess here is ok08:30
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kulvewhat would it take to get that running on tegra3?08:31
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Stskeepsqtwayland has a mode for xcomposite_egl where it shares buffers through Xcomposite and X windows08:31
Stskeepsbut i didn't get it to fully work yet08:31
kulveI hope it uses some standard extensions for sharing? ;)08:33
Stskeepssure, standard Xcomposite08:33
Stskeepsbut for a full blown wayland adaptation you need to modify libEGL/GLESv208:33
kulveneeding to modify components that are closed source by default is just so bad place to start..08:34
Stskeepskulve: ok, let me try to explain a bit better :)08:36
Stskeepskulve: with the nvidia graphics drivers as an example, they're using X11 as window system and probably DRI2 for buffer sharing08:37
Stskeepsso when you create a window with EGL, you pass a X11 window08:37
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Stskeepsthe situation is usually that libEGL/GLESv2 is only built for one windowing system08:37
Stskeepswith wayland, it's much more lightweight than X, but it's also a different windowing system, ie, you pass a wayland window08:38
Stskeepsthere's abstractions of buffers in the protocol and you can include a buffer (from another app) as part of your scenegraph through typical texture from pixmap methods08:38
Stskeepsso, for a full blown wayland adaptation, libEGL/GLESv2 needs to be modified by the gpu vendor as the methods are different inside for how you indicate changes in buffers/etc08:39
Stskeepsusing wayland is also much saner on the gpu stack, you have to jump through a lot of hoops for X1108:41
kulveso the situation is the same as it is with X11. Somebody creates a new windowing system (wayland this time) requiring all gpu vendors to explicitly support it?08:41
Stskeepswell, they did it for android windowing system :) and nobody really wants to maintain X11 based stacks08:43
Stskeepsbut either way: you can work around not having wayland in the GPU drivers strictly - for example, the raspberry pi gpu adaptation doesn't have it08:43
Stskeepsbut it has methods for sharing buffers08:44
Stskeepsso qml compositor and qt uses same method for producing frames, share them that way08:44
Stskeepsjust like you could run qtwayland utilizing xcomposite backend08:44
kulveif there's a workaround that doesn't require gpu vendor support, why is it only a workaround and not the recommended way of implementing things?08:45
niqtmorning all08:45
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Stskeepskulve: it's just one way of doing it, it'd be best if the gpu driver handles the buffer logic itself08:47
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Stskeepskulve: i think the primary issue is that some GPU drivers don't expose windowing systems as just being plugins08:49
Stskeepson SGX, there's X11+DRI2, framebuffer only, wayland, etc08:49
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kulveStskeeps: so is there a way to run that zephyr stuff on tegra3? With workarounds, glue components, or something without modifying closed source components..08:50
Stskeepskulve: yes, that's what i'm hoping for08:50
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Stskeepskulve: i have libhybris with wayland APIs too working but it's under legal review08:51
Stskeepsie, turns android drivers into being wayland drivers08:51
Stskeepson tegra3 i'd probably try out the xcomposite_egl stuff08:52
Stskeepsie, xorg is up, compositor is a regular x/egl client, clients are connecting via wayland and x socket and shares buffers through XComposite API08:53
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Stskeepsso, a bit of workaround, but it'd work08:53
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kulveis zephyr-i586-vm.ks using the xcomposite_egl approach? Or how could I test it?08:59
Stskeepsit doesn't, it uses llvmpipe in virtualbox - if you catch me on monday-tuesday, i'll help test this out on tegra08:59
Stskeepsjust in cold finland right now and leaving in a few hours, so i can't do much :P09:00
kulveok :)09:00
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7644 Rejected promotion request09:25
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7633 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7645 waiting for review at
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sledgesgood Friday! morgning10:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7647 Rejected promotion request10:28
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Sagelbt: phaeron: cobs blew up? :)10:34
SageApplication error10:34
SageChange this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html10:34
sledgesSage, read @ #mer10:34
lbtlooks like :)10:34
sledgesah, so that's after the upgrade then already ;)10:35
Sagesledges: well different obs10:35
Sagelbt: was updating mer cobs, not the meego cobs10:35
Sageand I was talking about meego cobs :)10:35
lbtwell, I got bored10:35
sledgeslbt, it's not you ;P10:35
sledgesCOBS's dead, BMO is upgraded and alive and kicking10:36
sledgesall clear now Sage :))10:36
sledges(in terms of understanding, not in terms of being able to work with COBS though :))10:36
* Stskeeps passes around beer10:36
sledgesahh, during the most intense development, surely COBS has to go down :)10:36
lbtno, it's me ... I killed it10:36
Stskeepsit's friday, let's enjoy it10:37
sledgesyou truly got bored10:37
sledges:P Stskeeps10:37
sledgeswell, time to look at Mer SDK then10:37
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sledgeslbt, ETA ?10:37
sledgesROM :)10:38
Sagelbt: ok, well ping when you are ready :)10:38
sledgesStskeeps, I haven't the hardware to work with during the weekend, so trying to do all-in as much as I can today..10:39
sledgesthanks for the hint Jake9xx , I'll keep updating there, suggest you do the same to sync between the two of us:
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lbtok - should be back - may be more interruptions10:49
sledgesit is back! heaps thanks lbt10:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7648 waiting for review at
Sagelbt: could you redirect to the right dir? now it shows also the obs content10:58
Sagealso should probably only show the obs content10:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7649 Rejected promotion request10:59
lbtSage: low prio tbh11:00
Sagephaeron: ^ what is wrong with that?11:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7648 Accepted promotion request11:00
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Sagelbt: well, from url point of view in images etc. it is not low prio imo11:01
lbttrue - but I'll tell you what, it's low prio compared to coffee atm :)11:02
* Stskeeps notes we need a graph of lbt's caffiene level11:02
sledgeswhat about setting up a remotely controlled caffeine infusion into lbt ?11:05
Stskeepsi think the infusions aren't the problem11:05
sledges"push the button and..." ♪11:05
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samposI see that you guys are busy :) But ask anyway, will there be bug-triage next Mon ?11:08
Stskeepsi hope so11:08
* Stskeeps looks at iekku11:08
Sagephaeron: SR#7645 in error11:08
phaeronwasn't cobs offline ?11:08
Sageit is online again ;)11:08
phaerondamn :D I thought, would have some quite time11:08
Stskeepsphaeron: i know this is an alien concept to you, but there's a /exit command in an irc client11:09
AardStskeeps: that's blasphemy.11:10
SageI guess the armv7el support can be dropped for N900?11:10
Sagethe rest of the small bits that are there that is11:10
Sagethere are some binary blobs that have armv7l bits there as well next to armv7hl11:11
Stskeepsn900 hw adaptation yes11:11
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samposAard: any easy steps to reproduce the mtp/usb conn problems? Moved few mp3s few times w/o issues.11:13
phaeronStskeeps: I'll get withdrawal symptoms11:13
Aardsampos: what are you using to test?11:13
samposgmtp and win media player11:13
samposjust manual tests11:14
Aardyou moved stuff on and off the device?11:15
samposoff only11:15
Aardtry putting things on it, I think thats when it broke11:15
samposthanks. will try that.11:16
* lbt has extra shot in this coffee11:16
lbtI got espresso beans for xmas \o/11:16
Sagephaeron: also what is wrong with SR#7649 ?11:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7645 Accepted promotion request11:20
phaeronSage: I dunno11:21
sledgesis it because COBS got updated? (I see Web UI elements shuffled a bit more nicely)11:22
Sage <- can people help testing this snapshot a bit?11:23
sledgesme me :DD11:23
* Sage needs to clone sledges 11:23
Sagekulve: I have fix for the xdg dir thing already however I'm having problems pushing it through review :P11:24
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*** emmynet has joined #nemomobile11:24
sledges_can I help testing, too?11:24
*** sledges_ has quit IRC11:25
kulveSage: ok :)11:25
Sagesledges: ;)11:26
iekkusampos, Stskeeps: yes11:29
*** auri__ has joined #nemomobile11:29
Sagesledges: what images are you testing btw?11:32
sledgesN950 (on N9)11:32
Sagesomeone with N900 want to reflash and test the snapshot? Or vm or exopc?11:33
sledgesWOW! This time it was a boot from first flash! ;D11:33
sledges(maybe because I did rsync instead of rm /media/Alt_OS/; tar .. ?11:33
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*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile11:35
Sagejukkaeklund: eager to test new possible snapshot? :)11:35
*** Venemo has quit IRC11:35
jukkaeklundSage, yes!11:36
jukkaeklundthough I left my N950 at home11:36
Sagebtw, the url will change most probalby soonish I'll send some messages after the things are sorted
jukkaeklundcan I tweet that?11:36
jukkaeklundso its not official release yet?11:36
Sagelets not tweet that as it breaks in soon11:36
jukkaeklundkulve, how is nexus 7 image coming?11:37
Sagealso the image isn't much tested yet11:37
* sledges switches off CapsLock11:37
Sagesledges: yes they do :)11:37
*** FReaper-PC has quit IRC11:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7650 waiting for review at
sledgesSage, a bug: no GSM: to work one needs to go to Settings->Connections->Cellular (a re-trigger of some sorts) - then operator's MCC+MNC pop up in a second, and you're connected11:45
sledgesSage, should I do zypper ref & dup btw? ;D11:46
sledgesI thought it's quite fresh since ringones worked11:46
Sagesledges: you can do it sure. probably don't get much extra after that though :)11:47
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7650 Accepted promotion request11:47
sledgesokedoke, and will file a but about the cell problems11:47
lbtSage: sounds like mic is good?11:47
Sagelbt: hold a moment :)11:47
* sledges gotta love Fridays11:47
Sageonly n950/n9 is tested11:48
Sagedownloading the images atm. so I could test some of those as well11:49
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sledgesSage, 5 packages to upgrade, 14 to reinstall11:51
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC11:52
sledgesupgradšed ones include n950-camera-fw and wl-radio fws11:52
Sagewell, I'm poking some stuff around a bit only packaging updates no codes mainly11:52
Sagetrying to cleanup some old stuff11:52
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile11:54
sledgeshey surprise surprise Sage cellular network connected fine after zypper dup; reboot !11:58
sledgesbit weird (I was sure it's a bug as tested two reboot times)11:58
kulvejukkaeklund: vkb blanks the screen, so it's useless. Otherwise working quite well, wifi, 3d, accelerated video even when composited to thumbnail mode12:00
jukkaeklundyou know the nemo bug id for kbd?12:00
kulveI don't have plans ficxing the vkb though12:00
Sagekulve: what is the license for the binary blobs btw for thaT?12:00
kulveI'm not sure if there is bug id for that12:01
kulveSage: redistributable (e.g. ubun tu is shipping them)12:01
Stskeepsthey're sane, yes12:01
kulvebt/gps blobl is a different thing but they are not working (yet) anyway12:02
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*** VDVsx has quit IRC12:02
kulve(ircing again with a phone..)12:02
Sagekulve: ok, so then I would say we can start building nexus 7 images with rest of the nemo stuff when ever the migration to new infra is completed fully12:03
* Sage promises next week so it will be done ;)12:03
jukkaeklundsage, stskeeps, anyone idea on where the "vkb blanking screen" bug is?12:04
Stskeepscompositor area, which can be best be compared to a snake pit12:04
Sagejukkaeklund: there is similar issue on x86 when no swrast is used.12:04
jukkaeklundand in VM?12:05
jukkaeklundis there a bug?12:05
MerbotNemo bug 347 in x86-generic "Screen is black when VKB is open in VirtualBox" [Critical,New]12:06
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lbtSage: say when wrt mic12:09
jukkaeklundany ideas how to get that bug fixed (347)?12:10
Sagelbt: bootin n900 atm.12:11
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: this is happening on n7?12:12
jukkaeklundyes, and VM/x8612:12
jukkaeklundso pretty bad12:12
Stskeepshappens right now on VM?12:13
Stskeepsi thought it didn't, with the dri fix there12:13
jukkaeklundhavent tried with the latest snapshot, can try12:13
jukkaeklundkulve saw this just now on n712:14
Sagelbt: vm seems ok.12:15
Sagelbt: n900 seems not12:15
Sagephaeron: is the UUID fix in this mic ?12:15
Sageok, the uuid fix isn't in thus all vfat partitions fail to mount as mic creates invalid uuid for those.12:17
* Sage fixes it manually and checks if N900 boots then12:18
Sagelbt: so that fix should be added other than that seems ok.12:21
Sagethat should fix it. but apparently it is not in this mic version even though it was submitted before the tag was made?12:24
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile12:28
Sagesledges: does volume keys work on n9?12:28
sledgesyes Sage, the screen is filling blood red ok, (though did not test the impact on actual playback/ringtone volume)12:30
*** radiofree has joined #nemomobile12:30
Sagehmmp... ok well on n900 the volume "bar" doesn't appear12:31
sledgesadaptation-related then12:33
sledgeswonder what touched it ("as long as it works.."12:34
sledgesjukkaeklund, VM vkb bug is fixed, I don't know why that bug is still open for that x86 matter12:34
Sagesledges: it is not fixed it is just workedaround (cc: jukkaeklund)12:34
sledges(original reporter is "gone": -- --" :))12:35
sledgesyup still an update'd be appropriate12:35
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile12:35
* sledges can retest VM today12:35
Sagethe workaround for VM vkb is to install the swrast pckage12:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC12:35
jukkaeklundSage, ok how does one do that?12:35
sledgesofc, now I remember. was never an issue since VM(->PC) are fast not requiring accel12:36
Sagejukkaeklund: it is included by default (or should be)12:36
Sagejukkaeklund: in vm that is12:36
jukkaeklundwell kulve had the problem still in n712:37
sledgesyes but that's ARM12:37
Sagejukkaeklund: well that is not x86 vm :)12:37
jukkaeklundso new bug to create or what?12:38
Sagework around was only for x86 vm that uses mesa where swrast driver is available12:38
Sagejukkaeklund: I think that the bug is the same12:38
sledgesthe question is it the same cause for the symptoms? Stskeeps ?12:38
sledgesas vkb has none of that bug on Nokia devices, might be compositor and GL extensions (*NOK*@_$&') related12:39
Sagesledges: yes, the nokia devices are using meego graphics system which migth do the difference12:40
sledgeswhich I fear are posing the same threat to Pandaboard atm :{12:40
Sagelbt: so about the mic, can you check if that commit was in or not? :)12:41
Sageand can you do new mic release with it so I can retest :)12:42
Sageif it wasn't in12:42
SageI need to go soon but I'll do new release later today still if I don't have time to do it before I leave12:44
Sagelbt: phaeron: btw, the new obs is very bad in handling of creq12:45
Sage <- try to look through changes12:45
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile12:45
Sageosc review -d id works nicely though12:49
Sageerr.. request -d12:49
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #nemomobile12:51
lbtSage: I don't have much choice - we're way behind on OBS we needed an update12:51
phaeronSage: lbt is handling packaging for mer-tools mic12:53
Sagephaeron: ok.12:54
Sagelbt: yes, well I can manage. cmdline is my friend anyway :)12:54
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:55
lbtSage: that commit missed the tag12:56
Sagelbt: :/12:56
*** macmaN has quit IRC12:57
Sagephaeron: how can I check why I get "Failed to parse spec file: can't parse specfile" from boss for the nemo-firstsession package?12:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7651 waiting for review at
lbtSage: so what problem do you have?12:57
lbtah, sod it, I'll retag12:58
Sagelbt: the UUID missin - was the problem I had with mic12:59
lbtSage: if I tag and push will you test it in the next hour?12:59
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile13:00
SageI can test it if it arrives to me in next 30mins13:01
Sageafter that I will take some hours before I'm back on comp13:02
Sagethough my schedule changes quite often :)13:02
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7651 Rejected promotion request13:03
lbtSage: ok13:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7652 waiting for review at
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile13:12
lbtSage: OK -it's building13:12
*** Frye has quit IRC13:12
Sagemic-0.14-mer2.15.1 ?13:13
lbtcurl -O; rpm -U mic-0.14-mer2.15.1.noarch.rpm13:13
lbtjust trying myself - thought that'd help13:14
Sageok, building images now13:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7633 Accepted promotion request13:22
*** emmynet has left #nemomobile13:24
phaeronSage: the rpm  macros need to  be installed on the boss machine13:26
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile13:27
phaeroninstalled, hope it works13:31
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile13:32
Sagelbt: !%&!&?! so you changed the mer release just now :D13:38
* Sage tests rest later today 13:38
sledgesjust got vkb (maliit) on Pandaboard (flickr-qml launched from lipstick) - hw acceld, no black screen13:47
sledgesshows up and works fine13:47
sledgesjukkaeklund_, ^13:47
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile13:47
sledgesso now it's down to N7, kulve13:47
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile13:47
sledgesnot a generic ARM(->extensions) problem at least13:47
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC13:50
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile13:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7652 Accepted promotion request13:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7654 waiting for review at
kulvesledges: normal nemo env?14:05
kulvesledges: could you run also eglinfo ja list the extensions somewhere?14:06
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC14:08
*** n9mx has quit IRC14:12
lbtSage: yes - mer is released14:17
*** kallela has quit IRC14:22
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sledgesPandaboard PROBLEM FIXED!15:17
sledgesJake9xx, ^ :)15:18
*** pcat has quit IRC15:20
sledgesit was a t15:21
sledgestwo line bug in x-v-omap15:21
*** nsuffys_Nemo has joined #nemomobile15:21
sledgesso all works accelerated even without *NOK* extensions, Mer ftw ;)15:21
sledgesthanks to Rob Clark15:23
sledgesok now, Sage (or phaeron), why I cannot "swipe" with the mouse from any edge to go back to lipstick on Pandaboard? which package is responsible for this?15:24
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:32
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile15:32
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile15:32
kulvesledges: compared to this: , your list has EGL_IMG_hibernate_process which is missing from there and your list lacks EGL_NV_post_convert_rounding which is there (for omap4)15:36
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:37
kulvesledges: so, what image are you testing with? If the vkb works for you, I don't see why it shouldn't work for tegra with same setup..15:37
sledgesmy .ks is reduced Nemo to lipstick, but such sensitive things as mcompositor, mthemedaemon are there:
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:45
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*** norayr is now known as noch15:46
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Jake9xxsledges: ok, back at the workbench, let's see this minimal mer for a bit16:48
sledgeswell, problem's solved ;)16:48
sledgesnow onto other problems :)16:49
*** jpetrell has quit IRC16:54
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:58
Jake9xxsledges: what was the issue?17:00
sledgesbug in x-v-omap17:01
sledgesworked it out with Rob Clark himself :)17:01
sledgestwo line fix.. who could've thought!17:02
Jake9xxis it in the packaged already?17:06
Jake9xxI mean if I make image with your ks is it in?17:06
sledgesnot in his git yet lol17:06
sledgesbut will be today and he'll tag another realease17:06
sledgesI'm looking at this at the moment:
*** rcg has quit IRC17:08
Jake9xxdid you try like 16bpp or something in xorg conf ?17:09
sledgesmight retry as now we are facing another issue17:09
sledges(yes I don't lke those unsupported pixel formats too, and they disappear after bpp=1617:10
sledgesbut icons look horrid17:10
sledges(prolly expected behaviour though)17:10
Jake9xxwe used 16bpp on snowball, there was some strange assert with 32bpp at least17:11
Jake9xxregarding the flip, there's some stuff done by (yes, Rob Clark) not too long ago, I'll take a look at that17:11
sledgescurrently it's OMAP(0): Depth 24, (==) framebuffer bpp 3217:11
sledgesok, message is from kernel btw17:12
Jake9xxyes, it's from omapdrm driver17:12
sledgesfrom omapdrm_pvr.ko ?17:13
sledgesprobably the fact that it is no longer compiled in newer pvr-omap4 packages is that it had made it into the mainline kernel17:13
Jake9xxsledges: let's see. At leats the linaro stuff with omap4 is very fresh stuff17:14
sledgesnope, with bpp 16 same problem17:14
sledgesprobably "already a pending flip" is not something we should look at, as it's spat even when the (working) flickr-qml is launched17:15
sledgesapplauncherd is failing to boost qmlcalc I believe17:16
sledgesbtw, qmlcalc launches -fine- the first time17:16
sledgesthen I kill it (from console, no swipes working yet), and launch again - then it doesn't launch anymore17:16
sledges(neither does flickr-qml after it)17:16
Jake9xxdid you gdb it already? There might be one mutex issue in libX11. For some demo we had to bypass some lockings to get apps launched17:17
sledgesI did gdb it17:18
Jake9xxdumb question.. but if I compile kernel in mer sdk, any armv7hl sysroot in sb2 should be ok?17:18
sledgesit fails on LockDisplay on libX11 as you say17:18
sledges(that's the same fail of applauncherd from yesterday, probably two problems hit the fan)17:19
sledgeskernel is rootfs independent17:19
sledgeshmm, time to bypass some locking then ;D17:20
Jake9xxsledges: you might wanna look at this:
sledgesI was about to mut *LockDisplay( in libX11 :)17:25
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile17:26
Jake9xxthat's propably one way to it as well17:28
Jake9xxfunny that mali and sgx need same workaroud..17:29
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile17:29
sledgesyup, about to penetrate (penetrate=branch from :))17:29
*** alexxy has quit IRC17:32
*** alexxy has joined #nemomobile17:35
Jake9xxbuilding the kernel in osc, time to get some food from fridge17:35
sledgesyou bet :)17:36
*** nsuffys_Nemo has quit IRC17:39
Jake9xxsledges: yup, seems might cut it, I'll git it a go17:45
sledgesgit will do too :)17:45
sledgeslibX11 patched in action now17:45
sledges:{ black screen17:46
sledgesshall I wait for your kenrle Jake9xx? and discard the patch(?)17:47
sledgeshmm after another reboot I got visuak17:48
Jake9xxsounds like something is not initialized "correctly" if reboot fixes stuff17:49
*** alexxy has quit IRC17:50
sledgesJake9xx, patched did the job!17:50
sledgeslaunched qmlcalc 5 times by now17:50
Jake9xxthis patch itself is not enough, guess we need to upgrade kernel?17:50
*** alexxy has joined #nemomobile17:50
sledgeswell, and in our case this patch=ugly kludge17:50
Jake9xxtrue, it's done just for demo17:51
Jake9xxbut it shows clearly where the problem im17:51
sledgesnice job! ah so great to work with great fellows :)17:51
Jake9xxomap_atomic.c patch ain't in the latest ubuntu linaro kernel17:52
Jake9xxsledges: thanks, likewise!17:52
sledgeswell, Rob's comment to today's DRI tripple buffering crash bug finding was: "have no idea how that worked until now"17:53
sledgesit means mcompositor +egl +whatnot-nemo/meego-* truly puts drivers to work17:53
sledgeswhat I mean is that latest ubuntu linaro might not need those fixes as they do not deal with graphics effects the same way17:54
Jake9xxmight be, but it should be in the linaro kernel tree , brb17:55
sledgesoic, k17:55
sledgesI have to scoot for the weekend in 5mins, won't have hw with me17:55
sledgesshall I update .ks on to point to that kludged libX11 ?17:55
Jake9xxirs Rob in freenode or is mail only way?17:56
sledgestalked to him @ #pandaboard17:56
sledges(ps I think I just deadlocked Xorg, by launching flickr-qml)17:56
sledges(so gotta be careful when demoeing with that workaround ;))17:56
Jake9xxI belive the lockup is due to some anomalities in pvr4 kernel + omap pvr userland libs17:59
Jake9xxand if we can find where the latest omap drm stuff is we're on safe ground17:59
sledgesI was looking into launchpad18:00
sledgestook pvr-omap4 from there, but did not work18:00
sledgestook the kernel from there too, did not work (many segfaults with clocks, have to wait for a minute till it eventually boots, and also any writes corrupt ext4, you can try if you like:18:01
sledgesdescription contains a link to launchpad18:01
sledgesso, shall I put the libX11 kludge into .ks Jake9xx ?18:02
Jake9xxfor time being it's the best thing18:02
Jake9xxbut mark it so that it's nasty stuff and needs to be removed asap18:02
Sagesledges: the omap4 started to work?18:05
sledgesSage, yes the horrid problem is gone18:05
sledgesit was a bug in x-v-omap18:05
sledgesnow 'cosmetic' problems, still show-stoppers18:05
SageI'll check the thing next week at some point and lets push it to the nemo repos and start remaking the panda images as well18:05
* Sage is hoping to get his hands on galaxy nexus soonish as well18:06
sledgeshell yeah :)18:06
sledgesJake9xx, .ks updated with libX11 kludge:
sledgesgood weekend everyone! (will check back occassionally, but no hw at hand)18:07
Jake9xxsledges: ditto, I'll build image with that ks and see if I can re-launch stuff as well18:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7654 Accepted promotion request18:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7655 Rejected promotion request19:26
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7656 waiting for review at
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