Tuesday, 2013-01-22

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Ken-YoungIs there anyone around who is familiar with using Nemo on an N950?04:17
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SageKen-Young: what do you need?07:00
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w00tVesuri: any objections to a lipstick tag+release?09:11
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Vesuriw00t: no09:13
w00talright, I'll do that now09:13
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Theorboanyone selling an N950? The one offered to me has vanished.09:43
TheorboI spent hours updating myself on Mer. I was ready to contribute a couple of hours a day in the evening.09:50
TheorboI know there is the N9 (and emulator) but I am loathe to not having a physical device with a keyboard09:51
PMGUpdated timed changes for review:  https://github.com/nemomobile/timed/pull/409:54
PMGSage: ^09:54
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lbtSage: where's the latest nemo emulator ks?10:27
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Sagelbt: http://releases.nemomobile.org/snapshots/0.20121224.1.NEMO.2013-01-12.1/images/nemo-handset-i486-vm/nemo-handset-i486-vm.ks or use https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-kickstarter-configs/10:35
lbtty :)10:35
Vesuriw00t: did you create a tag?10:43
w00t..forgot to push it10:43
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7703 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/770310:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7704 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/770410:48
Sagew00t: so qdesktopservices returns xdg dirs?10:48
w00tSage: yes10:49
Sageso why did MSameer then submit the razorqt with libqtxdg in mw shared?10:49
w00tI don't know, where is it used?10:49
SageI have no idea but I got impression that qt doesn't support xdg dirs thus that was submitted there10:50
Sagecan you talk to him about that and query what was the reasoning etc.10:50
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* CTB ClashTheBunny12:42
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MSameerSage: i don't know either. Was a mistake :|12:58
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sledgeshey fellows, do you want the new nemo splash screen to be portrait (favouring N9 users) or landscape (favouring N9x0 users) :) most votes wins :)13:24
Stskeepsmake both, read /etc/boardname ?13:26
sledgessounds awesome (I though that'd take to do two more separate HA branches -> N9 and N9x0) hurrah13:27
phakowhy fuelled?13:29
sledgespowered is overused everywhere13:29
sledgeslet's stand out13:29
phakounlike? ;)13:29
sledgesBTW it's all about ships still ;)13:29
sledgeswell, leave that for Jolla :))13:29
phakoyeah, bit that kindof sounds like mer is burned in the process ;)13:30
sledges:D true13:30
sledgesbut think it's the cpu cycles that are being burned :))13:30
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sledgesI liked that Nemo social presence text (see description) does not mention Jolla/Sailfish anywhere, quite indepenedent. but at the same time Nemo would introduce more confusions for newbies, so a clear separation explanation is required still..13:31
sledgess/description/mailing list/13:31
phakoI gave up reading that, sorry13:31
sledgeslol, well final version is never tl;dr; http://openetherpad.org/urfxx467L613:32
sledgesand from desc one infers: Mer fuels Nemo, Nemo powers devices13:34
PMGspiiroin, special & anybody: any objections to the merge of https://github.com/nemomobile/timed/pull/5 ?13:38
sledgesJonni: #pandaboard: 16:51 < prpplague> masta: basically there is no one supporting panda, so dtb and sgx(graphics) stuff are not being worked on. <...> the the layoffs and such, panda is basically for all practical purposes dead13:41
niqtStskeeps, do you know when mer sdk will be ready for all platform (mac and win)?13:41
sledgesdo you think libxcb/libX11 issues will be addressed? Hope you're doing well there13:41
spiiroinPMG: ok by me13:41
Stskeepssledges: TI OMAP is dead, no surprise from me13:41
Stskeepssledges: shame though, they were good devices13:42
sledgesit's the time they withdrew from the mobile scene to concentrate on embedded platforms13:43
Stskeepsyeah, but this isn't how..13:43
sledgesthen why would pandaboard not be an embedded development board, and should still be supported (with beagleboard)13:43
sledgess/it's/it was/13:43
sledgeswhat else it there left to prototype on? Freescale?.. (cheap, I mean ;P)13:45
sledgesRPi - well not -that- cheap :D13:45
Stskeepswell, beaglebone amybe13:46
Stskeepsnot sure how dead that is13:46
sledgeskeyword Sitare sounds less dead at least..13:46
PMGSage, anybody: any objections to the merge of https://github.com/nemomobile/timed/pull/4 (timed automatic time update from cellular network time)?13:55
PMGspiiroin: ^13:58
spiiroinPMG: no objections from me13:59
SagePMG: no objections13:59
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Jonnisledges: most likely panda is dead, atleast I dont have access to that hardware.14:00
PMGSage, spiiroin: Great, thanks for the help & review comments!14:01
sledgesah, so you are working on OMAP4-based other hw, Jonni14:01
Jonnisledges: sorry cannot comment what based hardware Im working on :)14:02
sledgeswasn't a question, I'm just standing by for libxcb workaround ;)14:02
Stskeepssledges: our hw is based on silicon and that's about as much as you need to know ;)14:02
sledges;P ^14:02
Sagesledges: how far did you get the pandaboard btw? I haven't booted mine in a long while.14:03
sledgesI think that bug is what prevents me from demoing Nemo on pandaboard14:03
sledgesSage, ^14:03
sledgesOpenGLES accel works, mouse cursor visible, Settings app works, but launching qmlcalc 2 times or more crashes (flickr-qml works though)14:04
sledgeslipstick works, too, but after installing gestures, seems to crash at startup for ~5 times before settling down14:05
sledgessame symptom of libxcb/X11 XFilterEvents bug14:05
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MerbotUbuntu bug 1034178 in Linaro-Ubuntu "Qt4 OpenGL ES2 examples segfault" [High,Confirmed]14:07
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Sagesledges: ok14:12
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sledgesJonni, apparently XFilterEvent bug has been fixed in pvr-omap4
sledgeszeroing in on the exact version now14:17
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sledgesJonni, from TI PPA (https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/release/+files/pvr-omap4_1.
sledgesbut it was a failure to integrate it with OBS (missing .ko)14:28
sledgesand weston/wayland dep pulled in14:28
* sledges wonders if you have pulled that nicely into OBS..14:29
sledgesotherwise I'll try to investigate the problems seriously this time14:29
sledgesStskeeps, Wandboard and Cubieboard are the future :) and cheap!14:32
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Stskeepsaren't they allwinner?14:32
sledgesWandboard = i.MX614:33
sledgesCubieboard - might be an allwinner :)) nice read btw14:33
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sledgesAllwinner A1X  (Redirected from Cubieboard)  lol From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia14:34
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sledgesphako, sending texts fron N9 also works after today's zypper ref & up !15:22
phakosledges: yay15:23
sledgesdidn't work for you yesterday? ;)15:23
phakodidn't try15:24
sledgesah ok :)15:24
sledgesmaybe it was fixed earlier15:24
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phakoreceiving internet settings didn't work, though15:25
sledgeswhoops, that's a demanding one ;)15:25
* sledges never tried configure Cellular neither manually :)15:25
phakothat's just what I got SMS from15:26
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sledgesJonni, fixed the libX11 (XFilterEvents bug) by upgrading to latest pvr-omap4. Note that you'll need ti-omap4-sgx.service to load pvrsrvinit (I backported it from N9, but not put into .ks yet): https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=pvr-omap4&project=home%3Asledge%3Abranches%3Ahome%3Asledge%3Abranches%3Ahome%3Asledge%3Abranches%3Ahome%3Asage%3Abranches%3ACE%3AAdaptation%3APandaBoard15:45
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sledgeskernel upgrade to latest is also in my TODO list (will solve HWCursor issue), but don't know when I'll get to that15:48
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Mric_Where could I find the release note for NEMO.2013-01-12.1 or a changelog ?19:23
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anYcmaybe it's on the mer-general mailing list19:25
anYcthe list is linked in the wiki19:25
Mric_anYc ok thx19:27
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Mric_hello everyone, I'm having a small problem with my N9. I'm trying to install nemo, I have moslo and the Alt_OS working fine. I'm under linux and I can see Alt_Os and but when I want to extract nemo nothing happens. Any idea ?22:46
Mric_when I type enter, the consol seems to work for 20s and than return nothing (seems good) but if I look at the Alt_OS nothing is extracted on it ....22:51
faenilMric_, I suggest you come back tomorrow during daylight and ask again ;)22:53
Mric_faenil also I can't unmount it using: sudo umount /media/Alt_OS22:54
faenilwhat does it say?22:54
Mric_faenil: sudo umount /media/Alt_OS umount: /media/Alt_OS: not mounted22:55
faeniloh well, then there's a problem :D22:55
faenilMric_, which distro are you using? doesn't it have automount?22:55
faenilalso check that the path is correct22:56
faenilmaybe you have /media/your_username/Alt_OS22:56
Mric_faenil:  I'm using Ubuntu, yeah my problem is definitively with mounting22:57
*** dev-null has joined #nemomobile22:57
faenilMric_, is the phone saying "rootfs is exported to usb" ?22:57
faenilor something like that22:57
Mric_faenil:  yes22:57
faeniland Alt_OS folder didn't pop up automatically when you connected the phone?22:58
faenilasking to open or eject the new device22:58
Mric_but I can see under linux a USB key called "Alt_OS" doesn't it means it is mounted ?22:58
faenilsomething like that22:58
faeniloh ok22:58
faenilso in the file manager you can access it?22:58
faenilis it empty?22:58
Mric_I guess it is mount then no ?22:58
faenilcheck that the path tar is extracting to is correct22:59
Mric_no, I have too folders: foot+lost and boot-orig22:59
Mric_but I don't have nemo22:59
Mric_ok ... I going to try /media/your_username/Alt_OS23:00
*** dev-null has quit IRC23:00
faeniljust check from the file manager23:01
faenilgo to /23:01
Mric_faenil: thanks a lot it is working now .... I can see the files in the file manager23:01
*** romaxa has joined #nemomobile23:01
faenilcool :)23:02
Mric_time to boot :)23:02
faenilit will be slow at first23:02
faenilgive it some time for the tracker to finish indexing stuff23:02
faeniluntil you see the scrolling is smooth :)23:02
faenilalso remember to umount23:03
faenilbefore disconnecting the phone23:03
Mric_faenil: oups23:03
Mric_is it bad ?23:03
faenilnah :)23:03
faeniljust try booting and see if it boots :)23:03
faenilif it doesn't connect it via usb again, and let it mount and then umount it23:04
Mric_hum, it booted fine aksing me if I wanted ALt_OS or original kernel, I choose Alt_OS pressing volume down but nothing happens ... the device switched off23:05
Mric_will try to mount it and unmount like you suggest23:05
faenilif it switched off23:06
faenilthen it's a nasty thing23:06
faenilthat happens23:06
sledgesreboot one more time ;)23:06
faenilMric_, it could be that it's thinking it's in charging state23:06
faenillet me think about what was the solution23:06
faenilI think you should switch it off23:06
faenilthen connect it to the charger23:06
Mric_fenil: hahah23:06
sledgeshappened to me, one more reboot into moslo->alternate os helped23:07
faenilsledges, alright23:07
faenilMric_, then just try rebooting23:07
sledgesafter first extraction of nemo23:07
Mric_sledges: will try sleges solution than your faenil23:07
Mric_one more boot did nothing, the device just switch off again but thank you anyway23:09
Mric_trying to boot it again ...23:09
faenilMric_, in any case don't panic ;)23:11
bef0rdyou can always get a new n9 to try again23:12
Mric_faenil sledges just tried booting again and it did not work ... tried the charger method without result aswell23:12
faenilMric_, you didn't hear about the charging method :)23:12
Mric_befOrd haha I would be happy if you provide me the device ;)23:13
faenilyou have to switch it off, the connect to charger, don't switch it on yourself, it will switch by itself, it will say "exported to usb"---> at that moment, disconnect and reconnect usb and select harmattan23:14
faeniland check that it goes into charging mode23:14
Mric_would re-extracting nemo  help ?23:14
faenili.e. it doesn't boot but it shows the big charging battery23:14
faenilMric_, do that ;)23:14
Mric_ok will try that faenil :)23:14
faenilit's the device thinking that it's in charging mode23:15
sledges(don't forget to have flasher with MOSLO ready as you plug in charger)23:15
sledgesaw, sorry ^ it's only when using Single Boot, ignore me :)23:15
* sledges is still using Single Boot &)23:15
faenilI'm fighting with octave instead...argh23:16
Mric_sledges knows what he is doing not like me ;)23:16
sledgesMric_, I was exactly like you 6 months ago :P23:17
Mric_"disconnect and reconnect usb and select harmattan" to the charger or computer ?23:17
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC23:17
Mric_charger I guess but I want to be sure23:17
Mric_sledges: haha I hope I'll understand nemo like you do in 6 months :)23:18
sledgesstick around, and you will, even faster ;)23:18
* sledges did not stick around as much sadly23:18
sledgeswe're here to help23:18
Mric_haha but I quite busy with uni ...23:18
faenilMric_, same23:19
sledgessame, work23:19
Mric_I will one my free time :)23:19
sledgesbut we'll work/uni it out ;)23:19
faenilwe just need to make the big harmattan battery appear23:19
faenilthe one which shows when the phone is charging but is switched off23:19
sledgesyay, octave reminds me of Maple, faenil ..23:19
faenilhaven't used it :)23:19
faenilfirst time octave user, and I'll only use it for this exam23:20
faenilthank god :P23:20
sledgesyup, Mric_, switch the phone off completely, and then plug the charger in23:20
Mric_hum ... it is going back to the moslo menu and not the battery23:21
faenilnow it says exported23:22
faenilyou disconnect, select harmattan, and reconnect usb23:22
faenilso that it goes on23:22
Mric_the device also switch off ....23:23
faenilare you sure you selected harmattan and reconnected the cable?23:24
Mric_I'm doing it again  to be sure i didn't messed up ...23:24
faenilafter you select harmattan you should see the disclaimer with the yellow warning symbol again, if I remember correctly23:26
faenilsledges, have you got some experience with octave?23:26
Mric_I choose harmattan the phone switch off but now it doesn't boot up even connected to the charger ...23:27
faenilmust be because it's still on23:27
faeniljust keep the hw button pressed for 8-10 seconds23:28
faeniluntil it vibrates23:28
Mric_I did not see any disclaimer ....23:28
faenilthe one with the warning...23:28
faenil"you don't have warranty anymore " bla bla bla23:28
Mric_I know what you mean but I haven't seen that23:29
Mric_it booted up and it is telling me: "Rootfs of AlternaticeOS now exported via USB"23:30
faenilok, try booting into Nemo again23:30
Mric_"You can telnet into ..."23:30
faenilumount first23:30
faenilof course23:30
*** araujo has quit IRC23:31
sledgesa good way to check if your N9 is switched off completely: briefly press power button, and if front bottom-left white LED lights up immediately, means the phone is completely swithed off (keeping it longer will surely fire it up, releasing earlier - bring back to switched off mode)23:31
Mric_sledges: thanks for the tip :) But actually I had myself alreay noticed that ;)23:31
Mric_nemo doesn't boot, my device is completely switch off23:32
sledgesok, time for last resort, what you said yourself23:33
sledges23:14 < Mric_> would re-extracting nemo  help ?23:33
sledgesand do `sync` and correcy umount after re-extracting23:33
sledges(sync should suffice in most cases though)23:34
Mric_sorry but what is sync ?23:34
sledgesjust like umoutn23:35
Mric_okay will try23:35
sledgesit flushes all data caches pending to be physically written to media (HDD, USB stick, Alt_OS ;))23:35
Mric_sledges: ok thanks for the explanation23:36
sledgesyw, enjoy the journey :)23:36
Mric_haha, currently extracting nemo and it is taking way more time than the first time: don't know if it good or bad :)23:38
M4rtinKI've also skipped sync the first time & it didn't work :)23:38
M4rtinKworked with sync :)23:39
Mric_M4rtinK: okay thanks this is good news :)23:39
sledgesumount should sync....23:40
sledgesif you do umount ;)23:40
sledgesotherwise weird23:40
faenilehehe yeah most people forget umount :)23:40
Mric_haha I like everyone apparently ;) alright I have sync and umount now time to pray :)23:41
sledges:) gnome should have started spitting warning about sporadic non-umounts by now ;)23:42
sledgesshould not be hard to implement such functionality in gnome-shell and (maybe) unity23:42
sledgesMric_, fingers cross(compile)d ;)23:42
Mric_I can see a nice wallpaper with written Nemo on it :)23:42
Mric_thank you very much to all23:42
* sledges (fanfares and trumpets)23:43
Mric_hahah I guess umount is important :)23:43
sledgesnow you learned something :) enjoy Nemo!23:43
sledgesit's nicely meturing (ringtones, send/receive calls/SMSs ;))23:43
Mric_true that ...  I have learned something, I had already installed old version of nemo I hope to see it meturing like you said :)23:45
Mric_hum ... I have a yellow screen for now 30s is it normal because it is first boot ?23:46
sledgescan be normal23:46
sledgesbut if it takes longer, just reboot ;))23:46
sledges(that's where the reboot bit comes in from my experience)23:46
sledgesand then for me it worked23:46
sledgesgive it 1.5 minutes23:47
faenilMric_, yes it's just the 8bits version of the wallpaper :)23:48
faenil(or 4bits? lol)23:48
Mric_hahah 4 bits lol I'm going to wait for now .... anyway I couldn't find on wiki a changelog but did nemo change a lot from the the 08/201123:48
*** chouchoune has quit IRC23:51
Mric_yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm under Nemo :)23:51
Mric_thanks sledges and faenil23:51
faenilnp :)23:51
Mric_I have network (which I never had before) nice touch :)23:52
Mric_waaow it is beautiful and fluid !23:53
sledgesyup, they fixed a but in kernel L2 cache management23:54
sledgesso is nice and -usable- !23:54
sledgeslot's of cosmetic work to be still implemented, exciting times ahead :)23:54
sledgesyou're welcome, and welcome back to Nemo :)23:54
Mric_quick question is 3g supported ? :)23:54
Mric_yes I can't wait for further realeses23:55
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile23:55
sledgeshaven't tried yet, but simply go to settings->connectivity->gprs and add your access point name and credentials23:55
sledges(you'll have to go back to harmattan to look those up or simply your operator's manual)23:56
Mric_great will try :) I'm curious but do you have any idea when is going to be the next release with the cosmetic works ? Btw could I only update the device or will I have to extract nemo again woth the release ?23:58
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile23:59
sledgesit's in progress23:59
faenilMric_, there won't be any cosmetic work if there are no contributors, it's that easy :)23:59
sledgescosmetics (in urgent order) i meant: notifications about missed call and text23:59

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