Wednesday, 2013-01-23

faenilMric_, and nemo is missing love from devs :) we need peeeople00:00
sledgescurrently the phone just wakes up, but doesn't say if someone's calling or texting; although should be doable00:00
sledgesringtones started working a month ago, big achievement00:00
sledgesability to -send- texts - just recently00:00
sledgesso contribution is ongoing, especially stabilising the middleware and core (Mer)00:01
sledgesnot so much in UI, this is where we welcome new devs truly ;)00:01
faenilMric_, Jolla works on the middleware00:01
faenilbut the UI is in the hands of contributors...00:01
sledgesand coding UI is most exciting, because you immediately see the result IMO :)00:01
faenilwhich are....drum rolls...0! during this period00:01
Mric_well do you need to how to program ? cause I only did some C++ at uni for 6 months ... but I would be very happy to help :)00:01
sledgeswell maybe you could pick a bug from Nemo's list, and start poking around with our help :)00:02
sledgesor browse various bugs of UI:
Mric_ok bookmarked these website00:04
sledgesI added the Power Off functionality to status bar (does it work? :))00:04
sledgesit was just finding the right source code line00:04
sledgesand adding similar things like Settings icon, just changing caption and picture00:04
sledgesso basic C++ knowledge was sufficient00:05
sledgesfor the UI part00:05
sledgescome back when you have a bug chosen (or report a bug you found, e.g. something you want to be/work in UI) and assign it to yourself :)00:06
sledgesthen we'll take it from there00:06
sledgesotherwise, stick around and mingle :) all welcome00:07
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Mric_sledges: I will spend more time on here and try to take a bug :) maybe not tonight cause it is already 1 in the morning for me and I have uni tmw00:07
Mric_once more thanks for the help :)00:07
Mric_helium browser is reaaaly fast, I'm impressed !!00:08
sledgesgood stuff, see you around ;)00:08
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sledgesyup, even that has minor inconsistencies, open source is great: pick a bug even in one of Nemo apps, and work on it :)00:08
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Mric_I will :) See you tmw I guess00:09
Mric_good night for me00:09
sledgesme too00:10
* sledges zZzZ00:10
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faenilgood night people :)00:22
chriadamgnight faenil.00:23
faenilchriadam, o/00:24
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chriadamblam_: I merged 63 - lgtm but I think we need to talk to w00t about the section bucket behaviour of Unnamed contacts03:49
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romaxaw00t: ping04:37
romaxadoes anybody know how to make vkb autocorrect or suggest options for text editing? I see it works fine on harmattan , but not on Nemo...04:38
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specialromaxa: harmattan's keyboard (the maliit plugin part) is proprietary04:49
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samposIf someone could ^07:51
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7706 waiting for review at
kulve I wonder if anybody has tested how Nemo's connman reacts to that..10:00
StskeepsXMM is a intel modem isn't it?10:02
kulvelooks like it10:03
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Halftuxhi there just a quick question I installed latest nemo on n950 in dualboot mode and connect the phone with usb in massstorage mode it looks like partition from meego. Is it possible to mount this partition under nemo?10:39
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phakocan I just update the SDK as well?10:46
phakoIf i ever find where I put it10:48
phakoah, wiki. nevermind10:49
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Mric_hey sledges10:53
sledgesheya Mric_ :)10:53
sledgestyping IRC from Nemo already? ;)10:54
Mric_hehe how did you know ?10:55
sledgesI guessed10:55
sledgesc00l! \o/10:55
*** niqt_ has joined #nemomobile10:56
Mric_yeah it is cool :)10:56
sledgesvirtual keyboard could still be enhanced ;))10:57
* sledges is hinting :))10:57
sledgeshaptic feedback re-replaced10:57
sledgessome layouts10:57
Mric_yeah last time I wanted to remake the keyboard and add the french layout but people told me to wait ...10:59
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pvuorelasledges: i have some changes in maliit coming up, if now just would be able to make a new release.11:21
Sfiet_Konstantinhi :)11:22
Sfiet_KonstantinDid anyone encontered that error ?11:23
Sfiet_Konstantinin nemo11:23
Sfiet_KonstantinMSceneWindow: void MSceneWindow::appear(QGraphicsScene *, MSceneWindow::DeletionPolicy) NULL scene.11:24
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile11:24
sledgespvuorela, so you can't make a release now? :)11:24
sledgesMric_, maliit is the vkb package ;)11:24
Mric_sledges I'm going to boot my computer and look at all the bugs :) maybe talk with maliit about the keyboard11:27
pvuorelasledges: been trying to figure out what goes wrong with events & vkb. i'm seeings some strange bug when first clicking at the bottom with meegotouch apps that have a toolbar there. event seems to leak and focus changes. i suspect it could be mcompositor / x issue too but have tried to get some clearance first.11:27
sledgesMric_, maliit is tha package name, not the person's :)11:27
pvuorelathough it's also happening with current maliit so new version wouldn't be a regression.11:27
sledgescould you give an example of a meegotouch app with a toolbar?11:28
pvuorelawidgetsgallery text input page.11:29
sledgesI noticed that if I press on input box of an e.g. WiFi password's field, maliit pops up and covers it completely11:30
sledgesso you cannot see what your are typing11:30
pvuorelathat would be different. app not making sure ui is on visible area.11:30
sledgesok so you are talking about something else11:31
* sledges installs widgetsgallery on Nemo/N911:31
sledgespvuorela, in which repo can I find QmlWidgetsGallery?11:35
*** Mric_ has quit IRC11:36
pvuorelasledges: i meant the meegotouch one.11:36
*** jpetrell has quit IRC11:37
sledgeserm, same question :DD11:37
pvuorelawell, another case: settings -> connections -> gprs apn11:37
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile11:38
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sledgesi see you mean the "bottom toolbar"11:39
sledgesbut how do you reproduce the focus bit?11:39
sledgesI clicked around bottom just now11:39
pvuorelafocus text entry, click first on the bottom where toolbar is under the keyboard.11:39
*** Mric_ has joined #nemomobile11:39
* sledges doing that11:40
*** Mihanizat0r has quit IRC11:40
pvuorelaif first click is elsewhere, then it starts working ok on full area.11:41
sledgesdoesn't loose focus11:41
sledgesnope, trying the first click11:41
sledgesok I'll re-open the app11:41
pvuorelahappens only in portrait btw.11:42
pvuorelalandscape hides the toolbar when vkb opens.11:42
sledgesoh that's nasty :))11:42
sledgesis there a bug for this? ;)11:42
sledgeswhy wouldn't portrait hide the toolbar11:42
Mric_sledges: how should I decide what is a 'good' bug for me ?11:43
sledgesMric_, I'd pick something I really find annoying, so motivation kicks in ;)11:43
sledgesand at first, that should be a simple one though11:44
pvuorelasledges: not yet at least.11:44
sledgesadding something what already exists11:44
sledgesbut similar that is11:44
pvuorelasledges: portrait doesn't need to hide since it's not blocking anything. landscape hiding is harmattan legacy.11:45
sledgesor, you can start playing about, like swapping buttons around :) finding out how things work11:45
sledgesthen learning some QML eventually, Mric_ :)11:45
Mric_sledges: to be honest for me the most annoying think is that you can't change the brightness ? I guess it is not a easy one ;)11:45
sledgeswell, the slider is there11:46
sledgesso half job is already done :D11:46
sledgesyou might just have to `echo 5 > /proc/blablabla/.../screen_dim` or something11:46
Mric_sledges: yes I know but it doesn't do anything haha11:46
sledgesyou can ask in #mer , where to change N9's brightness11:46
sledgesor since N9 is omap3, you can ask even in #omap (same /proc/omapdss systems), you can even google that11:47
sledgespvuorela, what would a toolbar block in landscape? ah, since it's a smaller vertical real estate when in landscape, they try to clean up11:47
Mric_sledges: alright, will read about omap3 cause I don't what it is. Like I told I'm really a beginner ;)11:47
sledgessure :) feel free to stick around. Sead, ask, do :D simples11:48
sledgesI suggest to make portrait hide toolbar too11:49
sledgessimplest fix11:49
sledgesprovided that MTF apps will be gotten rid of soon anyway11:49
sledgespvuorela, ^11:49
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile11:49
pvuorelathat's just papering over the fact that event gets leaked below the keyboard.11:50
sledgesit is, and hoping that future aps won't go the MTF toolbar way - but who could be sure ;)11:50
w00tpvuorela: it happens with non-meegotouch too, right? just that the focus issue is different11:50
sledgesyou're right..11:51
w00tpvuorela: i'm curious what _MEEGOTOUCH_CUSTOM_REGION looks like11:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7707 waiting for review at
pvuorelaw00t: would have to create a test app for that, but i would expect all apps get some event.11:52
w00tpvuorela: it should be visible in xprop11:52
pvuorelaw00t: tested also removing that property from maliit and it didn't have a difference.11:52
w00tI don't think it's related11:52
w00tbut it will tell us the keyboard geometry11:52
sledgesMric_, here's how to dim the screen:11:54
sledgeshalf way:11:54
sledgesecho 128 > /sys/class/backlight/display0/actual_brightness11:54
sledgesecho 128 > /sys/class/backlight/display0/brightness11:55
sledgeslooks amazing, as it actually dims gradually to that brightness11:55
pvuorela_MEEGOTOUCH_CUSTOM_REGION(CARDINAL) = 534, 0, 320, 48011:55
Mric_sleges: alright, so basically the command could be under the slider and this should work or I'm getting it wrong ?11:56
sledgesI wonder if some system service does that already, so you could either re-use that (you should grep through the whole Nemo rootfs for "backlight"11:56
w00t534 + 320 = 854, 480 is the screen width, so that matches up11:56
sledgesMric_, it would work, but you might be confronted with being non root, and then it means you have to talk to a system service instead11:56
Mric_sledges: I understand the root problem but I don't get the solution: "talk to a system service"11:57
sledgesMric_, there may be a daemon in the system running, to which you send a D-Bus message to put brightness done11:58
*** phdeswer__ is now known as phdeswer11:58
sledgesor there might also be some Qt class, or MTF (MeeGo Touch Framework) class, which exposes brightness API11:59
sledgesit's best to talk to Nemo architects, and/or grep through the rootfs for "backlight", to identify which binaries are 'interested' in it, and take it from there11:59
sledgeswho's a nemo architect in here? w00t Sage phaeron :)11:59
Mric_sledges: haha you are going very fast for me but I see12:00
sledges(you can always read slow :))12:00
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile12:01
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pvuorelamaybe i could just create a bug report on this (X/compositor?) and proceed with maliit releases as new one wouldn't regress anything on this matter.12:03
sledgesand ask away12:03
sledgespvuorela, +112:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7704 Rejected promotion request12:04
w00tpvuorela: if it's not a regression, go ahead12:04
sledgesMric_, nothing is simple in smartphones - they're too smart ;)12:05
sledgesthe brightness is changing, depending on a light sensor12:05
w00tbrightness.. what's the question?12:07
sledgesyou can't adjust brightness from within settings12:07
sledgesI believe that is a brightness multiplier (a weight value) that should get set ;) though not working apparently12:07
w00tI don't know much about the meegotouch settings application, has anyone looked at the source to see what it does with that slider?12:08
sledges^ that could be the first task for Mric_ ;)12:09
Mric_I'm currently extracting the rootfs from nemo then I look inside and try to find brightness inside right ?12:09
sledgesMric_, well now things have changed a bit12:10
sledgessince I just noticed that brightness is changed depending on if you are in a dark room or under a lamp12:10
sledgesmeans there surely is a service which is adjusting it12:10
Mric_alright, so basically I have to find the service ?12:10
sledgesnow w00t is asking to see what does the settings app trying to do in the source code12:10
sledgeswhen you adjust the slider12:10
spiiroinw00t: sledges: mce does the display brightness stuff12:10
sledgessort of - the other way around12:11
spiiroinand if mce is not on session bus -> the settings via gconf will not work (but any automatic tuning done by mce might work)12:11
spiirointhere are bunch of changes to mce in pipeline, the settings will not work, but you should be able to adjust brightness via mcetool12:12
sledgesso are we telling to Mric_ to wait again? :{12:13
spiiroinhmm... need to read a bit more lines ;-)12:13
sledgesok :)12:14
Mric_sledges: I'm lost sorry :( If I understand well there is a service that is the basically the sensor ... (changing in function of current light) and this should send a command to change the screen brightness ?12:14
Mric_ok if I can't do it now no problem and I can't anyway ;)12:15
sledgesin simple words: yes12:15
Mric_sledges: should I try to echo the service of the sensor the understand the values from dark to bright ? I12:16
sledgesMric_, you can play with the echo command yes, and wow your friends :)12:16
sledgesbut after you change the brightness, it will flip back to what it was before because of that service reading light sensor's changes12:17
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile12:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7708 waiting for review at
Mric_"wow your friends" ?           ok understood that it will flip back12:18
sledgesimpress your friends12:19
sledgessaying, hey I can control my backlight via this command ;)12:19
Mric_ahahaha alright :)12:19
Mric_sledges: do you have any idea of the name of this service ?  Would echo 128 > /sys/class/backlight/display0/actual_brightness give me the actual value right ?12:22
spiiroinMric_: there is brightness setting (1-5 => 20-100%) in mce, but the old API (gconf) that the existing slider code probably uses does not work. Once we get mce released, there is a way to pass the setting to mce again (but not via gconf).12:22
sledgesMric_, service name is MCE12:22
sledgescat /sys/class/backlight/display0/actual_brightness12:23
sledgeswould give you actual value12:23
sledges(which you can test when putting phone under the table and see screen go more dim ;) and perform cat )12:23
sledgesMric_, but spiiroin just basically told you to wait for the next MCE release, and adjust the settings app then12:24
sledgesspiiroin, any plans to rewrite settings app, stripping MTF out of it?12:24
sledgesor from scratch..?.12:24
Mric_spiiroin: alright spiiroin I will wait. I just going to have some fun trying to see the values for now :)12:25
spiiroinsledges: I at least was not planning to do any UI changes, so ... any fixes would be much appreciated ;-)12:26
*** niqt_ has quit IRC12:28
spiiroinMric_: If you want to check it out, my smoketest builds are here:
Mric_after "cat /sys/class/backlight/display0/actual_brightness" I'm getting 153, shouldn't I get a number between 1-5 or 0-100% ? what does 153 actuay means ?12:29
Mric_spiiroin: alright cool :)12:29
spiiroinafter updating mce & mce-tools you should be able to do "mcetool -b5" etc12:30
*** pcat has quit IRC12:30
sledgesspiiroin, is it the weighted value to be applied against the light sensor value?12:30
spiiroinMric_: value written to brightness = 0 to value in max_brightness [in the same directory]12:31
sledgesMric_, in /sys/ the value is 0-25512:31
sledgesin MCE it's 1-5 (which 1 - 0% brightness, 5 - 100% [full] brightness)12:31
sledgesit's all arithmetics :)12:31
sledgessoz, 1 = 20%12:31
Mric_aright I get it Ithink, if 1 -> 20% I'm getting 153/255 I'm actually 60% => 3 . The screen is therefor set 3/5 right ?12:33
spiiroin3=60% is the built-in default12:34
sledgesunder certain light conditions ;) (?)12:34
Mric_cool :) anyway if spiiroin said I should wait. Any very very easy bug I could help with ?12:35
sledgesor is it ambience independent12:35
spiiroinsledges: probably yes (I've not yet gone through how ALS affects things)12:35
sledgesMric_, you can try out spiiroin's work in progress12:35
sledgesand test how mce-tool works12:36
sledgesor wait till spiiroin can answer whether value passed via mce-tool is ambient light independent or not12:36
Mric_alrigt ... just did another test with "cat /sys/class/backlight/display0/actual_brightness" and yes it depends on the light :). I'm now going to try his build.12:38
sledgesyes, that one depends12:38
sledgesbut the question is12:39
sledgeswhether setting the value will weight the ambient light strength or not12:39
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*** pcat has joined #nemomobile12:42
Mric_okay I get it now. Just a easy idea ... When the slider is set to low position is means [ambientlight + 0] but if the user prefer I brighter screen I can slide the slider to the right and this could proportionally add more and more value the ambientlight ? eg: slider half way = +50 so [ambientlight+50] would make a brighter screen.]12:45
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away12:45
sledgesyes, but I think what you want is a weighted value12:48
sledgesa factor12:48
*** himamura has quit IRC12:48
sledgesslider - 0.1 to 112:48
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile12:48
spiiroinMric_: There is a separate toggle "use_adaptive_display_dimming" which (without looking from code) tells mce whether to apply ALS filtering or not12:48
sledgesand that gets multiplied against ambient light calculations12:48
sledges(target values)12:48
spiiroinbtw, I'm not sure if I grok what you're trying to accomplish. Do you need to have the actual brightness value or something?12:50
Mric_spiiroin: I don't really know what I'm doing trying to understand a bite :)12:51
spiiroinAnd if I'm not mistaken the brightness setting = max value. ALS is then used to make the display dimmer.12:51
spiiroin(i.e. when moving in to dark room)12:52
sledgesMric_ said today that brightness from settings does not work :) so he was right :)12:52
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile12:53
spiirointrue ;-)12:53
Mric_spiiroin: what you are saying makes sens :) Anyway I'm going to try your build: N9= Mer_Core-next_armv7hl, right ?12:54
spiiroinor without "-next", the stuff under mce is rather stable ...12:55
Mric_what does "next" actually means ?12:55
Mric_sry for asking so many questions :)12:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7709 waiting for review at
*** Milhouse has quit IRC12:59
spiiroinI think it is without-next = dependencies from stable nemo release, with-next = can use more recent versions of build deps12:59
Mric_spiiroin: ok thx13:00
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile13:01
sledgesmer-next is like linux-next :)13:01
sledges(or -staging/unstable)13:01
*** yunta has quit IRC13:07
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pvuorelasledges: w00t, created this one
MerbotNemo bug 606 in Window Manager/Compositor "Initial event on keyboard leaks into underlying application" [Major,New]14:00
sledgesmany thanks pvuorela14:02
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile14:03
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile14:06
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*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile14:17
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*** sigmaorion has joined #nemomobile14:23
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile14:30
*** n9mx has quit IRC14:31
sigmaorionhi there! is there any place where I can find what features are working and what are not working for N950/N9?14:42
sigmaorionI'd like to try Nemo in my N914:42
sledgesit's been ages community was asking for one :)15:19
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:29
sigmaorionthanks, sledges, I will have a look!!15:32
sledgescheers :)15:32
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:33
*** npm has quit IRC15:36
*** npm has joined #nemomobile15:36
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:39
sigmaorionit's not clear to me if GPRS/3G and bluethooth are working... what does the "?" mean? Isn't it tested?15:44
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #nemomobile15:44
sledgesuntested by me that is :) I think I should replace "?" with "Ask on #nemomobile" :)15:45
*** pcat has quit IRC15:46
*** ridikulus_rat has left #nemomobile15:46
*** lizardo has quit IRC15:49
sigmaorionsledges, hehe, ok! I'd like to try it on my N9, but will I be able to get the original firmware on it after testing? (just in case I want to ever sell it)15:54
sledgesyou can reflash original firmware yes15:54
sledgesprovided you have the image for it15:55
sledgesyou should source one now, as I think navifirm has gone a bit unmaintained (15:56
sigmaorionyes, I have flashed it a couple of times already with the original image form Nokia... so I will be able to reflash it using flasher in the conventional way, right?15:56
sledgesyes, it should restore partition layout and remove the bootloader (warranty void) nag screen15:56
sledgesto gracefully remove Nemo, this should also be followed:
sigmaorionok, great, thanks! and what applications does Nemo run? I mean, is there any online repo I can have a look at?15:59
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile16:01
sledgeswell now on my homescreen I have: FingerTerm, Flickr QML, Browser, QatBowling, QmlReddit, IRC, Kasvopus (facebook), Maps, MeeGo-PIN, Terminal, Camera, Passwords, myatzy, newsflow, Apps for meego app :) to download more, music shelf, puzzleMaster, calculator, calendar, people, file muncher, gallery, messages, notes, qt flying bus, Q To-Do, redak, TwimGo (twitter client), Dialer, Widgets Gallery16:01
sledgesthat's standard Nemo offering16:01
sledgesyou can ask around what particular app you're interested, and we'll see if it's around16:01
sledgesquite likely they are packaged here:
sledgesor we can adapt16:02
sigmaorionwell, there seem to be quite a few apps already!16:03
*** norayr has quit IRC16:03
sigmaorionI'm not looking for any specific app, just being curious...16:03
sledgesvery good :) (to be curious)16:04
sigmaorionI'd like to try it, I think I'm going to give it a shot16:04
sledgeswe're here to help16:04
sigmaorionI will read through the installation instructions, just want to make sure I won't brick my N9, hehe16:04
sigmaorionit's my main phone!16:04
sigmaorionsledges, thanks a lot for the information!! I will ask in case I have any doubts and then try to collaborate in some way with the project, at least filing bugs or testing features16:06
sledgesbrilliant, and thank you :)16:06
sigmaorionthese are the latest images, and the right ones to use in an N9, right?
sledgesit's my main phone, too; having a backup phone now16:07
sledgesbut rebooting to Nemo longer and longer, because ringtones and sending texts started to work recently ;) what I use 80% of phone's time16:08
sledgesyes, those are the latest16:08
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile16:09
sigmaorionthere shouldn't be a link to them at ? not to complain that it's not there, just to know if I'm looking at the right places! :)16:12
sledgesto the images? probably depends how you land on the page :)16:13
sledgesnormally I'd see images in the Installation wiki article16:13
sigmaorionoh, you are right!!16:14
sigmaorionI found those images looking at google for "nemo mobile 2013" because I couldn't find it in the wiki, but it was obviously my fault!16:15
sledgesno problem :)16:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:19
*** yunta has quit IRC16:22
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile16:24
sledgesI though about my matrix as the answer to todays question on #nemomobile: "is there any place where I can find what features are working and what are not working for N950/N9?"16:27
sledgeswrong channel x)16:27
sledgesbut you are already famous for being quoted, sigmaorion  :)16:27
sigmaorionme? why!? LOL!16:28
sigmaoriondo I ask too much?16:28
sledgeswe are having a discussion on a parent channel (#mer), how those matrices should look like and where, having created one, discussions fired up :))16:29
sigmaorionthat sounds good! If I can help in any way, my job has a huge work load but I can find some "holes" in my time to collaborate :)16:31
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile16:31
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:39
*** vgrade has quit IRC16:46
*** jluisn_ has joined #nemomobile16:47
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:48
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:51
*** Mric_ has joined #nemomobile16:54
sledgesgood stuff, similar about my job sigmaorion :) at times16:54
*** slaine has quit IRC16:55
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:56
*** khertan has quit IRC17:02
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile17:07
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*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile17:51
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile17:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7712 waiting for review at
sledgeshey fellows18:02
sledgesMric_ cannot boot Harmattan anymore after "Dual Boot" Nemo installation on N918:02
sledgesNemo boots fine, Harmattan option just shuts down the phone18:02
sledgeswe re-ran - same thing (probably unrelated..)18:03
Mric_exactly :)18:03
sledgespartitions and their contents are intact18:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7713 waiting for review at
sledgessadly I think I know what the problem is18:04
sledgesWiki clearly says: NOTE: This had so far only been tested with the open mode kernel.18:04
sledgesany way to recover ( marquiz Aard if you could help.?.)18:04
sledgesavoiding reflashing that is18:06
Mric_we found the error that is I'm not in open kernel mode ...18:08
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile18:19
*** arcean has quit IRC18:22
*** Hurrian has quit IRC18:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7713 Accepted promotion request18:28
*** alexxy[home] is now known as alexxy18:36
*** auri__ has left #nemomobile18:37
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7712 Accepted promotion request18:38
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:43
*** Mric_ has quit IRC18:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7703 Accepted promotion request18:52
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7697 waiting for review at
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
sigmaorionsledges, one question... doesn't the open kernel mode have the issue of having to re enter all the passwords after a device reset?19:04
*** smyows has quit IRC19:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7707 Accepted promotion request19:27
*** vgrade has joined #nemomobile19:30
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile19:32
Jonnisigmaorion: it depends how you enter to openmode, I have a dualboot device, in openmode what doesnt have warranty warning screen and which boots to harmattan pr1.3 and other os19:34
Jonnisigmaorion: but yes, if you happen to create aegis stores with password, and then go to open mode, then yes you have to re-create aegis stores, since open mode uses different encryption key for the stores.19:35
sigmaorionJonni, oh, ok... my N9 is already working and I have several accounts configured on it. What would be the solution? To delete all accounts and create them again?19:36
sigmaorion(with "my N9 is already working" I mean that it's not freshly flashed, I use it normally every day)19:36
Jonnibut it you happen to do it in a bit more complicated order, flashing securemode, install devmode, remove warrannty-void from cal, reflash harmattan, and then trigger openmode by flashing dualboot kernel, you are all set. But in your case when you have already setup password, you are a bit out of luck, when open mode is triggered you need to recreate aegis stores which means deleting and recreating the accounts.19:37
Jonnion my 1st attempts I had trouble getting dualboot to boot harmattan, in the end I solved it by replacing the content of boot-orig, I extracted the kernel from the pr1.3 firmware.bin and looked kernel commandline from secure mode dmesg, that made my system happier.19:43
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile19:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:54
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:57
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:05
sigmaorionJonni, thanks! But how can I do all those steps you said? Are there any procedures to do that somewhere? Or is there any information about the CAL, what is "securemode", etc, etc?20:06
sigmaorionI'd really like to read about all that stuff. I have also looked around googling but didn't find much...20:06
Jonnithere are forum threads about that in talk.maemo.org20:07
sigmaorionyeap, it's hard to extract clear information from the forums when you need some background knowledge about specific items...20:08
*** sigmaorion_ has joined #nemomobile20:10
*** sigmaorion has quit IRC20:12
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:13
sigmaorion_sorry, Jonni, just got disconnected... I was saying that it won't be a problem at all deleting and recreating the accounts20:13
sigmaorion_and I will try to decode the information scattered in the forums :)20:13
sigmaorion_thanks a lot for your support!20:13
Jonniremoving warranty warning is like    but yes info is a bit scattered20:13
Jonnibut you might be easiest off by just creating aegis stores again like
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:16
SageJonni: please enable publish in your tracker repo so I can test it20:28
Sagephaeron: <- stuck?20:29
JonniSage: let me check where to enable that :)20:30
*** pablocastellanos has joined #nemomobile20:31
SageJonni: don't enable debuginfo as tha tjust breaks the builds :)20:31
*** pablocastellanos has quit IRC20:37
*** pablocastellanos has joined #nemomobile20:45
*** Mihanizat0r has joined #nemomobile20:45
sledgesok, but that will mess his accounts as I gather20:49
sledgesJonni, ^ (from #jollamobile irritum)20:49
sledgeswhere he can get open mode kernel image? inception (/me is rooke in those things, happy Single Booter myself :))20:49
sledges\oV :)20:51
sledgesthank you :)20:52
sledgesbtw Jonni did you get my msgs on pandaboard libX11 crash fix?20:52
sledgeshope it will be of any use for you20:52
Jonnisledges: yes I noticed it20:53
*** vakkov has quit IRC20:53
* sledges bbl20:53
sledgeskernel also cries updating for HWCursor to work (and now i still get graphical glitches)20:54
*** Mihanizat0r has quit IRC21:05
*** sigmaorion_ has left #nemomobile21:06
*** Mihanizat0r has joined #nemomobile21:09
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7709 Rejected promotion request21:11
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile21:12
w00tAard: Sage: SR 771421:12
* w00t goes for a bit21:13
w00toh, damnit21:13
w00tincorrect version in changelog21:13
w00tI'll re-sr21:13
w00tnow gone21:14
w00tback in a bit21:15
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC21:16
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:18
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile21:19
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile21:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7714 Rejected promotion request21:25
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7715 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7716 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7697 Accepted promotion request21:55
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*** FlameReaper-PC has quit IRC22:03
*** mvogt has joined #nemomobile22:03
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile22:04
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile22:07
w00tSage: why is showing as declined?22:14
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:16
Aardw00t: I did a creq with yours, and the accounts plugins22:17
*** FlameReaper-PC has quit IRC22:25
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile22:28
Sagew00t: as Aard mentioned22:32
Aardhow many hours does it take for it to go into build trial? :)22:32
Sageit waits for CE:MW:Shared to build first22:36
Sagethen it goes to trial22:36
Sageas we have changed the mw repo so much today that the builds are quite extensive :/22:36
Aardthe workers are blocked with plasma active stuff, mostly22:38
Sagewell nemo stuff mostly22:39
Aardoh, then it changed :)22:39
Aardthis guy called sage uses lot's of workers in branches :)22:40
*** danielcbit has quit IRC22:40
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile22:41
* Sage /kills some of those22:41
*** danielcbit has quit IRC22:41
Sagewell that should help22:42
Sagethanks for reminder22:43
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile22:45
*** himamura has quit IRC22:45
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile22:45
*** Khartoum has joined #nemomobile22:49
*** himamura has quit IRC22:50
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:52
phaeronSage: can you tell me one of the pacakges that has ~ in its version22:53
*** Khartoum has left #nemomobile22:56
phaeronSage: never miond22:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7715 Accepted promotion request23:06
phaeronSage: please try a promotion on new obs with ~ in it23:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7717 waiting for review at
*** pablocastellanos has quit IRC23:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7717 Accepted promotion request23:58

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