Thursday, 2013-01-24

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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#30 waiting for review at
Sagephaeron: ~ seems to be ok now nice07:44
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#30 Rejected promotion request07:46
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7718 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#31 Rejected promotion request08:01
Sagespiiroin: %dir %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}/ <- needed for %files section, also NEMO#584 seems to be fixed and maybe NEMO#525 ?08:02
spiiroinSage: I'll look into it08:03
Sageall directories that package should own should be marked with %dir in the %files section08:03
Sagespiiroin: also are you sure you want to have the %config(noreplace) in some of the files there08:05
spiiroinSage: subdirs too, i.e. %{_libdir}/%{name}/  *and* %{_libdir}/%{name}/modules/ ?08:06
Sagespiiroin: yes, so that other packages don't take ownership of that dir08:06
spiiroinsage: and having "%dir %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}" in mce.rpm does not block other packages from installing files there (as is the intention)?08:08
Sageit doesn't block that it just says that this package owns the directory but anyone can add files under it08:09
spiiroinsage: ack08:09
Sagespiiroin: and the noreplace should be removed imo. see
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7718 Rejected promotion request08:26
Aardsampos: that's messed up. I now started the mtp service manually to see if it spits out any errors -- no crashes so far :)08:31
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samposthere's a nice "lock(); if(fail) return;" in the writer thread there08:36
Aardthat does sound like it could be solved better08:39
samposyeah, just thinking if it jams but does not exit that could be the reason08:40
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7719 waiting for review at
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Aardsampos: I'm currently trying to figure out why it's not that annoyingly talkative anymore; last time I played with it it gave me verbose debug output, now it's silent, and I don't remember changing anything about it08:44
spiiroinSage: updated mce submit req -> id 771908:45
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samposAard: maybe there are changes in syncfw related to logging. I'll try also.08:57
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phaeronSage: cool. easiest way was applying suse's 12.2 patch for tilde to 12.1's rpm version09:27
phaeronminimal change09:27
phaeronSage: now get me some statistics on the empty response issue09:27
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w00tphaeron: you're a hero09:29
phaeronI am ? :D09:30
w00tyes :)09:30
phakothe gstreamer for nemo is 0.10, right?09:34
w00tzypper suggests so09:36
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phakoah zypper, I tried to use obs search09:42
phakomigrating is probably complex due to n9x0 camera stuff?09:42
w00tthat would be my guess09:44
w00tSage: might know more09:44
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samposwoops :)09:55
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Sagephaeron: yes, update to 1.0 is difficult because of the n9x0 camera. Not sure if there are other issues with it, e.g., api changes?10:27
Sageerr... phako ^10:27
* sledges is going to FOSDEM yoohoo! :)10:27
Sagesledges: se you in there then :)10:27
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sledgesgreat :) what hardware are you going to use in your speech?10:28
Sagephaeron: I would say the empty response is about 1 out of 50 or so.10:28
Sagesledges: probably my pc this time :)10:28
Sagelaptop I mean10:28
sledgeshmm Pb could be feasible ;) the dreaded bug's fixed10:29
Sageas i'm going to show a bit more than just slides so makes it hard to do that on other things. Only slides would be ok for any mer/nemo device though10:29
* sledges wonders if he could sneak pandaboard out of work :)10:30
Sagespiiroin: can you handle though I'm not sure why both mce and dsme needs to handle powerkey.10:30
MerbotNemo bug 600 in dsme "dsme: pwrkeymonitor: Unable to find device that matches "pwrbutton"" [Normal,New]10:30
Sagespiiroin: mce blanks the screen and dsme does poweroff anything else?10:30
spiiroinSage: IIRC mce handles power key: short press -> power key menu, long press -> shutdown via dsme10:33
spiiroinSage: the powerkey stuff in dsme = dsme makes shutdown on its own when longer-than-what-mce-should-handle power key press is detected -> better than removing battery / hw reset10:34
spiiroinSage: but yes, I can take the bug10:36
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samposAard: I have a core file now11:09
Aardoh, that's interesting11:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7720 waiting for review at
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samposAard: that crash is related to the fact that i dropped photo on the device i guess. Maybe different case than what you are seeing ?11:58
Aardsampos: can you reproduce that crash if you start mtp_service as user nemo after disabling the mtp systemd service?12:00
samposAard: that's basically what i did, commented out the service starting from and ran as nemo12:01
Aardwhat were you using to drop files on it?12:02
samposexplorer on win12:02
Aardwin 7?12:03
AardI tested with win 7, copied a whole bunch of pictures in both directions, which surprisingly worked12:03
samposdo you see thumbnails ?12:04
Aardon windows side? yes12:05
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samposwhat about in ~/.thumbnails in device ?12:10
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Aard~/.thumbnails does not exist12:14
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samposAard: hmm yeah, seems there is no thumbnailing service; but i don't get the crash anymore when i run like this
Aardsampos: ah, that explains why it's working for me -- I'm running a jolla image, where I have a proper environment when logging in via ssh, including dbus12:53
AardI wanted to move mtp into the user session anyway, so seems I should give it a bit higher priority12:54
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sledgessampos, I bumped into this, when pulled in meegotouchcp-wallpaper, and saw no thumbnails generated. tumbler package was a missing dependency13:09
sampossledges: ah, it's called tumbler. I was searching for thumbler :)13:11
sledgesyes, a pita :DD13:11
sledgesthis package is one of the many soon-to-be-replaced-by-nemo-tools MTF zombies13:12
sledgesstill does the job though, but probably explains why it wasn't made a dependency for wallpaper cp..13:12
sledges"soon"-to-be-replaced ;) hope for the best!13:13
Aardthumbnail-generation moved to ui-level in most cases13:13
Aardso I don't think anything is really using it currently13:13
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samposwell buteo-mtp tried to :)13:14
samposi have thumbnails now, and no crashes atm13:15
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Aarddid you install the thumbnailer service?13:24
Aardwithout windows just does not show thumbnails?13:24
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samposi guess it's the windows that asks for thumbnail via mtp13:26
samposor what do you mean ?13:26
AardI'm interested in what's visible in windows filemanager if the device does not create thumbnails13:26
samposah, there where just some default icons13:26
Aardok, so I probably should make the buteo-package depend on thumbnailer13:27
Aardwhat's the exact package name?13:27
sledgesgotta love namings :))13:28
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sampos:) a letter shaved is a letter saved13:29
sledgesxD lol nice one13:29
Aardsampos: hm, no tumbler here. no error-message, and thumbnails in windows 713:31
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samposinteresting; difference in mtp btw 7 & 8 ? Win 7 generates the thumbs locally ?13:33
AardI'll see in a bit, just need to change to win8 kvm13:34
samposgreat, i'm trying to create stress test with libmtp13:35
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sledgesJonni, we with Mric_ just tried putting openmode kernel in place of Alt_OS/boot-orig/bzImage, and now it just halts on black screen (does not shut down though) any cmdline changes needed? or can we just give up, and somehow backup contacts, and reflash from scratch to start with non-scary non-open-kernel-requiring N9 single boot instead?13:51
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Jonnisledges: well I just did one dualbooting device today. after alt_os was installed, the 1st boot took about 60 minutes and I rebooted it about 5 times before it started.13:53
Jonniso are you sure that waiting 1st boot to complete for over an hour?13:53
Jonnithat you waited even13:53
sledgeswell how can 1st boot last over 60mins? :) we can wait, can't we Mric_? ;) we just started I mean :)13:54
Jonni(harmattan most likely doesnt like that nemo changed the partition size, and it tries to fix itself for an hour or so)13:54
sledgesnever happened to me after repartition (single boot though, non open kernel)13:55
sledgesso Jonni, should we wait or just keep rebooting?13:55
Mric_well is it sure that after 1 hour haramattam will work again in dualboot with nemo ?13:55
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Jonniwell I reboot couple times every 15 minutes, and then I just left it booting and went for a lunch, and it was booted up when I came back13:56
sledgesMric_ scenario was: Stock N9 (PR1.3?), follow Dual Boot nemo instructions without having put the open-mode kernel in13:56
Jonniso its black magic13:56
sledgesit is black screen magic indeed :D13:56
Jonniand I was using stock pr13 kernel13:57
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Mric_well, I bought my N9 in second hand. It was a swiss strange variant which did not release pr1.3. i have manualy flashed the device with UK pr1.313:58
sledgesand then you just replaced boot-orig kernel? amazing :))13:58
sledgesgood call Mric_13:58
sledgesMric_, is it on charger? ;)13:58
Mric_no ?13:58
Mric_but I had like 80%, should I connect it ?13:59
sledges60 min if it heats up by trying to fix itself and/or battery is now low, probably/hopefully it'll pick up charging13:59
sledgesJonni, ^ ?13:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7720 Rejected promotion request14:00
sledgesMric_, just check if it's warm in the back14:01
sledges(channel, no innuendos pls) %))14:01
Mric_slegdes,  haha no pretty cold (unfortunately ;) )14:02
Mric_It is 1400 at 1500 if it still doesn't boot I will flash it again no ?14:03
sledgesno, you'll just reboot ;)14:04
sledgesenough times, remember, it's black magic ;)14:04
Mric_? should I reboot him every 15 mins like jonni or leave it alone ?14:05
sledgesi'd leave it alone14:06
sledgesand start rebooting spree after 1 hour14:06
Mric_alright :)14:06
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7721 waiting for review at
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Aardsampos: no thumbnails in windows 8, but no warnings either14:33
Aardoh, it loads the default icons first, then thumbnails14:34
*** himamura has quit IRC14:34
Aard(just wanted to say no thumbnails after installing tumbler, but it just took some time)14:34
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samposok, so we have the same result.14:42
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samposAard: and I'm able to reproduce the mtp exit with shell script + libmtp14:45
sampos"User defined signal 1"14:46
samposstuck on 60% on third mp3 i'm sending,
* sampos goes skiing 14:50
Aardgot anything on device-side there?14:50
samposCritical: invalid container received. Expected command, received data.14:52
samposhope no one is called Critical here :)14:52
sampos^^ that was after being stuck14:52
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AardI still don't understand why you get output on the console, and I don't14:53
samposoh, i enabled loggin in service.cpp :)14:54
Aardiirc mtp uses compile time logging macros?14:54
samposum, yeah, it's INFO level by default14:55
samposbut it outputs nothing if there is no logger instance14:56
samposthat's what i did:
samposas a temp solution14:59
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samposnow i need to run o/14:59
Aardhave fun14:59
Aardwhen you come back mtp should run in user sessions14:59
samposthx, great :)15:00
Mric_just wondering if a e-mail client is planned for nemo ?15:00
anYcafair there is one in development15:02
Mric_great :)15:04
Mric_who is in charged ?15:04
Mric_Jonni, just waited 1 hour and as you said I was able to choose harmattan in moslo. The device is now booting harmattan, I can see the logo but it has been booting for more than 3 min did this also happend to you ?15:10
anYcmaybe it was
Mric_seems like, thanks :)15:13
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Mric_it's working perfectly now :) thanks Jonni without you I would never have waited 1hour ;)15:27
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sledgesMric_, found associated bug on what you asked for:
MerbotNemo bug 358 in Home "Launcher and Switcher models should provide capability for reordering of items" [Enhancement,New]15:36
Mric_okay sledges15:36
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Mric_hey everyone, I'm just wondering how notifications will be implemented in nemo ?15:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7722 waiting for review at
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VesuriMric_: there's a notification manager in lipstick which is based on
Mric_vesuri, thanks will have a look15:59
VesuriMric_: the lipstick-doc package has more information about the nemo-specific implementation details16:09
Mric_alright cool,I will have a look.16:11
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7723 waiting for review at
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phakoSage: yes, of course, but API use in non-binary blobs has at least a chance of getting adapted17:02
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JonniMric_: np :)17:09
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Mric_hey everyone, is it possible to delete a (SMS) conversation under nemo ?18:32
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specialMric_: only via commandline19:34
special(althoug it'd be fairly easy to add to the UI)19:34
specialcommhistory-tool listgroups, commhistory-tool deletegroup19:34
Mric_yeah, something like long press on the converstion on than delete options19:35
Mric_special, thanks19:35
specialcommhistory-tool is in the libcommhistory-tools package iirc19:35
Mric_special, is anyone working on improving messaging ?19:35
*** smyows has quit IRC19:36
specialI'm working on the middleware, and I did the UI originally, so I'd like to spend more time on it too when I can19:36
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Mric_special, yeah it good right now but it misses some usefull functionalities ... also do you have any idea why sometimes it duplicate a user ?19:39
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specialMric_: for which the fix should be in.. today, actually.19:42
MerbotNemo bug 476 in Messages "Duplicate conversations can be created when started via dbus" [Normal,Resolved: codeavailable]19:42
Sage--- ping statistics ---19:43
Sage36 packets transmitted, 32 received, 11% packet loss, time 47114ms19:43
Sagertt min/avg/max/mdev = 7.910/9.687/13.402/1.083 ms19:43
Sagethis is always nice :P19:43
Sagetime to call to isp again I guess that their hw sucks again19:44
Mric_special: perfect :) would updating my packages fix this issue ?19:44
specialMric_: not yet, but it will as soon as I release that one19:44
Mric_special,  great :)19:45
Mric_special: this could be fix quite easily than ?19:46
MerbotNemo bug 371 in Messages "Add ability to delete a conversation group" [Task,New]19:46
Mric_Merbot, thanks19:46
MerbotMric_: Error: "thanks" is not a valid command.19:46
specialMric_: should be19:47
specialit'll require exposing deleteGroups ( to QML, which is in libcommhistory/declarative/19:47
specialthen just a matter of UI19:47
SageStskeeps: could you kill some of your projects that build e.g. libmeegotouch? :)19:49
SageStskeeps: e.g., home:stskeeps:user-sessions:* as it is merged already19:50
Mric_special, okay well I currently only learning QT but maybe soon i'll try19:50
specialMric_: great :)19:50
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SageANNOUNCMENT: Could everyone remove extra branches projects they have in meego cobs click
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile19:52
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Aardsampos: usb-moded and buteo-mtp with usersession changes is in my home, and will be in nemo once cobs calms down a bit20:19
samposAard: great. Will try 1st thing tomorrow.20:21
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7724 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7719 Accepted promotion request22:54
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7721 Accepted promotion request23:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7722 Accepted promotion request23:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7723 Accepted promotion request23:24
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7724 Accepted promotion request23:29
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Aardsampos: ^^ one of those was usb-moded/buteo-mtp, su just do a zypper up23:42
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