Saturday, 2013-01-26

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Stskeepsromaxa: you don't happen to be around?08:06
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Sagephaeron: lbt: stuck
rantomSince MTP was chosen as the method to use how could one connect a device running Nemo to e.g. Mac OS X?08:58
rantomFor what I know we'd need a client to establish the connection08:59
Sagephdeswer: <- this contains more changes than your 500 thing, all ok?09:00
phdeswerSage: are you sure? I did have to make a new tarball to just get the versioning right. Which was pretty silly.09:01
* phdeswer is off to review the changeset09:02
Sagephdeswer: mainly pondering if that was really the right tree you did, also it is the way it is packaged that one should do new tarball09:02
phdeswerhmm, weird that there are 3 different files in the tarball. I only needed to tag it...09:03
phdeswerWill try to redo the tarball and triple check09:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7746 Accepted promotion request09:04
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Sagephdeswer: ask from others if those other changes are ok to subit forward09:46
phdeswerSage: I will if it seems that the code changes we see have been added after the last release09:52
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phakois there a way to build something locally against nemo without making it an obs package?11:05
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samposphako: platform sdk14:56
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romaxaStskeeps: why not, I'm always here ;)18:23
mric_hey, on which kernel version is Mer base on ?18:23
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Stskeepsromaxa: is your work applicable to get b2g running as well, specifically the app mode like you showed on r-pi?18:42
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sledgesmric_, iirc min. kernel is 2.6.32, but no matter which you use, certain CONFIG_ flags need be18:49
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romaxaStskeeps: ideally b2g supposed to be running as main rendering context excluding native toolkit desktop19:58
Stskeepsright, but if you were to use the app 'runtime' part of it only19:58
romaxaStskeeps: but b2g is just Fulscreen Gecko engine window which is running HTML desktop UI and related things19:58
Stskeepsie, not utilize the desktop ui19:59
romaxaStskeeps: app runtime it is part of Gecko, and apps will be runnable on Firefox or any Gecko engine in general19:59
Stskeepsgood to get my definitions right :)20:00
romaxaStskeeps: you can runsame apps in your desktop firefox20:00
romaxaStskeeps: there are some security UI related to app installation and launching need to be added on top of Embeddding20:01
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romaxaStskeeps: but yeah, it is fairly easy to make app launcher for b2g apps20:01
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Ken-YoungIs there anyone online who runs Nemo on an N950?20:48
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M4rtinKKen-Young: me :)21:39
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Ken-YoungM4rtinK, Great - thanks for responding.   I've got an N950 running Nemo.   WiFi networking works well, but I have never once gotten a data connection through the GSM radio.   I know the N950 is compatible with my phone service provider (AT&T), because everything works properly when the unit runs the stock Nokia software.21:42
Ken-YoungDo you know of any tricks to get a GSM data connection working?21:42
Ken-Young2op "Also, do you know of any way to control the backlight?   Not only does the Setting "control" do nothing, but the brightness seems to change randomly.21:43
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M4rtinKhaven't tried GSM data yet21:56
M4rtinKI'll update mine & check out the backlight21:56
Ken-YoungM4rtinK, Thanks very much!21:56
specialbacklight is controlled by mce, I don't think there's much you can do to tweak it currently..21:56
specialprobably something someone should look into21:57
Ken-Youngspecial, So there's no "file" under /sys that you can write a new brightness value to?21:57
specialthere probably is, but mce would overwrite it shortly after21:57
Ken-YoungI guess since this bugs me, I should look into fixing the nonfucntional Settings widget.   I've contributed nothing to this project.21:58
specialmodules/display.c should be the relevant code21:58
specialand it looks like it's meant to be reading settings from gconf, so that'd be a good place to start21:59
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Ken-Youngspecial, Thanks for the pointers to the code.22:58
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7747 waiting for review at
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