Sunday, 2013-01-27

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norayrmorning (:08:34
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b3punch3d;) good morning08:39
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rantomIf tools required from to dual-boot Nemo and Harmattan (N950) are to be down could one still install Nemo as a stand-alone boot?10:10
rantomAnd reverse that with the Harmattan OCF?10:10
Hurrianrantom, you could probably run all the steps that need flasher under the on-device Flasher, if you don't have flasher and the mirrors are down10:11
rantomHurrian: Alright, didn't know that, thanks.10:11
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Hurrian(note: I have no clue if you need to run "softupd --local" to make "flasher --local" flash the device)10:12
rantomAt the moment I have all that I need on the N950 but just wanted to make sure since the tablets-dev. is down and is going down too soon, if I remember correctly10:12
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HurrianMeh, either it's going to be mirrored, or 0xFFFF is going to be updated for the N9/50. It'd be unimaginable to have a community that can't flash their devices.10:13
rantom0xFFF can fully replace the N900-flasher?10:13
rantom'cause I though it couldn't10:13
HurrianPali's version can flash the rootfs, kernel and NOLO, but not eMMC (yet)10:15
rantomDo you mean for Harmattan or Fremantle?10:16
HurrianFremantle/N900. No one's tested using 0xFFFF with Harmattan devices, although simple stuff should work.10:17
HurrianNo clue if flashing actually requires software certificates, or it's simply a NOLO limitation.10:17
rantomAnd I assume that Clear device under Settings is not the same as eMMC clearing?10:18
rantomHoping that that'll be fixed10:19
HurrianIn Fremantle, it simply runs through a script, removes user programs and rm's MyDocs and /home, but I haven't investigated it in Harmattan.10:19
HurrianHarmattan could theoretically flatten the entire eMMC, cat a partition table to it, and run mkfs, as nothing is optified.10:20
rantomIt would be nice to have a flasher for Harmattan10:20
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rantomExcluding OCF and Navifirm10:20
rantomAh, forgot that there's a flasher for Harmattan already but it's, surprise surprise, under tablets-dev.10:21
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rantomWhat we'd really need are the images to flash the device, without resorting to Navifirm10:22
Hurrianrantom, easy to back up those for N950, not so easy for N910:22
rantomIIRC it's being tightened up so that access is limited10:22
rantomHurrian: Yeah, that's my point10:22
rantomFlashing the N9 is quite hard, since the requred files aren't really that... accessible10:23
HurrianIIRC HF already obtained redistribution rights for the images, the problem is storing 750GB of PR1.3 images for every PR_LEGACY10:23
rantomN950 is easy, thanks to OCF10:23
rantomAh, I think so too10:23
rantomI remember reading about that10:23
rantomHard to keep up though every now and then10:23
rantomThey should post a list of what's going on now, what's missing and what's already in the new system10:24
norayranyone knows, why ubuntu phone and firefox os devs used nexus? is it possible to get drivers and build kernel for it?10:24
rantomLatest news from HF was regarding Jolla..10:24
dm8tbrnorayr: nexus phones are open and easy to work with. so yeah10:26
norayrwow, even nexus 4?10:27
norayrso it is potentially possible to run nemo on n4?10:27
dm8tbrno idea about N410:32
dm8tbralso notice that all of the OSs you named seem to recycle the android hw adaptation10:33
dm8tbrnemo needs a slightly different adaptation (modulo libhybris if you live bleeding edge)10:33
dm8tbrit becomes especially complicated when you look at the radio part.10:34
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norayrdm8tbr: yeah... I am the one who don't use that part at all... always in tablet mode, and/or no sim card...10:50
dm8tbrwell then it's "fairly easy"10:53
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7748 waiting for review at
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SageMSameer: <- QtGui?16:27
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MSameerSage: it's needed for QImage and friends16:27
MSameerSage: I checked with Aard and we both think we are on a Qt based platform so enabling it is fine16:28
MSameerSage: but of course we might be mistaken :)16:28
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SageMSameer: I was mainly pondering that if that should be like QtCore or something16:28
SageI'm ok by enabling the Qt just pondering if the dep is wrong16:28
Stskeepsif it's image, prolly gui16:29
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MSameerSage: me too but what should I do if QImageReader is part of QtGui  ? :(16:30
SageWell if it is QImage that is requires then QtGui is right yes16:30
Sagejust wanted to check16:30
MSameerSage: i was also wondering if I should enable flac or not then decided to check with you first16:32
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SageMSameer: I'm fine by enabling everything that is already supported by Mer Core or Nemo MW.16:35
SageMSameer: though, we should be carefull not to make tracker too dependant of everything16:37
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7748 Accepted promotion request17:26
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7749 waiting for review at
lbtis that the stuck one ?20:50
Stskeeps is the stuck one20:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7749 Accepted promotion request20:55
* lbt thinks he's going to have to abandon his "finish one task before starting the next one" attempt20:56
lbtsingle-threading is for wimps anyhow20:56
lbtoh yippee - only 5000 processes in boss on cobs20:57
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7750 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7751 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7750 Accepted promotion request22:51
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