Monday, 2013-01-28

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sigmaorion_hi there! I'm trying to donwload the flasher to install nemomobile, but the site seems to be down...05:43
sigmaorion_ as per wiki...05:44
sigmaorion_I've been trying since early today05:44
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Jonnisigmaorion___: that flasher site has been down for a week, so you need to google the flasher from somewhere else for time beeing.06:58
samposAard: from man signal: "The effects of signal() in a multithreaded process are unspecified."06:59
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7751 Accepted promotion request07:08
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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon07:57
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Stskeepsanybody around who can volunteer to do a quick test of n950-n9 image?08:10
* timoph borrowed his n950 to sampos 08:14
* sampos sold it on ebay for $100008:15
* timoph shoves sharp sticks into sampos' testicles08:16
samposStskeeps: meaning i need to flash a new image ?08:22
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Stskeepssage'll do it, no worry08:24
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SageStskeeps: well doesn't boot :P08:37
Sagegot splash and after that halts08:37
Aardsampos: so we need another way to handle the interrupt thing :)08:38
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SageStskeeps: the Xorg seems running and everything else as well it just doesn't respond08:39
samposAard: I guess so :) sigaction should work if i read correcltly08:39
SageStskeeps: the lines in the end normal btw?08:39
samposAard: i've been getting the stall issues now also. And the stall comes faster with debugging on08:40
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Sagespiiroin: ?08:41
Aardsampos: depends on what kind of debugging. with strace it works perfectly for me :)08:41
spiiroinSage: checking ...08:42
samposAard: ah yeah :) but -d causes probs ?08:42
Sagespiiroin: restarted lipstick service manually and now it is ok08:42
Sagespiiroin: ah, lipstick doesn't require mce.service and it should?08:43
spiiroinSage: yeah, looks like systemd decided that lipstick is not startable and the mce complains that it can't do ipc with it08:43
spiiroinSage: depends how it is done08:44
samposAard: i'm trying to see if it tries to recover from m_transporter->reset()08:44
spiiroinsage: in sane world both should just detect when the other end comes available08:44
Sagespiiroin: well should lipstick.service have After mce.service ?08:44
Sagespiiroin: sure08:44
spiiroinsage: as a quick fix, yes08:44
Aardsampos: with or without -d is same for me, and seems a bit random when it kicks in. on my wifes notebook it stalled yesterday after first song, while I managed to copy half an album over08:45
Sagespiiroin: well that is better way to do it as then both can start when ever they are ready without need to wait for other08:45
Aardsampos: I wanted to add a debug message when it sends sigusr to have in the log if it happens on that interrupt thing08:46
spiiroinSage: at least mce side is bit hmmm... broken in this sense. timers and retries instead of doing the right thing08:46
Sagespiiroin: add to your todo? ;)08:46
spiiroinSage: why not ...08:47
StskeepsSage: screen lock?08:47
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SageStskeeps: other than above it seems ok really. Doing reboot and checking if it is ok after that08:48
Sageyup, first boot fails because of bad deps or something on ui level08:49
Sagespiiroin: so lipstick should watch for mce dbus when it appears instead of requiring it up when it is started08:49
spiiroinSage: yes, but I do not think it would be that bad a sin for lipstick to assume mce is there if we want to keep things simple08:50
Sagespiiroin: well in general if mce needs to restart for some reason lipstick probalby should adapt to that?08:51
spiiroinSage: in olden times mce was started early and the device was rebooted if it died -> similar assumptions might be found elsewhere too08:52
spiiroinSage: but since ssu probably might require mce restart -> it would be better if clients track services they need08:52
spiiroinnot to mention we do not need to do so much special case dependency tracking for startup08:53
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Sagespiiroin: did bug and add you as cc08:58
Sagespiiroin: more info welcome there08:59
spiiroinSage: ack08:59
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samposAard: this one by sending kill -11 to mtp_service once it's stuck.09:22
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Aardsampos: seems that linux libc implements signal() with svr4 semantics. I never noticed that before09:45
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samposAard: yeah. threadio.cpp:256  // TODO: Not 100% reliable operation09:59
AardI'm just changing to sigaction09:59
samposthen it might recover from reset()09:59
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Aardsampos: does it look sanish?
samposAard: looks correct to me10:41
Aarddoes not change the behaviour, though, but might fix some other unpleasent bits we didn't see yet10:41
samposok. will check on my end anyway.10:42
Aardhmpf. bitbucket does not let me push10:42
Aardnow its pushed10:46
Aardsampos: and check the vvaltonen branch, what he started to fix there might be related there as well10:48
samposwill do10:48
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samposAard: pushed 74 files before the error, 208 x "Sending interrupt signal" in the log11:11
Aardso for you it stalls after the interrupt signal?11:12
samposthe last time11:12
samposbut rarely11:13
AardI didn't see it in the logs myself, so I was guessing it's mostly unrelated to that11:13
samposi always get:  Invalid container received! Expected command, received data11:14
samposand then it freezes11:14
Aardin the logfile, or stdout/err?11:14
samposit deadlocks in reset()11:16
AardI never saw this one yet11:16
Aardthe last commit in vvaltonen branch seems to aim at fixing some reset issue, so it looks like he didn't finish11:17
samposit does11:17
Aardso maybe try merge in those two, and go from there?11:18
samposi'll try. although the commit msg "test 1 for fixing reset" is not very encouraging :)11:19
Aardyeah, but it's a start :p11:20
Aardand the second commit seems to be a start for beeing able to restart the session11:20
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Sageyunta: with your 3.6.11 kernel lenovo s10-3t doesn't detect the rj45 network card :/11:49
Sagewifi works on my (atheros) one though11:50
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yuntarj45? you mean cable modem?11:51
SageI mean cable ethernet11:54
Sageno idea what it should be called so that everyone would understand :)11:55
yuntaSage: you got that right, modem was rj21 or something, my mistake11:57
yuntaSage: could you get me your lspci. I'm sure it worked for me on my lenovo, wireless didn't.11:58
Sageyunta: found the issue already :)11:58
Sage-# CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_ATHEROS is not set11:58
Sagethat is probably it as it has ATHEROS chip :)11:58
Sageneed to check on devie11:59
Sageor hmmp...12:01
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okiasHello, where is changelog for specific build (n900)?12:37
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7752 Rejected promotion request12:58
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7753 waiting for review at
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samposAard: now it seems i manage the reset.13:14
sampos..only too well. Now it recovers from disconnecting usb cable without exiting :)13:15
Aardwell, it's progress :p13:16
Aarddisconnecting usb-cable should make moded kill the service. can you kill it manually?13:16
samposAard: ah. i'm not running as a service but from cli. so it might be there is no problem13:17
Aardyes. can you do a try with the path through moded?13:18
samposi will, what signal does the moded send ?13:18
Aardor, wait, you don't even need that13:18
Aardbuteo-mtp start|stop should do it13:19
Aardusb-moded just calls buteo-mtp stop, and then unmounts functionfs/unloads functionfs module13:19
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sigmaorionJonni, I've seen your message about the site for the flasher being down, but "IRC Chatter" clears the whole conversation when it reconnects, and I couldn't read further messages13:41
sigmaorionI should download from some other site around but, is that safe? Any advice on where to look for it?13:41
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sigmaorionsledges, you mean I should read all the log to find the answer? hehe!13:47
sledgeswell you can read what you missed ..", and I couldn't read further messages"13:48
sigmaorionsledges, oh, I see, you are right!13:48
sigmaorionthanks a lot!13:48
sledgesah, understood now :) -> yup, that was the answer to your first sentence :)) don't know about where to d/l it from (have one flasher myself, probably it will soon start the dropbox era...)13:49
sigmaorionsledges, yeap, there were no further messages anyway...13:51
sigmaorionwell, I'm googling for it, no luck so far13:51
sledgesI got these here:13:52
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sigmaorionsledges, is there anyway you can share them?13:53
sledgessigmaorion, ^13:55
sigmaorionsledges, thanks so much!13:58
sledgesno probs sigmaorion , happy flashing :)13:58
sigmaoriondon't you think those files should be hosted around in the internet so that they are available13:58
sigmaorionor would there be any licencing issues or something?13:58
sigmaorionI mean, if we want Nemo to be openly tested, then the flasher should be easily available...13:59
sledgesI thought licencing pros would nag me already now on this channel for dropboxing ;D13:59
sledgesflasher's nokia's14:00
* sledges looks into the tarball..14:00
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sigmaorionwell: "This Software Agreement ("Agreement") is between You (either an individual or an entity), the End User, and Nokia Corporation ("Nokia"). The Agreement authorizes You to use the Software specified in Clause 1 below, which may be stored on a CD-ROM, sent to You by electronic mail, or downloaded from Nokia's Web pages or Servers or from other sources under the terms and conditions set forth below14:02
sledgessounds like GPL, and libusb as part of flasher is under LGPLv214:02
sigmaorionlooks like it can be freely distributed14:02
sigmaorionfurther down it's prohibited to distribute the software...14:05
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* sledges hears that FBI is knocking on the door14:06
sledgeswait, I'll answer and soon come back14:06
samposAard: in where does the xdg-user-dir come from ?14:09
Aardsampos: not installed on default nemo?14:10
sigmaorionooooh, MOSLO is not available either!14:10
samposAard: nm. i think i have a messed up spec file. Got a nice effect when there was link back to $home on .config/mtpstorage14:12
Aardsampos: copy the one from the git tree, I try to keep it updated14:13
samposok, great14:14
sigmaorionsledges, any alternative way to get MOSLO for my N9?14:19
* sigmaorion might be asking for too much14:19
sledgesyou mean, other than via the flasher?14:22
sledgessigmaorion, Hurrian suggested yesterday to rantom who was asking the same: "rantom, you could probably run all the steps that need flasher under the on-device Flasher, if you don't have flasher and the mirrors are down"14:24
sledgesfurther conversation at 10am:
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sigmaorionsledges, what is the internal flasher all about? I couldn't find much information about it...15:27
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sledgesnot much info, true. peeps on Maemo used to use it more (in conjunction with softupd)15:44
sledgesmaybe it gets installed together with one of the dev packages?15:44
sledgesnow I believe eyes are on just failed: Incorrect parameter at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/SOAP/ line 1993, <> line 1.15:51
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Aardsampos: progress?15:58
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sigmaorionooh, 0xFFFF is the name of the flasher? I got confused thinking they were talking about a memory address!!!16:11
sledgesme too :))16:14
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sigmaorionreading the DOCs for 0xFFFF comes to my mind... why could a device possibly ever get bricked? Is it because the code in the device for flashing can get overwritten somehow and you cannot flash it ever again or is it because the device will block it self because of some other reason?16:17
dm8tbrsigmaorion: most devices you can 'cold flash', BUT for that to run they still need certain bit in flash to be there. Specifically 'CAL' partition.16:19
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dm8tbrsigmaorion: so the fastest way to a non-recoverable brick is to corrupt your cal partition.16:20
dm8tbr(This could only be recovered by the same process that is used in the factory to initialize the device. Not feasible for joe public, ever.)16:22
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sigmaoriondm8tbr, I see... what do they use in factory? jtag?16:30
dm8tbrno clue whatsoever16:30
dm8tbrbut probably a signed USB loader that doesn't rely on CAL16:31
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sigmaorionwhat is that CAL thing, after all? is it a partition that stores certificates?16:32
dm8tbrsome small partition that contains some hw specific things apparently. Never looked closely16:35
sigmaorionpretty interesting... but is the CAL partition included in the firmware image?16:36
sigmaorionand is it readable?16:36
dm8tbrI think so16:37
sigmaorionin that case a backup of the partition could be done and, if there were some way to access the flash memory without relying on NOLO, we could unbrick any phone16:38
dm8tbrnot possible16:38
dm8tbrNOLO relies on CAL existence. you're dead.16:39
dm8tbrthere have been smarter people than us two at this16:39
sigmaorionyeap, that's why the idea would be not to depend on NOLO16:40
dm8tbryou can't16:40
sigmaorionis the flash memory bundled in the same chip as NOLO?16:42
dm8tbrsigmaorion: do you know what high security silicon is?16:43
sigmaoriondm8tbr, never heard about it...16:44
dm8tbrsigmaorion: look at 'omap' and 'mshield'16:45
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sigmaorionreading about it now...16:49
sigmaorionit's hardware protected, so there is no way :(16:50
dm8tbrwhich brings us back to square 1: do not mess with CAL!16:51
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sigmaorionwhat happens to NOLO when MOSLO is installed? Do they coexist or MOSLO overwrittes NOLO? (I've done this question before but my client got disconnected, sorry if it is duplicated)20:32
dm8tbrMOSLO is loaded by NOLO20:34
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sledgesnice Merbot ;)22:04
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Morpog_MobileHallo was geht ab hier rein22:29
Morpog_MobileOops lol, just tried out a new keyboard layout22:30
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