Tuesday, 2013-01-29

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kulveseems that the 3g is working in n7. Only if the vkb wouldn't be broken. Anybody willing to debug into that? Even a low-perf workaround would be a nice improvement..07:23
rcgkulve, tried my custom keyboard?07:23
kulvercg: no07:23
rcgor are you talking about the nemo keyboard?07:23
rcgah alright07:23
rcgi think my custom one works only on plasma active07:24
specialkulve: I might be able to offer tips from digging around maliit before, at least07:24
specialI've been considering picking up a n7 to play with.07:24
rcgkinda silly question when looking at the channel name xD07:24
rcgwhat's the maliit version in your current nemo setup?07:25
rcgkulve, ^07:25
speciallatest 0.8107:25
kulvesomehow I think the issue is about the interoperability of the vkb and the window manager07:25
specialwe cannot upgrade to 0.9/1.0, they broke the compositing we use07:26
kulvesince it's already broken for n7, maybe they actually fixed it ;)07:26
specialeh, I think they just broke it further :p07:26
specialyour problem probably relates to mcompositor in some way07:26
kulvercg: maliit-framework.armv7hl
rcgthat's a patch i use to solve a "disappearing keyboard" issue on pa07:27
rcgkulve, hmm, that _should_ already work without the patch07:27
specialkulve: you've tried -use-self-compositing?07:27
kulvespecial: yes07:27
rcgat least afaik the change that's reverted by the patch i linked was introduced in 0.93 or something07:27
specialand no unusual errors out of maliit-server?07:28
rcgbut it might still be worth looking for if there is a syncInputMask method07:28
kulvespecial: at least I don't remember seeing any07:28
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kulvercg: we need to upgrade the maliit and see if it still works for PA and what it does for nemo..07:30
kulvercg: I see that you've actually already upgrade to 0.93..07:31
specialif you want to try maliit >0.8 on nemo, see https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Aspecial%3Amaliit-upgrade07:31
specialprobably needs some fixing to build again but it'll get you most of the way07:31
mikhasuh oh … maliit discussion …07:31
rcgkulve, yep, and in 0.93 there was a new issue introduced that i "fix" with the above patch07:31
specialbut I don't expect that it'll help with n7.07:31
mikhasspecial, we did not break the compositing, we removed it07:32
rcgspecial, see the link i posted above07:32
specialmikhas: gone is a cleaner form of broken ;)07:32
mikhasand I think I am going to add it back, just in a cleaner, Qt5-only way07:32
kulvemikhas: in which version?07:32
rcgspecial, this at least fixes an issue in pa07:32
mikhaskulve, 0.9x07:32
mikhasrcg, what issue do you mean?07:33
mikhasif there was a regression in 0.93 I would like to know …07:33
mikhasand if you have a patch, even more so07:33
rcgmikhas, that sometimes keypresses are passed to the application below07:33
rcgthe initial key press that is07:33
rcgiirc i saw already a bug report about that07:33
mikhasyeah, happens with the Nemo VKB and we dont know why07:33
mikhasdid you git bisect the commit that introduced this beaviour?07:34
rcgmikhas, in my case it's 0.93 and the problem seems to be related to the xorg mask stuff07:34
rcgsorry, didn't have that much time :/07:34
rcgelse i would have also filed a proper bug report of course07:34
mikhasbut that makes sense to me … we tried to fix PlasmaActive, where you could not touch the text entry when VKB was up07:35
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rcgmikhas, yep, that's the tradeoff07:35
rcgin some apps it works nicely with the xorg mask stuff, e.g. in the terminal07:35
mikhassound like a race between Nemo VKB reporting its size to MInputMethod (= Maliit framework) and the framework setting the X11 input mask.07:35
rcgwhile in others it hides the keyboard07:35
rcgmikhas, to me it actually looked like the first keypress is the issue07:36
mikhasfix would be to reset the X11 input mask whenever the VKB reports a new size, I guess.07:36
rcgyou can test if you put the notes widget on the desktop such that it is partly covered by the keyboard07:36
rcgmikhas, hmm would make sense07:36
mikhasrcg, would be interesting to add some debug output07:36
mikhasi.e., when exactly does the X11 input mask change, and which values are used07:36
mikhaspvuorela, you might want to read this ^07:37
mikhasmy guess is that we set the X11 input mask twice: First with an empty region and after first key press, with the correct region of the Nemo VKB.07:38
rcgmikhas, sorry, am running out of time07:38
rcgthere was a bug report about this07:38
rcgi also commented to that one07:38
rcgbut i don't happen to find it :/07:38
rcgright now07:38
mikhaspvuorela will know07:38
rcgwhat i can tell the simplest test for this is to put the notes widget on the desktop such that it is partly covered by the keyboard07:39
rcgif you hit a key "within" the widget as first one everything is fine07:39
rcgif you hit a key "outside" the notes widget as first one the keyboard disappears07:40
rcgbtw. this only happens the very first time a key is pressed after the keyboard had come up07:40
rcgafterwards everything's fine07:40
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kulvemikhas: could you explain a bit what does it mean, when you "removed compositing from maliit"? Shouldn't the window manager do the compositing? Is nemo special in that sense?07:44
mikhaskulve, too slow07:44
rcggtg, will ping you when i find that bug report07:45
mikhaskulve, details: http://blog.jpetersen.org/2012/01/25/compositing-in-maliit/07:45
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mikhasthat reminds me … w00t, what came out of your research wrt. inverted self-compositing?07:46
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mikhas(and can it be done completely within the input context plugin?)07:46
kulvemikhas: thanks for the pointer07:47
mikhasnp ;-)07:48
mikhasspecial, wasn't the decision already made that we'll maintain maliit 0.8x for Nemo?07:52
mikhasi.e. no upgrade to 0.9x (or 1.0) unless Nemo also switches to Qt507:52
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specialmikhas: yes.07:54
specialI only brought it up because he was interested in trying 0.9x for nemo on nexus707:55
mikhasI need to make that 0.8x release …07:55
mikhasluckily the delta wrt Nemo VKB is very very small, between the two series07:56
mikhasnot that Nemo VKB has many features to begin with =p07:56
kulveIs there something else than -use-self-compositing that I could try getting maliit to show something else than a black fullscreen on n7?07:58
mikhastry "maliit-server -h"07:59
kulveare those options somewhere? I tried --help but it's not supported. I found couple options by digging through the source code..07:59
mikhasand paste which options are available, then I can help07:59
kulveI'm pretty sure I tried -h as well..07:59
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kulveI don't remember trying -manual-redirect, so I'll try it out08:00
mikhasoops, perhaps that version is so old it doesnt have it08:01
kulvemikhas: I did read the blogpost. Could you briefly explain what changed 0.8 -> 0.9?08:02
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mikhasWe changed from faux fullscreen mode to windowed mode08:03
mikhasthat is, key magnifier, extended keys and keyboard main area are all separate top-level windows in 0.9x08:03
kulveand the nemo window manager doesn't like extra top-level windows?08:04
mikhasbut only for Maliit Keyboard, because QML doesnt quite like the concept of rendering onto several windows, instead of just one canvas.08:04
mikhasno, we didn't care enough about keeping Nemo VKB working08:04
mikhaswhen we removed self-compositing and manual redirect, this bork Nemo VKB completely. we "fixed" it by adding a half-assed fullscreen surface again08:05
mikhasour focus for 0.9x was Maliit Keyboard08:05
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kulveand what would it take to get Maliit Keyboard working in nemo..?08:08
mikhasQML and "multi-canvas", that is, multiple QQuickViews with one engine, is not quite the standard use-case …08:08
mikhaskulve, just compile it and try?08:08
specialnote that mcompositor is not a full compositor08:09
kulveI thought that there's something fundemental missing.. I couldn't care less which vkb it has as long I can write with it..08:09
mikhasI think Nemo packaging disables Maliit Keyboard compilation, because the difference of compiling C++ and just copying some QML files (+ images) is huge ;-)08:09
mikhaskulve, I havent tested it08:09
specialthe C++ keyboard works, but compositing is problematic.08:09
mikhasI think the original reason for Nemo VKB really was "because it's QML"08:10
mikhaswith 0.9x, there is no need for compositing, with Maliit Keyboard08:10
specialiirc I had 0.9x working with the maliit keyboard at one point, three separate windows08:10
specialwhich is a problem because mcompositor won't handle transparency in those windows08:11
mikhaswell, but that's a minor issue08:11
mikhasyou could use the OLPC theme for instance08:11
mikhaswhich is designed without translucency08:11
mikhasand still looks good08:11
kulve OLPC theme?08:12
kulvea theme for maliit?08:12
kulveright, so now this sounds we are getting somewhere :)08:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7757 Accepted promotion request08:13
kulveso I'll try 0.9x maliit with maliit keyboard and olpc theme?08:13
kulveI need to wait ~9 hours before I can test, so there's still time to improve the test plan ;)08:15
mikhasyour "~/.config/maliit.org/server.conf" will need a "pluginsettings\libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so\current_style=olpc-xo" entry08:15
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kulveis there a global setting for that? Adding stuff to $HOME before flashing is not convenient (as the user name could practically be anything)08:17
kulvefor testing that's just fine08:17
mikhashuh, I think /etc/xdg/maliit.org/server.conf but would have to check QSettings doc08:19
kulvethanks. I can test that later, if I get this to work with the $HOME tunings08:20
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kulvercg: should I include your "disable_sync_input_mask.patch" for my testing?09:24
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samposhmm. seems nemo does not call xdg-user-dirs-update09:54
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kulvercg: well, it didn't apply at all09:57
kulvesampos: I think there's a bug about that. At least sage was about to do something related to that some weeks ago09:57
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sledgesgood loaning10:06
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samposkulve: thanks for the info, could not find the bug though.10:09
samposSage: ^10:09
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kulvesampos: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23nemomobile/%23nemomobile.2013-01-10.log.html#t2013-01-10T17:33:1710:11
kulvemaybe he just asked me to file a bug about that..10:11
sampos:) so it seems10:13
* sampos files 10:14
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kulvercg: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=0002-Replace-transparent-Rectangle-with-Item.patch&package=maliit-plugins&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Amw&rev=229071f0234db54bc8fe1c35b61900c810:39
kulvedidn't you have something similar (at least originally) for PA?10:39
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kulveyay, maliit decided to remove version names from the libs and pkgconfig files and of course nemo is compiled against those :(11:56
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rcgkulve, not that i am aware of12:16
rcgbut that's just from very quickly looking at it12:17
sledgesveskuh, your brilliant VeskuMaps app just saved my evening yesterday again, by dodging another traffic jam ;) thanks!12:18
veskuhsledges, thanks. good to hear that it is useful :)12:19
* sledges won't repeat himeself that this app helped me throw my backup android phone in a ditch ;)12:19
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kulvercg: ok12:31
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kulvemaliit 0.94 with nemo seems to be endless swamp (not sure if that saying translates to english..) so I'll step down to 0.9312:54
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7762 Rejected promotion request13:00
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7763 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/776313:12
mikhaskulve, "compiled"?13:12
mikhaskulve, Nemo VKB just copies files around13:13
mikhasI think instead of /blah/blub/plugins-1.0 you need /blah/blub/plugins now, as install directory13:13
mikhasgot a link to the RPM recipe?13:13
kulvewell, I upgraded both the maliit-framework and maliit-plugins. I tried 0.94 but the whole nemo expects those old dirs, so I'm now at 0.9313:14
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kulveat least it's now building the latest rootfs with maliit 0.93. I'll see what happens later in the evening13:16
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mikhasit would help if you could point me to the packaging13:30
kulveI guess there's nothing special in there though..13:32
kulveI can provide my untest .ks file as well, but it may not even boot..13:33
mikhasfor 0.94.0, if you are only interested in Maliit Keyboard, you could amend %qmake to run "%qmake CONFIG+=disable-nemo-keyboard" instead (in the .spec file)13:34
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mikhasand "%{_libdir}/maliit/plugins-1.0/" should be "%{_libdir}/maliit/plugins"13:34
kulveyeah but libmeegotouch and qt-components at least assumes those -1.0 -files and then I would been to rebuild them and I'm afraid it wouldn't end there..13:35
mikhasI would remove "%{_bindir}/maliit-keyboard-benchmark" and "%{_bindir}/maliit-keyboard-viewer"13:35
mikhasMaliit Keyboard does not depend on LMT13:36
mikhasand LMT does not load the Maliit plugins, either. Never did.13:36
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kulveas said I upgraded them both. Not sure if I should have upgraded on the plugins. Usually it leads to problems, if plugins are newer than the framework13:37
mikhasok, so "BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(maliit-1.0) >=" would be "BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(maliit) >= 0.94.0"13:37
mikhasthat's for libmaliit, the application-facing extension lib for Maliit13:38
mikhas(allows to change orientation of the keyboard and to manipulate appearance of enter key, for instance)13:38
kulveI already did change the lmt and the qt-components but the list seemed to go on and on, so I just settled with 0.9313:38
mikhaserm so what else depends on libmaliit?13:39
mikhasthe list should be very finite13:39
mikhasand in most cases it should just be removing a version suffix ;-)13:39
kulveI can try that further if 0.93 shows something good13:39
kulveI don't want to rebuild whole nemo just to be able to get to 0.9413:40
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pvuorelamikhas: on the morning stuff, i'm not sure if regions have much to do with my problem. seemed to be set right, keyboard receives the first press, though also the app, and there's nothing re-setting any regions after first press.13:59
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mikhaspvuorela, you test with mcompositor, right?14:00
mikhaswould be interesting to test with matchbox wm14:00
mikhasor some other wm14:00
pvuorelamcompositor yeah.14:02
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Sagesampos: yes, sry. It is in nemo already install nemo-firstsession package14:19
PMGTwo timed-testing related pull requests available for the curious: https://github.com/nemomobile/timed/pull/7, https://github.com/nemomobile/timed/pull/814:25
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Aardsampos: around?14:49
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samposAard: \o15:02
Aardsampos: how's that anti-stall thing going?15:03
samposno breakthrough yet15:05
Aardyou said yesterday that you had it restarting?15:06
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile15:07
samposyeah, i had some success after fixing the interrupwriter so that it breaks from loop if write returns -115:07
samposbut it still gets stuck at times15:08
samposor actually very often when using laptop15:08
samposthings i will check next: can we write anything from interruptwriter? What is the message that causes the usb reset15:10
Aardsounded yesterday like you had it working more often, therefore I was curious about seeing the code :)15:10
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samposhad a nice effect when missing the Documents Music .. directories15:17
samposthe mtp start script created link back to home -> loop15:18
Aardoh, that's bad -- home is a valid setting for a xdg directory15:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7764 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/776415:21
Aardthough I was planning on dropping the linking-thing (or making it optional) anyway -- just export the whole home, and filter some of the . directories15:22
samposthat would work15:23
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7765 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/776517:15
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kulvehow do I choose which maliit keyboard plugin is used?17:15
kulveI guess that does it in the server.conf?17:16
kulveanybody up to some maliit debugging?17:21
kulvemikhas: ?17:21
kulveWARNING: X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3 Major opcode: 18 (X_ChangeProperty) Resource id:  0x017:22
kulveI'm just getting that from the server. How to enable debugs/logging?17:22
mikhasMALIIT_DEBUG=enabled maliit-server17:23
kulveDEBUG: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::switchPlugin(const QString&, MAbstractInputMethod*, const QString&) "libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so" could not find initiator17:23
kulvedoesn't sound good?17:23
mikhaskulve, my config: http://hastebin.com/huconesodu.tex17:24
mikhasthat warning can be ignored17:24
kulveshould I leave the olpc-xo style?17:25
kulveI don't see anything happening anywhere when I click the text entries in browser17:26
kulveI have logged in via ssh and exported DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS17:27
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mikhashm, that's bad17:30
mikhasexport QT_IM_MODULE=Maliit maybe?17:30
kulveI have that set as well17:30
Mric_mikhas, do you have the layout of a french keyboard ? sorry  but this line would make me think like: libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so:fr17:31
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile17:31
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC17:32
mikhasthat was just my current config :-)17:35
kulvemikhas: should I see something debug printed when the application tries to open the vbk?17:36
mikhashm, you should see debug output when the application launches17:36
mikhassomething about D-Bus and connection handling17:36
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile17:36
mikhasif that doesn't show then something's wrong with the input context plugin or D-Bus session17:37
mikhas"DEBUG: void MInputContextGlibDBusConnection::handleNewConnection(MDBusGlibICConnection*)" should be printed when application launches17:38
kulveDEBUG: void MInputContextGlibDBusConnection::handleNewConnection(MDBusGlibICConnection*)17:38
kulveyeah, I see that17:38
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*** arcean has quit IRC17:39
mikhaswhat's the content of /usr/lib/maliit/plugins/17:39
mikhasah wait, you still use version suffixes17:40
mikhasso *-1.017:40
kulve# ls /usr/lib/maliit/plugins-1.0/17:40
kulvefactories  libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so  nemo-keyboard.qml17:40
the-bosskulve: Error: "ls" is not a valid command.17:40
kulvebut it is!17:40
mikhasso it looks alright17:40
mikhaskulve, delete your ~/.config/maliit.org/server.conf and try again, I'd say17:40
kulveI'm testing with the nemo browser, Helium Reborn, I guess that should be ok?17:41
kulveit has google page with search entry and the URL in entry in the browser UI17:42
mikhasshould be fine17:42
kulveDEBUG: void MInputMethodQuick::setInputMethodArea(const QRectF&) QWidget::effectiveWinId():  017:42
kulveDEBUG: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::switchPlugin(const QString&, MAbstractInputMethod*, const QString&) "libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so" could not find initiator17:42
kulvethat's what the server prints17:42
mikhasit cannot set the transient hint I guess17:43
kulveand when I open the browser, I get the handle new connection and then tree times:17:43
kulveDEBUG: gboolean m_dbus_glib_ic_connection_set_extended_attribute(MDBusGlibICConnection*, gint32, const char*, const char*, const char*, GValue*, GError**)17:43
mikhasso might be that the VKB is stacked behind the application window, hm17:43
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile17:43
mikhas"DEBUG: void MInputMethodQuick::setInputMethodArea(const QRectF&) QWidget::effectiveWinId():  0" is an issue17:44
kulveI tried with those options for the server but nothing changed anything visible17:44
mikhaskulve, what happens with my pasted config?17:44
kulvethe same17:44
mikhasthe same MInputMethodQuick error!?17:45
mikhasthat's wrong17:45
kulvewell, I'll verify that17:45
kulvejust a sec, need to reboot that again..17:46
kulveyeah, same setInputMethodArea line with your config as well17:48
kulvethat comes before I open any app17:48
*** plfiorini_ has joined #nemomobile17:48
kulveyeah the same MInputMethodQuick error17:51
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*** jreznik has quit IRC17:53
mikhaskulve, can you paste the output of the application launching (after maliit-server was launched) & focus-in on text entry?17:54
mikhasyou can also run the application with MALIIT_DEBUG=enabled BTW17:54
mikhasthat will print the debug output for the Maliit inputcontext plugin17:54
*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini17:54
kulvejust a sec17:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7764 Accepted promotion request17:55
kulvesorry, I missed the maliit-server prints but they are the same as in the previous paste17:57
kulvehere's the whole thing: http://hastebin.com/yecuneyelu.coffee17:57
mikhashm coffee …17:58
kulveI did press the google search two times and then the UI URL entry two times17:59
mikhaslooks good18:00
mikhasand I should perhaps add debug output to when the keyboard plugin is loaded & tries to show itself …18:01
mikhaswhat happens with hastebin.com/gulofifoga.textex config?18:02
kulvethe msae18:04
kulveDEBUG: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::switchPlugin(const QString&, MAbstractInputMethod*, const QString&) "nemo-keyboard.qml" could not find initiator18:04
kulveotherwise the log looks the same18:04
mikhasI am fresh out of ideas now.18:05
kulveis the window manager just not showing the vkb or what's happening?18:05
mikhasyour debugging efforts hint at a window stacking issue, yeah18:05
kulveand these won't change a thing: -manual-redirection -bypass-wm-hint -use-self-composition -unconditional-show ?18:06
mikhasfor 0.93.x,  only -bypass-wm-hint and -unconditional-show will be present18:07
mikhasand you can of course try those …18:07
kulveI have 0.93.0 and -help shows those18:07
mikhasthen there is https://gitorious.org/maliit/maliit-framework/merge_requests/235 which I havent merged yet but that one could also affect window stacking order18:07
kulveI selected the 0.93.0 tag from gitorious and I'm using the tar ball that gitorious provided18:08
*** Mric_ has quit IRC18:12
kulvehow can I get patch from that gitorious url..18:14
kulveand does it apply to 0.93..?18:14
kulveI didn't see any NOK extensions in the mcompositor so I wonder why it works e.g. on omap4..18:26
*** vakkov has joined #nemomobile18:30
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile18:31
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile18:40
kulvesampos: I built a new rootfs today and I do have /home/nemo/Videos etc. directories there. (But still the qmlgallery doesn't find my .mp4)18:42
w00tkulve: check tracker is running / working ok18:42
kulveactually yeah, I think I debugged that last time  and it (tarcker-miner-fs or something) just jammed and never finished..18:43
kulve[nemo@localhost ~]$ tracker-info Videos/hobitti.mp418:45
kulveQuerying information for entity:'Videos/hobitti.mp4'18:45
kulveand then just back at the prompt..18:45
kulvetracker-search does find it though..18:47
kulve[nemo@localhost ~]$ tracker-search -v hobitti18:47
kulveFiles: file:///home/nemo/Videos/hobitti.mp418:47
kulveI added some jpegs to Pictures. tracker-search finds them, qmlgallery doesn't18:49
kulvew00t: http://hastebin.com/libamoboxu.vhdl18:51
kulvethose miners are not making any progress18:51
w00tis it alive in strace/etc?18:51
kulvewell, too late to debug anymore. But the same thing was happening a month or two ago18:53
w00tI don't think I've ever seen problems on n950 at least which is weird18:55
kulvewell, it's also a bit tricky trying to follow the yaml files to get the actual nemo on the device, so I might be missing something18:57
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samposhmm, could it be there is recursion/loop with symlinks ?19:10
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* lpotter kicks libcompasschain and misses because it's A.W.O.L21:43
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lpotteroh you silly sensorfw... having a dependency on a binary only plugin22:06
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sledgeskulve, why aren't you putting nemo on a device with help of .ks and mic ?23:05
sledgespatterns ftw, too23:05
*** Grimmer has joined #nemomobile23:22
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Sagesledges: you using "Nemo Complete" pattern btw?23:28
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Sagelbt: https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/7766 if you want to have a look of kernel module additions23:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7766 Rejected promotion request23:58
Sagenot accepting it as such yet. Need to check couple of more things.23:59

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