Wednesday, 2013-01-30

lbtyeah - no obvious issues for me00:02
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7767 waiting for review at
lbt(which doesn't mean commit it :) )00:11
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kulvesledges: I am06:05
kulveand last time I tried, the nemo complete pattern didn't work with the mic in the SDK06:05
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samposAard: just when it hangs07:24
samposnext we get DISABLE event from usb, and then it slowly recovers07:24
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samposAard: the bulkreaderthread locks itself x) - tryLock() .. lock()08:32
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Aardsampos: I'm currently staring at that method and don't understand it :)08:37
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7768 Rejected promotion request08:41
samposthe way i see it: if it get's the lock from tryLock() it ends up in deadlock. The mutex is non-recursive08:42
Aardah, there. 'Calling this function multiple times on the same mutex from the same thread is allowed if this mutex is a recursive mutex. If this mutex is a non-recursive mutex, this function will dead-lock when the mutex is locked recursively.'08:42
Aardin InterruptWriterThread::run:         if(m_buffers.isEmpty()) {08:43
Aard            m_lock.tryLock();08:43
Aard            m_lock.lock();08:43
Aard        }08:43
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samposoh, same there08:44
samposdon't understand08:45
samposthe m_lock is not the same lock there though08:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7769 waiting for review at
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Aardsampos: yes, though I didn't find any locks set to recursive09:11
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samposyes, me either. i added some debug and yes, the deadlock comes when tryLock() return true09:17
samposthe weird thing is that removing the trylock breaks it completely09:18
Aardwhat kind of 'completely'?09:18
samposas in wrong container type immediately09:19
samposcan get even mtp_detect to work09:19
Aardand removing the lock, keeping the trylock?09:19
samposthat i did not try :)09:20
samposi was going to try: if (trylock) unlock();09:20
samposbut would be good to understand the logic here09:20
Aardmy guess is that he had problems there aquiring the lock, so that two trylocks with checking the return values might work09:21
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sledgesgood morthing10:13
sledgeskulve, Sage, I used complete Nemo pattern but in an old fashioned way (@Nemo Middleware Shared; @Nemo Apps; @MTF Handset UX) - built fine with mic10:15
kulveyeah, I had to use those distinct groups as well10:16
kulvebut who knows when the complete pattern changes10:16
sledgesbut it gave Xorg OOM errors on pandaboard, so I'm using bare necessities (stripped to lipstick+controlpanel) one, achieved by taking qmlviewer as starting point and building up package by package (man how many missing dependencies I found ;))10:16
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samposAard: works now. Next up: trying to understand why :)10:56
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Sagesledges: well, those patterns are not updated and are soon to be removed so using just "@Nemo Complete" brings all in.11:01
sledgessure, I will try that out right away11:02
sledgeswhen will be ready with bare lipstick stability11:02
kulveSage: last time I tried, that didn't work11:02
kulvebut I'll try again at some point11:03
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Sagekulve: you need to use --pkgmgr=zypp also have 0.14 mic11:19
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Sagesdk-version --core latest --sdk next --go11:20
Sagethat cmd should get you all the things you need11:20
kulvewell, I have whatever mic the SDK provides11:21
kulveI would assume nemo builds are done with the same SDK..11:21
Sagekulve: well sdk updates quite frequently :)11:21
Sageand bugs are fixed contantly and in the pattern handling there were some bugs that prevented the proper usage untill month ago or so11:22
kulvedoes it update all the time or is there releasess? Just thinking there could be some sort of annoucement in the mailing list..11:22
Sagethat rolling updates quite often I would think couple of times in a week with new fixes and stuff11:24
SageI'm updating my sdk weekly11:25
kulveok. Maybe I need to start doing that too11:25
Aardsampos: do you think you could got a patch together today?11:29
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samposI thin i fixed it11:39
samposneeds some testing still11:39
samposso the fix for interruptwriter fixes the issue when stuck in reset11:44
samposand the fix for bulkreader the error we get there in the first place11:44
Aardaren't you still locking twice there?11:47
samposyes, but unlocking from main thread11:47
samposit's ok the lock twice if someone unlocks11:48
Aardcould you add a comment to the locking logic?11:48
samposthe tryLock was added there as kludge imo, first the reader thread needs to have a lock11:50
Aardjust moved 700mb music over11:53
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samposAard: commented the lock handling. now i reward myself with some gym training :) bbl11:57
Aardhave fun11:58
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* Sage waits for sr from Aard to fix the stalling ;)12:30
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7769 Accepted promotion request12:31
AardSage: in a few hours, still torturing it12:32
Sageyunta: could you test on some vm's etc.?12:33
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Sageyunta: though it shouldn't make any difference there12:34
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yuntaSage: sure, I'll check it, just in case12:35
Sagemainly adding some network adapter modules to get support for hw that was lost in 3.0.x to 3.6.x move12:35
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yuntayes, I see that. I still wonder if I have different eth card or I fcked up when I tested it on my lenovo...12:38
Sagelenovo had working wifi but not nic :)12:39
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Sagethe E100 is for lenovo s10-3t, but I enabled also some others12:39
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yuntahaha, wifi was done "blind" (I enabled all broadcom wifi drivers I could find....), as it didn't work on my lenovo (before bios reset)12:41
Sagewell my lenovo has atheros wifi chip ;)12:42
Sageyunta: bios reset?12:42
yuntaSage: yaml/spec changes ?12:43
Sageyunta: none12:44
Sageonly .config changes12:44
Sageyunta: tested on exopc and my ideapad and hp mini (though networking on this didn't work)12:44
yuntaSage: stupid thing that's not supposed to work. I opened my lenovo, disconnected wifi card, reconnected, did other shit too, but no help. Apparently if you do "load defaults" in bios, it does something more than just defaulting your bios settings... it fixes wifi :)12:44
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yuntaSage: it's going to take some time, I'll have to rebuild virtualbox guest modules against your repo...12:49
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sledgesSage, should I add you as a reviewer ?13:30
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Sagesledges: please push to instead for now.13:52
Sagewe are still using that the one in is just currently delayed clone of htose13:53
sledgesargh :)13:54
sledgesthen I'll revoke this request13:54
Sagesry about the mess :/13:57
sledgesneeds sorting ;)13:57
sledgesbut I bet you're busy at all levels13:57
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sledgesI got encouraged to use BMO by Merbot spitting an SR from there the other day ;)13:58
sledgesthinking all dandy13:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7771 waiting for review at
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samposAard: so far so good ?14:06
Aardyep, didn't manage to break it14:06
Aardpulled from your branch, and will push it later. currently playing in some other area14:06
Aardthe battery info code does not seem to be called at all14:09
samposso it seems14:12
samposcouldn't that be queried from qt-mobility anyway ?14:13
samposno backend ?14:14
Aardnot that I know of14:15
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Aardsampos: just pushing. only change I did on top of yours was making it list ogg as supported format as well14:35
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7772 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7773 waiting for review at
AardSage: ^^ there's the mtp request15:05
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7776 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7772 Accepted promotion request15:23
* Sage is getting feeling that lipstick is starting to be similar monster that libmeegotouch was :P15:23
sledgesis it? :)15:23
* w00t glares at Sage15:24
w00tyour baby is ugly too!15:24
w00t(what's wrong?)15:24
Sagew00t: just following the build depedencies to grow15:25
Sagethat sr 7776 adds to more15:25
VesuriSage: erm, why are you comparing an application and a toolkit?15:26
VesuriSage: also, feel free to provide the same functionality without dependencies :)15:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7773 Accepted promotion request15:26
* sledges thinks Sage wanted to say meegotouch-home15:26
SageVesuri: well, I'm not saying not accepting those just saying that installing lipstick depends on quite a punch of things already :)15:27
Vesurimeegotouchhome only depended on libraries it actually needed15:27
VesuriSage: sure. we are combining features from system ui to lipstick and those features depend on things15:27
w00tmeegotouch-home isn't really the right comparison.. home+systemui is a better one, and well, that's because it's absorbed a lot of the responsibilities of systemui15:28
sledgesalways a dilemma - should it be lipstick's deps, or lipstick-colorful-home's ;)15:28
VesuriI just don't get what your point actually is15:28
w00tVesuri: I kind of get what he's trying to say, I guess15:28
Vesuri"there are a lot of dependencies!" - yeah, there are, because it does a lot of things15:28
w00toriginally, I developed lipstick on desktop - not even nemo, doing that now wouldn't really be possible - but on the other hand I accept that as necessary15:28
w00ta part of it growing from being a prototype into something useful15:29
Vesurithat's one of the reasons meegotouchhome did only contain the home screen parts - it was the home screen, nothing more15:29
Vesurithen system ui contained all the diverse crap15:29
Vesuribut then again we had two processes running at the same time15:29
Vesuriboth contributing to the essential desktop environment, both needed anyway, so now they're being combined to one15:30
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Vesurione way to get rid of some of the dependencies would be to have other processes implement the functionality. this was not wanted in harmattan because people wanted strict separation of system sw components and their UIs15:30
Vesuridoing so now would be possible, but would require a lot of effort15:31
* Sage thinks that people took his half joke a bit too seriously 15:32
Vesuriwell, it's a valid discussion15:32
sledgesVesuri, w00t, Sage; simple use case: let's say I don't need libdeclarative-sensors and qt-components on my own usage of lipstick (or I provide some other alternatives). So I add those dependencies only to lipstick-colorful-home, keeping lipstick lean and mean15:32
Vesurisince even if it's a joke, I do agree that there are a lot of dependencies and I don't see it being optimal either15:32
* sledges is coming from the case that bare minimum for lipstick-colorful-home to launch -were- those two packages15:33
Aardsolution: do one big library that does everything. then you'll only have one dependency :)15:33
w00tAard: actually15:33
Sagemake nemo \o/ :)15:33
w00tlet's call it libnemotouch!15:33
Vesurisledges: only basic functionality absolutely necessary for running a fully functioning desktop are added to lipstick15:33
Vesurior okay, maybe that's an exaggeration :)15:34
sledgesthat brings us to a queasion: what is a "fully functioning desktop"15:34
Aardw00t: nemo is underage, that'll get us in trouble with child pornography laws in some countries15:34
Stskeepslet's statically link everything together!15:34
Vesurithe other option is most certainly that everyone interested in implementing the same functionality will do so individually in their home screens...15:34
Vesuriif that's what is wanted, I can definitely strip the stuff back out from lipstick :)15:34
* Aard puts Vesuri back into harmattan development15:35
VesuriI just don't know what point there'd be for everyone to implement things that are most likely going to be needed anyway15:35
w00tVesuri: no, I don't think that's the right approach15:35
sledgesok, it looks like we devs will be following "more likely than not" principle ;)15:36
sledgesI see no problem with that, unless Sage's starts comparing lipstick to something 'heavy' again ;D15:37
VesuriAard: suits me :)15:37
sledgess/comparing/calling (this time without joking :))/15:37
AardVesuri: one developer and the same manager count? you'll have lot's of fun :)15:38
VesuriAard: I didn't get your joke either :)15:38
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Vesuribut yeah, if you figure out better places for some functionalities that were in system ui and will now be in lipstick, please move them15:40
VesuriI wouldn't mind at all having the component which actually understands about battery generate battery related notifications instead of sending signals about it and letting someone else do the job15:41
Vesurior having the component that actually chooses the USB mode to display a USB mode selection dialog instead of asking system ui / lipstick to do so15:42
SageVesuri: well, for example qmsystem is something that could be removed eventually15:42
VesuriSage: sure, after the same functionality is reimplemented elsewhere :]15:42
Sageyes :)15:42
Vesuriuntil that happens we are stuck with it15:42
Vesuriand even when that happens lipstick will depend on whereever the functionality was moved? :)15:43
sledgesthe atmosphere is tense for the need of a "Mobile Phone Operation System" standard, to which Nemo/Lipstick&co. could adhere (e.g., the document could read: "...a device which must have screen, touch interface, battery, accelerometers")15:43
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VesuriSage: isn't that true? so I'm not quite sure what the point is15:43
sledgesit all can just be driven by common sense (XKCD: let's create another standard to unify them all!...) :)15:44
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7777 waiting for review at
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sledgesabout to run zypper dup on pandaboard17:06
sledges(those were /me's last words)17:06
sledgesall worked! will be less afraid to do such things continuously ;)17:19
Sagesledges: well nothing should break. I've using zypper dup constantly on my devices17:23
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* sledges saw xorg-server among updates. One eye twitched :D17:29
Sagesledges: most of those were just rebuilds because of dependencies17:30
sledgesok :) it's a fun job! :D17:31
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Sagelbt: accepted the kernel as yunta tested it with virtual box stuff and said it works. I tested on exopc and lenovo ideapad myself and worked on both.17:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7777 Accepted promotion request17:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7771 Accepted promotion request17:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7767 Accepted promotion request17:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7776 Accepted promotion request18:00
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