Thursday, 2013-01-31

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7779 waiting for review at
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kjokinie1Stskeeps: Sage: I've been doing some u-boot tinkering lately and would like to document some findings, would it be ok if I add a u-boot sub-page to here
kjokinie1Sage: Stskeeps: it's been more in nemo-mobile context, so not sure if it's right place to be in mer wiki09:24
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samposAard: when you have time, could we have a small discussion about device icon? Not very urgent.09:26
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Sagekjokinie1: sure09:42
Sagekjokinie1: refactoring could be nice as is mainly kernel comments :P09:42
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kulveSage: see the step-by-step guide09:43
kulveI guess those two pages should be merged somehow09:44
kulveor merged and then divided properly to two09:44
kjokinie1at least the step by step guide should be bit more visible on the front page09:46
kjokinie1ok, but I will add my stuff about u-boot to the step-by-step guide09:47
kjokinie1but thinking on improving the page overall, do you guys have any knowledge will the wikies get nuked at some point?09:48
kjokinie1the meego porting guide is actually something that should be salvaged from there09:49
kulvewasn't there a mail about running down the infra (at least mailing lists and obs) in May?09:50
kjokinie1ok, maybe I just go copy the page for myself for later use ;)09:51
Aardsampos: what about it?09:52
kjokinie1could import some of that stuff then to this step-by-step guide...09:53
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samposAard: i'm wondering where to but the icon file10:04
samposor to what package10:05
Aard/usr/share/mtp/, next to the deviceinfo.xml10:05
AardI'll split deviceinfo.xml and the icon file into a separate package at some point, to allow vendor specific configuration10:06
samposok, that's what i was hoping for10:06
Aardso, if you just add icon file support I can handle the packaging before submitting it to nemo10:07
Aardanother thing, loosely related -- currently we have mtp data all over the users home. I'd like to have one mtp config directory in the home, set centrally, and used by all modules10:08
sledgesgood mooring10:11
Aardis that a tab in mtptypes.h?10:14
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samposno, but fixed the formatting there MTP_EV_ObjectPropChanged10:17
Aardyou didn't include an icon, though?10:19
samposno, that's the other thing to discuss10:19
samposcould it be e.g. n9 icon with nemo logo on the screen? :)10:20
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Aarddepends on the source of the n9 icon :)10:21
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sampossledges: you are the artist? sudo make icon10:22
Aardsampos: should I just pull from your branch?10:25
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sampossure, if it looks ok to you10:27
samposah i have a bug for that also, does it change things ?10:27
samposfor the deviceIcon support i mean10:28
Aardit would be nicer to mention the bug in the commit message10:28
samposah true10:28
Aardthe code does not look obviously insane to me, so I'll just want to test it on device10:29
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samposdid --amend with the bug mentioned10:32
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kjokinie1Sage: just some continuation of the adaptation wiki discussion, it says "The bootloader should pass a kernel command line (or this can be set in  the CONFIG_CMDLINE kernel configuration) that sets  systemd.unit=start.getty " in the wiki10:40
kjokinie1Sage: could we just add that to mer_verify_kernel_config script?10:41
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sledgessampos, I'm amateur, but know how to re-use other's creations :D11:19
sledgesso you need an N9 with (new) nemo logo on?11:19
sledgescan provide rasters11:19
sledgestell me sizes (8x8 16x16 32x32 64x64, any else? :)11:20
samposthose should do me thinks11:20
sledgesany requests on the colour of the background?11:21
sledgesand squircles desired I believe :))11:21
timophpink ;)11:21
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samposi'm happy with anything i can get :)11:21
sledgeswhat's the buteo thing?11:21
Aardsampos: hm, seems it's possible to break mtp if there's an old version of ~/.mtpdeviceinfo.xml around11:22
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sledgesis it something we see when we plug in our Harmattan N9's and mount their disks?11:22
samposthat's mass storage mode i gues11:23
sledgesyup. I can just re-use the mass storage icon from N9 harmattan and blob nemo onto it11:24
samposthat would do it :)11:24
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samposnot sure about copyright issues though11:26
Aardsledges: no, won't work, copyrighted icon11:26
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Aardsledges: I hope to get icons from our designer in the near future11:27
sledges&{ so if you tell me where this buteo-mtp be used (for MTP transfers?), and where will the icon appear (only in Launcher?), then I can prop up from something darko- existing11:28
sampossledges: yes for mtp transfers11:28
sledgesand where will the icon appear? only in launcher?11:28
samposthe icon appears e.g. in windows explorer when one plugs the device11:29
sledgesmight prop up something11:29
samposno pressure :)11:29
sledgesis MTP this weird thing what e.g. Samsung Galaxy S2 has? sort-of mass storage, but not really &)11:29
* sledges is analfabet in this one :))11:29
samposyeah, i guess you are seeing mtp there :)11:30
sledgesok :)11:30
samposAard: how badly did it break?11:31
sampostimoph: has saunabad turned you into hello kitty fan also ?11:32
Aardsampos: windows said 'can't copy, device is not talking to me', and then it was over. so, stalling, but this time with warning :)11:32
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AardI think it was a mismatch between 'can do ogg' in the binary and 'can't do ogg' in the deviceinfo file11:32
Aardsampos: two things, how big should the icon be? and, can we use png? or use png, and recode it?11:33
samposi think it should be .ico11:34
Aardsledges: our designer is doing the icons, no need to worry about it11:34
* sampos checks the documentation11:34
sampos16x16 32x32 and 48x48 is the minimum11:37
samposi guess there could be 64x64 128x128 too11:37
sledgessharps :D just found a nice one to modify:
samposfor creating .ico from pngs11:38
samposseemed to work, i guess gimp can be used also11:38
Aardsampos: it's not about not knowing how to create .ico files, it's about beeing unhappy about the format :p11:40
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Sagekjokinie1: it could be there, though it is optional thing.11:40
samposwell mtp spec mentions .ico11:41
Aardsampos: but no icon sizes?11:41
sledgesit's windows dependent11:41
Sagekjokinie1: some changes for mer verify kernel config11:41
samposit links to that msnd..11:41
sledgesIIRC windows could want up to 48x48 with all intermittent smaller ones.11:42
sledgesbut my knowledge heads back to Windows XP Win32 API ;)11:42
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kjokinie1Sage: ok, I might do a patch for that11:46
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sledgesok, kludged in a %build post for now - works:
sledges%build pre and post that is12:38
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Sagesledges: eh that is hackish looking :P12:44
sledges;) well, I did to my best knowledge12:44
Sagesure you can't use just straight the upstream version? 2013.1 for example?12:44
sledgessurely not for kernel12:45
Sagethat is anyway 2012.04 and maybe everything is upstreamed already just nobody bothered to update12:45
sledgesbut for u-boot - haven'ลง tried12:45
Sagewell, kernel understandable, u-boot could work12:45
sledgesI'm using everything from ubuntu, hence  TI PPA's12:45
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sledgesand for kernel is surely not everything mainstreamed12:45
sledgesfor uboot - as I said, I don't know12:46
sledgesbut your u-boot 2012.07 didn't work with TI PPA's updated kernel ;)12:46
Sagemaybe some cmdline change needed?12:46
Sage <- remember this12:46
sledgessurely will remember this one, thanks12:47
sledgesI've always used my own overriden cmd line (too boot from USB HDD etc.)12:48
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sledgesworks with every kernel/uboot combo, except 2012.07 - 3.4.0-1489.22 (3.4.27 rebase)12:48
sledgesbut it's 3.4.0-1489.22 I'm sticking with (as it is the best kernel thus far)12:49
sledgesPS, Sage why did you use linaro kernel?12:49
* sledges didn't realise he's no longer talking in #mer ;) where /me originally posted the 'bad-dir:{name}' question :)12:50
sledgesand Panda is approaching EOL, so many DSS reworks are in 3.8-rc4, but stable PM & MM is going to stay with 3.4 line12:51
sledgesso I want to arrive to a compromise12:51
Sagesledges: well originally I based everyting linaro12:52
Sagesledges: well this kind of stuff belongs to #nemomobile more than to #mer12:53
sledges(the TI PPA's ubuntu uboot for whatever reasons linaro's, too, but kernel is not)12:53
sledgesSage, this specific stuff, yes, so I'm happy we're talking here12:53
SageI though those were the same thing originally12:53
Sagelinaro and ubuntu ppa12:53
sledgesbut in #mer I posed a generic questoins about tarballs with weird names12:53
sledgeswell, the kernel looks like it took its own ways12:53
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phakowhich sb2 pattern do I need for the n9?14:58
phakov7 or v7l?14:58
phakoer hl14:58
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yuntahl afaik15:17
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Aardsampos: did you manage to get the icon displayed?15:27
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sledgesSage, TI PPA is the reference kernel. Linaro is not quickly synced with official TI releases. But structure is shuffling in TI as you know, and long term we will be looking in adopting the mainline kernel.16:15
sledgesfor now, I will use the most time+feature tested one - hence TI official PPA one16:16
sledgesbecause it's good for a demo16:16
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sledgeslooks more elegant/clean now Sage with a macro ;) still hacky:
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sledgesTI-related stuff are all [unchanged] relayed news from #pandaboard :)16:39
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sledgesSage, oh dear, latest-greatest 2013.01 does not boot from USB HDD anymore ;) usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -71. Reverting to last-known-goodie-linaro-one :))17:46
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sledgesu-boot 2013.01 that is, does not initiate usb properly -> kernel fails to acknowledge USB HDD17:47
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samposAard: i saw it on wpdinfotool, but not on explorer or media player.18:12
samposor something :) don't recall the name exactly18:13
Aardwhat's that?18:13
sampostool that comes with windows driver dev kit18:13
samposit shows the mtp properties18:15
Aardah, would be nice to have, I guess18:15
samposanyway it feels as if windows is stubborn with the icon, once it gets one or no and uses the default. That's what it uses from there ib18:17
samposuninstalling the driver did not help18:18
samposjust speculation, i admit18:19
AardI still have a virgin windows this device didn't pair with18:19
Aardsampos: virgin windows 7 does not like the icon as well, so I guess there's still something missing for full icon support18:27
samposok. the icon just doesn't appear, but works otherwise?18:28
Aardicon just doesn't appear18:28
samposi will investigate it further tomorrow18:28
Aardand I noticed that we don't announce that mtp can do thumbnails, so my guess to why it didn't crash for me before adding the tumbler dependency on windows 7 is that windows 7 honours the 'can't do thumbnails' flag, and windows 8 ignores it18:29
Aardsampos: random bit, the n9 has  <DevPropValue>/home/user/MyDocs/DevIcon.fil</DevPropValue> for the icon devprop, and stores a copy of the icon served in the users home18:32
samposgood to know18:34
Aardand we didn't announce that we support battery readouts, which might be one half of the 'does not show battery status' problem18:35
samposwhy did i not see what harmattan does ? :)18:35
Aardsampos: (minus the battery property which I added)18:36
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7782 Rejected promotion request18:43
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7780 Rejected promotion request18:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7779 Accepted promotion request18:46
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phakoare there (fluendo) gstreamer mp3 decoders for nemo available somewhere?19:59
Stskeepsno, they don't typically exist for arm i think20:00
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7787 waiting for review at
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