Tuesday, 2013-02-05

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sledgesgoood moorning10:06
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sledgescrazy stuff. lipstick is rendering very slow (low FPS) on pandaboard, but when I kill Xorg (Xorg restarts by systemd), and launch lipstick manually, everything's smooth (though I can't launch most of [OpenGLES] apps) - has anyone ever had this quirck? :)16:09
Stskeepsmight be related to permissions of pvrsrvkm and/or fb016:10
sledgeshmmmph, and the fact that Xorg is suid nemo16:11
sledgeswonder if I launched everything as root16:11
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sledgesI've set heliumreborn.desktop Icon to point to /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/icons/icon-l-browser.svg , and lipstick AppLauncher.qml grid width to 240, but that SVG is first rendered at 80px, then scaled to 240 :( so I see big squares. What did I miss?16:29
sledgesLauncherItem.qml Image width is also 24016:30
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toprois the most recent nemo n900 snapshot release image (0.20130124.0.2.NEMO.2013-01-27.2) supposed to work. booting it I only get a black screen. known issue?17:13
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sledgestopro, you might have tried, but another reboot on N9/950 seems to kick it in17:15
toprosledges: no i didn't, so i'll have another try. thanks17:16
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iekkuif there's no bug yet, would be nice to have one17:17
sledgesfingers cross(compile)d17:17
sledgesalso, ensuring all got properly dd'ied to SD card following sync and umount afterwards17:17
toprosledges: i'm familiar with that procedure ;)17:18
sledges;) just being cautious, way too many cases in the past that failed/weren't familiar/dodgy sd-cards :)17:18
toprobtw. no umount after dd17:18
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sledgestrue ;) bad sector in my memory coming from flashing N9/950 via exported /media/Alt_OS/ :)17:19
toproah, i see.17:19
sledgesI think I umount even after dd nowadays from that habit :D17:20
sledgesbtw, umount -before- dd is nearly mandatory ;)17:20
toprobtw. is there a md5sum to check the image?17:21
toproactually I can't find it17:22
sledgesneither can I17:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7808 Accepted promotion request17:23
toprosledges: so the correct answer would be "no"?17:23
sledgesyes, the answer is "no"17:24
* sledges pokes Sage and hides17:24
topronevermind, rebooting the image brought up some nice ice-flowers17:25
sledges:) in so many levels17:25
toproeven cell ist working, right?17:26
* sledges doesn't have N900 :{17:26
toproits ringing, its talking... really nice17:27
iekkusledges, want to buy one?17:27
sledges\o/ “Is aliive, aliive!” :)17:28
sledgesgreat to hear topro17:28
sledgesiekku, I think I'll wait for Jolla phone :)17:28
toprobattery indicator is not working though17:28
sledgeshow is the performance topro ?17:28
sledgesbattery indicator? well: so great about open source - anyone can fix anything 8)17:29
toproi'll have to test it a little. not too bad i'd say17:29
iekkusledges, good boy17:29
sledgesvisual responsiveness17:29
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toproscrolling is fine, display-rotation might need some tweak, but not performance-wise. more about aspect-ratio change17:30
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sledgesok, you could overview the state here as well. feel free to bugreport: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/buglist.cgi?product=Hardware%20adaptation&component=N900&resolution=---17:31
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toprogotta leave for now, bb with some experience reports, if welcome17:35
iekkutopro, sure it's welcome!17:38
iekkumore than welcome17:38
sledgesyou're welcome ;)17:40
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rantomDo correct me if I'm wrong. Feature requests are low priority?17:44
rantomJust pondering if I'd submit it a feature request, if not already submitted, of making the dialer and address book accessible in landscape17:45
rantomIf I recall correctly those are locked to portrait, currently17:46
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sledgescurrently Nemo development is most active in lower than UI layers (namely MW and HA)17:49
sledgesif you want UI rough edges to be addressed, then dedicated UI developers needed ;)17:50
sledgesI am currently looking at making qmlcalc in landscape (could you double-check for me please if qmlcalc has landscape on your device, rantom)17:51
rantomsledges: sure17:52
rantomNo problem, thanks for highlighting17:54
rantomMy highlighting was broke for some reason so I fixed it now, wouldn't have noticed it without your highlight17:54
sledgeswell, if I unlock qmlcalc orientation, I think I'll be able to make it for dialer in a whizz (as it 'should just work' :)))17:54
rantomIt'd be a welcome addition, I say17:55
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rantomQuite hard to read who's calling when you have the device in landscape and screen is locked to portrait :P17:56
sledgesStskeeps, so a booted lipstick is slow on pandaboard. What I did: `killall Xorg; sleep 10; DISPLAY=:0 mcompositor &; DISPLAY=:0 mthemedaemon &; DISPLAY=:0 lipstick` - I got full fledged lipstick launching all apps and responding to minimise gestures and FAST! how weird17:56
sledgesI see, you are talking about incoming call on-top app, rantom17:57
rantomsledges: I tried with my N950 with latest image, no updates installed though now after that, and the calculator doesn't rotate to landscape17:58
rantomsledges: yes, that too17:58
sledgesgoood :) so it's not only me on pandaboard with neck-breaking calculator :D17:58
rantomdialer, incoming-call and address book <- all of those17:58
rantomIIRC it _did_ rotate to landscape in earlier images17:58
Stskeepssledges: might be environment variable related18:00
StskeepsQT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM and such18:00
sledgesafter manual restart they're left ignored? I'll check my shell env18:01
Stskeepscheck in the session itself18:01
sledgesshell session that is, yup18:02
sledgesthanks Stskeeps18:02
rantomWhoa, a lot of package updates18:02
sledges;) yup, everyone's buzzing with work :)18:03
rantomNice job on the packages application, by the way, it's a lot better, in my opinion, than updating from terminal18:03
rantomAnd there seems to be an update for qmlcalc..18:04
* sledges <- not from18:04
rantomThough from quick testing I can't update just one package, without going to terminal18:05
* rantom updates qmlcalc from terminal18:05
rantomsledges: with the newest qmlcalc it does rotate to landscape but the buttons are really small18:07
rantomAh, now I think I know what's going on18:07
sledgesgreat thanks, I haven't started looking at it yet18:07
rantomsledges: Correction: it doesn't rotate to landscape but it does work in landscape, if you start it in landscape18:08
rantom(landscape in this case: keyboard open)18:08
sledgesunderstood rantom , means it's locked, but not quite :D18:09
rantomsledges: Also, People (address book) does work in both portrait and in landscape18:09
sledgesso it means UI work is underway too ;)18:10
rantomShouldn't: qmlcalc --version tell me what version of qmlcalc is installed?18:11
sledges`zypper info qmlcalc`18:12
specialzypper info qmlcalc18:12
rantomAh, thanks18:12
rantomIt's been too long since the last time I user zypper18:12
rantomThat's quite cool, actually, a lot of useful information18:13
sledgesyup /me forgot the shorthand for versions :))18:13
* sledges goes now to the loo to use zypper18:13
rantomThanks again18:14
sledgesnot at all, thanks for checking :)18:17
rantomNo problem18:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7811 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/781119:53
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