Friday, 2013-02-08

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chriadamgood morning06:16
juicemesledges, the reason that the circle overshoot was only seen on my mockup was because I used the previous png from the wiki in the mockup. I only updated it to the new one you uploaded after that :)06:16
juicemefriday morning :)06:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7792 Rejected promotion request08:15
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7825 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7827 Rejected promotion request09:16
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pvuorelahaven't done contributions to nemo packages before, but been now trying to make a maliit update for new upstream release. got myself built new packages under my branches which seem to work.09:50
pvuorelawiki suggested notifying here before doing submissions, so this would be such :)09:50
phaeronpvuorela: fire away :)09:51
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w00tSage: is anything wrong with ?09:52
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7828 waiting for review at
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pvuorelacheckbox for "supersede pending requests" and a request from sage 2 weeks ago. yes/no?09:57
phaeronpvuorela: no09:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7829 waiting for review at
pvuorelaok, there.09:59
phaeronthanks :)10:00
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w00tdm8tbr: o/\o10:25
w00twe got him in two channels10:25
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile10:26
* dm8tbr high-fives w00t 10:28
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sledgesrunning angry birds on Nemo \o/10:42
sledges...sadly it doesn't respond to mouse clicks :D10:42
fk_lxthat must be the work of the piggies that touch doesn't work ;-)10:42
sledgesoh those sneaky ba.....s :)10:42
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sledgestrying with -dograb ....10:52
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sledgeshey fk_lx, got back home fine from fosdem? :)11:09
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sledgesangry birds run on pandaboard, no response to mouse clicks :{ it probably runs only with a touch panel device attached :{11:24
anYcsledges: what kind of package did you use to install it?11:26
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sledgesjust extracted N9's .deb (angrybirdsclassic)12:08
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anYcah ok, manual work required :)12:33
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fk_lxsledges: yes got back home fine, without problems13:05
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nochHow do I contribute nemomobile UI translation?13:27
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sledgesnoch, Nemo takes it from a dead repo:
sledgesif you see Merge requests, there's a russian translation request already13:39
sledgesbut has never been considered :(13:39
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sledgesSage, w00t, phaeron, lbt, should we clone meegotouch-community-l10n under or is there another plan?13:40
nochsledges: I can see Russian translation in Nemo settings. Though didn't try it. So it does not work?13:42
sledgesit's not full13:42
nochsledges: let me see how many strings are there13:42
sledgesthis one updates many things:
sledgesbut has never been pulled in :{13:43
nochsledges: why?13:43
nochsledges: just no resources to merge it?13:43
sledgesthe repo is dead (unmaintained anymore, maintainer is gone)13:43
nochsledges: or no maintainer?13:43
sledgeslike all meego repos on gitorious13:43
sledgeswe've already clone numerous under github/nemomobile and they are alive and kicking13:44
nochsledges: mmm... but didn't Nemo and Mer fork everything?13:44
*** jade has quit IRC13:44
sledgesnot everything ^13:44
sledgesso thanks for bringing this up ;)13:44
nochso I'll try to do a translation, then, I will wait for the l10n to appear in github and will do a merge request.13:45
sledgesPS: you can always try how your translation looks like on Nemo image13:45
sledgesby creating your own repo, and pointing Nemo to pull from there instead13:46
nochthank you13:46
sledgescurrently nemo pull from a snapshot state (with a Power Off button translation patch):
*** jreznik has quit IRC13:47
sledgesall you need to do is branch it and start playing :) (I gather you knew that)13:47
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sledgesI think this is not our die-hard fan..
sledgesthey do like sea animals/marine life though14:25
iekkumust be hard core fun14:27
iekkufan even14:27
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sledgeswhy doesn't lipstick (nor any other app) respond to BTN_TOUCH events ?14:49
*** Martix_ has quit IRC14:50
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile14:50
phaeronsledges: do the events reach X ? (using xev for example)14:54
*** tanghus has quit IRC14:56
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7832 Rejected promotion request14:56
sledgesphaeron, I use evtest, can read all events (ABS_X/Y, BTN_*) from egalax ts and also mouse. mouse works fine in X, touchscreen also moves cursor around correctly and calibratedly, but lipstick et al. ignores BTN_TOUCH14:58
*** Martix_ has quit IRC14:58
phaeronsledges: not sure if evtest gets events from evdev nodes ? check if there are xorg conf files that ignore some devices (etc or usr share) .. otherwise ask w00t :)14:59
sledgesI had to modify usr share xorg evdev.conf to add calibration data. I kept adding it to various nodes15:00
*** noch has quit IRC15:01
sledges(touchpad, tablet, touchscreen) - hardware touchscreen works (its movements), but BTN_TOUCH is ignored15:01
sledgesso I think it's a driver problem, as all events do reach lipstick15:01
Stskeepsuse mtev if multitouch15:01
sledgesprobably BTN_TOUCH needs to be remapped to BTN_LEFT (wonder if it could be done from xorg.conf)15:01
w00tlook into mtev and on the qt side
phaeronmaybe you need to modmap the buttons to 1 2 3 etc ..15:01
sledgesStskeeps, resistive, single touch15:01
Stskeepsbut yes, there's an issue15:01
sledgesw00t, ^15:02
Stskeepslook at patches we did for n900 ts driver15:04
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sledgeserm... ?15:06
*** Martix_ has quit IRC15:12
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile15:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7833 waiting for review at
sledgesok, another fun question: why doesn't angrybirds receive any input ?15:16
sledgeseven when I run them on pure Xorg session (no lipstick in between)15:16
sledgestried different -graphicssystem and -dograb - same :{15:16
*** martyone has quit IRC15:17
Jonnimaybe something to do with pandaboard adaptation15:18
w00tsledges: lipstick has nothing to do with event passing, so you're barking up the wrong tree15:18
w00ti have no idea why angry birds won't work, but for anything qt based, look in the .cpp I linked above15:19
sledgesw00t, I thought that was some opengl layer preventing events15:19
sledges(which might explain angrybirds behaviour)15:19
w00tshouldn't be15:20
w00tgrab an xprop rpm from wherever it is, install that, and see what X thinks is the topmost window when it's running15:20
Jonniangrybirds touch works fine in N950 nemo last time when I tested it, if I remember right.15:20
sledgesJonni, I grabbed N9/950 angrybirdsclassic binary btw15:20
sledgesit might expect something panda doesn't have15:21
JonniI tested with classing and magic versions15:21
Jonniclassic even15:21
Jonniyeah might be, I didnt look what it uses, it just worked :)15:22
*** pcat has quit IRC15:25
sledgesxprop's dead, rebuilding from cemetary: :)15:25
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7836 waiting for review at
Jonnimost likely its listening to QTtouchEvent's and if pandaboard does't map to multitouch events right or something.15:26
sledgesyes, binary is referencing QTouchEvent function calls15:27
sledgesneed a QTouchEvent hello world :)15:30
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile15:32
sledgesw00t, it thinks it's angrybirds on top - good15:33
sledgesmeans mtev mess is kicking in15:33
sledgesthanks for the xprop spy tip15:34
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:34
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*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile15:46
sledgesI should try a:b for N900, but that one has libpng12 dependency (mer is using libpng15)15:46
sledges(should work on pandaboard, since N900 has a resistive single touch screen. needs to find old libpng and compile that for mer..)15:47
*** arcean has quit IRC15:48
rcgmhmm.. good old libpng breakage15:53
rcgkinda get nostalgic memories back to the time when i used gentoo15:54
rcglibpng was always a nice source of trouble then15:54
rcgif you are lucky this will still build out of the box on obs15:57
*** fk_lx has quit IRC16:03
*** niqt has quit IRC16:07
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:12
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC16:13
sledgesrcg, thanks, I got that sorted:
sledgesthe link you gave me, it looks like libpng1516:15
sledgeslibpng12 is what i'm after16:16
sledgesok, it is 12 (libpng-1.2 ;))16:16
sledgeswish someone could just do obs cp for me instead ;)16:17
sledgesanyhow, N900 angrybirds with ubuntu's libpng-1.2.13 quit in early stages of app execution with (straced) recv(3, 0x149cd4, 4096, 0)              = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)16:21
*** mikhas has quit IRC16:22
sledgesis N900 softfp or hardfp ?16:22
bef0rdsupports hardfp16:22
sledgesN900 Nemo, that is16:22
sledgessorry, freemantle16:22
bef0rdn900 freemantle was compiled as softfp16:22
sledges(that's where angrybirds come from)16:22
sledgesso might be the reasong I won't be able to run N900's angrybirds (softfp presumed) on pandaboard hardfp16:23
bef0rdthere is an errata on the chipset, check the thread on TMO where freemangordon is compiling packages for hardfp with patches on the kernel to workaround the hardfp erratas16:23
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile16:24
sledgesbef0rd, you see I'm after a bit different thing (/me not an N900 owner btw)16:24
anYchm, afair, "Resource temporarily unavailable" doesn't have to be the cause. if you got issues with lib I would start it with LD_DEBUG="all" ./myapp16:28
anYcbut I don't know if that's possible in nemo16:29
*** mric_ has joined #nemomobile16:32
sledgesanYc, yes, it worked16:34
sledgesspat shedloads of output :)16:34
anYcI don't see an explicit error, but it loads some "dbus*error*" functions before looking after lots of finalize/destroy/free functions16:40
sledgesI think there is a reason: it inits PVR gles, then spits this and then quits: PVR:(Warning): PVRDRMSetFD: DRM fd already set [57, /pvr_bridge_u.c]16:41
*** auri__ has left #nemomobile16:41
sledgesnever seen this warning on any other apps (angrybirdsclassic for N9 doesn't spit this, only angrybirds for N90016:42
*** joernchen has left #nemomobile16:45
anYchm, I'd say it starts shutdown around line 2313. before line 2000 it also loads dbus timeout functions. but I'm just guessing :)16:46
sledgesok, I'll look into dbus too16:46
anYcmaybe sniffing dbus traffic?16:46
anYcbut maybe it is just the messenger16:47
sledgesboth version injects themselves under /usr/share/dbus-1/services/{com.rovio.angrybirdsclassic.service,angrybirds.service}16:50
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:50
sledgesthe classic version is Exec with -graphicssystem meego prepended (I don't know when .service files are actually used..)16:51
sledgesif an opengl app has been compiled under softfp, would it work under hardfp environment ?16:51
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile16:55
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*** slaine has joined #nemomobile17:13
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*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:16
sledgesldd on n900's angrybirds binary says 'not a dynamic executable', though still executes. n9's ldd is beau17:23
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile17:30
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile17:35
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*** peetah has quit IRC18:25
sledgesstrace confirms N9's angrybirdsclassic receives all input events from connected devices (poll() and then does writev() )18:26
sledgesjust ignores them :{18:26
*** peetah has joined #nemomobile18:26
*** ZrZ has quit IRC18:26
sledgesnext week colleague brings in WACOM BAMBOO TOUCH TABLET :)18:26
sledgeswe'll see18:26
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile18:32
*** marty1 has joined #nemomobile18:33
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello everybody !19:17
Sfiet_Konstantindamn !19:17
Sfiet_Konstantinchriadam|away is away !19:18
Stskeepshe's in australia :P19:18
Sfiet_Konstantinit seems19:19
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges is making a bridge between us19:19
Morpog_MobileJust stay up long enough :-)19:20
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, not these days, since I'm moving between France and Switzerland19:20
Morpog_MobileOr stay up early enough :-)19:20
Sfiet_Konstantinso I'm not often on internet19:21
Morpog_MobileLower taxes im france? ;)19:21
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: :P19:22
Sfiet_Konstantinnot really, moving my gf now19:22
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm from France, studying in CH actually19:22
Morpog_MobileDamn android keyboard19:22
Sfiet_Konstantinand now, she have to move back19:22
Morpog_MobileAhh ok, good for french to study there in the french part of swiss i guess19:23
Sfiet_Konstantinnot german part19:23
Morpog_MobileThat part would be more comfortable for me19:24
*** slaine has quit IRC19:24
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Sfiet_Konstantinbe aware Morpog_Mobile, they speak a strange tongue19:29
Sfiet_Konstantincalled suiss german19:29
Sfiet_Konstantinit is really strange19:29
Sfiet_Konstantinbeware :P19:29
Morpog_MobileWell i can counterstrange them with my swabian tongue ;)19:30
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*** sigmaorion has joined #nemomobile20:05
sigmaorionhi there!20:09
sigmaorionis bluetooth actually supported at Nemo?20:09
sigmaorionin my N9 I see the options there but no functionallity at all!20:09
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:12
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