Thursday, 2013-02-07

the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7816 Rejected promotion request00:04
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7817 waiting for review at
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juicemeSilly question, really, and might be a FAQ but I did not find an easy answer;06:30
juicemeHow could I easiest sync my contacts and messages between Nemo and Harmattan on the same device?06:30
Stskeepscontacts it should be possible to use vcard06:31
Stskeepsmessages.. nfi06:31
juicemeFor contacts, they are updating not so often, it I can do manually06:31
juicemebut what about messages?06:31
Stskeepsi don't recall what stores it in harmattan06:32
juicemeIn harmattan it is in sqlite database06:32
juicemehow is it done in Nemo?06:32
juicemeIdeally, I was thinking something like; when selecting the boot-OS, there could be a script that checks which one is more up-to-date, Nemo or Harmattan message DB, and copies/transforms the newer DB to the other side06:34
specialharmattan should store them the same way, in tracker06:35
specialin theory it might be possible to sync in some way, but I'm not sure how you'd do it offline..06:35
juicemeYes, in Harmattan it is in tracker DB, except for MMS which get a bit different handling06:36
juicemespecial, I can read the DB offline :)06:36
juiceme(offline, meaning when running something else than Harmattan on the device)06:37
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juicemeWhat is the message storage in Nemo, how is it done?06:37
specialshould be the same as harmattan, stored in tracker via libcommhistory06:38
specialthere might be some differences that will cause problems, though06:38
speciallike the name of the TP account for cellular06:38
juicemeokay, so both devices have Tracker to take care of it, but DB formats may differ?06:38
specialformats should be the same, but some data might be slightly different.06:39
juicemeHow about modifying the DB outside the Tracker scope, is that receipe for disaster?06:40
juicemeMeaning, the DB's are on the disk, if I insert SQL when in preboot, will Tracker throw the wrench in corner when it starts?06:41
specialno idea, that is far outside the realm of sanity06:41
juicemewell I am not known for sanity :)06:41
juicemeIf I follow the DB schema rigorously it _should_ be doable06:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7812 waiting for review at
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kontiow00t: Vesuri: special: can one of you review quickly ?07:35
specialkontio: looking07:35
kontiothx not a difficult one :-)07:35
specialmerged; there's another change sitting in libcommhistory anyway, do you want a release?07:38
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kontiothere is a change in .spec needed, so if you could make a release, then I would also make a SR in obs, with new tarball07:40
kontiospecial: ^07:40
* special just realized that was commhistory-daemon, not libcommhistory07:41
specialI'm clearly qualified to be reviewing code at midnight07:41
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kontiospecial: but I want to add the libcommhistory unit tests also to a tests package, would probably need the same changes as commhistory-daemon...07:44
specialkontio: bumped version and tagged07:44
kontiospecial: ok, thx, I will make tarball and SR in OBS then07:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7818 waiting for review at
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PMGAny objections against merging of this timed test-related pull request: ?08:09
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iekkuoh, jukka has invented cloning machine?08:14
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dm8tbriekku: massive parallel social media handling ;)08:16
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7820 waiting for review at
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iekkudm8tbr, he truly is master of some :P08:22
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kontiophaeron: SR 7820 is a simple one, just adds -tests package and a tests.xml adapted for nemo, I tested the package, tests can be ran with testrunner-lite09:18
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Aardsampos: just found out why the mtp-icon is in the users home on n9 -- that way it gets used for the device when using mass storage :)10:21
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samposAard: ahaa :)11:46
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7821 waiting for review at
kontio^ more test packages...12:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7822 waiting for review at
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phaeronSage: ^^13:13
toprois there a readson for why n900 gets new random wlan mac addr on each boot?13:13
w00tI thought there was a workaround script/package/??? for that someplace13:15
w00tStskeeps or Sage might remember13:15
Stskeepsit shouldn't13:15
toprothough it does :(13:16
topro^^ using the latest image from
Stskeepsrpm -qa | grep wl1251-cal13:21
toprois it supposed to use the real nokia mac13:21
Stskeepsthink so13:22
toproStskeeps: mom, reboot from maemo to nemo13:22
toproStskeeps: wl1251-cal-bin-0.18-3.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N900.armv7hl13:25
Stskeepssystemctl | grep wl125113:25
toprowl1251-cal.service      loaded failed failed        wl1251-cal service to set wlan0 MAC address13:26
topro^^ literal paste13:27
Stskeepsyeah, perhaps good idea to look at journalctl13:27
Stskeepsfor why it failed13:27
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toprowl1251-cal.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=113:29
toprounit wl1251-cal.service entered failed state13:29
Stskeepshow about sysinfod?13:30
toproERROR: couldn't get product model, falling back to default PP bit configuration13:31
Stskeepsdid you by chance nuke your CAL at some point?13:31
Stskeepsyeah, a little area with the lock code, etc13:32
toproin hardware you  mean?13:32
toprowell, booting maemo givees me a valid mac addr13:32
toprolike 57:5c:...13:33
toproi had this same behavior with early versions of meego 1.2 those days, but the latest meego versions mac addr was correct13:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7823 waiting for review at
toprothe point with ever-changing mac address is that after each boot I would have to add another mac-addr to my wifi router mac-filter13:38
Stskeepsit should be working, sysinfod in systemctl?13:39
Stskeepssystemctl | grep sysinfod13:40
toproStskeeps: no match at all13:42
Stskeepsrpm -qa | grep sysinfo13:43
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toprotoo much to type. is there a simple way to setup usb-networking?13:45
spiirointopro, Stskeeps: that "falling back ..." error message makes me think N9 sysinfod - and this was n900 hw?13:46
topron900 here13:46
Stskeepssysinfod-rx51 should be on n90013:46
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toproi.e. sysinfod-rx51-bin is there13:48
Stskeepsok hmm13:49
Stskeepsso maybe it doesn't get started, sage?13:49
toprotogether with libsysinfo-rx51-bin, sysinfod-rx51-[common-bin|udev-rules|trool-bin]13:49
toprowhats the binary called, ps aux | grep ???13:50
topronot running13:50
Stskeepswell, that's probably why calibration fails then13:51
jonwilFYI, I made a clone of wl1251-CAL a while back in case someone wants to understand what its really doing :)13:55
jonwilsame with the bluetooth stuff for setting the MAC address :)13:55
toprook, i got usb networking running. so debugging should be ways easier now13:56
toprojonwil: you know the command to query the bt mac, please?14:00
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jonwilDo you mean how to read it from the CAL or from the bluetooth hardware?14:01
jonwilfor reading from the hardware you should be able to do cat /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr14:03
jonwilfor reading from the CAL area I have code at that does it14:03
jonwilIt basically reads the bluetooth MAC address from the CAL and writes it to that /sys location14:03
jonwilwhere the kernel driver will then make use of it14:04
toprocat /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr is 00:00:00:00:00:0014:07
toproso same issue as with wlan mac?14:07
jonwilYour issue is clearly that sysinfod isn't running14:08
jonwileither because its missing or because its not starting properly14:08
toproyou know how it should get started? init script?14:09
jonwilnot sure14:09
toprowhich sysinfod returns /usr/sbin/sysinfod14:09
toproso its there14:09
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jonwilI think sysinfod might be started via udev14:12
jonwilNot sure though14:12
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toprocan I start it by hand to see some console output, maybe if it crashes?14:18
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toprook, we already did that. starting sysinfod gives me: ERROR: couldn't get product model, falling back to default PP bit configuration14:31
toprobut it doesn't crash14:32
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toprowould that be the same reason why battery indicator is not working or is that just not implemented, yet?14:36
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sledgesSage, I updated wiki with updated (rolling) links and --pkgmgr=zypp:
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juicemeHi, what would you like to see as a logo for Nemo in a boot screen?16:46
juicemeI have kind of used the "sail-like" logo from qwazix's blog, and then there is the "captain's band" kind of logo...16:47
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juicemeSo quick show of hands, which is better?16:48
juicemeOr is there something else...?16:48
sledgesjuiceme, thanks for questioning, but:
juicemeoo thanks gfor the link sledges16:50
sledgesnow it would be awesome if you could replace the existing logo16:50
sledgesI tried quickly: size and palette messed up (palette yellowing is a known issue)16:50
sledgeson N916:50
sledgesbut size is something new. I think that png has to be re-encoded (RGB indexed mode?)16:51
juicemewell, I am currently tuning my multiboot screen :)16:51
juicemethe logo is for that purpos16:51
sledgesoh ok :)16:51
sledgesso the multiboot screen logo should sport not only nemo? ;)16:51
juicemeAm thinking of having some nice animations on it :)16:52
juicemethere is Harmattan, Nitdroid, Nemo16:52
sledgesok that's interesting :)16:52
juicemeand several kernels to select with too :)16:52
sledgesanyway, here with me I have other sizes: 858x480 and 1280x1024 (used on monitor with pandaboard nemo)16:52
sledgesask away if you need16:53
juicemewell several kernels to Harmattan, anyways, I have just one Nitdroid kernel and Nemo with the latest...16:53
juicemeThe needed logo in the boot menu is small, it's just a button to press, size about 200x20016:54
sledgesthe awesomest thing would be to have nemo bootsplash logo be different size (w/o distortions) for every Nokia (N9 = 858x460, N9x0 = 800x480)16:54
sledges(for this, one has to check /etc/board-info file)16:55
sledgesjuiceme, ok, I can make one for you in a swift16:55
sledgesI thought you are going to address the bootsplash altogether ;)16:55
sledgesanyway, know you know the situation :P16:55
juicemeI am thinking about having a first-level screen with 3 icons, Harmattan/Nidtdoid/Nemo, then when user selects one, the others will fade away and the kernel selection for the boot-Os will come up, then some fadeaway animation and boot to the selected OS with selected kernel16:56
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sledgesso you'd have two phases? one for distro, and then for kernel?16:57
sledgeslike - open and closed mode for harmattan? :)16:57
sledgesor multiple nemo kernels for developers? ;) sounds fun!16:57
juicemeyes, I thought about havin everything in one list but this seems neater :)16:57
juicememultiple kernels here is a must :)16:58
juicemeI need that feature for myself, as I change kernels a lot, now it's not anumore necessary to ever flash the device again, just copy kernel and modules to the device and boot it ?16:58
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juicemeor actually rather s/\?/\!/16:59
qwazixHm, I should announce the final logo on the blog it seems...17:00
sledgeshey qwazix :) well, it has been outnumbered, hasn't it? :)17:00
juicemehi qwazix, I've been privately using your "sail-logo" :)17:00
sledgesI liked sail- more, but now the more I look at the winner, the more i like it :)17:00
qwazixYou're welcome to use whatever you like, but the winner is official17:01
sledgeseven my fiancee said the captain insignia is better - because it has a distinct shape - recognisable from a distance17:01
juicemethe winner is simple, that's why it has best reception, it does not really offend anyone...17:02
sledgesjuiceme, how's this one?
qwazixsledges, I like that logo too, even if it's not mine. It's very well made17:02
sledgesand/or not mistaken for a shark fin ;)17:02
juicemeThat should be perfect :)17:03
juicemeAltough I am not sure about the text, the insignia should stand by itself17:03
juicemeYes, the sharkfin, or sailfis-fin is reserved for the future :)17:04
sledgesjust reuploaded less edgy and more marginalised one:
juicemeUp to now, I have had the OS-logoes just pictures, with no text17:05
sledgesqwazix, could you make an SVG version available please? :)17:05
juicemehow about black background?17:06
juicemedo you think it would be recognizable?17:06
juicemeif there was just the insignia part, in light blue and no text?17:07
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sledgesI find the logo looks pretty neat on pandaboard/monitor: (ignore the lens/refresh stripes, in reality is even more smooth ;))17:12
sledgesjuiceme, I see you are trying to integrate it with your bootloader theme ;P17:14
sledgesfor this we'll need source files from qwazix :)17:16
sledgesthough he said it wasn't his (?) logo17:16
juicemesledges, the visual image I am looking for is something close to this;
juicemeThat is what my current menu looks like, but there is no kernel selection yet, each OS has its static kernel in this menu17:18
juicemeI am not that happy with the Nemo logo on this screen, as it has both coloured background and text, but I made it in a hurry17:19
sledgesyou can try this one:
juicemeNow as I am going to announce my bootloader I would like to make it look nice and uniform...17:20
sledgessure :)17:21
juicemeThat one is fairly nice, as it has the mirroring effect and all... but consider, we are talking about png's on a N9 screen here :)17:21
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juicemeI am not sure it renders so beautifully on the device17:21
sledgeswell, it's all about colourspace isn't it17:22
juicemeTrying won't hurt, though17:22
* sledges haven't experimented with graphics in early boot stages17:22
sledgesI suggest remove reflection17:22
sledgesfor logo to be more squarey17:22
juicemeI can try it both versions, with the reflection and without.17:23
sledgesbut I'd also wait for source files of the winner logo, because we'll unleash nemo everywhere with the captain insignia one..17:23
sledgesyes, but with reflection you won'ŧ fit into 200x200 (or the sail+reflection will be very thin)17:23
sledgesdepends how much you are in a hurry :)17:24
juicemewell I am not in too-much hurry, altough people are asking me to launch it :)17:25
juicemeI have been now running my device in multiboot mode for a week, since I got it working and it is definitely nice :)17:26
qwazixsorry, I was distracted, I think I have the sources here, I'll check, but isn't it better to use the final logo everywhere?17:31
*** slaine has quit IRC17:33
qwazixhm, no, I don't have it here I'll have to search my other computers17:34
sledgesI saved you :)17:35
sledgesI feel very motivated when it comes about logos :)))17:36
sledgesi.e. everything about logos except actually drawing them :))17:37
juicemesledges, the last one is something I had in mind :)17:39
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:40
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:40
sledgesnow it looks quite a bit too cyan (reminds me of old CGA screens :))
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:41
juicemeits just navy_blue :)17:42
juicemebut it is true the background affects the colours placed on it17:42
*** jpetersen_ has joined #nemomobile17:44
sledgeshere's a darkened one:
sledges(with last retouches :))17:44
*** jpetersen has quit IRC17:48
sledgesI'd say navy blue is this one: (depends on your monitor colour profile too :))17:50
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juicemeokay... quick mockup, menu would look something like this;
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile18:11
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juicememaybe I should add one extra "info" button, which could show an owner-panel, name and address for returning if device gets lost..18:12
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sledgeshi joernchen18:27
joernchenhey, just bzcatinÃ' nemo on my n900 =)18:30
juicemeThis would be the menu with info... :
sledgesjuiceme, there's a weird bit left over from circle under first block in nemo insignia in your mockup &)18:38
* sledges someone slap me for being pedantic18:39
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile18:42
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juicemesledges, I can fix it, actually saw it myself. the circle goes bit over the topmost bar.18:54
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello everybody19:48
Sfiet_Konstantindoes anyone knows where is nemo copy of "libsignon" ?19:49
Sfiet_Konstantinis nemo based on upstream signon or uses a specific one ?19:49
Stskeepsmer has libsignon now19:50
Stskeepsand i think it's based on upstream19:50
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, which upstream ?19:51
Sfiet_Konstantinthere are at least 3 repo19:51
Sfiet_Konstantingitorious, google code, and one on launchpad19:51
Sfiet_Konstantinlaunchpad cannot be upstream i think19:51
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks :)19:51
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sledgeshow weird juiceme, the circle overshoot is not visible on here:
sledgestwilight zone :)23:42
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