Saturday, 2013-02-16

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wazdwazzup :)08:54
Stskeepso/ wazd08:54
wazdHeya! Feel better? :)08:55
Stskeepsyeah, much better08:55
Stskeepsdon't think i've been that sick in forever08:55
wazddamned flu08:55
wazdI caught it right before my trip08:55
Stskeepswazd: did paypal ever get into the russian market btw?08:58
wazdStskeeps: nope, but e have falling meteors! :D08:59
wazdStskeeps: ad US bank account so who cares anyway :P08:59
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Stskeepsso to tap into the russian market of entrepreneurs, you have to have standard bank wire transfers?09:00
wazdI beleive I can just receive a wire transfer to US account and cash it here09:02
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rcgSage, did you have a chance to look at:
rcgin the meantime i also contacted the original author and uploaded the changes in a fork of the original project at bitbucket10:33
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cypahi guys14:42
cypaseems I am very first who installed on cedar trail, do I?14:43
Stskeepsperhaps, what GPU does that have?14:43
cypaand I've no X started14:43
cypaiI guess it is SoC14:44
cypawait, on MeeGo 1.2.0 it was cdv driver14:45
Stskeepsok, so powervr14:45
cypait is asus X101CH cute netbook without any cooler ;)14:45
Stskeepsnot sure we've tested it with those as they might be for an older xorg version14:46
cypaas I see only present on installed image14:46
cypamaybe vesa for the first time?14:46
cypasome time14:46
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Stskeepsand llvmpipe14:49
topro__hci_h4p hci_h4p: Valid bluetooth address not found.14:50
topro__^^ ever seen?14:50
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topro_nemo n900 that is14:51
Stskeepstopro_: same issue as your wlan issue maybe14:51
topro_i think so. but still no direction where to look for the root cause14:52
topro_bme_RX-51/199: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6.14:52
topro_^^ from dmesg, related?14:52
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cypa1again, how do I get to grahic UI on powervr (cedar trail netbook)?14:53
cypa1any hints?14:53
Stskeepstopro_: probably14:57
Stskeepstopro_: you really have a weird system.. did you do anything to cause CAL to be permanently unreadable?14:57
Stskeepsor how do you boot the OS?14:58
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Stskeepsor a lock code on harmattan side?15:00
topro_n900 nemo, so no harmattan code, btw. booting maemo bt and wlan work correctly. boot using uboot-pr1315:01
topro_nemo on sd15:01
topro_at least, since last zypper dup bettery indicator started working :)15:02
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topro_images is this one:
cypa1is there packages repo? to get vesa driver for i586?15:04
cypa1for netbook15:04
Stskeepscypa1: think there's one in the x86 one already15:04
topro_and remember: i already had the exact same problem whith the earlier meego images back then, as meego for n900 got more mature this problem disappeared15:05
topro_dmesg, if you don't mind
Stskeepstopro_: i'm at a loss at what it could be15:07
Stskeepsanybody else on n900 seeing same thing?15:07
topro_maybe I'll just reflash latest image to see if that changes anyting15:09
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topro_anyone knows whats the meaning of .0.1 vs .1 image version numbers?15:12
Stskeeps.1 is the ones you want to have as they're based on a stable mer core15:13
Stskeeps0.* is prereleases of mer15:13
cypa1btw, extlinux.conf kernel filename lacked prevailing '/' after installer-shell run15:13
topro_ok, so maybe that is related as the image im using right now is 0.20130124.0.2.NEMO.2013-01-27.2/15:14
cypa1got unbootable first, until realized this15:14
topro_i'll reflash15:14
cypa1on netbook15:14
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cypa1it was old 2012 snapshot15:17
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teve apache is misconfigured, if you click "parent directory" on it'll append hostname to path.15:22
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cypaoops, there is no vesa Xorg drv on snapshot15:37
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cypaonly intel_drv15:37
cypafind / | grep vesa gives nothing15:37
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cypayou told vesa is there15:38
Stskeepsit's in package repository15:38
cypaplease, point to the repository15:38
cypazypp/repo.d/* have outdated links as I see15:39
cypaI used old snapshot15:39
Stskeepszypper in ?15:40
cypayes zypper is here, but no internet connection yes15:41
Stskeepsyou might have more luck with the i486-vm images15:42
cypadont know how to connect usb-modem on cmd line15:42
topro_reflashed.. now i get valid wlan mac 5c:57:... \o/  but still [   38.291534] hci_h4p hci_h4p: Valid bluetooth address not found.15:42
Stskeepsit has vesa and llvmline15:42
Stskeepstopro_: bluetooth being broken is a different thing15:42
topro_Stskeeps: did you know that before or is that your conclusion?15:42
Stskeepsthat's what i seem to remember now15:42
Stskeepsn900 is a bit far away from me :P15:43
topro_what hardware are you using? n950? n9?15:43
Stskeepsn9 usually15:43
topro_i was thinking about getting a n9 but it seems to be out of stock nearly everywhere15:44
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topro_will there soon be n9 nemo images, i.e. i remember it was hard to get n9 to boot anything other then harmattan15:46
Stskeepsn950 images work for n915:46
topro_so image on sd like with n900?15:47
topro_i.e. dual boot?15:47
Stskeepsno sd in n950/n915:47
Stskeepsdifferent partition though15:47
topro_what was the boot-lock mechanism on n9 called, was it oslo or something like that?15:48
topro_yes, thats it. is it still there as doesn't mention anything like that15:52
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Stskeepsloader you mean15:54
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topro_well actually is there anything trying to stop me from installing/booting nemo on n9?15:55
Stskeepsnot really no15:56
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topro_so Alt_OS is already there when I unbox my n9 and when I untar the n950 image there i'm ready to go (i.e. dual-boot)?15:57
topro_oh sorry, I missed most of the story, gonna re-read that wiki page15:58
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topro_would a 16gb n9 be enough for harmattan/nemo dual booting? i.e. how much disk space does harmattan install take from those 16gb?16:05
Stskeepsi only have a 16gb one at least16:09
topro_ok, then that'll do16:10
topro_BT and qtmobility currently working on nemo @ n9?16:11
Stskeepsi think bt works but i'm not sure16:12
Stskeepsgps won't16:12
topro_i knew there is a trap ;)16:13
topro_will it, eventually? or is it a licensing issue?16:13
* dm8tbr suspects a pile of closed libraries...16:20
Stskeepstopro_: nothing more will happen to closed bits of n9/n90016:24
Stskeepsthe unit is dead and gone16:24
topro_for sure16:24
topro_but affordable ;)16:24
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cos-any tips how to install latest i586 image on exopc? console is _very_ slow and sometimes does not respond at all20:26
Stskeepswhat version?20:27
Stskeepsok, it's a prerelease so bugs may be expected20:28
Stskeepsanything in 'top' or journalctl?20:28
cos-hold on, takes a while to launch working console & top..20:31
cos-mcompositor or meego-terminal hog the cpu whenever i see top updating20:34
cos-i suppose it's better to use older release for installing, this one is not usable20:34
cos-weirdly the app launcher works at normal speed, but whenever i launch terminal, everything becomes slow and corrupt20:35
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Stskeepsok, i'll take a look20:37
Stskeeps(but not tonight)20:37
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cos-thanks. i'll also have some other stuff to do, just wanted to quickly poll the current status20:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7976 waiting for review at
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