Sunday, 2013-02-17

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qwazixI can't type 0 on nemo on my N950, it might be the fact I messed up the keymaps, but I reverted to the original and still have that problem, is it by any chance known?13:50
thpany mirrors for MOSLO + Harmattan Flasher? doesn't work (" An error occurred while processing your request.")13:51
Stskeepsthp: think the mer wiki has a new link13:51
thplooking @ here13:52
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thpor would that also work?
Stskeepsi think aard's new moslo isn't half bad either13:54
Stskeepsthough i'm not sure if that's documented there13:54
Stskeeps line should really work13:54
Stskeeps not working?13:55
Stskeepsthp: btw, sorry for not being able to talk much on fosdem, was feeling quite bad13:56
thpStskeeps: np - it was quite short and hectic in general :)13:58
Stskeepsthp: in other news, ubuntu phone uses libhybris and has promised to open source their changes by 21st13:58
thpnice :) i've heard that they were using it, but didn't know that they want to open source it13:59
Stskeepswell, it'd be a massive douchebag move if they do anything else..13:59
Stskeepsbut that's for a longer discussion :P13:59
thpi wonder how much else of ubuntu phone is open, the announcement looks like much of it is?14:03
Stskeepswe'll have to wait and see but the truth is also today, that with the same tools and frameworks, anybody can do a nice ui like sailfish is14:03
AardStskeeps: my moslo (apart from the 'boot throught if wallcharger is attached')  is not public, as a) it's removing any dual-boot capability and b) I'm very unhappy with having to rebuild the whole kernel just to inject some bits into initramfs14:04
Stskeepsit's the last mile that's a problem, when you have to productize it14:04
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AardI'd like to do a very small first-stage loader we can include in the n9x-kernel per default, and that'd then load the remaining bits from emmc when required to get around the 'two kernels' thing, but no time so far14:06
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situIs resolved ?17:18
MerbotNemo bug 599 in .Other "invoker segfaults when using --type=q for duicontrolpanel on x86" [Critical,New]17:18
situJust asking in case bug report  has not been updated after fix.17:19
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qwazixhow do I change locale in nemo?17:40
qwazix(I mean the environment variable, not the language of the interface or something)17:41
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phaeronqwazix: systemd configuration18:18
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qwazixphaeron, thanks, but I'm not really sure that my problem lies in locale after all. In harmattan and nemo dead keys (key composition) don't work in qt apps.18:28
qwazixI'm trying to solve this and taking longshots...18:28
Stskeepsqwazix: setxkbmap trick may not be working18:38
Stskeepsit used to be in /etc/xdg/autostart18:38
qwazixsetxkbmap works for me (not persistent between restarts) but dead keys don't work18:40
qwazixI tried various things like editing the /usr/share/X11/locale/el_GR.UTF-8/Compose file18:41
Stskeepsyou need to get it run as a service in systemd user session18:41
qwazixI don't mind running it manually every reboot, but either way it's useless if I can't type accented characters18:42
qwazixgoogle gives 2 pages of results about "qt and dead keys"18:43
qwazixwith different workarounds, none of which work on nemo or harmattan18:43
Stskeepsthe issue is xkbmap not running :P18:44
Stskeepswe're talking past eachother :)18:44
qwazixI'm not sure I understand18:45
qwazixif xkbmap is not running how do I switch keymaps successfully18:45
Stskeepscat /etc/xdg/autostart/* and see what setxkbmap is used?18:46
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qwazixyep found the line -layout us -variant",qwerty", between other things18:48
qwazixalso, for some weird reason, the second layout doesn't get loaded from the rm-680 file but the generic one. I need to set -layout "us,nokia_vndr/rm-680(el)" to be able to load the right layout18:54
Stskeepshmm :P19:09
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qwazixI tried to modify the autostart script, you're right. It doesn't work19:10
Stskeepsprobably got lost when we upgraded to systemd user sessions19:11
Stskeepsand ditched old xdg autostart19:11
qwazixDo you think this is connected to the non-functioning dead keys? I really doubt it as I can type all other greek characters fine19:12
Stskeepsprobably, yeah19:12
Stskeepsget the right setxkbmap done i think19:12
Stskeepsalso, i think there might be something related to dead keys and input methods19:12
Stskeepsbut you'd have to ask mikhas about that19:12
qwazixit seems to have something to do with im, thanks, I'll ask him19:13
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