Thursday, 2013-02-21

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Sagew00t: could you enable armv7hl builds in your contactds submit?08:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8159 Accepted promotion request10:00
w00tSage: umm.. how do I change a submit?10:02
phaeronw00t: already accepted ?10:04
faenilw00t, phaeron long time no's life over there?10:04
phaeronnot bad. busy.10:05
w00tphaeron: he asked me to enable armv7hl, but yes, I think it's already integrated10:05
faenilas usual :)10:05
w00tfaenil: right now, tired10:05
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w00tbut other than that, alright, you?10:05
faenilw00t, still in bed :/ got the flu 3 days ago10:05
phaeronw00t: he meant enable building for armv7hl in your source project10:05
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w00tphaeron: ah ok10:05
w00tall that is fixed10:06
faenilguys did I just dreamt this, or today is SDK day?10:07
w00ttoday is thursday10:07
w00t(it's such a shame it isn't friday... then I could have linked you to a song explaining all this)10:07
faenilI just don't remember where I got the info from, but I was sure 21st was THE day10:08
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chriadam_you're mixing up your open source, linux-based, vertically applicable operating systems10:11
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faenilsledges, o/10:17
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mikhasw00t, :-D10:21
mikhasI think you may have a drinking problem10:21
w00tmikhas: after this week, I would not at all be surprised10:21
* w00t plans on taking the weekend offline10:22
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Aardw00t: how will you be able to push your commits without internet? :)10:27
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w00tAard: *twitch*10:29
mikhasw00t, getting drunk should take you offline, reliably10:35
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anYcmikhas: I've seen otherwise... ;)10:39
w00tyeah.. i've had the opposite experience before :p10:40
mikhasOK fine, getting drunk in a remote summer cottage then!10:41
sledgeshow about staying sober in a remote summer cottage ?10:42
w00tmikhas: don't taunt me about summer...10:44
* w00t glares at the snow10:44
mikhasw00t, sorry, I meant *winter* cottage.10:44
sledgeswith sauna and nearby frozen lake with an opening in the ice10:45
sledgesalcohol = mandatory10:45
w00tI actually need to go shovel snow out the back of my house tonight, there's snow piled up so high that it's pressing on a few windows10:45
anYcthat's a point that would keep me from moving to a northern country :)10:51
sledgeshow can I fix this: SDL_gles-devel.armv7hl: E: spurious-executable-perm (Badness: 50) /usr/include/SDL/SDL_gles.h10:53
sledges(erm, could've asked on #mer, too %)10:53
sledgesbus since SDL's hitting Nemo:MW..10:53
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Sagew00t: that is ok already ;)10:54
Sagesledges: do chmod a-x /usr/include/SDL/SDL_gles.h10:55
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sledgesin the .spec file.. ok, thanks. Just weird how it became executable, whence in src tarball it's not10:56
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sledgesthp, got stuck on this one: main.cpp:52:23: error: 'SDL_GL_CONTEXT_MAJOR_VERSION' (and 'SDL_OPENGLES') was not declared in this scope11:15
sledgeslooks like SDL patched with OpenGL ES support is needed11:16
thpsledges: <- has the required patches11:16
sledgesyou're the man :) now how to solve tha packaging havoc :)11:17
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Venemois there Qt5 for harmattan yet?11:22
Venemosorry, wrong channel11:22
mikhasVenemo, better ask on #graveyard11:23
Venemoyep, already did11:24
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thpVenemo: snowshow runs on harmattan, so there is at least some (pre-release) build of qt5 floating around11:36
w00tthp: looking at qmlmusicplayer now11:36
thpw00t: good :) i wonder if we should strip out the phonon backend and use QML's Audio {} element instead11:37
thp(ideally also using tracker or something in the long run instead of doing its own indexing)11:38
Venemohey thp :)11:38
Venemowelcome to Nemo :)11:38
w00tthp: yeah, i'd prefer qtmultimedia, and that should get us audio policy bits for free once that gets fixed11:39
thpVenemo: :)11:40
w00tthp: documentgallerymodel might be useful11:40
thpare there any plans to use the currently-disabled views of lipstick colorful home such as the cloud, the star, and the search icon?11:41
w00tit didn't find any of my ogg in ~/Music11:41
Venemothp: the concept has changed since those tabs were added11:42
thpw00t: you have to manually update the media index11:42
thpVenemo: is the concept documented somewhere?11:42
Venemothp: actually, qwazix and myself have invented a very nice new concept, but neither of us have had any time to implement it. I still have a pencil&paper sketch of it though :)11:42
w00tthp: *twitch* :)11:43
Venemothp: if you are interested, we can talk about it at the weekend :)11:43
thpVenemo: what about just blatantly cloning the harmattan ui until somebody has time to implement a better concept?11:45
Venemothp: the concept is similar to the harmattan ui, too.11:45
Venemothp: but as I said, I haven't had any time for Nemo since september :(11:46
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thpi can see favorites view is like the events view (without the events ;), apps and "balloons" is also similar to harmattan's views.11:46
Venemoyes, right now it is quite primitive11:46
thpso hiding the top bar and removing the clould and search should yield "something like" harmattan's three views11:46
Venemothe old concept was that it would contain 5 or 6 horizontally pannable views, each for some purpose11:46
Venemothe new concept is kind of a mix of harmattan and wp11:47
thpyeah, i have uncommented them in the qml to have a look at it11:47
Venemoso I was going to allocate some time a few weeks ago, but then, what's the point? sailfish will be released (and will be open) quite soon, so nobody would care about nemo anymore anyway.11:48
w00tI don't think that's necessarily true (the "nobody would care" part)11:48
thpafaiui the ux won't be open, just middleware, and silica components11:49
w00tcaution indicates that it's always good to not put all your eggs in one basket, that's one important lesson from nokia11:49
Venemothat is right11:50
Venemowell OK, I'm convinced :)11:50
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thp <- input method, home screen, settings and apps will be closed according to this slide11:50
Venemothen it has changed since I last heard about the stuff11:51
Venemoif it's a closed UI, then of course we should create an open one11:51
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Stskeepsthp, the main illustration of that slide is to say at first, silica will be open11:54
thpdoes it also say (bottom right corner, where the box is not semi-transparent) that the hw adaption of some future device is open?11:55
thpor does it just try to highlight that "there will be other hardware adaptations coming"11:55
thpStskeeps: ^11:55
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MohammadAGis there a Sailfish SDK out yet?11:59
thpMohammadAG: you can use the Mer SDK to cross-compile stuff. no Silica QML Components yet ("end of february") afaik11:59
MohammadAGI'm guessing the UI is QML only then?12:00
Stskeepsthere was a bit of misunderstanding, the moment you say X or Y is closed, it kinda sticks with it, but right now situation is that silica will be open, with rest, don't say it's open until it actually is12:00
thpat least one slide at FOSDEM mentioned "no MTF" with a smiley12:00
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MohammadAGmy 10k lines won't work on it then :/12:01
thpStskeeps: so it's more a matter of "here's what we commit to opening, the rest is not decided yet, might be closed"12:01
thpMohammadAG: it's just what i heard. nemo mobile still contains /usr/lib/libmeegotouch*12:02
w00tthp: only just ;)12:02
Stskeepsthp, yeah, though it doesn't reflect the stuff we already contribute to mer/nemo very well though12:02
w00tafair the only two dependencies left are from mcompositor and settings12:03
sledgesweird, setting via dhcp just does nothing, stays at
sledgeswrong chan12:03
MohammadAGI guess I could switch to QML12:04
w00tMohammadAG: come to the dark side, we have cookies12:04
MohammadAGI've coded something for Android, might as well do another interpreted language12:04
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thpStskeeps: as long as no open source component build-depends on weird closed stuff (like in harmattan), that's okay12:07
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile12:07
Stskeepsthp, open only hw adaptations on arm are not easily possible12:08
w00tStskeeps: but we don't build-depend on hardware adaptations12:08
VenemoMohammadAG: IIRC it perhaps will contain some support for MTF legacy apps12:10
thpyeah, as w00t said closed hw adaptations is not a problem in that regard.12:10
thpbut for example on harmattan, one has to track down the PR1.3 sources dvd, then try to rebuild qt just to realize that two packages it depends on are not available and nowhere to be found except on the image (and these two packages seem to be derived from OSS)12:11
Stskeepsi'm a bit lagged, my responses are from earlier questions12:12
thp(libthai and libdatrie are the packages i was missing when trying to rebuild qt on harmattan)12:12
VDVsxthp, is they were gpl before you can sue nokia :P12:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile12:13
thpjudging from the package name and version, they are based on LGPL'd software12:14
VDVsxthp, so Nokia has to provide them on request afaik (or that does not apply to L-gpl ? bit confused already :D)12:15
thpi've actually sent a request back in december, they said it took some time to process12:16
Stskeepsbut anyway, bear with us a bit :) we're definately not the new nokia, just takes time to do things properly12:17
Stskeepsand if some things should be open, the development should be done proper open12:17
Stskeepsso we start out with a lot of maturing and extra middleware to mer and nemo and then let's see12:18
thpa hint in the direction of "it might not make sense to invest time in working on an opensource homescreen" might be helpful12:18
w00tthp: we can't provide those hints until we know the answers12:20
thpthat's okay12:21
mikhasthp, it's been good harmattan practice to use patched Qt "releases" that never appeared elsewhere.12:23
w00tmikhas: don't get me started on that12:23
mikhasThere have been "releases" that wouldn't even compile on regular desktops ;-)12:23
mikhasw00t, I was part of that process, so blame me.12:24
* w00t went trawling through the diff between upstream 4.7.4 and harmattan's tarball to look for useful changes12:24
mikhasThat's the one!12:24
mikhasyeah, 4.7.4, codename "Harmattan" ;-)12:24
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thpmikhas: sounds like.. "fun"12:25
mikhasIn all honesty, it would have been easier for Nokia/Meego to not do any public Qt release while Harmattan was underway.12:25
mikhasMore honest, too.12:25
mikhasAnd then throw away that internal Qt stuff and work on proper releases afterwards ;-)12:26
mikhasthp, doing open-source right and product development under tight schedules does not blend well.12:27
mikhasI wish the answer was different, but I experience that exact same dilemma again and again.12:27
VDVsxmikhas, tricky stuff, train was moving fast(or trying to :P)12:28
mikhasVDVsx, train was steamrolling all of us, you mean.12:28
mikhasthp, regarding proprietary dependencies: you had that problem on the N900 already, for some packages.12:33
mikhasThey might not have been the popular ones hence why few noticed.12:33
mikhasBut Maemo & N900 was not much better in terms of open-source than MeeGo & N9 was.12:34
Sagew00t: also couple of apps require lmt fwiw12:34
mikhasthp, you can only imagine how hard it is to convince big corporate lawyers to do "the right thing" …12:35
w00tSage: really? which?12:35
w00tI was sure we had gotten rid of it, apart from settings12:35
Sagew00t: meego-terminal at least and iirc some other as well12:35
w00tah, well, terminal12:36
w00tthe red headed stepchild12:36
Sagebut fingerterm is going to replace meego-terminal without lmt12:36
mikhasterminal uses LMT for VKB integration AFAIK12:36
w00tthe whole thing is lmt12:36
mikhas(big user of MTextEdit)12:36
thpmikhas: yeah, and i guess it's a good thing that i can only imagine and not talk from experience ;)12:36
w00tit could be made to use QGraphicsView, but that would break rotation and stuff12:36
mikhasw00t, but the reason was that MTextEdit worked when the QML counterpart didnt12:36
mikhasw00t, there *is* a codebranch that does12:37
w00tcan you point me to it?12:37
mikhashang on12:37
w00tI'd be interested, because I took a shot at it and ran into some difficulties I don't remember right now12:37
mikhasOK, hopefully I dont misremember now …12:38
Aardw00t: I imported fingerterm to nemo github yesterday night, and will update packaging next week12:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8168 waiting for review at
w00tAard: do you happen to know what that uses?12:38
w00tmikhas: yeah, that's QGV, not QML - so integration of just about everything isn't there.. I looked at embedding that in QML, but... something didn't work out :)12:39
mikhasw00t, it's very basic12:39
Aardw00t: qml. it uses a few bits of mtf, but all can be disabled easily12:39
w00tAard: oh, nice12:39
mikhasAard, what does fingerterm use MTF for?12:40
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile12:40
Aardmikhas: swipelock, opening multiple windows. noting related to core functionality, nothing that can't be easily replaced12:40
mikhaswho maintains fingerterm?12:41
mikhasEven though regular users wouldnt use the terminal, a terminal application is a good place to test your VKB integration :-) It's all text input and therefore creates nice extra challenges.12:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8168 Accepted promotion request12:43
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8169 Rejected promotion request12:58
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sledgesupdated Nemo today, lockscreen looks pure beau!! thanks thp , can I close the bugs crediting you or would you like to do it yourself?13:20
MerbotNemo bug 521 in Home "When rotating the device while unlocking the screen the unlock screen partial lockscreen is shown" [Normal,New]13:20
MerbotNemo bug 519 in Home "Clock on lockscreen does not update" [Normal,New]13:20
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thpsledges: feel free to close them yourself :)13:21
sledgesoke cokie :)13:21
sledgesbrain party just finished building, now onto installation havoc :D13:22
sledgesAWWW and you enabled the time font antialiasing , finally looks awesome!! :D I knew there was something subconscious going on :))13:22
sledges(on lockscreen)13:23
sledgesthe HH:MM bit13:23
thpsome more changes: - (uploading..)13:27
thpsledges: it's actually a black outline, not antialiasing ;) but it does look nicer13:28
sledgesahahah :D13:29
sledgesbut the date part was antialiased..13:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8170 waiting for review at
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*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo13:48
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8171 waiting for review at
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mric_Hey everyone, I'm having a little error with the package manager: 'ErrorInternalError' 'Rpm Exception'14:21
mric_any ideas ?14:21
*** yunta has quit IRC14:25
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sledgeswhile doing what? which version?14:30
mric_cliking on update for example14:30
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:30
mric_last version14:30
mric_so i open up packages, cick update and it gives me 'errorInternalerror'. It gives me the same error if I click 'view&uninstall' or 'download and Install'14:32
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* sledges never used the graphical updater ;)14:35
sledgestime to submit a bug methinks ;)14:35
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sledgesare we keeping the darko theme in ?15:25
Sageplundstr: <- There is -remote-theme and you removed Requires: mthemedaemon.service, so now it doesn't start theme daemon anymore when maliit starts so doesn't htat block the maliit from working?15:34
Sagepvuorela: ^15:34
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile15:39
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thpsledges: is there another harmattan theme that could be used as replacement?15:51
sledgesthp, I don't know what's being pulled from darko atm, but bits and bobs are certainly15:52
sledgesthough there has been a recent transition: meegotouch-theme-ce (or base iirc) renamed to nemo-theme-default15:53
sledgesalthough darko stayed untouched15:53
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sledgesI am running a stripped version of nemo on pandaboard. And I am not getting lock screen. which package am I missing?16:24
*** mric_ has left #nemomobile16:27
phaeronsledges: lipstick colorful home ?16:27
sledgesis there16:36
sledgesah, it doesn't display lockscreen on startup anymore16:37
* sledges doh16:37
sledgesbut it should still lock itself after a timeout16:37
sledgesall I'm getting is kernel putting monitor to standby after ~10 mins16:37
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thpsledges: whoops, currently working on a patch that does the same thing as your pull request #1016:59
*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile17:03
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sledges1:1 ? ;)17:09
sledgesmid air collision :))17:09
sledgeshope you didn't go too far with it :)17:10
thpi didn't go as far as remove the file, but yeah, same icon ;)17:11
thpsimilar patch:
sledgeslol you want to bring harmattan to nemo :))17:12
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC17:13
sledgeswell then, nemo developmen has just ramped up  ;) w00t will have some decision making to do :D17:13
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #nemomobile17:14
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sledgesright, the harmattan-sdl (EGL/GLES patched) one looks like it's breaking numptyphysics (ERROR: X11_AllocHWSurface/809), and brainparty just shows black screen17:41
sledgesthp, ^17:41
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile17:53
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*** bef0rd has joined #nemomobile18:04
sledgesyup, just confirmed - it's definitelly harmattan-sdl fault reverting to unpatched SDL 1.2.15 brings numptyphysics back to lifer18:05
sledgesoff home18:05
sledgescya l818:05
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thpsledges: on which device are you testing? looks like harmattan-sdl includes some SGX-specific customizations that might not work elsewhere20:15
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Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: so how's ubuntu phone?20:27
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: so20:28
stroughtonsmithremember intel's tablet meego? :P except not the one they released, the one they demoed20:28
Stskeepsso a shiny flash demo20:28
stroughtonsmithpretty much20:28
stroughtonsmithnot to say it isn't nice; they took all the good parts of MeeGo/Harmattan QML for the app stack20:29
stroughtonsmithnone of this Cascades business like RIM20:29
Stskeepsi don't think i've ever seen a flash demo in my company..20:30
stroughtonsmithit feels very much like a marketing thing. filled with marketing content, fake apps, contacts, messages, etc20:32
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stroughtonsmithinteresting boot process too20:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:35
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: yeah, i'm the father of the revolution with libhybris and all20:38
stroughtonsmithyou've seen how it works?20:38
stroughtonsmithit's basically a chroot from a cyanogenmod build20:39
Sfiet_Konstantinstroughtonsmith: not surprising, because I don't think that Ubuntu folk have time to do all HW adaptation and stuff20:39
stroughtonsmithcertainly the path of least resistance20:40
*** radiofree has quit IRC20:43
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M4rtinKsome time ago I've used an Ubuntu chroot under WebOS on the HP Touchpad20:45
M4rtinKit was ok for nographical stuff - I've used it to compile Qt Components for example20:45
M4rtinKbut graphical performance was abysmal20:45
M4rtinKif they fix that, it can probably work quite nicely20:46
M4rtinKstill quite a hack overall :)20:46
M4rtinKnot really a GNU/Linux distro :)20:46
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thpStskeeps: so, have the libhybris changes actually been released too?21:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:29
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Morpog_Mobilethp: im in love with that harmattan nemo :-)21:36
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M4rtinKMorpog_Mobile: ?22:43
* w00t just fixed one of the bugs around it, he hopes22:43
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:44
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faenilw00t, fixed it? :)22:51
faenilw00t, I receive all notifications :)22:52
faenilw00t, well done, nice change :)22:53
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:54
w00tthp: ok to merge/release then?22:54
thpfixed the bug for me22:54
w00tyeah, but I mean, the contents are ok to you too? you don't spot anything I missed? ;)22:54
thpwouldn't you want to write the property on windows that are in the background?22:56
w00tthe current code makes assumptions that there is only one window22:56
thpi.e. window is in the foreground, portrait, goes to background, rotate device to landscape, re-activate window22:56
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:57
w00tit doesn't follow orientation changes unless it's foregrounded anymore (unlike harmattan)22:57
*** bef0rd has quit IRC22:57
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile22:57
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thpi'm not too familiar with the codebase, but can't see any obvious errors. maybe the last chunk which is only a whitespace change? ;)22:58
w00thaha.. if that was qt, i'd get chewed out for mixing whitespace with non-whitespace changes, but I think I'll give myself a break just this once :P22:59
w00tspecial: looks ok to you?22:59
*** himamura has quit IRC22:59
specialw00t: es23:00
w00tok, merging time23:00
w00tthp: can you remove the workaround from your branch?23:01
thpin lipstick-colorful-home there's stuff like src/qml/VolumeControl.qml that's not used anywhere there - is that true or am i just missing something?23:03
w00tit's a specially-named QML file loaded by lipstick23:04
w00tnot the most obvious thing in the world23:04
thpi see. src/volume/volumecontrol.cpp, window->setSource(QUrl("qrc:/qml/VolumeControl.qml"));23:05
faenilyeah not very intuitive :)23:09
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* w00t pokes OBS23:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8174 waiting for review at
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile23:31
faenilw00t, +100 to your last comment23:33
*** n9mx has quit IRC23:36
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*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile23:39
sledgesw00t, why are you referencing/committing QNX related changes in a package which will go to CE:MW:Shared ?23:40
w00tsledges: because like most software I work on, it's portable :-)23:40
w00tI had it working on blackberry 10 a while ago23:40
sledgesso your patches have #ifdef QNX bits ?23:41
*** denexter has joined #nemomobile23:43
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sledgesnice, many bits to learn from, ta w00t23:44
*** bolo_ has quit IRC23:44
*** bolo has joined #nemomobile23:44
*** bolo_ has joined #nemomobile23:44
sledgesgnite folks, amazing to see nemo re-ignite visually \o-23:46
faenilsledges, o/23:47
faenilI'm looking forward to being able to contribute again :/23:48
*** veskuh has quit IRC23:57
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