Friday, 2013-03-08

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martyoneSage: hi, are you sure you understood it right? :-) The bug it fixes is the -debuginfo and -debugsource packages are created with no file inside.08:49
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Stskeepsapps should by default be built with -g and stripping will happen in rpm scripts themselves08:53
Stskeepsyou shouldn't need "QMAKE_CXXFLAGS" at all08:53
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martyonehm, for some reason it does not happen in this case, nor it happen in case of qtcontacts-tracker which I got the solution from08:56
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norayris there a way to take screenshots for nemo?09:01
norayrI cannot find imagemagick for it.09:01
norayrAnd I am thinking now about building imagemagick from src.rpm09:01
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norayrah, there is no rpmbuild in nemo either...09:05
norayrprobably need to deal with platform sdk... I was in hope I can build right on device.09:08
Jonninorayr: maybe like this: gst-launch-0.10 ximagesrc num-buffers=1 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! pngenc ! filesink location=screenshot.png09:08
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norayrJonni: Let me try (:09:08
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norayrfor me it created an empty file with zero size09:11
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martyoneStskeeps, Sage: probably the reason is qmake is invoked directly, i.e., not via '%qmake' which passes the necessary QMAKE_CXXFLAGS09:13
martyoneStskeeps, Sage: On the other hand with '%qmake' the build fails - probably the reason the original author didn't use it. Will investigate more..09:14
Stskeepsideally use %qmake09:14
Jonninorayr: you need to run that as nemo user, as root cannot read display. Or "export DISPLAY=:0" first09:15
norayrah, I forgot that nemo works under user, not root... got used to SHR/QtMoko where everything works from root. Sorry.09:16
norayrokay, it works. thank you.09:25
norayrnow the other problem. With the latest version of nemo, and actually with the previous, autumn build (don't remember exactly which) I was getting network stability issues:09:26
norayri. e. if I scp something from the device, it gets stalled.09:26
norayror if I download something with zypper09:26
norayrip of the device cannot be pinged too09:27
norayrI wonder if this is a specific to my wifi router/n900 combination09:27
norayrhowever, under maemo I don't experience this.09:27
kulvewireless power saving09:28
norayrkulve: I thought so. I can I disable this? with iwconfig wlan0 power off?09:29
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kulvethat works at least in some environments09:34
norayrJonni: do you know how to put nemo (on n900) into the tablet mode: i. e. so that gsm chip don't work, however, wifi work.09:38
Jonniairplane mode from settings most likely. Sorry I dont have nemo on my desk currently.09:40
norayryeah, thank you. No I know this, airplane mode shuts down both gsm and wifi. I need to down only gsm.09:41
norayrAnyway, thank you.09:41
Jonniairplane mode only turns off gsm, you can use wifi in airplane mode09:43
norayrJonni: thank you.09:44
norayrkulve:  iwconfic wlan0 power off seems to make it worse... or did not work. network hungs even faster now... probably not many users run nemo on n900?09:44
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martyoneStskeeps: the problem is %qmake passes '-nocache' to qmake11:49
martyoneThe configure script creates .qmake.cache with necessary QT_BUILD_TREE defined. This file is taken into account by default11:50
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martyoneStskeeps: what do you think of removing that option from %qmake macro?12:01
Stskeepsw00t ^12:01
* w00t reads up12:02
w00tI think I need a bit more context12:02
w00twhat's the problem with?12:02
martyonew00t: I found CE:MW:Shared/libqtsparql coming with empty (no files inside) -debuginfo and -debugsource packages12:04
martyonethe problem was qmake was invoked directly, not via %qmake, so it did not get necessary CFLAGS to compile with -g etc.12:05
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martyonetrying to use %qmake broke the build. The reason is %qmake passes -nocache, but it is necessary to use cache, as it is pregenerated by configure script and contains definition of necessary QT_BUILD_TREE variable12:06
martyonebtw, it means that -nocache might be the reason the original author of libqtsparql.spec called qmake directly instead of via %qmake12:08
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w00tI think it is probably safe to remove12:14
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w00tI'd love to have found the original purpose of it being there first, but unfortunately meego had no concept of using VCS for packaging12:16
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martyone:-( I tried at least to search rpms of some qmake based projects in desktop distros, but I haven't met a single one passing -nocache12:18
AmtepHmm I remember Debian developers sometimes pass -nocache if the upstream source left a cache file in the tarball12:20
AmtepBut that's the autotools cache, this might be a different thing :)12:20
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martyoneStskeeps: tried to add you to review, gerrit auto-completed two names for your email address, but keeps saying " not a registered user"13:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8389 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8390 waiting for review at
sledgesat least 238 package updates for nemo during last 48 hours \o/14:19
* sledges hugs all14:19
* faenil hugs everyone, just ff14:22
sledgesJonni, nice gstreamer hack! Alternatively, I use screengrab:
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sledgesyeah, mer-next rebuild caused all those packages to update themselves ;P14:29
sledgesff everyone :DD14:29
sledgestime to go back to non-mer-next nemo :}14:30
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sledgesqmlcalc orientation has been fixed!!!! Finally my demo on pandaboard at work (on a landscape monitor ofc) finally doesn't look lame :)) thanks w00t !15:18
w00tyeah.. a little more interesting is why it broke..15:18
w00teither github broke a bit strangely or someone accidentally force-pushed15:18
sledgesis so great being in an OSS community - just update your system and all troubles go away :)15:18
sledgesahh, the "`git push -f` man that felt great" type of situation :D15:19
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sledgeswhat is the future of meegotouch-systemui ? I would like to move status bar to the bottom of the screen. Can I just use lipstick for that instead? I want the toolbar to be a transparent PNG, something like this (just bigger ofc)
sledgesor this: but then I believe the transparent part will not be responsive to touches for the elements behind it15:58
Aardsledges: I would expect that in the long term it'll be replaced by something else, since it depends on MTF15:59
sledgesyup.. For some reasong my memory tells me wrong, that I saw a commit: "move statusbar to lipstick, to be able to get rid of sysuid"16:01
sledgescan't find it anywhere, nor see implemented. probably it was a dream :)16:01
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8391 Rejected promotion request16:13
w00tphaeron: uhh.. I think boss is smoking some crack16:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8392 waiting for review at
w00t8391 has a specfile16:14
crevetorHey guys16:15
crevetoris there something special to do to use the qmake rpm macro ?16:16
phaeronw00t: try again16:16
w00tcrevetor: not that I recall16:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8393 waiting for review at
w00tphaeron: thanks16:17
faenilw00t, why the change on the icon ID?16:19
faenilare we changing all the ids to nemo?16:19
w00tfaenil: it's a new id16:19
w00tso calling it "meego" is lying16:19
faenilw00t, true, though this implies remembering that ID is "new"..16:19
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sledgeswould be so much nicer to have qmlsystemui ..16:29
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