Tuesday, 2013-03-26

chriadamSfiet_Konstantin: https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-qml-plugins/pull/13000:00
Sfiet_Konstantinchriadam: thanks a lot :)00:09
chriadamit's really "rough" and looks horrible, but gives an idea.  It should all work (although I haven't tested the "friends" thing yet, as I haven't started working on contact/friend related stuff yet).  notifications + albums + images + comments works.00:09
Sfiet_Konstantinshouldn't the test depend only on QtQuick 1.1 instead ?00:10
chriadamit should, but I'm lazy00:10
Sfiet_Konstantinwill see how it works00:10
chriadamI used Page / ApplicationWindow / Button / Label etc - it'd be nice if it was pure QtQuick 1.1 elements though, but yeah, :effort: ;-)00:10
Sfiet_KonstantinBTW, is there any reason not to expose "cover" properties of users ?00:11
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause covers are nice :)00:11
chriadamno reason, I probably just overlooked it00:11
Sfiet_Konstantinchriadam: this pull request will never get merged isn't it ? It depends on Silica that is closed source atm00:11
chriadamthere were a few that I didn't include, I can't remember my reasons now, probably just was confused about what they were for.  should definitely add it.00:11
chriadamSfiet_Konstantin: it won't get merged as is, no.00:12
Sfiet_Konstantinand it is not pure nemo00:12
chriadamI'll transform it to QtQuick 1.1 but no schedule on that00:12
Sfiet_Konstantinchriadam: np, good basis to work on though00:12
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Sage_creating a project for rpi, but can anyone find if it should be brcm:bcm28xx:rpi instead of bcm2835:rpi, ie. if the bmc28xx is really the chip family or os.07:22
Sage_phako: morning07:22
Sage_e.g., openwrt wiki is talking about many bcm33xx, bcm47xx and bcm63xx or os.07:22
Sage_they don't seem to have any listing of their chips that would clarify how their naming goes07:25
Sage_pah, giving that name for now and lets see if it needs to change in the future07:27
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Sage_vgrade_: w00t: https://build.merproject.org/project/show?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Abrcm%3Abcm2835%3Arpi07:37
Sage_so feel free to sr stuff there now and lets see how it goes07:38
Sage_kulve: can we cleanup the tegra7 repos a bit as currently it seems a mess07:39
kulveSage_: sure. What exactly do you mean?07:41
kulvetegra3+nexus7 == tegra7? ;)07:41
kulveI deleted mtev and xorg mtev packages as they are coming from core now07:43
kulvehumm, phonon now depends on glu..?07:43
kulvefor phonon and qt-mobility there are small patches to enable tegra specific video sink. Those packages should be fixes07:45
kulvefor systemd there's a small patch to add ttyGS007:45
kulveshould be fixed as well07:46
Sage_kulve: so07:49
Sage_nexus7: ModemManager should not be there, libpcap or ppp07:49
Sage_those are part of kde:devel:ux or kde:devel:mw07:50
Sage_automoc4, phonon, qt-mobility, rfkill, systemd should be gone from common07:50
w00tSage_: thanks07:51
* w00t wishes he was more help on the name, but ehh ;)07:51
Sage_that ttyGS0 patch you said for systemd you should actually push that to configs-nexus7 package07:51
kulveSage_: they are all there for a reason. They are not just duplicated there for fun..07:51
Sage_kulve: I know but we should clean them properly :)07:51
Sage_systemd shouldn't have any of those serial thingys there really but those should go to device specific config files. Need to cleanup systemd at some point from the old stuff as it just doesn't work like it is atm.07:52
kulveI don't understand how removing qt-mobility from common would make things better? There's a tegra specific patch and we need it07:52
Sage_kulve: well, the problem is that it is already broken package in your adaptation thus it really should be there :)07:53
Sage_kulve: point out the patch and lets see maybe w00t can help there07:54
kulvethey have been pointed already several times07:54
w00tkulve: where's the bug?07:54
w00tpointing it out on IRC doesn't really work, it's lossy, and I have a terrible memory07:54
Sage_kulve: the problem is that soon when you build the image with those repos the qt-mobility is older and mic/zypper picks up the newer version from mer-core and that package don't get installed.07:54
w00t(I'm sorry for that)07:54
kulveno. Tegra is not an officially supported hw for nemo so filing bugs against something that doesn't work on tegra, is a bit pointless07:55
w00tofficially supported is what the people in this channel make it07:55
w00tif you'd like to make tegra supported, i'm happy to help merge changes to whatever breaks for you07:55
Sage_kulve: I want to support it more thus I raise these points, how it is atm. can't be supported officially as it breaks automatically over time because how it is put together07:55
Sage_https://build.merproject.org/project/monitor?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Anv%3Ategra3%3Anexus7 and https://build.merproject.org/project/monitor?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Anv%3Ategra3%3Acommon07:56
kulveis this patch something you are willing to merge to nemo's phonon: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=0002-Add-support-for-nvxvimagesink.patch&package=phonon&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Anv%3Ategra3%3Acommon&rev=e96d45767384864132e3eb2449e6b66807:57
Sage_kulve: I think it already was.07:57
Sage_kulve: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=0002-Add-support-for-nvxvimagesink.patch&package=phonon&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Amw&rev=81238ee167c7f0642381ea5849b8e801 :)07:57
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Sage_kulve: don't judge us so quickly ;)07:58
kulvenot quickly :)07:58
kulveI deleted the phonon as that patch was the only reason for it07:58
kulvewhat about this patch: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=check-getenv-for-videosink.patch&package=qt-mobility&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Anv%3Ategra3%3Acommon&rev=cc38537108f7bb9cf555ff6226544dc507:59
Sage_w00t: special: ^08:00
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w00ti have no problems with it provided it will work at least as well as it does now in the case where there is no environment variable set08:00
w00t(which i'd need to check)08:00
specialdenexter: ^ also potentially interested08:00
kulvethat environment variable is made up by I and I set it only in the tegra HA08:01
kulveso, shouldn't be used anywhere else08:01
kulveSage_: I'll try to find the time during the long weekend coming and clean up those, file bugs for merging patches and make sure there's no failing packages08:02
Sage_kulve: I all the things I mentioned should be possible to intergrate where they should and remove those from the adaptatoin08:03
kulveSage_: sounds good08:03
Sage_kulve: after that we can merge it better in general08:04
kulveSage_: now if we just could find somebody interested in fixing the vkb on nexus 7 :)08:05
kulveand by "somebody interested in" I mean somebody that has also the time and knowledge about the topic08:06
specialyou can exchange more time to gain more knowledge ;)08:07
kulvetrue :)08:07
specialI'm still a bit tempted to pick up a nexus 7 to play with08:07
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kulvespecial: there are a lot of things that work with it. Especially the traditionally tricky parts (accelerated composition, video playback, 3d) seem to work well. What does not work, is vkb (should be fixable) and gps (missing proprietary information)08:10
kulverotation does not work either, and is fixable as well. The kernel support is there, just the sensorfw plugin is not08:11
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w00tkulve: one thing which might be interesting to try is getting a different composition manager and trying it instead of mcompositor, to try figure out if it's the compositor causing the problem or something elsewhere08:14
kulvew00t: how to test that with nemo? At least the vkb works with PA08:15
w00ti'm not actually very sure. i'd guess it would first revolve around picking a compositor (maybe kwin), and trying to shoehorn it in - most of the problems i can imagine will come from the user session setup with systemd.. Sage_ might have some ideas08:17
w00tbut it working with PA already implies that the compositor is possibly the problem08:17
kulveSage_: you mentioned that rfkill shouldn't be there either. Is it provided by something else or is it not really needed?08:17
kulvew00t: more info on bug #63908:18
MerbotNemo bug 639 in Maliit "[Nexus7] virtual keyboard doesn't work." [Critical,New] https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63908:18
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specialkulve: is the nexus 7 worth picking up?08:19
specialnot sure I've ever actually held one08:19
Stskeepsit's a nice kit08:20
specialit's absurdly cheap08:20
kulvespecial: hard to say what's worth something :)08:20
special(in the US)08:20
phakothe n7 is nice08:21
kulveis should be possible to dual boot it between android and something else, although I'dont know what it needs for the something else part..08:22
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specialkulve: just bought one; maybe I'll see if I can dig anything up on the keyboard at some point08:29
kulvespecial: nice :)08:30
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Sage_w00t: kulve: PA is using newer maliit version afaik than we are actually which is probalby the reason why it works there?09:16
w00ti'd honestly be more suspicious of the compositor than anything else09:17
Sage_kulve: rfkill should not be needed in adaptation really. in mer core connman handles it. And if you use NM in PA for exampl then if that needs rfkill it should be in pa:mw/ux repos09:17
Sage_w00t: sure just saying what I know ;)09:18
* w00t looks forward to dropping it like a hot brick one day09:18
Sage_3G nexus 7 is 329¤ at finland it seems09:19
w00tSage_: why the heck is it cheaper in norway09:20
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Sage_oh, actually cheapest 309¤ it seems09:22
w00tstill got you beat (306 eur) :P09:23
Sage_inc. shipping that 309 ;)09:24
w00tok, now you win ;)09:24
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kulve3G in n7 is working with NM/PA and it should then also work with conman/nemo but I haven't heard anybody testing it. Might need some tweaking/configuration09:30
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rozhkov_w00t: what do you think of this romaxa's patch to qtest-qml? http://pastebin.mozilla.org/224728109:49
rozhkov_he needs to integrate qt event loop with gecko's one and for that qApp should exist before quick_test_main() is called09:49
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w00tQScopedPointer would be better than doing the deletion by hand, and some comment about why qApp would possibly exist before quick_test_main, but the general idea is ok09:50
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rozhkov_w00t: thanks!09:53
rozhkov_i wonder why they decided to instantiate qApp inside the lib and not in main()09:54
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Sage_sledges: accepted the gbm11:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#96 Accepted promotion request11:21
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Sage_anyone know btw if galaxy nexus has newer kernel than 3.0.8 on some android built? the gt-i925011:29
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sledgesSage_, \o/11:30
sledgesspecial, congrats on the new buy \o/11:30
sledgesnemo on n7 ftw! (btw, will PA re-used nemo's n7 ha ? )11:31
Sage_sledges: working together there yes11:31
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#97 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/9711:33
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#97 Rejected promotion request11:38
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sledgeswhy failed on the same error this time Sage_ ?..11:42
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Sage_sledges: different error, libdri2 package is missing there as well :)11:43
Sage_do creq this time please11:44
Sage_libdri2 and the pvr11:44
sledgesah yesss the good old one11:44
sledgessure, will do, cheers!11:44
sledgesso many errors stack overflow in my head :))11:44
jukkaeklundSage_, at least android 4.1 stock kernel is 3.0.3111:46
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#98 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/9811:49
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Sage_jukkaeklund: you happen to have sources for that? Also could I get the device for easter? Here assuming you have the device I was playing around long time ago :)11:52
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile11:52
Sage_and the serial cable that was built for it :)11:53
jukkaeklundSage-, returned it to Tampere HQ11:53
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#98 Accepted promotion request11:54
sledges\\O// !!11:54
Sage_sledges: is everything there now? :)11:55
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sledgesyes ;) except the lipstick.service EnvironmentFile bug11:56
Sage_so creating image with that stuff should just boot?11:57
sledgesasked on #systemd , it looks like I need to put getenv() everywhere11:57
Sage_on pandaboard (non es)11:57
sledgesi'll clean-up the .ks one more time11:57
Sage_put it to some etherpad/piratepad or so11:57
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jukkaeklundSage-, android kernel sources you know where to find? and the device is tuna11:57
Sage_I will try it as well soonish :)11:57
sledgesit's on mer wiki11:58
Sage_jukkaeklund: https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/omap.git/+/android-omap-tuna-3.0 I guess it is this one11:59
sledgesyou'd like to be making hot adjustments to it? ;)11:59
jukkaeklundSage_ I guess so11:59
Sage_sledges: LOL it is a mess :D11:59
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sledgesSage_, yes, the hack bits below packages all need to be nemo-config-pandaboardised :)12:00
iekku'/win 4012:01
* sledges noted the password down12:01
iekkusledges, sorry to disappoint you, but i was changing the window12:03
iekkuor trying to do so12:03
sledgesyeah right :D12:03
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sledgesSage_, all ready and all accelerated, works out-of-box with HDMI display attached :) http://openetherpad.org/EjVKVAkK1k12:28
sledgesand ofc .ks full with hacks :)12:29
sledgesoh and systemui disabled (needs some works around showing mouse cursor there) ;)12:36
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* w00t should spend some time on the weekend doing away with systemui12:39
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w00tsledges: pandaboard? you should talk to martin and help him out (http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2013/03/setting-up-a-pandaboard-for-kwin-development/)12:41
w00the might welcome a slightly easier-to-work system12:42
sledgesvery much so, is he on irc ?12:42
sledgesmer ftw ;)12:43
w00tmgraesslin on freenode12:43
sledgesgreat, commented on his blog, thanks w00t !12:47
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Sage_sledges: ok will take a look at some point in near future hopefully12:59
Sage_is there some timer that can be extended in ssh as currently my conneciton to my server seems to cut off after a moment if conneciton not used13:01
sledgesI'll tweet these news, so we get more testers on Pb. Needs a good video first ;)13:03
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jukkaeklundsledges, sounds good13:17
jukkaeklundany news on nexus7?13:18
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sledgesyeah well special is buying one :)13:39
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#99 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/9913:49
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VenemoSage_: ping14:20
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile14:21
Sage_Venemo: pong14:24
VenemoSage_: where can I view the spec file of a package in Nemo?14:27
*** norayr has quit IRC14:27
Sage_Venemo: depends on a pakcage14:28
Sage_https://build.merproject.org/project/packages?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Amw https://build.merproject.org/project/packages?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Aux https://build.merproject.org/project/packages?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Aapps14:28
Sage_for example14:28
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#100 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/10014:58
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Sage_sledges: in pandaboard kernel depmod -a should define the kernel version as well17:44
sledgesok. PS: I should write a blog post about TI versioning -> OBS packaging versioning havoc :)17:47
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile17:47
Sage_sledges: I think x86 kernel has the fix for depmod check it out there17:48
Sage_doing my first panda image in a long time :P17:48
Sage_lets see how it boots17:49
* sledges runs and hides17:49
sledgesSage_, there was an error in .ks file, one line should read: sed -i 's!ExecStart=/usr/bin/lipstick!EnvironmentFile=/var/lib/environment/nemo/60-adaptation-pandaboard.conf\nExecStart=/usr/bin/lipstick!g' /usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service17:58
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*** martyone is now known as martyone_18:01
sledges(fixed now in both mer wiki and etherpad)18:02
Sage_sry, didn't use that .ks file yet :)18:04
sledgesa you're just building a random pb image? ;)18:04
Sage_Testing first what is the outcome with the .ks file I have atm.18:04
Sage_so only the hacks missing relaly18:04
* sledges interested what the outcome is :))18:04
sledgeswell, for full fledged support, wlan0 crashes18:05
sledgesI haven't worked on full blow BSP yet,just the display parts18:05
sledgesso things TBD such as audio, gstreamer and wlan18:06
sledgesand for whatever reasons, the produced SD image does not boot after reset button is pressed18:10
sledgesneed to replug the DC18:10
Sage_sledges: send delete request about x-loader18:13
sledgesshould we keep it in case it comes handy when we port kernel around to 3.8 ?18:15
Sage_I though x-loader got obsoleted by u-boot in general already18:15
Sage_anyway the image booted and also the lipstick seems up and stuff18:16
Sage_need to get a display attached to check how it works :)18:17
Sage_sledges: nice work btw :)18:17
sledgesthanks :) not without your help, Stskeeps, jake9xx and Jonni_, and robclark from #pandaboard , great to be here guys!!18:19
sledgessystemui works btw, you can enable it, but will need same EnvironmentFile entry as lipstick.service18:19
*** Jonni_ is now known as Jonni18:21
*** SKonstantin_N9 has quit IRC18:24
*** alexxy[home] is now known as alexxy18:26
Sage_sledges: so boots to lipstick :)18:28
Sage_and I have image on display even without any configs18:28
*** ZrZ has quit IRC18:34
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile18:35
sledges\o/ and accelerated ;)18:36
sledgesvideo is ready18:36
sledgesuploading to u2be :)18:36
Sage_sledges: do you have powerkey on panda working, i.e., waking up from sleep stage?18:40
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:41
Sage_sledges: you have configs package on works already or should I create one?18:43
*** mikhas has quit IRC18:47
sledgesyes, please chip in with any help you can ;)18:47
sledgeshaven't got config package available18:48
* sledges driving home now :) laters!18:48
sledgesonly monitor goes to sleep in my case. mouse movement wakes it up18:48
sledgesthen black screen (which is the lockscreen, a bug that is i black)18:48
sledgesas you swipe up with mouse - see the remnants of a folding-up wallpaper18:48
Sage_ok building it now then18:48
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile18:51
vgradeSage_: thanks for the Pi project.18:57
vgradeSage_: is there a doc on how to get things from build.meego.com to build.merproject.org ?18:58
Sage_sledges: I have no idea what is your problem with this but I have acceleration working, and everything except mouse cursor with single config file18:58
Sage_vgrade: osc help copypac it has -t wihch allows you to do inter obs copies18:58
vgradeI'm guessing you use some copypac magic18:58
Sage_vgrade: ps. copypac to your own home and then do SR to the rpi project18:59
vgradeSage_: ok, understood18:59
vgradeSage we have the Pi adapatation project on meego, so copypac that to my home then sr?18:59
*** kavuri has quit IRC19:00
Sage_sledges: with mouse cursor it would be perfect already :P19:00
vgradeso from https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=CE%3AAdaptation%3ARaspberryPi19:00
Sage_vgrade: also couple of things need to make it compile against nemo:mw and push some of those libs there at least. if those are needed19:03
*** mivaho_ has quit IRC19:04
vgradeSage_: don't understand the last comment19:04
*** mivaho has joined #nemomobile19:05
vgradedo you mean that there are non rpi libs which shuld go into nemo:mw19:06
Sage_sledges: ok got mouse working as well19:07
Sage_vgrade: id3lib, libsoup, taglib, should go to nemo:mw if not there already19:08
vgradeSage_: right19:08
Sage_and those gst stuff not sure why those are there yet haven't checked but probalby should go to nemo:mw or mer core19:08
vgradeand build against not mer core19:09
vgradeand build against nemo:mw and mer core19:09
Sage_no, bulid against nemo:mw it includes mer core19:09
vgradeI think the gst stuff is using a raspberrypi branch of gst19:10
vgradekulve: do you have any more details on that, I think you added  these19:11
Sage_vgrade: based on the comments those are just default stuff19:11
Sage_base and good at least19:11
Sage_and bad is also like that19:12
vgradeI see upgraded to 0.10.31 for good19:12
Sage_yes, but based on comment just normal update which should to to nemo mw19:12
Sage_gst-omx-rpi is only gst that should be left there afaik19:13
vgradeok looking at base its at 0.10.36 in core19:13
Sage_well kulve updated it there :)19:14
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile19:15
Sage_but anyway those should not go to rpi adaptation but to appropriate places19:15
vgradeok, I will check before I move anything like that to pi adaptation19:15
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile19:16
* Sage_ really should get rpi as well19:17
Sage_aard: fingerterm doesn't scale on full hd :D19:18
dm8tbrSage_: send hq' a patch :)19:19
aarddm8tbr: not required, fingerterm is nowadays hosted on nemo github :p19:20
dm8tbrnemo is now upstream?19:20
dm8tbrah, ok :)19:20
*** furikku has quit IRC19:25
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#102 Rejected promotion request19:57
Sage_sledges: https://build.merproject.org/request/show/10420:00
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#104 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/10420:00
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#103 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/10320:01
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile20:05
Sage_sledges: and no hacks in the .ks file20:05
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile20:09
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#104 Accepted promotion request20:09
Sage_lbt: git@gitorious.org:~sage/meego-developer-tools/sages-kickstarter.git <- can you take 0.19 and merge it to mer-kickstarter? :)20:09
*** ingi has joined #nemomobile20:26
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:28
sledgesSage_, i will be tempted to compare your resulting rootfs to the hacked one20:37
sledgesprobably one hacks cascaded over the others ;)20:37
Sage_moment will finish soonish with patterns20:40
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#105 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/10520:43
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#105 Accepted promotion request20:48
*** martyone_ has quit IRC20:53
Sage_sledges: http://pastie.org/pastes/7129381/text21:03
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:04
Sage_sledges: sudo mic cr raw nemo-armv7hl-pandaboard-rnd.ks --outdir=tmp/ --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,FLAVOUR:devel --arch=armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp21:04
sledgesnice, will try asap21:09
ajalkane /quit21:10
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sledgesnice and neat Sage_ , will test tomorrow on hw :) should've gone for your .ks straightforwardly then? prolly would've saved some time lol :)22:20
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