Wednesday, 2013-03-27

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Sage_sledges: well I don't know why but people tend to take the very long and complex way usually with .ks files07:59
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* Sage_ does update from snapshot to next devel08:35
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Sage_nice, my cubox adaptation seems to still compile :)09:23
Sage_galaxy nexus adaptation seems to require some work.09:24
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sledgesme building the sage.ks image ;)10:33
sledgeswill make a clone of him :)10:42
iekkusledges, if you manage to do that, could you please pass me the instructions10:46
iekkusledges, we need to then figure out how to build Stskeeps.ks and and and :P10:47
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Sfiet_Konstantinindeed, we need more Stskeeps11:06
Sfiet_Konstantino/ sledges iekku11:06
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sledges\o Sfiet_Konstantin !11:12
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sledgesso last brushes on pandaboard and I can look into nemo-social-qml-plugins, what's the situation atm ?11:12
Sage_sledges: so did the image work? :)11:13
sledgesSage_, it just finished scrubbing my sd card lol , forgot to reduce size to 1200MB ;)11:15
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sledgesSage_, it all works!!!11:17
sledgesand finally maliit is back :)11:17
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Sage_sledges: :P11:21
Sage_sledges: there was even one more typo in the .ks file but not important :P11:22
sledgesin my one? ;P11:22
GentSirsage.ks works? I could use a mentor that won't get frustrated with me11:22
Sage_sledges: mine, there was one extra pattern in the .ks file Nemo Complete11:23
Sage_but doesn't do anything extra11:23
Sage_GentSir: hi, what do you need? :)11:23
sledgesso how come nothing crashes anymore?! probably it yields different results in my .ks patterns' choice :D11:24
GentSirSage_, I was just making a joke. I'm doing alright on my own :)11:24
Sage_sledges: kiss ;)11:26
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Sage_sledges: anyway good that it works now. Only problem I noted during build was the kernel depmod issue11:45
Sage_otherwise it seemed ok  tome11:45
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sledgesyea I found the depmod in x86, will port across (where did you see it?)12:52
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sledgesSage_ , mer-kickstarter does not generate same Pb .ks as your pasted one13:46
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sledgesgood to go:
sledgesany comments, Sage_ ? ^15:46
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dm8tbrtsk, the N950 image stalls on first boot... been now at least 10min on the colourful distorted framebuffer16:25
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sledgesmassaging, i.e. restarting (or worst case, reflashing) sometimes helps dm8tbr17:10
dm8tbryeah, rebooting it a couple of times helped17:14
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sledges\o/ sadly, it does help :))17:41
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Bob__Hey everyone18:00
Sfiet_Konstantinhello Bob__18:02
Sfiet_Konstantinhaha Stskeeps, I'm challenging you as the welcome bot :D18:02
Bob__I'm having an issue with my N9. I successfully flashed my N9 is open kernel mode than I have followed the wiki guide  about how to install nemo.  But I can't boot nemo or harmattan ... any idea ?18:02
Bob__If I choose nemo by pressing the VolumeDown. The device restart after few seconds. If I choose Harmattan the device is completely black for 30s than it switch off by itself.18:05
Bob__Sfiet_Konstantin: no idea ?18:06
Sfiet_Konstantinno idea18:07
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry, I did not see your messages, but really, no idea :S18:07
Bob__Sfiet_Konstantin: ok thanks anyway :)18:07
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Bob__Sfiet_Konstantin: Do you know anyone I could poke by any chance ?18:08
Sfiet_Konstantinforgot who is the maintainer of N9 stuff18:09
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe try Sage_18:09
Bob__Sage_: any idea with problem describe up ?18:11
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Sage_sledges: ah, moment forgot to push the changes20:12
Sage_sledges: pushed commits to
Sage_bob is gone :/20:15
Sage_sledges: note thta requires the mer-kickstarter 0.19 or newer to work20:17
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sledgeshope bob's coming back :)21:49
sledgesok, probably can get rid of the kickstart on wiki then, by simply providing kickstarting instructions21:50
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