Tuesday, 2013-04-02

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juicememorning :)04:35
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rantomjuiceme: Alright, thanks05:06
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vgradecxl000: \o06:25
vgrademorning Stskeeps06:26
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vgradeSage_: is this the place to add Pi kickstart bits? https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-kickstarter-configs/06:38
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vgradecxl000: hi06:48
cxl000hello vgrade06:48
vgradecxl000: I've been transferring the Pi adaptation to merproject into its new place at  nemo:devel:hw:brcm:bcm2835:rpi06:49
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vgradeI was looking at your qtwayland-bcrm package , how is that running. I see it requires a newer wayland than we have in mer core06:50
cxl000I've been trying to follow hawaii but not with much luck06:52
vgradecxl000: ok, are the basic qt compositors working06:53
cxl000and not had enough time to look at my pi06:53
vgradecxl000: ok. I wanted to get things to merproject OBS and then will have a look06:53
cxl000qtwayland needs to be taken from git + patches06:54
cxl000and qtbase from git + patches06:54
cxl000and wayland from git + patches06:54
vgradecxl000: I saw the plfiorini email to wayland yesterday06:54
cxl000I was going to try and pull that together this week06:55
vgrademaybe best to wait until things are properly upstream06:55
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vgradegive me a shoult if you get anywhere, hawaii is very interesting06:55
vgradecxl000: I see you have snowshoe packaged, did you run that on Pi?06:56
cxl000not on the pi. I did run it up but on my pandora. started to render then crashed.06:57
vgradecxl000: ok06:58
cxl000I suspect my webkit build needs more attention06:58
vgradethats a bit of a monster I understand06:59
cxl000I have only done enough packaging wise to get it to build and place the exec into a findable location07:00
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cxl000With the move of rpi to merproject are you refreshing the kernel and driver packages?07:02
vgradecxl000: once I have built an image from the new place, I will refresh07:04
vgradelooking at https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-kickstarter-configs now to add in Pi07:05
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vgradeso we can get images built automatically07:05
kulvewhat is "nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-release" in there that's now in ExtraPackages for most of the devices?07:11
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* w00t wanders in for the first time in seemingly forever, bearing a working laptop07:31
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specialkulve: so I wanted something fun to do today..08:02
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specialstill needs a lot of cleaning and some fixing before I can submit it, but08:08
specialthere is orientation on nexus 7 now08:08
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jukkaeklundspecial, where do you keep the images?08:12
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specialjukkaeklund: there aren't any proper images yet08:23
specialhoping we can fix that soon.08:24
Venemo_N9if my app is packaged incorrectly in Nemo, who should I ask to fix it?08:26
jukkaeklundspecial, ok waiting patiently :)08:26
specialVenemo_N9: you could do it :p08:26
kulvespecial: is that with sensorfw or with something else (like xrandr)?08:26
specialjukkaeklund: I have a method of creating the ROM for dual booting too, planning on cleaning up that process and documenting it asap08:26
specialkulve: sensorfw08:27
kulvespecial: nice08:27
kulvespecial: with what plugin?08:27
jukkaeklundoh that sounds nice08:27
specialI wrote one; the nexus7's driver is using IIO, which is new(-ish), awful, and totally different from anything else08:28
specialin theory it's supposed to be a generic kernel API for sensors, so it might give us support for a few other chips too..08:28
specialbut mostly it's just awful.08:28
Venemo_N9special, I don't think I have the permissions for that, nor do I know how to08:28
kulvespecial: did you notice my comment about my plugin yesterday? My plugin is awful (and non-working) too though..08:29
specialVenemo_N9: just requires an OBS account. But, what application, and what's wrong with it?08:29
Venemo_N9I can tell how to fix the spec file08:29
specialkulve: I think I missed it. Your plugin for what?08:29
specialI definitely missed it08:29
specialhad no idea you had looked at it08:29
Venemo_N9app is puzzle master, and it is packaged with MEEGO_EDITION=HARMATTAN08:30
kulveI did, months ago. But now I can delete it since you have a working one :)08:30
Venemo_N9which is plainly wrong08:30
specialI found a few resources and code samples to work from, that helped a lot.08:31
kulvespecial: is yours already in obs?08:32
aardVenemo_N9: back then it didn't compile without modifications without that flag, and I just wanted to have some demo-apps08:32
specialhah, no, definitely not08:32
specialit needs some cleaning before it will work properly in most cases08:33
Venemo_N9aard, it surely did, but I agree it's not easy to pick the right options08:33
kulvespecial: I think it could be added there quite quickly. It doesn't need to be perfect as currently there's no rotation at all08:33
Venemo_N9anyway, how do I fix it?08:33
aardVenemo_N9: ok, then 'didn't compile without spending more than 2 minutes on it'08:34
aardVenemo_N9: do you have an obs account?08:34
Venemo_N9I remember I asked for one, but I don't remember using it08:35
kulvespecial: also, from the tearing point of view it would be nice to test it in landscape and in portrait08:35
specialkulve: definitely. I need to fix up the initialization so it can run without prodding sysfs, but it can go in once that's done08:35
aardVenemo_N9: on a related note, is irc-chatter really using MTF, or is that build flags as well?08:35
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specialand I'll have to actually package the config08:35
aardVenemo_N9: stuff should now go to new obs, build.merproject.org -- there you can login with your mer account08:35
kulvespecial: is your code in github etc.? I could take a look. And maybe test in the evening08:37
Venemo_N9aard, irc-chatter uses MTF for notifications08:37
Venemo_N9aard, otherwise its UI is QML08:38
aardVenemo_N9: ah, that should be easy enough to fix, we have a compatibility-wrapper around notifications using the same api as mtf08:38
Venemo_N9aard, I also intend to port it to sailfish components :)08:38
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aardVenemo_N9: nice. the mtf-bit is more annoying currently, though. we don't have anything in the core device using mtf anymore -> irc chatter pulls in the whole mtf stuff when beeing installed08:40
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Venemo_N9aard, if you can point me to your notifications api, I can get rid of mtf :)08:42
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w00tVenemo_N9: see mlite for the compatibility piece08:42
specialkulve: I'll get it publishable at some point tomorrow; it's literally just to the point of rotating things for the first time.08:42
Venemo_N9w00t, I'm interested in the API, not the compatibility layer08:44
aardVenemo_N9: one moment08:44
aardVenemo_N9: it's basically xdg notifications (with the mtf-compat-wrapper to make porting easier). https://github.com/nemomobile/lipstick/blob/master/doc/src/notifications.dox08:45
Venemo_N9and mlite is pulled in to the device?08:46
w00tthere is a QML plugin provided, if you'd rather, but that will make portability to e.g. harmattan more difficult08:46
kulvespecial: ok08:46
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kulvespecial: would it be possible to get an rpm or .so today for testing? Today means in 8 hours or so..08:47
aardw00t: btw, are any ui-related bits in mlite? i.e., is there anything that causes the X11 dependency?08:48
w00taard: afair there is no x11 dependency in mlite? or do you mean in lipstick?08:49
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aardw00t: the library itself links against X11, which might be just because of current qt configuration08:50
w00ti'll take a look in a minute08:51
specialkulve: I could do a rpm, a list of commands to run first, and no guarantee of anything; but it'll be a lot smoother after I spend an hour or so on it tomorrow08:52
Venemo_N9w00t, I'd prefer C++ notifications and ifdeffing08:52
specialkulve: I'm in the US if you hadn't figured that out; 3am for me now ;)08:53
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aardVenemo_N9: then it's mlite for you. it won't go away, and is preinstalled both on nemo and sailfish images08:54
specialkulve: idle curiosity: ps ax | grep Xorg, does it have -nocursor?08:55
kulvespecial: I don't have it now running..08:55
kulvespecial: https://github.com/kulve/sensorfw-iioadaptor08:56
kulvethere's my non-working plugin08:56
specialnothing urgent, just wondering. I seem to have it on my device, but I have no idea where it came from, and it might've been a change I made and forgot about.08:56
kulvebut as said, There's not much in it08:56
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specialmuch cleaner than what I have at the moment.08:58
* spiiroin has wrong chat window again ...08:58
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kulvespecial: feel free to cut'n'paste, if there's anything useful08:59
specialI expect I will. I was planning a separate adaptor for each sensor type, partially because I wasn't sure how sensorfw would handle them all together09:01
kulveyeah. I tried to add all three but it didn't work out. I guess there can be only one09:02
specialand at a glance, what you're missing is the crazy (and undocumented) parsing of the data and shuffling of channels09:02
Venemo_N9aard, ok, awesome09:02
kulvemy plugin has code for all three, but it's just trying to use the accelerometer currently09:02
specialoh, actually, you're reading from _raw09:03
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specialthe ugly stuff came from dealing with /dev/iio:device009:04
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Venemo_N9aard, ok, I'll go for mlite then09:07
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specialkulve: yeah, I'll get you code and something to play with tomorrow09:23
specialit's my bedtime now09:23
kulvespecial: g'night :)09:23
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sledgeshappy afterholidays! :)09:30
juicemeyes :) ...always good time to finish some coding tasks :)09:31
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sledgesand start .. :)09:38
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* Sage_ waves10:04
Sage_vgrade: eventually that will be the place yes.10:05
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slainesledges: I've a Pandaboard ES here10:18
sledgesslaine, good stuff, Someone updated wiki on first hanging :( tests10:20
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slainesledges: would like to help but will be tight on time over the next two weeks10:20
slaineso perhaps after that10:20
sledgesIMHO, I don't see huge rush to ES (but I don't know any killer differences between the two either)10:21
sledgessee where traction goes10:21
sledgesthanks for your future help slaine10:22
Sage_I think there is some difference in the bootloader or so between the ES and non ES10:24
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sledgesok, I was coming from traction PO, though what is the prime choice for an average vendor: to go with ES or non-ES? Given that they might already have loads of non-ESs stocked up.10:27
sledgesbut that one email in ml asking for ES port is 100% of re10:28
sledgesquests we had for Pb :))10:28
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* sledges has only non-ES on the desk, shame10:29
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Sage_sledges: I have also non-ES so can't help there either10:32
sledgeswell, we need bigger activity in the community ;P10:33
Sage_sledges: iirc someone helped me to try things long time ago and taking u-boot/x-loader from ubuntu fixed the bootup or something similar. Thus my guess about the bootloader difference.10:33
sledgesnow u-boot is from ubuntu10:33
sledgesi gues ubuntu package es+non-es all in one bundle10:34
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slainewe'll know more in a few weeks when/if I get some time to take a look10:49
slaineI've two units here that we ordered based on a research project that got canceled before the units even arrived, so they've not even been unboxed yet10:50
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#148 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/14811:20
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#149 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/14912:55
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#150 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15014:44
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Sage_w00t: https://build.merproject.org/request/show/148 shouldn't this remove also the BuildRequires: GtGui then?15:28
Sage_Vesuri: https://build.merproject.org/request/show/149 <- is there something else that depends on qmsystem or should that dep be removed?15:30
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#150 Accepted promotion request15:35
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Sage_vgrade: what is the mkimage-rpi? how does it differ from the mkimage that is maintained in the u-boot upstream?15:53
vgradeSage_: special for Pi, I think15:55
vgradeI mean not related15:55
Sage_must be special as it is binary blob :)15:55
Sage_was a bit surpriced to see that name and the content15:56
*** slaine has quit IRC15:56
Sage_ah, ok so it has the front stuff as binary ok I see15:57
vgradegpu boots kernel for some reason15:58
Sage_vgrade: http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/vgrade:/RaspberryPi/latest_armv6l/armv6l/ noted your kernel size btw :)15:59
Sage_vs. debuginfo size15:59
Sage_vgrade: https://github.com/saukko/mer-kernel-adaptation/commit/9de3ba112b10a5f9894afca4559e47cddaa156ba16:00
vgradeok, I'll add that line16:02
vgradecan I do that while its in review stage or must I wait ?16:03
Sage_you can do new sr that supersedes the old one just by sending new one16:04
Sage_vgrade: also couple of other comments for that kernel package16:04
Sage_requires: mkimage-rpi <- sure about this? isn't bulidrequires enough?16:04
* vgrade listens16:04
Sage_vgrade: you don't run mer-kernel-checks you really should. https://github.com/saukko/mer-kernel-adaptation/blob/master/kernel-adaptation-sample.spec#L8116:05
vgradeok, to catch incompat CONFIG_'s16:06
vgradeSage_: looks like it uses mkimage tool in %post16:07
Sage_vgrade: not really sure why see spec lines 121-13116:08
Sage_vgrade: also the depmod should have kernel specifier there the %{kernel_version}16:08
vgradeyes, seems to be doing same twice16:08
Sage_I would say remove that from %post and that requires line16:09
vgradeSage_: thanks for the review16:10
Sage_on https://build.merproject.org/request/show/142 you shouldn't need the requirements to gfx-rpi-libEGL for example as the -devel is there. If -devel doesn't work then fix the -devel package dependency16:13
Sage_btw, you have typod you e-mail as goglemail in many places not sure if that was intentional or not ;)16:14
Sage_after all it is Apr 01 submits ;)16:14
Sage_also libudev-devel in 142 should be pkgconfig(udev)16:14
Sage_and last thing is that you could remove all the # >> and # << lines if you don't use .yaml files and supply those with the stuff16:15
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vgradeSage_: not sure of your last comment "and supply those with the stuff"?16:19
vgradeso remove # >> in say kernel package as this doe snot have yaml16:19
Sage_vgrade: so you don't have the package.yaml files with the packages supplied so you don't need to have those # >> and # << lines in the .spec files anymore16:19
vgradegot it16:20
Sage_those lines are just for specify to identify manually added sections16:20
Sage_specify == spectacle16:21
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Sage_vgrade: I think that is it in general what I have to comment on those.16:22
*** Sage_ is now known as Sage16:24
vgradeSage: cheers16:25
vgradeso after editing building testing I just resubmit16:26
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Sagekulve: why https://build.merproject.org/project/packages?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Anv%3Ategra3%3Acommon has libresource and libresourceqt? ps. looks much better already those repos :)19:22
Sagekulve: that glmark should be sent to nemo:devel:apps19:22
Sageand rfkill though I though it was sent already :/19:23
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Sagekulve: tegra3 common should inherit - ARMv7 hardfp architecture in .yaml and you should drop those PostScripts. Also what is the reason for -plymouth-lite? Otherwise I would be happy to accept that already as a pull request19:34
Sagekulve: ah, and you should adapt to this https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-kickstarter-configs/commit/fd044b4d4d567c9e1002b1cabcc2b81a781cd6b2 with the ssu repo packages19:35
SageThen one thing to do is proper pattern for the nexus7 and that would be it to cleanup the .ks for good :)19:37
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#151 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15119:45
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#152 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15219:45
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#153 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15319:45
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#154 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15419:46
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#155 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15519:46
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#156 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15619:46
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#157 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/15719:46
* Sage points vgrade towards creq ;)19:46
Sagevgrade: don't worry will accept these as such just for future reference ;)19:47
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vgradecreate multiple requests with a single command19:53
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Venemo_hey w00t :)20:16
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w00thi Venemo_20:18
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Venemo_w00t: I hope you don't have any excuses for not coming to Devaamo this year20:20
Venemo_I hope to meet you there :)20:21
w00twhen is it?20:25
w00tjune 14-1520:25
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w00tI don't know really, a bit too far ahead to plan20:26
Venemo_far ahead enough not to collide with anything else20:28
Venemo_for me :)20:28
w00tI have nothing else on at that time yet20:31
w00t(that I can think of)20:31
w00tbut life has a way of happening20:31
Venemo_yes, but henceforth, you could always say that you already have plans for 14-15 june20:31
w00tperhaps ;)20:36
w00thow's things anyhow?20:36
Venemo_stuff is going nicely. :) I'm attending uni while also having a fulltime job20:41
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Venemo_and how are you?20:42
w00tright now, recovering from easter and longing to have my own laptop back20:44
Venemo_what's happened to it?20:45
w00tbattery died a very horrible death20:46
w00ttheir eta on a new battery is 2-4 workdays though so i'm hopeful to have it back this week20:46
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