Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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kulveSage: libresource and libresourceqt are dependencies of qt-mobility, although I guess they should have come from the core..? Well, for some reason they didn't and I didn't realize that they should so I just branched them.04:23
kulveglmark should have a .desktop file for conveniency. nemo:devel:apps sounds good for it04:24
kulvethose nexus7 .yamls are just guesses because I couldn't test them, so there can be all kinds of wierd stuff in them04:24
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kulveI'm not exactly sure what the plymouth is supposed to do but iirc I had some issues with it. Tegra 16r3 (and older) release notes recommends to disable it: "Disable Plymouth to avoid the system staying powered on after halt." Although my problems were probably not related to that..04:27
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#158 waiting for review at
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specialkulve: what is /etc/boardname on nexus7 for you?04:46
* special is curious if the dual booting trick broke it04:46
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kulvespecial: I can't check it now, but it might have been something related to "grouper". What is yours saying then?04:57
kulveiirc, that's corrwct04:57
kulvei.e. what it has always been04:58
kulvespecial: do you have a 3G model?04:58
kulveok. I'm assuming 3G should work quite easily (works for PA), but no nemo user has tried it04:59
specialit's probably something I should know, but I have no clue what the status of cellular data on nemo is05:02
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Sagekulve: plymouth just shows splashscreen on startup so probably different thing that what that 16r3 release notes06:32
kulveSage: "NOTE: If using a Linux distribution that includes Plymouth, such as Ubuntu 12.10, disable Plymouth using the following command or similar: # mv /etc/init/plymouth.conf /etc/init/plymouth.conf.disabled"06:34
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kulveI really don't know if those are same things. I haven't checked, eventough it would be a quick thing to check..06:35
Sagenot the same thing06:35
Sageit should just show nemo splash during startup and if that fails it just continues really.06:36
kulvesame idea but different code I guess06:39
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kulveI had some issues in getting the X.Org showing but that might be related something else that plymouth. Maybe it's related to the fact that X.Org disappaears after the screen blanks.. Maybe this VT issue Stskeeps mentioned06:41
Sagewell, the plymouth-lite that we have is ~100 lines instead of 10k lines it just shows splash for X seconds and that is it06:41
Sageit is very stripped version of the plymouth that is there for the desktop distros06:41
specialkulve: if you do 'chvt 2; sleep 3; chvt 1' (and make sure the screen stays on during that time), it comes back.06:43
kulvespecial: so what does happen there? Why it dissappears?06:44
specialno idea why it disappears06:44
kulveStskeeps: any hints?06:45
Stskeepsmight be that X does a vt switch06:45
specialit's still on VT 1 when the screen is turned back on06:46
kulveany way to disable that? Or to workaround?06:46
specialswitching away and back fixes it06:46
Stskeepskulve: xorg-launch-helper's config file perhaps06:46
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#141 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#142 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#146 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#143 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#144 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#147 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#145 Rejected promotion request06:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#159 Accepted promotion request06:53
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#155 Accepted promotion request06:53
Sage <- what should be mentioned in .spec for license like this?06:55
SageStskeeps: ^ suggestions06:55
SageBroardcom Proprietary?06:56
Stskeepsyeah i guess06:56
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#151 Rejected promotion request06:57
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#158 Accepted promotion request07:01
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Sagew00t: Vesuri: saw my commend on your submits earlier?07:02
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w00tSage: yes i'll fix it07:58
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phaeronmkosola: can you resubmit your SR please09:17
niqtsledges morning09:18
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mkosolaphaeron: Sent SR #16209:43
phaeronmkosola: it got rejected too. the message is not coming here for some reason, but you can check
mkosolaphaeron: ok thanks, I'll check09:45
VesuriSage: no10:02
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Sage18:30.23 < Sage_> Vesuri: <- is there something else that depends on qmsystem or should that dep be removed?10:04
Sagemkosola: please submit that sr to mer-qa:devel instead of mer:devel:qa :)10:20
Sagemkosola: when you are done with the changes that is10:20
mkosolaSage: ok10:20
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#163 waiting for review at
* Sage thanks phaeron 10:35
phaeronSage: welcome :)10:35
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VesuriSage: there are many things that depend on qmsystem10:57
VesuriSage: qmsystem dependency cannot be removed from lipstick, no10:58
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SageVesuri: ok well just wanted to verify11:01
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Sageo_0 why libprofile-qt requires pkgconfig(meegotouch) ??14:53
Sagew00t: ^14:53
* w00t isn't sure14:53
w00tlet me look14:53
w00tI find that strange though, I thought aard had said we were free of deps14:54
Sagewell it seems to be only buildtime dep I think14:54
w00ttests/ requires it14:54
w00tchecking what exactly needs it14:55
Vesuriw00t: nothing14:56
Vesurithe unit test uses MApplication :D14:56
w00tthat's a good one14:56
Vesuribecause whoever has written it hasn't had a clue14:56
Vesurigotta love the MyStructures in the code as well14:56
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w00tSage: file a bug, but if that's it, it can be ripped out easily14:58
* w00t would do it, but is busy with git packaging right now14:58
Vesurido we have write access to that repository?14:58
VesuriI might have?14:59
w00tVesuri: you should do14:59
w00tif you don't it can be arranged14:59
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Sagew00t: bug filed. You can do it while the git pkg stuff I guess we seem to have git tree for it even. but not udpated to the obs packaging15:05
Vesurinow if I'd just remember how this works..15:05
Vesurithe patch is trivial15:05
VesuriI seem to have forgotten a thing or two about gitorious15:05
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w00tVesuri: we already have a tree for it (
Vesuriw00t: oh, okay :) the yaml file pointed to gitorious, still15:06
Sagewe should check that we have everything from gitorious and then just go for our repo for that15:07
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Vesuriw00t: fix pushed15:07
VesuriSage: I'll fix the yaml file, just a sec15:07
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VesuriSage: what's the bug number?15:10
Merbot`Nemo bug 659 in .Other "libprofile-qt depends on libmeegotouch on buildtime" [Normal,New]15:11
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Vesuriargh, the documentation building breaks15:19
w00t_that_ requires meegotouch?15:20
VesuriI suppose it uses the lmt documentation build stuff15:20
Vesuriactually it doesn't15:23
Vesurithat's because nothing runs make for the target doc15:24
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#165 waiting for review at
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SageVesuri: those notes will come here eventually by bot :)15:45
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VesuriSage: you mean the "waiting for review"?15:46
SageVesuri: yes15:46
Sageit comes with a bit of a delay as it goes through the initial tests by boss first15:46
VesuriSage: yes, I know. I just thought you might be interested since you mentioned it in the first place15:46
Vesuribut anyway, fixed15:46
SageVesuri: well, that line should really just hilight me atm. I think :P15:47
Sagelbt: Stskeeps: phaeron: want still to be hilighted or should I remove those nemo things for you?15:48
phaeronSage: I like to be highlighted15:48
Sagephaeron: ok :)15:48
lbtyeah, I'm used to it15:48
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Stskeepsplease remove from hilight15:50
SageWas pondering if I would change it to "NEMO Reviewers:" or something and put that to my hilight list :)15:50
Stskeeps(me, at least)15:50
SageStskeeps: ok15:50
w00tSage: well, the number of reviews is going to go down quite a bit soon, too15:50
phaeronSage: not a bad idea15:51
w00tat least to :devel15:51
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Vesuriw00t: why is that?15:51
Sagew00t: true15:51
SageVesuri: to :devel the merging will happen automatically from git soonish15:52
VesuriSage: right, cool15:52
w00tVesuri: i am currently knee deep in converting packages to use webhooks, so devel will mostly get populated directly from git :)15:52
Vesuriw00t: a welcome change indeed :P15:55
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Artoxis tehre some magooc about building an image form ks for nemo?16:14
ArtoxI get URLGrabber error16:14
*** Fortuona has joined #nemomobile16:15
FortuonaError <creator>: URLGrabber error:
ArtoxI was folloing this16:15
Artoxbut ran the mic command manually instead16:16
w00tSage: ^16:17
Artoxso I need updated mic too now? I already used updated mer-kickstarter16:17
sledgesArtox, see this how to pass variables into the kickstarter:
sledgeswith --tokenmap16:18
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Artoxlooks better now :)16:21
* w00t makes a note that sledges gets all future kickstart questions16:22
* Stskeeps too16:22
* sledges yup, Stskeeps also gets all future kickstart questions16:23
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kulveArtox: thanks for asking my questions just before I do so I can just read the answers ;)16:30
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Artox<kulve> Artox: thanks for asking my questions just before I do so I can just read the answers ;)16:40
Artoxno problem16:40
* Sage needs to update that page16:44
Sageer... no. I don't :P16:45
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile16:45
Sageor yes :)16:47
w00tSage: any objection to my deleting nemo:devel:apps / mobilebrowser? seems to be orange's original browser, before veskuh created helium16:48
Sagew00t: no objections. check patterns though if it contains it so that it doesn't break image creation16:53
Sageupdated (cc: Artox kulve sledges)16:53
w00tSage: you mean?16:54
Sagew00t: yes, and that is the branch mess :)16:54
w00tit's not in ux/mw/apps at least16:54
w00tI can't see it being in an adaptation pattern :P16:55
Sagekulve: Artox: contains the packaging for patterns actually. It is a bit of a mess but don't have really better idea for it atm.16:56
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*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile16:57
Sagekulve: so need to do tegra3 pattern branch there as well and push it. However before that I would like to move the existing stuff to tar_git services16:59
kulve"tar_git services"?17:01
Sagedocumentation coming up soon when w00t gets further in testing I hope ;)17:05
kulvespecial: thanks!17:05
w00tSage: patterns is I guess one of the next on my list17:05
w00tat least the apps patterns belong in apps right?17:05
w00t(i'm doing that repo atm)17:05
w00tkulve: the summarised version is: you can push changes to git, tag them, and obs'll update the package for you17:06
Sagew00t: you are doing only stuff in atm.right?17:06
w00tSage: yes17:06
w00tjust stuff we maintain17:06
Sagew00t: also for the patterns if there is way to detach the branches from each other that would be nice thing to do17:07
w00tSage: they are all orphan branches, aren't they?17:07
Sagew00t: they are not as I don't know how to do that17:08
Sagewould be nice if someone could guide me how to do that17:08
kulveSage: I updated my nemo-kickstarter-configs fork. Now there's a nexus7 yamls that actually create a bootable image. Bootable meaning that after some moslo-hashle it boots, vkb works and wifi works17:08
w00tSage: git checkout --orphan I think will do it17:08
Sagew00t: and pushing just with push after that?17:09
w00tSage: yes17:09
Sagewill check17:09
w00tgit push push remotename branchname17:09
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:09
kulveno pinch-zoom on the maps :(17:09
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile17:09
Sage    --orphan <new branch>17:10
Sage                          new unparented branch17:10
Sagew00t: it doesn't detach current branch17:10
*** norayr has quit IRC17:10
Sageso I need to do new branches for each?17:10
w00tSage: well yeah, you can't easily do it with existing history... i'm not sure how you'd do it without creating branches from scratch17:11
Sagekulve: do pull request and I'll review17:11
Sagew00t: well, would be nice to cleanup the history of each of those branches as well. So maybe I just need to redo them17:11
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile17:12
Sagew00t: would recommend not touching the patterns tree as I'm doing to forcepush stuff there today :)17:14
*** nsuffys has quit IRC17:15
kulveSage: I might have just done my first ever pull request in github ;)17:15
kulveand as I stated there, I expect that there's things to clean up. Like using Groups instead of ExtraPackages and I guess I should trim that ExtraPackages list17:15
* Sage pokes github17:16
w00tSage: ok17:17
kulvealthough I guess at least some changes are easy as new pull requests..17:17
Sagekulve: github updates old pull request automatically if you just push to same branch more17:18
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile17:19
Sagekulve: just can't get your pull request opened atm. github slow or something :P17:19
Sagewill check a bit later17:19
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:20
kulveSage: no rush at all. I'm just happy I managed to create a working .ks out of those :)17:20
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile17:20
*** martyone has quit IRC17:21
kulvekernel sees my USB keyboard but X.Org doesn't react to that. I guess the "Ignore all by default"17:25
kulve.. make X.Org ignore it17:25
kulveanyway, looks quite good now that special managed to get the vkb working17:26
kulvenow the most pressing thing is the X.Org loosing VT (or what ever is the reason)17:26
w00tkulve: any leads on that?17:29
Sagekulve: booted device with keyboard connected and same thing? Anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?17:37
kulveSage: there's my own config and I've disabled pretty much everything. Shouldn't be a big thing to enable at least the keyboard. Although not ignoring everything would be better in the first place..17:39
kulvew00t: nope. But I haven't really tried yet either17:40
Sagekulve: by default our Xorg should really ignore most of the stuff17:40
Sageexcept the stuff that is reported to be e.g. keyboard or touchscreen or mouse or so17:40
Sagew00t: it turns out that I've done orphan branches :P17:41
w00tSage: ... dolt :D17:41
Sageexcept the latest pandaboard one that I had17:41
Sagewell, fixed that one17:41
w00tSage: ok to delete meego-terminal? (already gone from patterns)17:43
Sagew00t: do first obsoletes/provides to it to fingerterm and after that I would say ok17:44
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:44
w00tSage: f-irc can go, it was removed ages ago no??17:58
w00tI think that's all the stuff we have in :apps done17:59
Sagew00t: can't recall when it was in so I would say yes. Instead we should probably package irssi ;)17:59
* w00t baleets18:00
GentSirw00t, baleet?18:16
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phaeronSage: we have irc-chatter18:23
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile18:23
Sagephaeron: I know18:23
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*** jreznik is now known as jreznik_afk18:56
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kulvespecial: I didn't have time to test your sensorfw plugin yet19:23
kulveI updated the yamls for nexus7:
kulveand they now produce a working .ks:
vgradekulve: thanks for the links I need to do similar for Pi19:25
kulvevgrade: if you check the latest commit, I think it's quite easy to just cut'n'paste that (and note that the Url: -addresses in the repos.yaml I made up. I guess they might work in the future..)19:27
kulveUrl-rnd: URLs are real19:27
vgradekulve: cheers. btw half the Pi packages have been accepted so should be able to upgrade to latest kernel, firmware from git soon19:28
kulvevgrade: that's nice. I haven't use RPi in a while but I'm actually planning to take it into use in near future again. I've built some wireless temperature sensors and RPi is quite good device for getting the measurements to a server19:35
vgradekulve: my back burner hardware project is
vgradekulve: should make a nice device for gesture control19:38
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kulvethat MPU9150 is a nice sensor. A bit expensive though19:39
kulvevgrade: this is my project:
kulvethe radio can act as a wireless uart or a wireless sensor currently (basically it's a microcontroller, so anything is possible)19:40
kulvebut now, bbl19:41
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