Thursday, 2013-04-04

Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#166 waiting for review at
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specialtoday's lesson: keep an eye on your battery, and don't leave oprofile running05:20
Sagehow so? :)05:25
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Sagemorning all05:49
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Sagerozhkov: I see your qmlmozbrowser stuff in your home? How is the functionality pondering if those coule be pushed to the apps repo?06:20
rozhkovSage: basic browsing works good enough. i think it's safe to push it to apps06:22
Sagerozhkov: the tarball locations should be mentioned in the .spec files. As the doesn't really say much06:23
Sageif there isn't ready made tarball then put at least a comment line that points to what git tree those tarball are from etc.06:24
rozhkovSage: sure, i will06:25
rozhkovwill let you know when it's done06:25
Sagealso %changelog should be removed from .spec06:28
Sageis the autoconf213 mandatory there btw?06:29
Stskeepsyes, something about gecko build system insanity06:29
Stskeepsgave up on that already in fennec times06:29
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Sagewho is mayerjosua in the
Sagenoted his patterns package and would like to say that it doesn't end up to patterns to OBS project without boss automatically06:31
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ArtoxI have yesterday built a nemo image for my phone but ended up with just a runlevel 1 shell on serial terminal06:33
Artoxhave I missed some required package? I compared to nexus 7 adaptation and the difference seems only some package systemd-ttyS006:33
Artoxthis is the extra packages I use06:35
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ArtoxoO; just found an leftover from pandaboard fiels where I copied the patterns from :|06:36
Artoxmaybe that will fix it already06:36
Artoxwhat I forgot to change was - pattern:pandaboard-support06:38
Artoxstill, my packages form were installed so I am not convinced it will fix, but hope.06:38
SageArtox: can you show the .ks file you used. Best to start with that on the debugging06:42
ArtoxI can06:42
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SageArtox: about the patterns those patterns-xyz packages don't do anything in the home: project but only in the ones that are checked by boss. like nemo: So you need to put the patterns manually to the obs home projects06:43
ArtoxI found out about the pattersn stuff06:44
Artoxosc meta pattern06:44
Artoxthats what matters06:44
Artoxbut my device-specific packages were installed because I had them in that .ks also06:44
Artoxjsut remvoed them a minute ago and fixed my pattern06:44
Artoxwhat surprised me is how few pckages are isntalled compare to PA, but then tehre is full kde also06:46
Artoxits 111 packages that make up the just created image06:46
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Sageyou need to use --pkgmgr=zypp on image build06:48
Sageit defaults to yum which well is not working so well06:49
Sagephaeron: could we change mic to default to zypp always?06:49
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ArtoxI will add that zypp06:50
Artoxand see what that changes06:50
SageArtox: btw, about the gta04-usbnet package you should check also package called usb-moded. It is handling the usb modes like, sdk, masstorage, mtp etc. and assining the ip for sdk mode etc.06:51
ArtoxI will06:51
Artoxcurrently, my usbnet does its job pretty fine though06:51
Artoxthe networkmanager part at least06:51
Artoxso its doing 475 packages now06:52
Artoxlooks promising06:52
SageArtox: you should also look this for kernel packaging reference06:52
Sagee.g. is something one should always do06:53
Sagei.e. check that all the configs that are required by different components in mer are enabled and the stuff that conflicts are disabled06:54
Sageand doing that on .spec will always make sure that if requirements change it will be noted with a build failure later.06:55
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Artoxwill consider it06:57
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MMN-oHulloh, I installed Nemo a couple of months ago as dual boot on my N9 dedicated dev phone07:36
MMN-oI thought I'd start playing around again, should it be enough to replace the Alt_OS partition or should I flash something?07:37
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MMN-oreplace as in clear and extract a new rootfs07:39
MMN-oand not bother with the Moslo or Fiasco bits07:39
mikhasqwazix, do you remember who was working on Korean input methods for Harmattan?07:40
phakoyou mean upgrading nemo or removing it?07:40
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qwazixmikhas, no, was it on the relevant thread on tmo?07:48
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mikhasqwazix, that's why I am asking you ;-)07:49
qwazixI don't remember anything about korean unfortunately07:50
qwazixmikhas, I assume you have seen this
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mikhashm no07:51
mikhasno code07:52
qwazixyeah but it has the developer email07:52
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w00tVesuri: lipstick is now set up to automatically go to devel:mw08:15
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w00tVesuri: lipstick-colorful-home also done (if you ever need to touch that)08:35
rcgw00t, you mean that obs automatically pulls and builds sources from git?08:36
w00trcg: for projects set up for it (see, yes - once you tag, it'll automatically drop them in obs08:37
w00tthere are some caveats that are yet to be documented there: you need to ensure your commit messages document things so they go into .changes (as you can't have an empty changelog for a release) - you do that by adding a category to your commit message08:38
w00te.g. "[lipstick] Convert to git packaging" - the part in brackets.. it can be anything, but each release needs to have at least one item with something in brackets08:39
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Vesuriw00t: nice, thanks08:46
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kulvespecial: how do you flash your nemo to nexus 7? And what kernel bootargs you give to kernel?08:57
specialfor dualboot?08:57
kulvewell, I guess I'm more interested in what ends up being the bootargs08:58
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specialfirst part is from the config file that MultiROM uses09:00
special(which came from the PA rom)09:00
kulvespecial: would you be interested in writing a wiki page about multirom installation:
kulveI could then test those instructions and get a dual boot for me as well..09:00
specialsure; the process is vaguely documented on the PA_installation, but it could be a lot more explicit09:03
specialI will definitely write down the process for creating the ROM09:03
kulveyesh, I was thinking that that Dual_boot_installation wiki page could cover both PA and Nemo and the PA_installation could then be changed to point to this new wiki page09:04
specialsounds good09:06
specialhave you looked at what changes the .ks needs for SSU and all of that?09:06
kulvespecial: your command line has "console=tty0" and I set explicitly "console=tty1". The xorg-launch-helper configures vt0. I don't really know how tty0 and vt0 relates..09:07
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kulvespecial: about SSU, did you notice my comment about yamls and .ks ~13.5 hours ago?09:09
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special..I really need a new IRC client09:11
kulveI don't really know what that SSU does but at least the yamls look similar to other platforms..09:11
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aardkulve: ssu takes care of resolving urls for repositories -> you can easily switch to different repositories without having to worry about the repositories configured on devices09:16
aardkulve: in a later version (which is not yet in nemo) it can take care of writing the repo files as well, and if nemo ever has standardized kickstarts without device-specific post hacks it can provide kickstarts without additional configuration, too09:18
MMN-ophako: I meant upgrading Nemo.09:30
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Sagesledges: headsup something broke and now pandaboard patterns might be well gone for a moment from repos :P10:41
* Sage is trying to move those to use stuff from git instead of manual updates10:42
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sledgesboom! oh yeah :)10:47
sledgesconspiracy probably :D10:48
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juicemeReleased ubiboot-02 (integrated version). See the details on TMO or check #ubiboot11:32
w00tjuiceme: what's ubiboot for?11:33
juicemeit's a multiboot manager for N9(50)11:34
juicemeallows you to select OS and kernel(s) to boot to11:35
juicemefairly nice for developers as you don't need to flash a new kernel, but rather manage your kernels like in a dekstop *nix machine...11:35
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w00tjuiceme: that sounds interesting11:46
juicemethanks :)11:46
w00ti hope you're booting nemo with it ;)11:46
juicemesure. that's why I also announced at #nemomobile11:47
juicemehere is demonstration:
juiceme3 boot OS'es, Harmattan, Nemo, Nitdroid11:48
w00tjuiceme: hmm, what do you do UI with?11:49
juicemequeen of all programming languages, #!/bin/sh11:50
juiceme:) :)11:50
w00tanimated shell..?11:50
w00ti'm not sure i even want to imagine what that looks like11:50
juicemethough I shoiuld probly use python...11:50
juicemeall's GPLed, go and dip yrself in da horrific source :)11:51
w00ti'd like to, but my todo list is taller than i am at this stage, so i don't know if i'll ever get the chance11:52
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juicemewell it's really that because I wanted something out quickly... and it kind of got out of hand as I thought of new features..11:52
w00tplus i don't multiboot, so moslo's good enough for me11:52
juicemetrue, moslo is fine if you only do Nemo. the ubiboot 1st stage borrows _really_ lot from MOSLO11:53
juicemeor steals or whatever :)11:53
Figurelooks nice11:58
Sagepersonally not sure if I want to dualboot my phone. I dont even want to dualboot my laptop/desktop. VM is nice :P11:58
juicemeSage, what VM are you running on your device :P11:58
Figurenow that's an idea.. lets run xen on phone and change the os on the fly ;)11:59
w00tSage: yeah11:59
* w00t does everything in VMs nowdays11:59
juicemeI was thinking more on the lines of dosbox :)11:59
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#167 waiting for review at
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#168 waiting for review at
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w00tchriadam|away: Vesuri: VDVsx: special: Sfiet_Konstantin: heads up: nemo-qml-plugins is now using git packaging, this means you no longer need to wrangle packages into obs, just pushing a git tag is enough.15:13
w00tyou will need to make sure that important commits have a descriptive part in square brackets at the start of the commit message though (e.g. "[contacts] fix memory leak"), and each release needs at least one such descriptive commit15:13
w00tanyone else who works on nemo-qml-plugins ^15:13
Sfiet_Konstantincool \o/15:13
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Sagew00t: it doesn't need to be at the start of the commit message. right, phaeron ?15:16
Sagew00t: that "[xyz] stuff"15:16
w00tSage: even if it isn't mandatory, convention says it would be a good idea15:16
phaeronany line that starts with [foo]15:17
phaeronbut yeah convention is neater15:17
w00tgenerally your summary is in the first line, and the summary is what you want in the changelog, so15:17
Sagew00t: I'm fine with it just know people that don't like to do it like that ;)15:18
w00tSage: death to the unbelievers15:18
Sagethus said that it is not mandatory ;)15:18
w00tor better still: we make them use OBS15:19
Sagew00t: also we need to make sure people dont add stuff to .changes file.15:19
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sledgesw00t, \o/15:19
sledgeswill work soon on those15:19
w00tSage: yeah. i'll probably send out a mail containing the useful information tonight, now that we're starting to get somewhat on a critical mass15:20
Sagew00t: some Nemo/DeveloperProcess page could be in place15:20
Sagein mer wiki15:21
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* w00t has to go out for now15:22
w00tback later tonight15:22
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#166 Rejected promotion request16:24
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#148 Rejected promotion request16:24
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#167 Accepted promotion request16:29
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#153 Rejected promotion request16:30
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#156 Accepted promotion request16:34
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#154 Accepted promotion request16:58
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Sagewhat was the cmd to turn wifi powersave off?19:30
phaeronSage: iwconfig wlan0 power off19:31
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vgradelbt ping20:22
vgradethe cibot build trial has failed for my sr due to multiple choices for (mer cores mesa-llvmpipe and my rasp Pi gfx adapation package)20:26
*** martyone has quit IRC20:26
vgradeIn my home I have some 'Prefers' setup in the project conf20:26
Sagevgrade: moment20:27
phaeronvgrade: they need to be setup ahead of promotion on the target project20:27
Sagevgrade: will fix20:27
vgradeIs this solved in the same way for  nemo:devel:hw:brcm:bcm2835:rpi20:27
*** Artox has joined #nemomobile20:27
* phaeron has some automation for packaging prjconf and installing them from the packages20:27
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Sagevgrade: resubmit20:29
Sagephaeron: something like that would be nice20:29
Sagesimilar to patterns :)20:29
phaeronSage: already implemented :)20:29
* Sage hugs phaeron 20:30
vgradethanks guys,20:30
lbtvgrade:  wow20:30
vgradephaeron: let me know howto for next time20:30
lbtI really can't step out w/o someone fixing it :)20:30
*** araujo has quit IRC20:30
phaeronvgrade: I'll let you know once we deploy it for nemo obs20:31
*** jreznik has quit IRC20:31
vgradephaeron: ok, cheers20:31
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#169 Rejected promotion request20:32
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#170 waiting for review at
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vgradelbt: thanks20:36
Sagevgrade: lets see how it goes now20:40
vgradecheers Sage , I was wondering how the project conf changes I made would get handled20:41
Sagemanually by us atm.20:42
Sageusually those don't change much after the start20:42
vgradeSage: yea one of those things you have to touch every 6 months20:43
vgradenoted for next time though20:43
Sagefor n950/n900/n9 I've touched those like 2 years ago last time and it was the first time :P20:43
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#170 Accepted promotion request20:43
phaeronit helps to have that stuff in git though :)20:45
w00tgit ALL the things20:47
phaeronyes !20:48
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vgradeSage: all done , thanks.21:03
*** nicola has joined #nemomobile21:03
vgradeSage: will look he kickstarter configs for a Pi basic Image21:05
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w00tvgrade: how's the pi stuff coming?21:21
vgradenext stop getting a new kickstart created21:22
w00tcool :)21:22
vgradew00t: and the de-x11 work?21:22
w00tgit packaging (which is kind of a prerequisite) is in full swing (, and I made a good milestone today.. built qt4 and qt5 versions of a package from a single source tree/git repo with a single tag21:23
vgradecool :)21:24
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w00tso next is to start porting more stuff21:25
w00tmikko (who is seemingly not here) has also been looking into lipstick-on-wayland, so we may have something up with not too much effort maybe21:26
vgradew00t: what do you need from a kickstart, I have two ways of going21:26
w00thonestly.. i don't know :) i've generally left kickstarts/images up to other people as it's simply not an area i know much about21:27
vgradebuilding up a basic one which just boots into qt5 qmlscene or having a full blown nemo based one which will run slow due to no accel in X1121:29
vgradeI will go both ways21:30
w00talright, i think full nemo would be more ideal for me as it's a more known working system21:31
vgradeI guess it depends on whay you port first I guess21:31
vgradeok, so if I can do something will allows ease of switching between old qt4 and new qt521:33
vgradethe issue with full nemo is there will be no hw accell for qt4 under x1121:34
Sagevgrade: as rpi doesn't have x11 driver the .ks file for it will be quite minimal. Also we don't have groups or anything really for wayland stuff yet.21:34
* Sage is talking in his sleep :P21:34
vgradeSage: it can use fbdev21:34
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vgradeSage: an old minimal Pi setup,
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