Friday, 2013-04-05

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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#171 Rejected promotion request05:06
Sagew00t: qmlmail gives just black screen with the latest stuff from devel05:07
Sagew00t: you didn't tag fingerterm for terminal removal, reason for that?05:11
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#172 waiting for review at
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w00tSage: will check mail07:39
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w00tdidn't tag finger term because I don't know what processes are there, so asked Aard to do it07:40
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Sageaard: can you do that? :)07:43
aardthe process is 'don't break the harmattan version' ;)07:45
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rozhkovSage: i've added urls and changelogs to qmlmozbrowser and other stuff.08:46
rozhkovforgot to mention that xulrunner depends on yet unreleased versions of nss and nspr08:46
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Sagerozhkov: you don't have those in your project?08:47
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rozhkovSage: they are in the project. just not sure how to deal with them. should i submit them to mer?08:49
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phaeronrozhkov: nss is release afaik08:51
phaeronnspr is cvs snapshot08:51
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Sagerozhkov: in what project? not here or you have some new place where you keep the stuff now? :)08:56
Sage :)08:56
Sagerozhkov: those two should go to mer core yes08:57
Sagethat nspr looks quite straight forward at lesat08:58
rozhkovSage: and yasm should go to mer as well08:58
rozhkovwhat about autoconf213? :)08:59
Sageyasm, what depends on that?09:00
rozhkovneeded for i586 build of xulrunner09:00
Sagewell that could go to nemo mw as well I would say09:04
Sageas nothing in mer core depens on it we probably shouldn't push it there09:04
Sageautoconf213 well nemo mw as well I think09:04
Sageautoconf changelog needs fixing at least09:05
rozhkovSage: missing versions?09:06
Sageand format in general09:07
Sagewhy don't people tag git trees :P09:07
rozhkovphaeron: do you mind if i submit nss and nspr to mer? :)09:12
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phaeronrozhkov: I would not mind even if you asked me to do it :D09:19
phaeronrozhkov: just I think the nspr version should be changed somehow to reflect that it is not a released version but a cvs snapshot09:20
rozhkovphaeron: ok, i'll add a git suffix similar to what we have qtest-qml09:21
phaeronrozhkov: it's really cvs not git :) and qtest-qml is not really nice version either , but sure anything will do :) I am not trying to be difficult .. thanks09:23
rozhkovcvs, right :)09:23
rozhkovis freebsd still cvs based too these days09:24
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phaeronrozhkov: seems so. it's ok, better than tarballs without origin :)09:25
w00tSage: qmlmail breakage looks unrelated to the packaging changes. VDVsx: can you please take a look / fix qmlmail in devel assuming it's related to your work: qrc:/qml/main.qml:94:9: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onAccountAdded"09:25
VDVsxw00t, yup, sorry for that, forgot about qmlmail09:26
w00tVDVsx: it uses git packaging also at least, so fixing it won't be a pain ;)09:26
Sagew00t: well, didn't assume it was packaging thing :)09:27
w00tSage: i did :D09:27
VDVsxw00t, ok, is just a S missing there09:27
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phakowhat standby time (wifi enabled, no simcard, n9 just lying there) do you guys usually have?09:32
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* w00t is probably a bad candidate for that09:33
w00tmy battery is probably shot thanks to constant use / usb09:33
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specialI've seen n950 survive two days idle09:34
specialcan usually make it through a weekend off-USB and not shut down if I don't touch it09:34
phakok :) just wondering09:35
phakotwo days without touching is about what I get as well09:35
Vesuriyeah, maximum09:35
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w00tspecial: did you file a bug for the sensorfw <-> mce interaction stuff?09:35
w00tthat could possibly help a bit too09:35
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specialw00t: I saw something afterwards that seemed like it was getting display off events, haven't had any time to look at all09:36
specialeven if it is, it's probably not using them to the extent that it should be09:36
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Sagespiiroin: when display is blanked with powerkey the volumekey still works09:41
spiiroinSage: what hw?09:41
Sagespiiroin: n95009:41
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w00tStskeeps: mlite-qt5 now in devel:mw :)09:41
spiiroinSage: But isn't that how it is supposed to be?09:42
Sageit is?09:43
mkosolaAt least volume keys work on Harmattan N9 when display is off09:43
Sagehaving phone in your pocket and volume goes to 0 by accident and when you answer call you can't hear a thing?09:43
spiiroinVolume key interpretation depends on context. So if the display is off,  they affect playback/audiocall volume.09:45
Sagemkosola: ok, well there are two volumes and we haven't separated thoes in nemo09:45
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* w00t has blaring out the speakers as usual ;)09:54
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* sledges is tempted to click, not having learned the video hash by heart10:08
w00tgo ahead :)10:08
slaineManaged to kill the freemantle install on my n90010:10
slainewondering if there's any point in installing nemo on the internal flash10:10
slainejust get rid of broken install with nemo and not use the uSD card to host it10:11
slaineor would I be better served find some mirrors of the pr1.3 release, re-flash the phone and carry on with the uSD card installs of nemo ?10:12
slaineJonni: I'd seen mention of a mirror on t.m.o a while back but didn't investigate, thanks for the link10:19
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Sagew00t: ;)10:55
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* Sage turns up the volume10:58
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VDVsxw00t, accounts signals update:
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w00toh, that simple? :)11:19
w00tVDVsx: tag away11:19
VDVsxw00t, yeah, someone asked me to change the names to be consistent11:20
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w00tVDVsx: pushing a tag for it too?11:33
VDVsxw00t, sure, just few mins11:34
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Sagevgrade: can you pastebin /proc/cpuinfo from rpi?11:47
Sagesledges: ^ for pandaboard11:47
Sagekulve: ^ nexus711:47
kulveSage: can't get that now but google shows something that I expect to be quite correct:
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dazoAnyone got a good recommendation for microsd cards to run Nemo on a daily basis?11:51
dazo(on a N900)11:51
dazoI got a Kingston class 10 16GB card ... and it's just too slow to be useful at all ... probably takes closer to 3-4 min to just boot ... starting an application easily takes a minute11:52
SageHardware: grouper11:53
SageRevision: 000011:53
Sage^ those are the ones I'm interested really. and that looks very bad :P11:53
rcgSage, i can confirm that from my nexus711:54
kulveSage: you meant the revision 0 doesn't look good?11:55
Sagekulve: well the name mainly it is very "generic" feeling. I was expecing something more specific :)11:56
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SageHardware: value that is11:56
kulveSage: that's some sort fo code name for it. All google files (zips with firmware etc.) have that name as well11:56
kulveso I don't think it's generic after all11:57
Sageok, well fair enough :)11:57
VDVsxw00t, can push tag, read only access there :)12:00
w00tVDVsx: sec, will fix12:00
w00tVDVsx: retry12:00
VDVsxstrange since I've write access to the group12:00
w00tgithub's web UI is being retarded12:00
w00thold on12:01
w00tthere, now try12:01
VDVsxw00t, done, is there's some new channel/webview where we can see tagging and builds going on ? or same as before12:03
the-boss`w00t: Error: "mer-boss" is not a valid command.12:03
VDVsxfunny name :D12:05
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#172 Accepted promotion request12:14
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#131 Accepted promotion request12:16
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sledgesSage, panda cpuinfo:
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Sagesledges: thanks12:53
sledgesSage, no idea where the second processor (core) went12:54
VesuriSage: does updating a tag trigger a rebuild as expected in the mer obs?13:04
SageVesuri: it should13:06
SageVesuri: #mer-boss13:06
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VesuriSage: ok, thanks... I was looking at and it doesn't seem to be building the updated tag but I'll check13:08
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8459 waiting for review at
phaeronalterego: you forgot that we migrated ..14:18
alteregoAww shit14:19
Sagealterego: also while at it make it to use tar_git service ;)14:20
alteregoWhy you do this too me!14:20
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* Sage welcomes all to contribute to
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alteregoWhere's the bloody project settings button in github?14:25
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alteregoSage: I setup the webhook.14:36
alteregoNow what? :_)14:36
alteregoWell, the wiki says talk to you :P14:36
* Sage adds more info to the wiki14:40
alteregoOkay, I think I clicked test hook, but it didn't do anything ..14:42
Sageit did :)14:43
alteregoAh, good :)14:43
Sagerefresh the wiki :)14:43
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alteregoOkay, so now I need to add rpm directory.14:43
Sageyes and copy .spec .yaml and .changes there14:44
Sageif those exist14:44
Sagein the current packaging14:44
SageI added the note that .changes file should not be updated.14:44
alteregoDone that.14:46
Sageeach commit and tag should show on the #mer-boss channel now14:47
alteregoNow how do I like it to a project/package in OBS?14:48
alteregolink ..14:49
Sageyou had your home project there :)14:52
Sagedidn't notice before now14:52
Sagealterego: the linking to obs is done by us and I already did it really. Though disabled it now as I noted it was your home project and not the official one :P14:53
Sagealterego: where do you want that package to be built?14:53
Sagealterego: updated the wiki again for new info :)14:56
Sageanyway need to go now. Will be back later possibly. w00t phaeron and lbt can probably also help you with this.14:57
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#174 Rejected promotion request15:05
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#173 Rejected promotion request15:05
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sledgesthis tar_git is AWESOME 8) can't wait to get hands on16:48
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#175 Rejected promotion request22:11
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#176 waiting for review at
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