Sunday, 2013-04-07

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Sagekulve: vgrade: sledges: there will be yet anorhter change in .ks files and ssu. Now the ssu repo rpm's will disappear and ssu will soon handle the repo files itself completely09:20
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#99 Rejected promotion request09:33
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#181 Rejected promotion request09:40
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kulveSage: just point me to a change and I'll copy it09:49
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Sagekulve: sure, having a bit problems with connectivity atm. :/10:37
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Sagekulve: have nexus7 at hand atm.? Care to test one thing on device?10:39
Sageyou have ssu 0.25 installed on it I assume?10:39
kulveno idea10:39
kulvebooting up and chekcing10:39
Sagemoment will update wiki and give it to you for test :)10:42
Sagekulve: so edit /etc/ssu/ssu.ini and put flavour to devel. Then verify that you have nemo-ssu-repos-x-rnd installed10:44
Sagethen do zypper ref and do zypper install ssu ssu-vendor-data-nemo10:45
SageAfter this follow and set it to rnd release with devel flavour and when that is done check that zypper ref works10:45
kulveI need to change the kernel since you want networking ;)10:46
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kulveg_multi seems really nice. I can have usb0 and serial console if the wifi is broken. And still the usb host mode seems to work if I just plugin the right cable. I haven't tested if I can do those several times in row though (switching the mode, that is)10:49
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kulveSage: I have some broken repos there because something is wrong in my .ks (I assume). Does it matter it this test?11:33
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kulveSage: "ssu ur" doesn't print anything (up to that the commands gave valid looking prints) and  /etc/ssu/repos.d/ doesn't exist (and creating manually it doesn't change a thing)11:37
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SageI meant /etc/zypper/repos.d12:30
Sagekulve: well, the point is that none of the repos in .ks should matter to device usage after this12:30
Sagei.e., /etc/zypper/repos.d if empty then ssu ur should do repo files there12:31
Sageif not empty then ssu will update the ones and fix them based on ssu configs12:32
kulve/etc/zypper/repos.d seems ok now12:32
Sageerr... /etc/zypp/repos.d :)12:32
kulveyeah, that one :)12:32
Sagecan you pastebin: ssu ur; ssu lr; ls /etc/zypp/repos.d/; ssu s;12:33
kulveadaptation0 repo is wrong though, I get the error with it12:33
kulveFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''12:33
kulveshould be s,tegra3-common,common,12:33
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kulvenot sure from where does that come?12:33
Sagekulve: change /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.ini and adaptation-repos=tegra3-common,nexus7 to adaptation-repos=common,nexus712:34
Sageok, good. So made only one typo :)12:36
kulves,tegra3,common, in there too..12:36
Sagethat board-mappings.ini file12:36
Sagekulve: you did it wrong I think based on the output12:36
kulveyeah, fixed already. Fixed wrongly first12:36
Sage - adaptation0 ... <- should be common not tegra312:36
kulvezypper ref is now happy12:36
Sageok good.12:37
Sageneed to document a bit more about how the repositories are added and modified etc.12:37
Sageie. target is that repo files are handled with ssu and it can create those based on that board-mappings.ini12:39
Sageif custom repos needed then ssu has commands for that12:39
Sageanyway need to go now. Cya later12:39
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kulvespecial: I enabled wake locks (and as a subconfig the earlysuspend and console switch). Now the power button should behave13:09
rcgkulve, btw could be the reason why it switches briefly to console on suspend/resume be that console switch option?13:10
rcgdid you try without that console switch option, or is it just not working then?13:11
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kulveI tested the other options but then it didn't switch back to X anymore13:21
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rcgbtw. i just noticed some awkward behavior13:25
rcgit seems it doesn't really suspend here, with the new patches13:25
rcgthe screen turns off, but wifi stays on13:25
rcgand i can still use my ssh session13:25
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rcgso it doesn't really suspend :/13:25
kulvein android the device seem to be always listening to wlan, based on the possibility of installing apps there remotely13:26
kulvenot sure if you should first kill the wifi and then suspend..13:26
rcghmm.. looks like it just turns the screen off13:29
rcgcould you try if the same happens in nemo?13:30
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kulveIn the logs I did see it suspending13:32
kulvercg: and without mce it did something else wrong?13:32
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rcgkulve, yeah, without mce it didn't go back to X after resume but stayed in console13:33
rcgit does early suspend, and immediately afterwards wlan goes back to life13:34
rcgi just tried to manually disconnect wifi via nm-applet and suspended13:35
rcgbut after some seconds after screen went black i could log in via ssh13:36
rcgalright, even when i stop mce it shows this behavior13:37
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kulvetry with the old kernel?13:38
rcgwill do13:38
rcgbut will be afk for some minutes13:38
kulvercg: the X switching works, if I disable framebuffer console completely. I guess that would be better approach?13:42
kulvenemo won't suspend then, but that's a bug in mce, imo13:42
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kulvea bug as in enchancement bug13:42
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rcgkulve, yeah, i don't think we need the framebuffer console14:11
rcgit got the nice "look this is linux" bonus when booting but it is not really usable i think ;)14:12
rcgjust testing the old kernel again14:12
kulvejust pushing the new kernel config to OBS14:13
rcgwith the old kernel it stays off14:14
rcgi.e., it properly suspends14:14
rcgalso the dmesg output looks much different14:15
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kulveI assume the new kernel (with fb console turned off) works just fine with PA, that's why I didn't ask you to test it..14:20
kulveand thanks to Stskeeps for the suggestion14:20
kulvespecial: so, wake locks will be disabled after all, as well as fb console14:21
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rcgkulve, roger that14:42
rcgwill just give it a try14:42
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rcgkulve, looks much better :)14:52
kulvegreat :)14:52
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Sicelohi guys16:40
Sicelosomething's up (or down) with the Nemo site16:40
kulveSicelo: do be more precise :)16:42
Siceloit doesn't open (and i wouldn't say the problem is at my end)16:43
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iekkuis it ok to take -1h from utc time for bug triage? to keep it same in finnish time?17:46
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iekku+1 added in autumn, so i assume it's ok17:49
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specialkulve: sounds good19:23
kulvespecial: if you test it, let me know how it goes19:37
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