Monday, 2013-04-08

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lpotterhmm.. I wonder how do I create a link in a yaml/spec file00:42
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Sagelpotter: link?05:48
Sagemorning all05:48
lpotterSage: like if a package needs a symlink. like a systemd service05:50
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Sagelpotter: you just create one in %install like ln -sf x y to right place05:55
Sageor preferrebly during make install05:56
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Sagekulve: sledges: patches in now to nemo-kickstarter-configs git tree. What changed is that ssu packages are not longer installed in extras and one ssu post scriplet came.06:27
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Sagekulve: sledges: also while doing images remember that mic --tokenmap cmdlineoption fills @KEY@ in the .ks file.06:28
kulveSage: ack. Will update the yamls at some point06:33
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Sagekulve: sledges: also see
SageI think everything for new ssu is now in place.06:35
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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon06:57
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#182 Rejected promotion request07:07
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#184 Rejected promotion request07:37
kavuriAnyone know if the wiki pages hosted on would be moved to mer wiki, or the project owners have to move them individually?07:42
Stskeepsmove individually07:42 will disappear07:43
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Sagewe don't everything from there to mer wiki I would say07:46
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Sagew00t: we need to make sure that between each of the tagged versions there is at least one commit that says "[changelog] somethin to changelog"07:49
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#183 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#185 Rejected promotion request07:57
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#183 Rejected promotion request08:26
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Sagephaeron: <- what is this?08:29
Sagesuddently some strange missing packages? Like missing packages autoconf?08:30
Sageis that somekind of connection error?08:30
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#186 Rejected promotion request08:57
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Sagekulve: This was the only fix needed for the boardmappings right?
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kulveSage: yas09:02
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#187 waiting for review at
Sageanyone have cpuinfo line for rasperrypi?09:04
Sagemeaning /proc/cpuinfo09:04
phaeronSage: you might want to promote the new mer release to mer:testing09:07
Sagephaeron: ok, how to do that?09:07
kulveSage: <-- that looks correct cpuinfo for RPi09:07
Sagekulve: well I saw that but didn't believe as it is BCM2835 chip and cpuinfo says BCM2708 :)09:08
kulveBCM2708 is mentioned elsewhere as well09:09
JvD_I just checked mine and it is BCM270809:11
SageWhat SoC are you using?09:12
SageThe SoC is a Broadcom BCM2835. This contains an ARM1176JZFS, with floating point, running at 700Mhz, and a Videocore 4 GPU. The GPU is capable of BluRay quality playback, using H.264 at 40MBits/s. It has a fast 3D core accessed using the supplied OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG libraries.09:12
Sagemaybe that BCM2708 indicates something else than soc09:13
kulve"Technically 2708 is the family, and 2835 is a specific implementation."09:13
Sageok, well matching "BCM2708" in ssu for rpi then :)09:14
Sageok, so new ssu-repos building supports now nexus7 properly and also rpi09:19
* Sage just loves the git packaging ;)09:20
kulvewhat do I need to do to get n7 support to nemo yamls? :)09:21
Sageok, lets handle that next :)09:22
Sagedid we do pattern for nexus7 already?09:22
Sageapparently not.09:22
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Sagekulve: moment will do patterns. You have the list of extra packages atm.?09:25
kulvefor common:
kulvefor nexus7:
kulveI guess some of those common ones should be dropped but you may know better..09:26
Sage-plymouthlite can't be there09:29
Sagealso shouldn't break anything09:29
Sagecontextkit-tests, gst-plugins-base-tools, gstreamer-tools, nemo-control-panel-applet-power, xorg-x11-xauth, gst-plugins-good09:30
Sagethose aren't really adaptation packages09:30
Sageshould come from other patterns/dependencies really09:30
Sagekulve: so I would propose these
kulveis this needed: pulseaudio-module-x11? Shouldn't that come as dependency of something else?09:33
Sageah, true. That shouldn't be there either really09:33
kulveI don't have a clue, actually..09:33
Sageor hmmp09:34
kulvesame goes for those contextkit plugins09:34
* Sage searches dependency to that09:34
kulveI don't know if they are anything meaningful and if they are, I don't know what should include them09:34
kulveAnd I probably should trim that firmware-package. I guess we need only 1 file in there and now there are like a hundred blobs..09:35
Sagehmmp.. I have no idea what needs that pulseaudio-module-x11 really :) jusa_ ping :)09:42
Sagewe have it on some adaptation but not in all.09:42
jusa_Sage: it integrates some stuff to x11.. so then for example libcanberra queries pulse server stuff from x1109:45
kulveI suggest that we drop all those packages. If something is needed, we can add them back or add them to some more generic place, if they are expected in all devices09:45
jusa_then if there would be some session manager in nemo it would connect to that as well, but since there is none module-x11-xsmp isn't loaded09:46
Sageok, happy to drop it for now and when some app or thing requires it add it as proper dependency09:47
jusa_also module-x11-cork-request synthesizes some media key events when cork/uncork happens in PA09:47
Sagekulve: patterns now building09:49
Sagekulve: so in .ks file you should have now only "@Nemo Nexus7" and that should be enough for %packages09:49
kulve"Package "patterns-nexus7" not found in project "nemo:devel:hw:nv:tegra3:nexus7""09:49
* Sage fixes09:50
kulve"@Nemo Nexus7" sounds good09:50
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Sagekulve: ok now it exists :)10:02
kulveso it seems10:03
Sagekulve: commented
kulveI noticed as I got 5 mails about it :)10:06
kulvewhat if I add Ouya support at some point? Just wondering if there should be separate groups for common and nexus7..10:07
Sagefor kickstarts lets go with single nexus7 group for now.10:08
Sagethere will be even more changes on that area at somepoint :)10:08
Sage <- xulrunner jobtime "about 3 hours" say what?10:12
phaeronSage: lack of powerhost10:14
phaeronruns out of tmpfs10:14
Sageok, well we need one as that kind of job will delay publish quite a bit.10:15
phaeronSage: it actually never finishes10:16
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Sagekulve: update the pull request after the changes and will merge it and then it should be done for nexus7 :)10:37
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* w00t notices obs has more workers, and thanks lbt profusely :)10:41
lbtw00t: that was a PITA - but also thank #active10:48
kulveSage: done10:52
kulveSage: I have a comment there about the .partition10:54
* Sage noted another thing. he forgot to add the krenel to he pattern10:55
Sagewe should remove kernel from the .ks10:55
kulveI was actually wondering that..10:55
kulveI'll remove it10:55
kulveany comment on the nexus7.partition? There's no way of flashing partitions, just copying files over. And maybe a .zip file later with the dual boot stuff10:56
Sageok well then that partition really doesn't matter there.10:56
kulveshould I remove it?10:57
Sagehow is nexus7 "flashed" similarly than n950?10:57
kulveI don't know how n950 is flashed. I'm flashing nexus7 currently with moslo, i.e. mount over usb to my Linux and then just copy the files10:58
Sageok, so you do mic cr fs nexus7.ks --packto=nexus-rootfs.tar.bz2?10:59
Sageand then tar --numeric-owner -xf nexus-rootfs.tar.bz2 -C /mounted/nexus7 ?11:00
kulveI don't use .tar.bz2, although that would probably be more correct and easier and save space..11:00
kulveotherwise similar to that11:00
Sageok, well then you don't need the .partition there but you can use similarly than n950-n9
Sagepartsize and filesystem just there11:01
kulvewhat is --record-pkgs=name11:02
Sageand also you should have -f fs instead of -f raw and that compress-disk-image there as well in mic2options line, though those aren't really used much anymore11:02
Sageit does file that contains package names to the image dir11:02
Sagewe should use --record-pkgs=url now really11:02
Sageit contains urls to rpm's which is quite much nicer11:02
Sageso you know where those rpm's were fetched11:02
kulveyeah, sounds very convenient11:03
kulvehow do I update the pull request..?11:04
Sagejust push to same branch where the pull request was done it updates it automatically in github11:08
kulvedoes it automatically merge those commits so that after a pull request there's only one commit?11:10
kulveafter merging a pull request I mean11:10
Sagedepends how you did your own project. If you merged those there yes if not then no11:11
Sageit just clones the latest state iirc11:11
kulvein gerrit you can update the commit freely, which is nice11:11
Sagenot sure what you mean. imo this is quite free :)11:12
Sagedo branch with you changes and pull request. When ever you update your branch it updates pull request to that same state11:13
kulveI just force pushed my changes to my master.11:13
kulveand yes, the pull request has been updated. Nice11:14
Sageand changes are now in pull request11:14
Sageit is nice imo as well :)11:14
kulvethat's good. Just need to use better branches than "master" in the future :)11:14
kulveI was scrolling the pull request up and down and "bling!", it updated to merged state without me pressing reload or anything :)11:15
kulveSage: thanks!11:17
kulveSage: well. What does this mean in practice?11:18
Sagekulve: no thank you for doing the adaptation bits :)11:18
SageCubox, Snowball, Galaxy Nexus, Raspberry Pi, ... still not there :P11:25
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kulveSage: what does this now mean? Will something create n7 images automatically or what?11:25
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Sagekulve: need to check the license of packages but it is possible now yes. iirc there was no requirement of click thing in the nv licenses, right?11:29
Sagei.e., you need to click button to accept license before you can download or so11:29
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kulveno such restrictions11:29
Sagethen we can do the images for it as well easily yes. iirc. snowball has that mad license that one needs to accept stuff always before should be able to download or something11:29
kulveonly thing that is currently a bit unclear is the BT/GPS firmware blob and because of that it's not included currently (there's a script to download it later on the device itself)11:29
Sagejukkaeklund_: you installed that firefox os to the nexus I got right?11:29
Sagejukkaeklund_: did you have some prebuilt image for it or do I need to build it myself?11:30
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jukkaeklund_Sage, one needs to build itself11:30
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jukkaeklund_Sage, I can build a new image for you I think have the env still working11:31
Sagejukkaeklund_: if you can and push it somewhere for me so I can download. I just want to have known working image before starting to play with the thing again :)11:31
jukkaeklund_Sage, well you can always put stock nexus firmware on it11:32
Sagethe last instruction I have for ng nemo is to flash the kernel but I would not like to flash the kernel but use the kernel inside the image really to get kernel updates workin11:37
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* Sage is pushing gdisk to nemo apps12:03
Sagegpt partition tables are getting more and more common12:04
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* w00t has no idea what you just said12:13
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kontioSage: phaeron: is cibot/BOSS on strike on on SR#191 it didn't kick in within 22min (I withdraw the one in the mean time), but new SR#192  also cibot didn't kick in yet within 5min (that normally starts asap)...12:22
phaeronkontio: sage is torturing it12:24
kontiook so it's working but just slow...12:25
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Sagewhat did I do? :)12:27
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Sagejukkaeklund_: adb works but not sure why fastboot just doesn't recognize the device :/12:32
jukkaeklund_Sage, android things are random always for me too.. switch USB ports and try again12:32
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jukkaeklund_Sage, so I guess you dont need ffos image actually?12:33
kulveSage: I assume that's on linux? Do you have proper access rights for the fastboot device as well?12:33
Sagejukkaeklund_: the default firmware is ok if I get it flashed12:34
Sagekulve: well added the udev rule for the device SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="04e8", MODE="0666", is that enough?12:34
Sageit has been quite long time I've last time played with this so can't recall everything. I just recall that I had that udev rule before :)12:35
kulvefastboot has a different id that the android, iirc12:35
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SageBus 001 Device 093: ID 04e8:685d Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd12:35
Sageand I have device in fastboot mode here now12:35
Sageor actually12:36
SageQDIN MODE it says on the top12:36
Sagenot sure how to get to fastboot mode as this device behaves a bit differently than last time :D12:36
Sagevolume down+powerkey gets me to that mode and any other combo just boots to firefox os12:38
Sagevolumekey has "Start" arrow pointing to it but that just reboots the phone12:38
kulvethat sounds exactly the same as on nexus7 and when you have that menu, you are in the fastboot mode12:39
Sageok well fastboot devices doesn't find anything12:41
Sageanyway, need to go now. Will be back in the evening again12:41
kulveSage: I assume you tried with sudo just in case :)12:42
Sageyes :)12:43
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#191 waiting for review at
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#193 waiting for review at
jukkaeklund_Sage, if adb devices recognizes it you are fine. flasher handles fastboot13:29
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#189 Rejected promotion request13:29
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#190 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#192 waiting for review at
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#194 waiting for review at
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#188 waiting for review at
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Sagewell adb can access booted device fine17:15
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w00tSage: ping20:41
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