Thursday, 2013-04-11

* mvogt read that as 'docs-cathetering', which sounds horrible...00:02
w00tmvogt: ow.00:04
w00tso pop quiz00:04
w00twhy is it that, in europe, i end up working on australian time anyway?00:05
w00tis my body clock just reverting to its natural state?00:05
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* Macer facepalm00:09
w00tstatus=11 means sigsegv00:09
w00teverything UI-related is crashing for you00:10
Macerover... and over.... and over............. and over.... heh00:10
MacerApr 11 03:10:26 localhost systemd[212]: meegotouch-systemui.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=1100:11
MacerApr 11 03:10:26 localhost systemd[212]: Unit meegotouch-systemui.service entered failed state.00:11
Macerand over :)00:11
w00ti'd probably suggest hacking the user session to do nothing except launch X, install gdb, and try start e.g. mcompositor by hand under gdb, and see if you can get any useful stacktrace out of it00:11
mvogtw00t: special is in the US and he works on oz time also.  must be a universal law00:16
Macerw00t: where does it autostart the ui?00:19
MacerXorg keeps restarting on its own00:19
w00tMacer: systemd user session - /usr/lib/systemd/user/00:19
Macerwow. now the thing died on me again00:20
Macerwhy does xorg keep trying to restart itself??00:23
Maceryeah that sounds far outside teh puerview of my skillset heh00:26
Maceris there a way to boot and use the hw qwerty and NOT use x at all?00:26
Maceroh wow nice... now i have nothing starting up for Xorg :)00:28
Macercan i install a different desktop?00:28
Macerlike fluxbox?00:28
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Macerxorg is running00:31
Maceri opened xterm in 0:000:32
Macerthe problem lies in the desktop it seems00:32
w00tso now start it in gdb00:32
Maceran nice00:33
Maceri got lipstick to start00:33
Macerso now i have a desktop00:33
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Maceralthoug i have to double click on icons lol00:34
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Macer"/usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch" Failed to connect to remote themedaemon. Retrying in one second.00:37
Macerwow maybe it would have been better to start out with a base mer and tried kde active heh00:38
Macerbut at least i know the problem lies in the ui somewhere00:39
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w00tit doesn't necessarily00:41
w00tuntil you get a backtrace, you have no clue what the problem is00:41
Macerx works fine00:42
Macerwonder if i can get kde active working on it lol00:42
w00tthat doesn't mean anything00:43
w00tif the problem is somewhere inside qt (for instance), or the graphics drivers (which won't be getting used by x and an xterm), or window composition (which requires a running compositor), or.. or.. or..00:43
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Macerso like.. what do you want me to do?00:43
w00tI've said gdb twice in the past 40 minutes00:44
w00tI'm still waiting to hear anything back on that00:44
Maceryeah i got that part.. but gdb what? :)00:44
w00t" install gdb, and try start e.g. mcompositor by hand under gdb, and see if you can get any useful stacktrace out of it"00:44
w00tI also told you *what* to gdb 40 minutes ago ;)00:44
Maceroh. it works like a shell?00:44
w00thaven't used it before?00:45
w00tso first things first, check how mcompositor is launched (/usr/lib/systemd/user/mcompositor.service probably, you want the Exec key I guess)00:45
w00tmake sure X11 is running00:46
w00tthen gdb /usr/bin/mcompositor00:46
w00tit'll give you a (gdb) prompt00:46
w00ttell me when you get there (or if you need help)00:46
MacerReading symbols from /usr/bin/mcompositor...Missing separate debuginfo for /usr/bin/mcompositor00:46
MacerTry: zypper install -C "debuginfo(build-id)=39791c97bae707c55a14bef0e2329ba369f7ba9d"00:46
Maceri'm at the prompt tho heh00:46
w00tthat means you may not get much (or any) information when it crashes, but we can do a simple runthrough to try it out first00:47
w00tso, what did the Exec key in the service file say?00:47
Macerin mcompositor.service?00:48
w00tthat'll tell you what arguments it passes when it runs mcompositor (the window manager/compositor) automatically00:48
w00tI was close ;)00:49
MacerExecStart=/usr/bin/mcompositor -systemd00:49
w00tso, at the gdb prompt: r -systemd00:49
w00t(r is the command to run it, everything after that is arguments to pass to the process you're debugging)00:49
w00t(short for 'run')00:49
Macermcompositor: cannot connect to X server00:50
w00texit out of gdb for a sec (q / quit)00:50
w00texport DISPLAY=:000:50
w00trerun gdb, rerun the start command00:50
MacerProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.00:51
Macer0x41623964 in KEGLGetDrawableParameters () from /usr/lib/libIMGegl.so00:51
Macerthere it is :)00:51
* w00t wonders what libIMGegl is00:52
w00trpm -qf /usr/lib/ please00:52
Macerprobably something that you wouldn't need if you guys used weyland lol00:52
w00tthe 'egl' bit implies that we probably would, i'm guessing it's something related to graphics drivers, but i've never heard that particular name before00:53
w00tat the gdb prompt, run 'bt full' (short for backtrace full)00:53
w00tthat may get us a little more information, though probably not too much00:53
w00ti wonder what simple GL tests we have00:55
w00tStskeeps or Sage would know00:55
Macerglestest maybe?00:55
w00tMacer: didn't you say you were having problems with a scriptlet on upgrade of that package, actually?00:55
Macerthat's the on too ;)00:55
Maceralthough this time i jsut didn't see it because i used packages to do it00:55
w00tso that's a bit suspect00:55
w00twhat was it reporting? do you recall?00:55
Macernothing much. just "error in scriptlet"00:56
w00tthere's usually output before that message00:56
Maceris there a way to re-install the pkg?00:56
Macerthen i can give you the exact error?00:56
w00tor after - i forget00:57
w00tmm. there is, but i'm not sure it's safe with that package.. zypper install --reinstall pkgnamehere00:57
Macer[root@localhost ~]# export DISPLAY=:000:57
Macer[root@localhost ~]# glestest00:57
MacerSegmentation fault00:57
w00tit can't get much worse though, right? ;)00:57
MacerUnknown option '--reinstall00:59
Macerhow about i just remove/re-add ;)00:59
w00thm. that was from memory, let me look at the manpage00:59
Maceryeah.. no man pages on the n900 heh01:00
w00tzypper in -f packagename01:00
w00tsorry for the completely wrong information01:00
MacerJob failed. See system journal and 'systemctl status' for details.01:01
Macerwarning: %post(ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 101:01
w00tok, system journal is journalctl01:02
w00tso run that and see if there's anything interesting01:02
Macerwtf? :)01:02
w00ter, well.01:03
* w00t wonders01:03
Macerthat was odd01:05
Maceri just tried to reinstall while following the journal01:05
Macerand it installed fine it seems01:05
w00tpossible race condition? try reinstall a few times and see what happens?01:05
MacerRetrieving package ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl                                              (1/1), 577.5 KiB (  3.2 MiB unpacked)01:06
MacerRetrieving: ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl.rpm ..................................................................[done (61.4 KiB/s)]01:06
MacerInstalling: ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx ...........................................................................................[done]01:06
Macerno error ?01:06
w00tcertainly looks that way01:06
* Macer stares at sage01:07
w00tokay, try this (as root): systemctl restart user-session@1000.service01:07
w00tthat'll kill x, and try restart everything again01:07
w00toh, erm01:07
w00tif you had modified the user session files or whatever01:07
w00tfix those first ;)01:07
Maceri mved the user stuff01:07
Maceri just moved teh dir01:07
Macerand made an empty user dir01:07
MacerApr 11 04:09:20 localhost sysuid[838]: "/usr/bin/sysuid" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 5 Retrying.01:09
Macerforgot something01:09
MacerApr 11 04:10:16 localhost sysuid[838]: "/usr/bin/sysuid" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 5 Retrying.01:10
Macerkeep getting those01:10
w00tps aux | grep mthemedaemon01:11
Macerthat might be my mistake01:11
Maceractually. now that the pkg installed correclty01:11
w00tsomething in the user session isn't right then, mthemedaemon should be started quite early01:11
Macerand i moved everything back.. let me reboot heh01:11
* Macer waits and watches01:12
Macerok. that was different lol01:13
w00tgood different or bad different?01:13
Macerbad lol01:13
Macerthere's somethign on the screen scrolling with the backlight off01:14
w00tthat'll probably be console output01:15
w00tthere's a way to increase backlight via ssh I think01:15
Macerno it's on heh01:15
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Macerbut i still just have a blank screen01:15
Macerthe backlight is on but the screen is black01:16
Macerohh ok01:17
Maceri just manually ran lipstick01:17
Maceras root01:17
Macerand it started01:18
Macerso maybe somewhere lipstick isn't being properly started?01:18
w00ti'd be guessing problems from the user session tinkering01:19
w00ttake a look at journalctl again01:19
Macernot from me ;)01:20
Macerthe user session is the original after update01:20
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w00ttake a look at journalctl, anyway01:20
*** ridikulus_rat has left #nemomobile01:20
Maceris there a way to output it to or something?01:22
w00tjournalctl --no-pager > foo.log, maybe01:22
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Macerah well..  ihave to go ;) i'll continue more tomorrow01:25
*** RzR has quit IRC01:25
Macerbut yeah. n900 sure needs quite a bit of work lol01:25
MacerJan 01 02:00:19 localhost ohmd[179]: GLIB WARNING ** GConf - Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:01:26
w00ti get the feeling that you're getting closer to the root causes at least01:27
MacerJan 01 02:00:26 localhost DSME[194]: IPHB: failed to open kernel connection '/dev/iphb' (No such file or directory)01:27
w00tiphb is safe to ignore (more or less)01:27
Maceryeah i'm just pasting the stuff that sticks out01:27
w00tohmd I'm not so sure about but i don't think that would cause this01:27
Macerit's not a small log to look at01:28
w00tcan you upload it somewhere?01:28
Macerand it's not like it has 3D cartoon characters jumping around lol01:28
Maceryeah i will have to look at this later. i have to leave. heh01:30
Maceri'll leave it hooked up if i get some time to mess with it some more later01:30
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w00tljp: sup01:44
ljp'works for me!' (tm) doesn't work for remote obs :(01:45
w00tstill connectionagent?01:45
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w00tqt-devel is not being installed, which is meaning %qmake isn't expanded (as the rpm macro is provided by qt-devel)01:46
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile01:46
w00twhy that's happening is a bit less certain for me..01:47
w00tyour spec isn't updated01:47
w00t(the buildrequires for qt aren't in it)01:48
w00ttwo PkgConfigBR sections, the latter overwrites the former01:48
ljpaard told me it would pick it up. ;/01:48
ljpoh. thats stupid01:48
w00tSage: know how you wanted something to do? how about warning on duplicate sections? ;)01:49
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ljpyay! all but the _64 built02:18
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Sagekaltsi: the %qmake and %qmake5 macros should be in qt5-qmake and qt-qmake packages06:32
Sagenot sure where those are atm.06:32
Sagew00t: was pondering about that long time ago but not sure how to do it with .yaml really06:32
StskeepsSage: qtchooser06:34
SageStskeeps: well, I think that qmake package would be the right place06:37
StskeepsSage: it isnt, due to coexistence conflict06:38
Stskeepswe need both qmakes able to install06:39
Sagebut did I say they can't co-exist?06:39
Sagewith %qmake and %qmake5 macros I mean the /etc/rpm.macros/ or what ever that is06:39
Stskeepsi looked into it and qtchooser is best place atm06:40
Sagewell, the thing with that is that then %qmake5 macro can exist without qt5-qmake06:40
Stskeepsas its actually one providing 'qmake'06:40
Sageimo that is wrong ;)06:42
Stskeepsright, and we spent a lot of time getting it just right06:43
Stskeepsit's transparent to user06:43
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile06:43
SageStskeeps: well even with having those in qt-qmake or qt5-qmake would be transparent to user06:46
SageStskeeps: that would also mean that user would really need to have BuildRequires: qt5-qmake to get that %qmake5 macro as not it will be there even without qt5-qmake06:46
StskeepsSage: it takes 2 days more each time we touch something in that area, we can fix later but not now.06:48
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile06:50
SageStskeeps: I though we are currently touching it :P06:51
Sagebut that is fine just saying my opinion ;)06:51
*** plfiorini has quit IRC06:55
iekkuSage, i just watched family guy episodes last weekend, because of that and your comment " I though we are currently touching it :P07:09
the-boss`Stskeeps: Error: "nemomobile-w?" is not a valid command.07:10
iekkuSage, i have now this playing in my head:
iekkuSage, or this:
iekkuStskeeps, no, not #w content07:12
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phaeronspecial: pong07:31
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w00tSage: but they need that build require anyway to actually run qmake, so impact isn't all that bad08:00
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile08:01
Sagew00t: exactly so why not be in the package that they anyway would require? :)08:07
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kaltsiSage: yes that's one place to put the macros in, I intended to do that at first, but noticed that there's this %qmake_install macro that is common to both08:45
kaltsiSage: dunno if it makes sense to make a new one %qmake5_install then too08:45
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile08:46
Sagekaltsi: ah, true hmmp.08:47
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile08:48
fawzSage: I tried using your snowball ks file again yesterday and got a dependency error that it couldn't find two rpm packages in any of the listed repos, just thought I'd mention it08:52
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile08:54
Sagefawz: I haven't maintained that in a while as I don't have snowball anymore. What was the error can you pastebin it?08:55
Sagefawz: I can try to make new .ks file for you that you can try at some point if you are willing to be a test guys for snowball :)08:55
*** ljp has quit IRC08:56
*** ljp has joined #nemomobile08:56
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fawzah I see :) Im on a different comp now, I can pastebin it later if you like. I was just trying to adapt it to the tizen device again as Ive got its u-boot to compile now08:58
fawzhowever I think I'll get a snowball in the future so then I'll definitely try to invest real time into getting mer/nemo going on that :)08:58
fawzany specific reason you got rid of the snowball? (before I buy one :P )08:59
Sagefawz: I loaned it didn't buy one :)09:01
Sagewith snowball the bad thing is that there is usb hw bug that haven't been really fixed yet so I couldn't get any usb devices attached to the device. Used mouse over network from my laptop with synergy :)09:02
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*** bunk has joined #nemomobile09:05
fawzhm that sounds worrying, thanks for the tip, I'll look into the state of that09:05
fawzah thanks09:07
fawzunfortunate its caused by the hardware layout :(09:08
*** Beineri has joined #nemomobile09:08
Sagefawz: any specific reason you want snowball?09:08
fawzwell, I looked at the pandaboard but mainly I just want something that's powerful enough (and has enough sensors/functionality) to be future proof09:10
fawzany recommendations? :)09:10
*** niqt has quit IRC09:10
*** niqt_ has joined #nemomobile09:10
*** fawz has quit IRC09:12
*** fawz has joined #nemomobile09:14
*** niqt_ has quit IRC09:19
*** Beineri has quit IRC09:19
Sagefawz: well, personally I dont recommend snowball because of the usb.09:20
Sagefawz: also snowball is very expensive.09:20
Sagefawz: I would propose looking raspberry pi and cubox. But those don't have sensors and stuff I think.09:21
Sagebut it really depends what you are going to do with it09:22
Sagerpi is so cheap that you don't loose much with it anyway even if you buy it :)09:22
fawzSage: yeah, I've ordered a rpi but I was looking for something with a bit more "oomph" :) basically something along the lines of a semi-modern mobile phone motherboard09:24
fawzI guess I'll look some more into the alternatives09:24
fawzthe nice thing about the snowball was all the onboard sensors that would come in handy in robotics/uav applications09:25
kulvecombine RPi with
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC09:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile09:27
*** vgrade_ has joined #nemomobile09:28
*** Beineri has joined #nemomobile09:28
*** phdeswer has quit IRC09:29
fawzkulve: oh, thanks :) looks promising09:31
kulvethat seems to have pull-ups already for i2c. RPi have them as well. I'm not sure if it's a problem to have them twice. Might not be09:33
*** M13 has quit IRC09:37
*** itsaboutcode has joined #nemomobile09:39
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile09:40
vgrade_is on my list of things to try for gesture recognition09:40
kulvevgrade_: ah, I tried to find that comment from the logs but couldn't.. :)09:42
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile09:45
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*** norayr is now known as vishap09:58
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kaltsisage: fyi, the qt version used can also be selected by exporting QT_SELECT=4 or 5 (instead of qt-default or command line options)10:07
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Macerw00t: uhm12:18
Maceri have devel active and uhm...12:18
Macersettings still doesnt scroll :)12:18
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC12:19
w00trpm -q libmeegotouch12:19
*** jpetersen has quit IRC12:21
*** nsuffys has quit IRC12:22
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile12:22
Maceroh. one sec12:27
Macerand the kb still stays open in the term12:29
Macerwith the qwerty open heh12:29
*** itsaboutcode has joined #nemomobile12:30
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Macersomething is off12:32
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*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile12:35
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MacerDownload (curl) error for '':12:37
*** denexter has joined #nemomobile12:37
w00tMacer: 0.30.7 is the fixed meegotouch version12:39
w00tfor the credentials stuff, aard might be able to help12:39
Macerwell now i have the error above :-/12:39
Maceri can't do anything to fix it12:41
Maceryeh there is no way i can run this on my new n900 that is on its way lol12:43
MacerApr 11 15:44:31 localhost sysuid[283]: bme_header_read: [fd=37]: read header: Bad file descriptor12:44
*** denexter has quit IRC12:52
*** denexter has joined #nemomobile12:52
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*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile12:52
aardMacer: add credentials-scope=nemo to /etc/ssu/ssu.ini12:56
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w00tajalkane: ping14:08
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ajalkanew00t: hey14:12
w00tajalkane: hello! just a heads up that i'm splitting nemo-qml-plugins into slightly less scary sized chunks, folderlistmodel will now live at
ajalkanew00t: that is very good news. What about the pending pull requests?14:14
ajalkaneIe. is there need to do a new pull request to this new repo or will they get processed in the old one14:15
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w00tajalkane: so as I was trying to say ... :)14:26
w00tajalkane: hello! just a heads up that i'm splitting nemo-qml-plugins into slightly less scary sized chunks, folderlistmodel will now live at
*** itsaboutcode has joined #nemomobile14:26
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* ajalkane scratches head. So new pull requests to new repo?14:28
ajalkaneI mean the existing pull requests redone against the new repo and new pull request14:28
ajalkaneNevermind. I seemed to gotten e-mails that clarify the question.14:31
w00tyeah, i already applied your outstanding one :)14:31
w00tnew pull requests go there (if any)14:31
w00tapart from that changes should hopefully be minimal apart from "wow, there's a lot less stuff I don't care about in here" :)14:32
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ajalkaneIt's a change that definitely helps in what I'm doing14:33
* w00t converts the existing users in Nemo...14:34
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w00tVDVsx: actually, reping here18:45
w00tVDVsx: nemo-qml-plugins email/ is about to go away, you now have your own nice playground over at
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Macermy new n900 showed up20:25
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VDVsxw00t, nice :) thx, need to start cleaning that code and adding docs :)20:59
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