Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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Macerthought it was a fluke but for some reason when updating using devel as the flavor then rebooting all you get is a blank screen00:18
rikaneeMacer: IIRC the boot splash is gone00:19
Macerwell.. i don't know.. i'm giving it some time but i don't see any cpu use in top00:20
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rikaneeodd, lemme try updating to the latest devel on N9.00:20
Macerthis is on n90000:21
rikaneeMacer: you might want to check systemd's logs to check where it stopped00:21
Macerinstalled nemo-ssu-repos-*-rnd and removed -release00:22
Macerand nothing but a blank screen00:22
Macer[  414.190093] sysuid/775: potentially unexpected fatal signal 11.00:24
phaeronMacer: what is ssu version you have installed ?00:25
Macerwhat's up with that?00:25
Macerphaeron: that is the part i don't understand....00:26
Macerthere isn't any real clearcut way to see which ssu you installed00:26
phaeronjust type ssu on the command line and you will get help00:27
phaeronssu lr00:27
Maceri don't have the "ssu" bin00:27
Maceri tried that earlier00:27
phaeronok , one sec00:28
Maceri guess00:28
phaeronzypper search -t pattern nemo-n95000:29
phaerondoes that return anything ?00:29
phaeron( and yes it would be in ssu-tools )00:30
Macerzypper search -t pattern nemo-n95000:30
Maceroops sorry00:31
phaeronumm sorry this is n90000:32
Maceri think i know where i messed up00:32
Macerbut can't really fix it now :-/00:33
phaeronso it would be zypper search -t pattern nemo-n90000:33
phaeronmy guess is you don't have the adaptation repos needed to provide the egl drivers stuff00:34
Macer  | nemo-n900 | Nemo N900 | pattern00:34
phaeronand zypper got wrong libraries from mer00:34
Maceri removed all the -release repos00:34
Macerand can't seem to add them00:34
phaeronok so try zypper in -f -t pattern nemo-n90000:34
phaeron(and install ssu-tools and try using that too )00:35
Maceri think i need to do a  fresh install again00:36
Maceri went about this the wrong way00:36
phaeronit might still be possible to salvage the installation with some effort , but it's up to you00:36
Macernemo-ssu-repos-*-rnd or nemo-ssu-repos-*-release depending which one you are using now.00:36
Maceri installed -rnd and removed -release00:36
Macernow almost everything is missing00:36
phaeronso using ssu you can restore correct repos and get the missing libraries00:37
Macerif i had ssu installed ;)00:38
phaeronyou can't get it ?00:38
phaeronzypper lr -u shows any repos ?00:38
Macer1 | adaptation-common-rnd | adaptation-common-rnd | Yes     | No      | plugin:ssu?rnd&repo=adaptation-common00:41
Macer2 | adaptation-rnd        | adaptation-rnd        | Yes     | No      | plugin:ssu?rnd&repo=adaptation00:41
Macerso i guess the repos just all stay installed?00:42
Macerand it grabs the newest ver based on deps?00:42
Maceri just figured you install one and remove the other00:43
Macerah well... let me just re-install... it will be faster that way00:43
Macerit's a fresh install anyways00:43
Macerthat is the latest correct?00:46
Macerok... just give it 20 mins and i'll be back to where i was00:47
Macerand maybe those n900 type things can be installed00:47
Macerbut updating downgrades a TON of stuff00:47
Macerso maybe the problems lies with the repo ? :)00:48
phaeronas was said before , downgrade is due to the migration to the new obs00:48
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Macerah ok01:04
Macerwell.. then i guess i will go ahead and do this here01:04
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Macerback to meego heh01:10
Macerok... fresh install01:13
Macergoing to simply install the rnd repos01:13
Macerand update01:13
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Macerhow can i even determine which ssu i am running?01:17
Maceri mean i would check the setting for an "about" section but i can't scroll :0/01:17
phaeronabout wouldn't show much01:18
phaeronwhen updating make sure llvm stuff doesn't get installed01:19
Macerhow can i avoid it if it is a dep?01:19
Maceris there a way to blacklist?01:19
Maceri'm installing the rnd ones now01:20
phaeronif it gets pulled in then your repos are messed up ( check zypper lr)01:20
Maceri'm about to try the update using "testing"01:21
Macerbut i don't have an ssu bin still01:21
Macerrefreshing rnd now01:21
phaeronssu comes from devel afaik01:22
MacerReading installed packages...01:23
Macer'nemo-n900' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.01:23
MacerNo provider of 'nemo-n900' found.01:23
Macerthat's after installing the rnd repos01:23
Macerand refreshing01:23
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Macerso should i edit the ssu.ini to use devel?01:24
Macerbecause doing that breaks something somewhere01:24
phaeronnemo-n900 is a pattern not a package01:26
MacerThe following NEW patterns are going to be installed: mer-connectivity mer-core mer-graphics-common mer-minimal-xorg nemo-apps nemo-complete nemo-mw nemo-n900 nemo-rnd nemo-ux nokia-n900-support01:27
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Maceris the -t "test" ?01:27
phaeronnot -t is type01:28
Maceroh type01:28
phaeronif it only says patterns will be installed ( no packages then it should be ok01:28
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Maceryeah but every time i try this i get stuck at a blank screen heh01:29
ljpsometimes... just one extra ! can ruin all the fun01:29
phaeronthe package list you pasted looks saneish. if you want to be more sure , ask Sage in a couple of hours.01:30
Macerfresh install, edit ssu.ini to change it to flavour to devel01:30
Macerthen i do zypper dup01:30
Macerand reboot01:30
phaeronif you don't have ssu binary installed then I don't think you should be jumping into the ssu instructions directly01:31
phaeronbut anyway I am off to bed right now01:31
* Macer facepalm heh01:31
Maceryeah but i don't know where to get the ssu bin :)01:31
phaeronsorry I couldn't help more01:31
Macerthanks heh01:31
phaeronafter installing devel repos it should be available01:32
phaeronzypper search ssu01:32
Maceri | ssu                                      | SSU enabler for RND                          | package01:32
Macerapparently it is installed already?01:32
phaeronzypper search -s ssu iirc01:33
phaeronzypper search -s ssu01:33
phaeronok at version 0.25 I think you are still tied to what repo packages you install01:35
phaeronso please wait for Sage :)01:35
Macerah ok01:35
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#195 Rejected promotion request01:35
Macerah ok.. i see where i messed up...01:36
Maceri misunderstood what you were saying...01:36
MacerInstalling: ssu-devel-0.31.3-7.2.Nemo ....................................................................................................................................................[done]01:37
Macernow i have it my mistake01:37
Maceryeah now all the repos are messed up.. thanks for the help tho.. i'm getting there... i'll take a look at it tomorrow01:40
MacerError retrieving metadata for 'adaptation-common-rnd':01:40
phaerondo you have an ssu binary now ?01:40
phaeroncan you do ssu ru01:41
phaeronyeah that01:41
Macernow do i do a zypper ref?01:42
Macerto update the repos?01:42
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phaeronyeah zypper ref -f01:42
MacerRetrieving repository 'adaptation-common-release' metadata ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[\]01:42
MacerFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''01:43
MacerAbort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a):01:43
phaeronsomething is missing still01:43
phaeronit doesn't recognize your device as an n900. maybe Sage forgot to package the needed boardmappings files01:43
Macerheh ah well01:44
phaeronif you wait for him in the morning he might have a fix for that01:44
Macerok.. i will be around later. i have to go now ;)01:45
Macerthanks for all the help01:45
Maceri'll get there eventually.. no big rush01:45
phaeron:) good luck01:46
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ljpboss think April 10 2013 is an invalid date ;/03:03
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* ljp hates pedantic bots03:04
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#196 waiting for review at
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MacerAbort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a): a05:48
MacerProblem retrieving files from 'adaptation-common-release'.05:48
MacerFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium '
* Macer looks around05:49
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Maceractually not the best error to point out05:53
MacerFile '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium '
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Macerthag address is broken05:56
kulveyou may get around that by ignoring instead of aborting05:56
kulvealthough that was about snapshots and not releases, so that might be a real problem..05:57
MacerHTTP ERROR: 50405:57
MacerGateway Timeout05:57
Maceryeah im at a loss06:00
Maceri will try updating ... the n900 is at home06:00
Macermaybe when i get there it will still be working heh06:00
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MacerFile './armv7hl/libcmtspeechdata-2.0.8-2.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl.rpm' not06:06
Macer found on medium '
Macerthere is something wrong with that repo06:07
kulveit's missing the device names in the URL06:08
kulvebut I don't know why06:08
kulveMacer: if you wait an hour or so there will probably be people awake and knowing if there's something known broken06:09
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Sagephaeron: Macer: ssu 0.31 should be in devel which is the one working.06:57
Sagesry, have meeting the whole day need to check with you guys later06:57
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MacerSage: i have it in devel now07:50
Macerrnd devel07:50
SageMacer: and it works?07:51
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SageI was promoting it to testing but there was some errors in the servers at the time so it got halted and havent' been able to get back on it yet.07:52
MacerYou tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable.07:55
kulveworks here07:55
Sagehere as well.07:55
Maceri tried in lynx from home too07:56
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MacerSage: hm....07:58
Macerso what is the solution?07:58
Maceri have ssu set to devel rnd07:59
Macerand get errors during repo refresh07:59
SageMacer: can you pastebing following08:00
Sagerpm -q ssu; rpm -q ssu-vendor-data-nemo; ssu lr; ssu s; ssu re; ssu fl;08:00
Macersure... let me swap to my laptop . give me a min08:01
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Macerim on e7 now08:01
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Macerwhy are there no enabled repositories? :)08:06
Sageah, type: ssu ur08:07
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Sagedoes then ssu lr show something?08:07
Sageok well you seems to have old version of the ssu-vendor-data-nemo package08:08
Sageso you managed to update ssu but not ssu-vendor-data-nemo thus the problem.08:08
Macerwell.. ssu was actually not with the default image i used08:08
Maceri had to install ssu-devel in order for it to even have the ssu bin08:08
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Macerso is the trick to just update the ssu-vendor-data-nemo pkg ?08:09
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Sageinstall that package manually with rpm08:09
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Macer        file /etc/ssu/ssu.ini from install of ssu-vendor-data-nemo-0.1.5-8.1.Nemo.noarch conflicts with file from package ssu-vendor-data-nemo-0.1.3-1.1.noarch08:10
SageMacer: rpm -Uvh rpm08:11
SageMacer: rpm -Uvh x.rpm08:11
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niqtmorning ?08:11
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Macerso ssu ur ; ssu lr now?08:12
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile08:12
Macerah ok. now i have repos08:13
Macernice :)08:13
Sageok, I can see what is the problem here need to think if we can solv it somehow08:14
Macerthat is after updating using that rpm08:14
Sagethat looks right08:15
Macerso it seems that really all you need to do is just get people using n900s to just install ssu-devel08:16
Macerand update using that rpm08:16
Sageyou shouldn't need ssu-devel08:16
Macersince ssu-devel isn't installed by default in the latest image08:16
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Maceri had to install ssu-devel in order to get the ssu bin08:16
Macerafter i installedi it the ssu bin appeared08:16
Macermaybe a dep?08:16
Macerno idea08:16
Sagewell, that isn't needed really ssu bin is in the ssu in future08:16
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile08:16
Sage <- this should work and when you change to rnd devel it should just move to 0.3108:17
Macerthe < 0.31 part?08:19
Macerthat didn't work08:19
Macerafter the update meego wouldn't start08:19
Maceri'm going to update it all now and see what happens08:19
Macer264 packages to upgrade, 264 to downgrade, 1 new.08:21
MacerOverall download size: 149.6 MiB. After the operation, additional 4.8 MiB will be used.08:21
* Macer stares off into the horizon08:21
Macerwell hopefully all of that works08:23
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Sageok, need to recheckthat myself again later this week08:32
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w00tStskeeps: next on mobs seems to be causing some strange build failures08:53
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Stskeepsw00t: yes, we investigated that09:20
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Macerti-omap-sgx scriptlet failure09:27
Macerwhen doing an update09:27
Macerthe update is taking hours heh09:29
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sledgesMacer, still fighting *thumbs up* !09:56
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Macerbut there was progress since Sage showed up10:06
Macerhad to install an rpm10:06
Macerbut i am updating it remotely10:06
Macerit is probably melting as we speak10:06
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Macerit is done. i will check it out in an hour or so heh. too bad the n900 im doing it on has a bad modem10:10
Maceri have a new one showing up in the mail soon10:10
Macerso maybe that will be good to test it on... which reminds me... what are the risks of uboot?10:11
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Macertoo bad there isnt a way to run it on an e7 :)10:13
Maceronly update i was able to do to my e7 was a custom fw10:13
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w00tStskeeps: ok. cause known?10:22
* w00t ignores it then ;)10:23
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* Macer stares at the n90011:50
Macerblank screen again? lol11:50
Macerwell... looks like it is trying to do something11:51
*** mbohlender has left #nemomobile11:52
Macerstill nothing but the cpu is maxed11:53
Macerso hopefully it is just initializing all the updates11:53
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Macerstill  nothing and all the other stuff stopped running11:57
Maceri have no icons11:57
Maceryeah im lost12:00
Macerany time i update i dont get the ux12:00
Maceri can still ssh12:00
Macerbut no functional ui12:00
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Macerblah. nemo is failing me12:09
* Macer sighs12:15
zchydemSage: transfer-engine webhook should be ok now. Can you setup the rest of the stuff (package name etc..) ?12:15
Macernow it just keeps blinking lol12:17
Maceri give up12:21
Macertoo far beyond stable user use it seems12:21
Macerah well12:23
Maceri will check back after the fully functional one arrives12:24
*** Macer has left #nemomobile12:24
*** phaeron has quit IRC12:28
Sagezchydem: moment12:30
Sagezchydem: so to mw and package name just transfer-engine?12:31
*** spiiroin has quit IRC12:31
*** janusz^ has joined #nemomobile12:31
Sagezchydem: if so then done :)12:31
*** slaine has quit IRC12:32
*** slaine has joined #nemomobile12:32
zchydemit creates nemo-tranfer-engine rpm so if the package name without nemo is ok, it's fine by me12:33
zchydemand MW yes12:34
zchydemok, I'll try to tag it now and test if triggers build12:34
zchydemSage: thanks, it started to build it12:35
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*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:04
*** martyone has quit IRC13:11
kulvercg: is it possible to blank the screen in PA without suspending? Is the backlight also turning off (check it in a darkish place from different angles)?13:12
kulveand is the audio still working for you?13:13
*** pcat has quit IRC13:21
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt13:33
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile13:36
*** jpetersen has quit IRC13:37
rcgkulve, wrt the blanking thing: don't know13:46
rcgiirc audio was still working13:46
rcgbut i can flash a new version and test again, just to make sure13:46
kulvercg: the audio is not that important now, at least not urgent13:53
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:58
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*** sledges has joined #nemomobile14:01
*** pcat has quit IRC14:02
*** Macer has joined #nemomobile14:03
Macerok. one last try14:03
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:03
Maceri won't touch anything.. just write the sd.. then update14:03
sledgesMacer, Sage told you that he will look into n900 later this week. w00t has just made you a scrolling fix and it's pending to to be integrated soon14:04
w00t(it's already in devel now)14:04
Maceryeah i'm still stuck on updating the thing ;)14:04
sledgesno-one has tested n900 over last weeks, you are the first to bear the OBS transition havoc, which I believe is going on14:04
Macerevery time i try to update using devel14:04
sledgesto brick your installation after update14:04
sledgesso I recommend patience :)14:05
sledgeson a happier note though14:05
Maceri reboot into a black blank screen14:05
Macerwhich is odd because xorg seems to be running14:05
Maceri just don't see it :)14:05
sledgesprometoys has just tried nemo on their n90014:05
sledgesso you have a friend Macer14:05
Maceri think it is because i get this strange sgx error msg during the update14:05
sledgesnot to feel so alone and validate your piece of fine N900 hw with prometoys'14:05
Macerso right now i'm just going to write the sd.. and right when it starts....14:05
Macerupdate it with the app updater14:06
phaeronMacer: the sgx message is spurious. can you try running "ldconfig" as root and reboot14:06
Macerspurious? :)14:06
* Sage doesn't have time to test every hw adaptation every day :/14:07
MacerSage: lol.14:09
Maceri'm sure14:09
Sagephaeron: <- how to kick this? :)14:09
sledgesand that's why Macer and prometoys could really help us doing that HA testing, by us helping them as they go, no worries guys, give up only when you have spent enough time, so patience and Macer's praiseworthy enthusiasm is what's needed ;)14:09
Macerwell all i'm going to do is write the sd... boot .... then just use the app manager to update14:10
Macerand see what happens14:10
Macerlike i said.. after doing all teh ssu stuff etc all i got was a blank screen :-/14:10
Stskeeps /g sage14:10
SageI'm hoping to get the image built during this week and also new snapshot of nemo14:11
MacerSage: well if you need a remote n900 i can just point a port at it to ssh into14:11
Macerthis one just stays home anyways.. the modem is broken on it14:11
SageMacer: well, I have n900 that is not the problem it is just the lack of time :)14:12
sledgesSage, does that package manager qml app work ok with latest ssu and migration bits? (Cc: Macer)14:14
Sagesledges: not entirely sure really. In theory it should but in practise not entirely sure14:15
sledgesso to stay safe is better you use for upgrading, Macer. Once your HW works after updates, we can start testing that packages app14:16
sledgesotherwise we won't know what to blame for your black screens ;)14:17
Maceri was14:17
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#196 Accepted promotion request14:18
*** Fawz has joined #nemomobile14:26
prometoysmacer, sledges, i would prefer a n9/50, but lack of hw i reused my beloved n90014:27
* sledges loves bringing any hardware to [second] life :)14:28
Fawzhi everyone, I'm trying the mer adaptation guide but I was wondering whether I really need an account for the community obs just for building a kernel etc locally?14:28
* sledges hasn't got n900 himself sadly..14:28
Maceryeah well14:29
sledgesFawz, would be clearer if you could repeat that on #mer , thanks :)14:29
Macerprometoys: does yours update correctly? :)14:29
Fawzalright thx :)14:29
prometoysMacer, didn't tried yet. was happy to find the reboot button14:34
Macermy problem was the lack of n900 qwerty support14:35
Macerwhen you open it it doesn't close the vkb14:35
Macerand when you type the alt key doesn't work properly14:35
Maceryou have to hold it down14:35
*** n9mx has quit IRC14:36
*** norayr has quit IRC14:39
Macerpackages: refreshing..... generating pkg list....... unknown state14:40
Macermy n900 is in the unknown!14:41
Macerok uhm14:47
Macerit's still stuck lol14:47
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:47
sledgeshave you tried ldconfig in a 'stuck mode' as phaeron pointed out?14:47
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile14:47
Macerno.. it's actaully stuck in the app14:48
Macer 518 nemo      20   0 70888  21m  11m S 22.3  9.4   3:53.00 mg-package-mana14:49
Macer   57 root      20   0  3672 1204 1048 S 17.8  0.5   5:17.33 systemd-journal14:49
Macerwell.. it's doing something i suppose14:49
*** prometoys has quit IRC15:01
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile15:02
kulvercg: special: I modified the n7 kernel so that brightness can go down to 0 which will then automatically disable backlight. I guess that's the normal behaviour but it might now fail in some other cases. But let's worry that then..15:04
kulveI've included pulseaudio config files for nexus 7 from the ubuntu packages and they seem to un-mute audio for plasma active but not for nemo. Is there something else I should do to get audio out in nemo?15:06
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile15:07
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:07
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:18
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#165 Accepted promotion request15:18
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:28
rcgkulve, sorry.. been busy15:37
rcgwell, pa had an interesting bug which resulted in the display being turned off when the setting the brightness to 0 via the brightness settings app15:37
rcgthat was fixed some time ago15:38
rcgi think the fix is simply that the actual brightness setting is not set to 0 via the settings app15:38
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile15:40
*** rcg has quit IRC15:41
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #nemomobile15:41
*** ridikulus_rat has left #nemomobile15:42
kulvebrigthness setting should not set the display to 0, imo. But when you really want to turn off the lcd, then it's supposed to be set to 015:45
kulvenot actually sure how the UI managed to set it to 0 because I thought I just figure out that's it's not possible..15:46
*** teve has quit IRC15:46
kulveanyway, now the power buttong actually turns the display off for nemo. I hope and assume that I didn't break anything on PA15:46
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #nemomobile15:47
*** ridikulus_rat has left #nemomobile15:47
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:50
*** teve has joined #nemomobile15:55
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*** RzR has quit IRC17:13
*** auri__ has quit IRC17:15
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile17:17
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile17:22
* sledges just set uo an email being sent whenever someone mentions his nick17:26
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile17:26
kulvesledges: an email?17:33
kulvesledges: sent to you?17:33
kulvesledges: always?17:33
sledges*screw you guys im going home*17:37
sledges:D yes kulve everytime17:37
*** kavuri has quit IRC17:38
sledges(but only when im away ;)17:39
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile17:42
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile17:50
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:51
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile17:51
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk17:54
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*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile18:35
* rcg just looks in18:38
rcg\me sees the discussion about sledges e-mail feature18:38
rcgargh xD18:38
* rcg is very tempted...18:39
rcgmust resist to force mails being sent into sledges direction18:39
rcghey Stskeeps18:39
Stskeepshow's it going?18:39
rcgquite good18:39
rcglots of work18:39
rcghow about you?18:39
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile18:39
rcgstill working on some research that needs to be finished in about 1 1/2 weeks18:40
rcgplug got another paper that has to be improved quite a lot till tomorrow18:40
rcgi see18:40
rcgwell, ssdd i guess ;)18:40
rcgkulve, sorry i couldn't test anything yet.. got lotsa other work to do right now18:42
Macerwow18:42 is very slow18:42
Stskeepsit's a dead project, no surprise18:42
rcgStskeeps, btw. did things related to libhypris improve in the meantime?18:42
Macerso apps for meego doesn't work?18:42
Maceri thought apps for meego was like the ovi store :)18:42
Stskeepsactive development18:42
rcgoh my.. my typing sucks right now18:43
rcgStskeeps, so, ubuntu guys push upstream as well?18:43
Stskeepsrsalveti's been a bit busy with management but we've taken some of the patches in18:44
rcgah, sounds good18:44
Stskeepswe have capability to backtrace all way into android space now, too18:45
Stskeepsin gdb18:45
Macertrying to login to apps for meego with my account doesn't work18:45
Macerah well... the first update worked via packages18:51
Macerlet me try using this updating nemo part again18:52
MacerAfter you have installed the repository files you wanted (and removed the other ones). You can follow the normal update process that is described above.18:55
Macerthis is the part that confuses me in the update18:56
Macernow i currently have < 0.31 ssu18:56
Maceri wan to use the rnd repos to update18:56
MacerThe following NEW packages are going to be installed: nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-rnd18:56
Maceri just added taht18:56
Macerso how do i make sure it uses rnd?18:56
phaeronaard: maybe you can help :)18:57
Macerit says (and removed the other ones)18:57
kulvercg: np. Just let me know if you encounter any new problems while using the device for any purpose18:57
Macerso does that mean i am supposed to remove -release ?18:58
* Macer looks around and scratches his head18:59
Macerthe way it is written it sounds like you are to remove -release19:01
Macerbut i have no idea19:01
Macerevery time i try to update regardless of how i have done it i wind up with a blank screen on reboot he19:01
Macerah well.. i have to get my son from school. maybe someone will let me know by the time i get back :)19:02
*** furikku has quit IRC19:04
Macerwell i just disabled the -release ones in packages and am trying to update that way19:07
Macerwho knows maybe that will do it19:07
aardMacer: you should only have one set of repositories installed, either rnd and release. having both can lead to situations where zypper takes some packages from the wrong repo, and does funny things (one reason for having ssu take over repo management)19:11
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile19:13
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile19:15
rcgkulve, roger that, will do19:31
*** M13 has quit IRC19:38
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:57
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sledgesrcg, two more emails in my imbox :))21:56
rcgsledges, hehe, this at least proofs that it's working ;)21:59
rcgoh my.. much too late here and working much too much these days xD22:01
w00tljp: is connectionagent yours? it isn't building in devel:mw22:02
Macerno matter what i do22:02
Macerreoboting after a devel update on teh n900 brings me to no ui22:02
Maceri can still ssh into it22:02
Macerbut the ui just gives me a black screen :-/22:02
Macerthere is no syslogd running?22:03
Macerso i can find out why it isn't working?22:03
Macernow it just froze lol22:04
Macerand i can't ssh to it22:04
* Macer kicks his n90022:05
Macerwtf :-/22:08
Macerok. there is seriously something wrong with this22:08
*** ajalkane has quit IRC22:08
Macermaybe a dev needs to make a devel img to write heh22:08
Macerbecause this image + update is not functional22:09
Macerand now something is loading during boot that kills sshd22:10
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:11
Macerand i thought the devel didn't have a splash screen? :)22:11
ljpw00t: yes. it has to do with connman-qt4 includes22:14
MacerApr 11 01:14:35 localhost systemd[212]: meegotouch-systemui.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=1122:14
MacerApr 11 01:14:35 localhost systemd[212]: Unit meegotouch-systemui.service entered failed state.22:14
ljpw00t: I pushed a change, but I dont think it rebuilt22:15
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile22:16
w00tljp: it only rebuilds on tags, not commits22:16
ljptried deleting the last tag and pushing it again22:17
ljpI'll just up the tag ;)22:17
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile22:17
w00talso, idle on #mer-boss for commit info22:17
phaeronljp: you need to retag locally22:32
*** MohammadAG has joined #nemomobile22:32
ljpisnt that what git tag does?22:35
*** keithzg has joined #nemomobile22:36
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC22:45
specialphaeron: ping23:05
*** blam|away has quit IRC23:06
*** blam|away has joined #nemomobile23:10
*** blam|away is now known as blam_23:10
* ljp doesnt think autobuild is working23:12
w00tljp: what exactly are you doing23:19
ljptrying to get connectionagent to build on obs23:36
ljpupdating tags dont seem to be generating a build there23:37
*** Figure_ has joined #nemomobile23:38
*** rantom_ has quit IRC23:38
*** Figure has quit IRC23:38
w00thow are you doing the tags, and how are you pushing them?23:39
ljpgit tag -a 0.5 -m "0.5"23:39
ljpgit push upstream master --tags23:40
ljpthe web page shows the tags23:40
w00tdon't use annotated tags, they don't work23:40
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:41
w00tyou're also missing a minor version (but that's a trivial thing, not an actual problem)23:41
*** rantom_ has joined #nemomobile23:41
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile23:42
ljpthen tagging should probably be documented a bit more ;)23:42
w00tit is:
w00tthough the osc bits there need a little love with the advent of webhooks23:44
ljpDevelopment page on wiki updated :)23:46
*** Martix has quit IRC23:47
* w00t might try make some time for docs-catherding this weekend23:48
w00thow likely that is, though, we'lls ee23:48
*** rcg has quit IRC23:50
ljpI know how you feel.23:55

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