Thursday, 2013-04-18

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* sledges points lbt up the backlog :}09:12
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lbtmer-kickstarter ?09:13
sledgeserm, yes please :D09:14
sledgesSage ^09:18
Sagelbt: is it in sync with ?09:19
lbtshould be09:19
Sageit seems to be09:19
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Sageneed to push changes to that one in future09:20
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lbtI'm trying to move to github and eventually to gitlab on mer09:23
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#231 waiting for review at
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#231 Accepted promotion request09:55
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zchydemw00t2: really?12:12
w00t2zchydem: ?12:13
zchydemtransfer-engine broken12:13
zchydemI just fixed it12:13
w00t2it was last night, I've been too busy fixing a screwed server to know if it got fixed since12:13
PMGSage, w00t2 : I added webhooks to my clones of iodata and timed as described in
PMGWhat are the next steps to get packages building?12:17
zchydemhmm 0.0.14 version is broken, but 0.0.15 should be fixed12:18
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SagePMG: checking12:19
SagePMG: enabled now you can see your commits and tags at #mer-boss12:20
zchydemw00t2: I just retagged it and looks good now:
PMGSage: thanks!12:23
w00t2zchydem: good12:23
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zchydemwhich reminds me that I need to fix translation stuff for it12:24
SagePMG: after you have done the proper tags I'll check it and do cleanup in obs repo for the non service files12:24
PMGSage: Ok, will tag now. Where will the packages be created in?12:25
Sage#mer-boss channel tells you :)12:26
the-bossSage: Error: "mer-boss" is not a valid command.12:26
PMGSage: I pushed tags to a branch (Qt5), mer-boss does not say anything...12:31
PMGSage: I would like to have the branch building as packages in my home project or my branch of nemo:devel:mw12:32
Sageonly master branch is shown in the webhooks12:32
SagePMG: ask lbt to give you permissions to webhooks12:32
Sageor maybe phaeron can help as well?12:32
phaeronno , lbt adds people to an ldap group12:35
PMGlbt ^^12:35
phaeronSage: you can create hooks for any branch12:35
Sagephaeron: yes, I know, but only the master ones where on webhooks page showing so mapped those :)12:36
Sagedidn't get better definition from PMG for that :)12:36
phaeronok :)12:36
SagePMG: what project and branch?12:37
Sageqt5 branch and what project?12:37
lbtPMG: ... was just doing 1:1 single-task support in msg whilst I ate lunch :)12:37
lbtwhat is your mer username ?12:37
PMGlbt: pgerdt12:38
PMGlbt: thanks!12:43
dm8tbrbtw: did anyone here try Nemo on the Nexus4?12:48
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VDVsxw00t2, hello w00t clone :D, can you please give me merge rights to nemo-plugins-email and -accounts12:54
w00t2VDVsx: work on the assumption that you have them, ask if it doesn't work12:56
VDVsxw00t2, I didn't at least for accounts :D12:56
w00t2accounts is fixed, email you already ad12:57
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#232 waiting for review at
Sagesledges: send dr not submit requires that removes all :)13:14
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#232 Rejected promotion request13:15
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#233 waiting for review at
sledgesthis one's with osc dr ^13:19
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Vesuridid something happen to
Vesurithe ui responds but builds don't progress14:53
StskeepsVesuri: new mer release probably14:53
Stskeepsneeded for qt4-qt5 coexistence14:53
Stskeepshence it coming a bit after work hours14:53
* Stskeeps hands Vesuri a beer14:53
Vesurithanks :) not a bad idea14:54
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sledgesSage, no differences in boot output:
sledgeshow do you validate if ok? ^14:59
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phaeronStskeeps: no cmds is dead15:02
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phaeronlbt: alert :)15:02
phaeroncan\t ssh to it15:02
* lbt is ssh'ed in15:02
phaeronswapping ?15:03
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phaeronhow many python processes ?15:03
phaeronI can analyze syslog for the messages I added . if i can ssh ..15:04
lbt~15 processes15:06
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phaeronthat's not a lot15:13
phaeronthough should have gone down15:14
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phaeronlbt: still can't ssh15:15
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PMGI have webooks in place, but no packages get generated. Mer-boss promised packages (see entries 15:05 & 15:07 GMT)15:17
PMGAny ideas how to get things working?15:18
lbt_phaeron: Stskeeps FYI I was running the rsync of cmds only15:19
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phaeronrsync can be a bit heavy sometimes :)15:20
sledgesPMG, set your publish flags in repositories15:20
phaeronsledges: that's not what he's asking about :)15:20
lbtit wasn't showing much ram use in top  (ie it didn't register)15:20
sledgesbut that's what he has in his home repo ;)15:20
phaeronPMG: cibot needs to be maintainer in your home repo15:20
Stskeepslbt: quick question, rsync or the mds2 methods for grabbing a binary release/sources?15:21
phaeronStskeeps: mds2 uses rsync internally15:21
lbtcurl driven rsync15:21
Stskeepsok, good, just had to check15:21
Stskeepsexternal or internal rsync ;)15:21
phaeronit just makes it a bit easier15:21
Stskeepsjust had to check lbt hadn't run rsync in whatever directories outside, that's all15:22
phaeronStskeeps: what does external / internal mean :)15:22
phaeronnah we have the README agreement :)15:22
lbtit's all 'external'15:22
* Stskeeps sobs15:22
* phaeron wonders what they are talking about15:22
lbtno idea15:22
lbtI assume LAN - it's all external IPs, not VPN over tinc15:23
lbtnb ... tinc rulez15:23
phaeronmm I still can't ssh15:23
* lbt just killed it15:23
lbtso you should be able to ssh now15:23
sledgesphaeron, got you, no need to create a project in obs anymore when using webhooks. c00l! :)15:23
phaeronsledges: :)15:24
sledgesbut maybe the repo still has to exist ;P15:24
phaeronsledges: actually you need to create the project , just the package is automatically created and to do that cibot needs to be maintainer in the project15:24
sledgesi see no respective projects created there15:24
sledgesgot you, I see PMG is on the case ;)15:25
sledgeshow c00l is that 8D15:26
PMGYep, now the publish flags are in place, and cibot is maintainer, will tag to see what happens :)15:26
phaeronPMG: already reapplied the tag trigger15:27
phaeronPMG: you have two changes files ?15:27
PMGphaeron: yes, in the timed project, I do15:27
phaeronmm why :)15:27
lbtok mobs is ready to build latest - will kick it later tonight15:27
PMG... I obviously need to fix things :)15:28
lbtcobs I'll kick now15:28
phaeronah , I thought you meant to do it15:28
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PMGphaeron, sledges: thanks for the help, the package setup is now working - I just need to fix the package contents :)15:44
phaeronPMG: :)15:45
Sagesledges: that looks good. Will accept it soonish15:48
sledgesSage, but previous was calling /sbin/depmod -a anyhow. is this more robust? how can I see the difference on the running system?15:51
sledgesPMG, you're welcome, learned loads myself of this whole awesomeness :D15:52
sledgesSage, /me <- not a depmod guru :)15:52
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Sagesledges: depmod is ok but that new-kernel-pkg is only for x86 builds so don't add that :)16:02
sledgesalrighty Sage , so all you needed was %{kernel_version_build} prepended :))16:04
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sledgesI created .ks file with mer-kickstarter and (with custom hacks to evade Url-Rnd errors), all boots ok16:11
sledgeswhen will mer-kickstarter hit the bucket (i.e. the repos? :)16:11
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#234 Rejected promotion request16:42
* aard read that as 'kick the bucket'16:42
* sledges prethought that likewise16:46
aardthere's some experimental stuff in ssu that could kill it some day, if it proves useful16:50
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#235 waiting for review at
*** Guest20004 is now known as w00t17:08
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PMGHmm, I updated the timed sources, get them updated via the webhook, but the package does not get rebuilt, it shows the old error.18:32
PMGIs there a way to trigger the build (tried from webhook), or is OBS just very slow?18:34
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phaeronPMG: did you trigger without changing the sha1sum ?18:47
phaeronthe last seen revision that is18:48
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phaeronPMG: checking18:55
PMGphaeron: the last seen revision did change18:56
phaeronyeah I saw. one thing is : you are building from qt5 branch in a package called timed. which means the non-qt5 files in rpm/ will get selected18:57
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PMGphaeron: that was my intention, I'll create a second package (timed-qt5) for the Qt5 build19:56
PMGAnd the same for libiodata/libiodata-qt519:57
phaeronPMG: alright
PMGI noticed :), thanks again19:59
PMGHow does the webhooks and package names work? OBS picks the spec file by package name?19:59
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phaeronPMG: yes if there are multiple spec files it will pick the one matching the obs package name20:00
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fw190I have just installed nemomobile on my N900 after 8 months brake20:09
fw190big changes :)20:09
fw190as I see the package update system works so does this mean that I only have to use it and no longer need to install full images on the sd?20:10
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lpotterdoes connman obs at meego need to be copied to mer obs?23:15
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