Friday, 2013-04-19

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zchydem        for (var i=0;  i < likesModel.count; i++) {06:41
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PMGOBS build log fails with  "qmake: could not find a Qt installation of ''", any idea what could go wrong (the build works x86_64 & with mb locally)07:16
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PMGphaeron, lbt ^07:29
Stskeepsthat's intended, if you read the mer release notes, you now need to use %qmake5 or qmake -qt=5 :)07:29
Stskeeps(think i mentioend this in my slides too)07:29
Stskeepswell, anyway, it's in release notes07:30
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Stskeepsi had hoped to do this switch earlier but it was first possible now07:32
Stskeepsit allows co-existence of qt5 and qt4 in sdks/targets/etc07:32
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PMGStskeeps: yes I noticed that, but as the %qmake5 does not work on my sb2 I sort of forgot about it :)07:41
PMG= stupid user error07:42
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#236 waiting for review at
StskeepsSage: fixes oneshot07:50
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Stskeepsthe rest of -qt5 packages will be fixed when they switch to %qmake5 or qmake -qt=507:51
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#236 Accepted promotion request07:58
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w00ti'll be doing a mass conversion now the new mer is released08:04
w00tlbt: how do I point M:T at rolling release? sdk-version says it's using 7.1.008:08
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lbtsdk-version --help08:42
lbtsdk-version is like ssu except it's understandable08:43
lbtand it has a --go option08:43
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lbtand docs08:44
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w00tlbt: I did look at it :) but I'm supposedly on --latest, is that not what I want?08:46
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lbtno, latest is ... latest... you want "next"09:03
lbtw00t: ^09:03
w00ti don't think that completely makes sense with a rolling release, but ok, i'll give that a shot09:05
lbtrolling is a periodically updated 'next'09:05
w00twith a rolling release, in my mind, there is no such thing as a "latest" and "next", there's a "release"09:05
lbtyeah ... well, you can do : sdk-version --sdk rolling09:06
lbtif it makes you feel better :D09:06
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lbtI think rolling, in my head, was cf Mer next which is numbered and static09:06
lbtand it only applies to the tools side09:07
* w00t updates09:07
phakorollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' rollin', rawhide09:07
w00tlbt: btw, shouldn't sdk-version advise / perform zypper dup, not zypper up?09:07
lbtmmmm .... "whip crack away"09:07
lbtw00t: probably ...09:08
w00tlbt: i'll find where it lives and send you a patch09:08
w00tI have a few other things I'd like to fix in sdk-version :)09:08
* lbt goes to play with rpmbuild09:10
phakoI suspect the latest policy changes allow me now to show random gstreamer playbin2 output windows?09:10
w00tjusa_: ^09:11
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phakobecause that didn't work when I tried it before FOSDEM09:16
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w00trozhkov: can you look at the qtest-qml build failure in nemo?09:32
Stskeepsw00t: looks like it is understood as part-of-qt09:33
Stskeepsit installs into /usr/lib/qt4/bin/qmltestrunner09:33
w00tStskeeps: hm?09:33
Stskeepspart-of-qt stuff (qmake, moc, etc) now installs into /usr/lib/qt4/bin/09:34
w00twhat defines "part-of-qt"? where does that path come from?09:34
Stskeeps 698     -bindir "%{_libdir}/qt4/bin" \09:35
Stskeepsin qt configure09:35
kaltsilove the version number "qtest-qml-0.0.2+really+0.0.1~..."09:44
w00tkaltsi: unfortunate but needed.. see the changes file for the gory reasoning09:46
Sagethat was one of those upstreams that don't want to tag stuff?09:47
Stskeepsmore that qtest-qml is now a part of qt5 ;)09:48
Stskeepsfrom what i know09:48
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#233 Accepted promotion request09:48
w00tit's more that i'm too lazy to ask for rights to tag that repo09:48
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* Sage gives w00t a motivation pill09:49
w00tSage: i guess i will if we stick with qt4 for much longer ;)09:50
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jusa_phako: what do you mean?09:53
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phakojusa_: running rygel which has a gst-playbin and in february it just got killed when it tried to open a video window which now just works09:54
phakoso I'm wondering if that's due to policy changes09:55
jusa_phako: hmm.. I doubt it, but good that it's working now :)09:55
phakohm, ok09:56
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#235 Accepted promotion request10:08
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sledgesthanks Sage11:21
Sagesledges: np11:21
w00tcan someone-who-isn't-me please look at fixing qtest-qml? i've got my hands full with other packages, and it should be a fairly simple fix11:23
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* w00t sings "oops i rebuilt it again" in the style of britney spears11:56
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w00tkaltsi: Stskeeps: any idea what's up with ?11:57
w00ta bunch of other odd failures in latest_x86_64 too11:57
w00t.. and next_x86_6411:57
Stskeepsdon't worry about x86_64 in this case11:57
Stskeepsi screwed something there11:57
Stskeepsfixing it atm11:57
* w00t beats Stskeeps11:58
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sledgesw00t, qtest-qml fails on mer:devel but succeeds on mer:testing <- Stskeeps12:10
sledgessame code12:10
w00tsledges: there's been changes in qt12:10
w00tthe packaging needs to adapt to that12:10
sledgesweird error12:11
kaltsithe x86_64 scheduler installs older version of qt stuff12:13
kaltsithat's why it works there12:13
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Sagethe new mer release haven't been pushed to testing yet12:19
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Sageas there is so many failing packages in devel. Will push that to testing when we have fixes for stuff that is broken in devel12:19
w00tworking on it working on it ... ;)12:23
w00tyou'll note devel looks a lot less red already12:23
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Sagew00t: yes. :)12:26
SageI'm not in rush just stating what was discussed so people know what is the difference12:26
Sagelbt: can you add osc to crepo? I would need to query data from obs for releases, e.g., what was the version of mer it was built against12:29
lbtno :)12:30
lbtin general this kind of activity shouldn't be happening on the server12:31
Sageok, so where should that happen?12:31
lbtyou may need to explain what you want - and why you can't - but your desktop12:32
Sageand don't say my local computer :)12:32
phaeronSage: use curl12:32
lbtSage: also "no" is the standard operations response to any request ... you really need to persuade us why something absolutely *cannot* be done elsewhere12:33
Sagelbt: not doing on my desktop because I don't want to upload XG of data12:34
lbt(just in case that sounded a bit harsh)12:34
Sageover 3G for example during weekend :)12:34
lbtwhy does an osc query need 3Gb data?12:34
SageI meant creating the release. Copying rpm's from obs repo to release structure12:35
lbtyou want to use osc to copy rpms?12:35
* Sage :facepalm:12:36
Sage15:29.45 < Sage> lbt: can you add osc to crepo? I would need to query data from obs for releases, e.g., what was the version of mer it was built against12:36
lbtI read that12:36
Sage15:35.58 < lbt> you want to use osc to copy rpms?12:36
Sageso where did this come? :D12:36
lbt[19/04/2013 13:35] <Sage> I meant creating the release. Copying rpm's from obs repo to release structure12:36
lbtyou :D12:36
Sage15:34.46 < lbt> why does an osc query need 3Gb data?12:37
SageI never said that :D12:37
Sage3G like mobile bandwidth :)12:37
Sage800MHz HSDPA or what ever :)12:37
lbt"because I don't want to upload XG of data" ... I read that as XGb12:37
lbtsince XG doesn't make sense12:37
lbtthen "over 3G" similarly12:38
lbtsorry for the confusion12:38
Sageok, reset :)12:38
Sageis the script I'm using12:38
Sageand running on crepo to make nemo snapshot12:38
SageI want to add data like which version of Mer it was built against which is in mds212:39
lbtOK - so we need to run that elsewhere12:39
Sageand afaik, it is not availabe in the crepo filesystem12:39
lbtamongst other things you have a baby 'signing' step in there12:40
lbtwhich absolutely cannot happen on crepo12:40
Sagephaeron: can you tell me example url.12:40
lbtso I suggest we setup a staging server12:40
SageI don't do signing atm. but yes12:40
lbtfrankly Mer releases are messy atm too12:41
lbtit would help to move them to a staging VM12:41
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lbtthen we can look to solve signing too12:41
lbtthen that machine can push to crepo12:41
lbtwe may want to look at LAN proximity for speed12:41
Sage:nod: the data amount is quite large that is moving12:42
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lbthopefully we'll setup so the vlan never hits a real network adapter12:43
Sageone snapshot of nemo is about 7G of rpm's12:43
lbtall virtio12:43
phaeronSage: osc -d and see what urls it uses12:43
lbtso it'll be pure I/O bound12:43
phaeronSage: and good luck12:43
Sagephaeron: :P12:45
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#238 Rejected promotion request12:46
Sagelbt: so eventually it is two things, place where we can do nemo releases and run those scripts and stuff and then the server where the results are published. currently crepo12:46
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#239 waiting for review at
Sagesledges: promoting pandaboard stuff from devel to testing.12:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#240 waiting for review at
Sagesledges: meaning that the curretly working thing is at testing after this and experimental stuff can go to devel and testing thing will be still functional :)12:51
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#239 Accepted promotion request13:03
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#240 Rejected promotion request13:12
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#241 waiting for review at
* sledges needs to persuade operations (aka lbt) on how much we need @nemomobile (Twitter) resuscitation :) (sendmail on domain pls :) )13:14
sledgesSage, got you, thanks. still waiting for mer-kickstarter 0.19 hitting repos. poke me when done, so I can update wiki on elegant .ks building13:15
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faenilsledges, hey13:27
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sledgesif havs time today, will look into qmlgallery not finding media content faenil ;) ultimately want to sort out gstreaming videos in pandaboard13:32
faenilsledges, thanks :) I don't think it's gallery's fault as there's nothing fancy in there13:33
faeniljust a DocumentGalleryModel with autoUpdate:true13:33
faenilso it must be some change in the middleware which broke the functionality13:33
faenilbut who knows13:33
sledgesdown the stack somewhere :)13:33
sledgeswill update my poor N9 first lol, with all of those massive downgrades havoc13:34
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lbtsledges: it's friday - what email username and where to14:10
Sage <- this should point to /run/user/$UID/ or so14:14
sledgesw00t, time for the youtube link14:17
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sledgesSage, this will need "Prefer:" magic:
lbtdm8tbr: ping14:25
dm8tbrlbt: pong14:25
Sagesledges: true14:26
lbtdo you do DNS ?14:26
Stskeepsi think that's me14:26
dm8tbrlbt: not to my knowledge14:26
* dm8tbr has formeego.(com|org)14:26
lbtStskeeps: OK - what is MX record14:26
lbtdm8tbr: ah yes14:26
lbtStskeeps: I think it should be
lbtmonster ... for now14:27
Stskeepscan i get a name instead of an ip?14:27
Stskeepsit's atm14:27
Stskeepsttl 4320014:27
lbtyeah, that's it MX must point to an A, not a CNAME14:28
Stskeepshm, didn't know that14:28
Stskeepsso change to
lbtwell, I'm reading the comment in my DNS - I assume I knew what I was talking about14:28
Stskeepsdone, may take a bit to update14:29
lbtI wonder if coders will cope well with altzheimers on the grounds they already write notes to themselves...14:29
lbtof course some of us would be in for a rough ride... looking at no-one in particular :P14:30
lbtsledges: that might or might not work14:30
sledges:) that covers pretty much everything lbt14:31
lbtso true14:31
* phaeron pokes lbt14:32
* lbt jumps14:32
lbtwhat didn't I do now?14:32
phaeronwas poking back at you :D14:32
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* sledges hugs lbt and goes to resuscitate @nemomobile15:00
sledgesgood that not the other way round :)15:00
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sledgesdoes Nemo Mobile have any centralised address/city/country ? (silly question, I know :))15:13
sledgesstill need to ask15:13
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sledgesI put 'Worldwide' everywhere ;)15:16
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w00tSage: any thoughts on the qtest-qml SR?16:32
* w00t swats aard with a wet towel16:32
w00twhy is oneshot broken16:32
Stskeepsthere is a sr to fix it16:32
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w00tStskeeps: you never answered me about the oneshot thing btw18:39
*** thuai has quit IRC18:40
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk18:40
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*** cybette_ is now known as cybette18:41
w00tStskeeps: accepted 10 hours ago, but oneshot is still broken in devel18:42
*** thuai has joined #nemomobile18:42
Stskeepsthen the request is stuck18:43
aardStskeeps: uhm, whey do you do submitrequests for stuff in git?18:45
Stskeepsaard: there was no indication whatsoever this was in git, there was a tarball and a spec18:45
w00tthat would also explain it :P18:45
Stskeepsthat _service came 4 hours ago, that wasn't me18:45
w00taard: you added packaging after his SR was accepted18:46
aardat least the githook was set up for ages :)18:46
* w00t spanks aard18:46
*** MMN-o has quit IRC18:46
aardwhat? I've been using the githook for quite some time now, it's mirrored on jolla side18:46
Stskeepsgo look at nemo:devel:mw, it was obviously not webhook before18:46
Stskeepsso something wasn't right18:46
w00t vs
Stskeeps was when i branched it18:47
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:47
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Stskeepsso whatever you did with webhook, it wasn't set up properly before18:48
Stskeepsso please add "-qt=4" after qmake and get it building again18:48
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile18:48
aardStskeeps: why do we have to explicitely add that for both? imo one variant should be defualt18:49
Stskeepsaard: i'm not going to argue about this, please just do it if you want your package to build18:49
aardI'd like to know the reasoning behind that18:50
Stskeepsaard: i'd love to give it, but not right now18:50
Stskeepsi fixed this package so we could get patches fixed, sent a SR, got it accepted, now it's broken again and it's not my fault18:50
aardimo the fix is not a fix, but a workaround for a breakage in a different package18:51
Stskeepsaard, you're not going to get a proper fix for at least a week, and we discussed this issue throughoutly, in person, this is the sanest way to deal with it right now, so please just do it18:51
Stskeepsyou wanted qt4-qt5 coexistence, it's here now18:52
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#242 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#242 Accepted promotion request19:35
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Sagew00t: was there something in the mthemedaemon socket move why it was not done yet?20:57
w00tSage: because there's a lot of stuff using it :)20:58
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Sagew00t: I though it was some variable/define in C++ that was included from all clients21:30
SageI hope there isn't thing like that with
SageI tested and it seemed to work ok21:30
w00tI think that's just used inside mapplaunched, so it should be ok21:31
w00tbut no, it's unfortunately not centralised21:31
specialSage: it's not a problem for mapplauncherd21:33
specialSage: the boosters currently have sockets in /tmp too, but I was planning on moving those when I finish the refactoring21:34
Sageafaik themedaemon is the last one that has socket or similar data in home21:34
specialthose should be under XDG_RUNTIME_DIR as well, yes?21:34
Sagespecial: I would say yes21:34
Sagethough tmp is ok'ish thing as it is tmpfs as well21:34
Sagee.g. /home is not good or /usr or /etc21:35
specialtechnically, /tmp would be a security issue if it were a multi-user system21:35
Sagespecial: true21:35
phaeronxdg runtime dir is not /tmp21:35
SageXDG_RUNTIME_DIR is good place for sockets and runtime state data that doesn't need to be preserved between boots21:36
SageXDG_RUNTIME_DIR = /run/usr/$UID21:36
Sageerr /run/user/$UID21:36
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#243 waiting for review at
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