Tuesday, 2013-04-23

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Sagespecial: ok03:47
Sagespecial: did you submit it somewhere yet?03:48
specialshould be in devel03:49
specialmeego-handset-maps should be deleted I suppose, not sure if w00t just forgot or what03:50
Sageah, looked the wrong name :D03:50
Sagercg thanks for the patches.03:52
Sageso now the nemo is fully build against new mer03:52
* Sage tests and pushes to testing if looks good03:53
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#244 Accepted promotion request03:55
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#245 Accepted promotion request04:03
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w00tchriadam: how's qtcontacts-s coming along?08:09
chriadamalmost done.08:09
w00tnice :)08:10
w00taggregation landed I see08:10
w00twhat are the remaining issues there?08:10
chriadamtesting with contactsd today showed a bug in the way detail uris are handled, but that should be fixed now08:10
chriadamthe only remaining issue is that saving already-existing, non-aggregate contacts, doesn't cause regeneration of the aggregate08:10
chriadamwhich means, for example, that presence updates don't get propagated to the aggregate08:11
chriadamhowever, the "normal" regeneration codepath (which is used when contacts are removed, for example) is very heavy weight08:11
chriadamand I don't want to do that every time presence changes.08:11
chriadambut we can work around this via the definitionsMask parameter to the save requests08:11
chriadamie, if it only contains QContactPresence::DefinitionName, then update both the sync contact + the aggregate contact08:12
w00tand I guess that is not really a common case08:12
w00t(i.e. we'll probably only see it with buteo + contactsd)08:12
chriadamanyway, it's something we need to iterate on, but doesn't block us at all08:12
chriadamI'm still worried about commhistoryd08:12
w00ti think special is taking a look at it this week08:13
chriadamspecial gave me some "start points" to look into, but I spent all of today fighting fires in accounts, and didn't get a chance08:13
specialyou mean libcommhistory?08:13
chriadamerr, that08:13
specialcommhistoryd is a different set of problems :p08:13
specialnone with contacts afaik08:13
specialI am looking at the tracker contacts stuff in commhistory this week08:14
w00thooray etc.08:14
specialI want to dig around anyway to think about how we could put sqlite in08:14
chriadamremove _all_ the tracker things08:14
w00tchriadam: are there any other blockers than commhistory to using sqlite by default?08:14
chriadamjust contactsd but that's almost finished.  mvogt has done the porting work, it's just iterating on what we've got to make it all "work" - but earlier tonight we had contactsd getting data into the qtcontacts-sqlite db via his patch08:15
chriadamso I don't foresee any major dramas on that front08:15
specialw00t: how crazy of a person would I be if I wanted access to the seaside/n-q-p-contacts cache from C++08:17
w00tspecial: I can understand the desire08:17
w00tI'm not sure how best to make it happen08:17
specialI don't think it's really practical at the moment (libcommhistory depending indirectly on declarative would be a mess, so that'd mean splitting the contacts plugin, and ...)08:17
w00twell, the plugin is going to be split to its own repository at least, I'm doing that this week08:18
w00tso I can probably work a library split into that plan as well08:18
specialbut yeah - at the moment, it's doing tracker lookups of contacts despite that another part of the same process has pretty much all of that data cached.08:18
specialalthough I'm not sure if all the relevant details are loaded by seaside08:18
w00tall of them may not be, but some is probably better than none08:19
specialalmost all of what libcommhistory does is mapping account/phone number to contact or vice versa08:19
chriadamif anyone cares, I just rewrote history in qtcontacts-sqlite.  beware.08:20
w00tthere is a map for phone number => contact in there already for phone purposes iirc08:20
specialcomparing phone numbers is a hell that I am going to have to get into at some point, too..08:20
specialI suspect we might make it worse by ditching tracker (maemo:localPhoneNumber does some magic, I believe), but it's in a sad state already.08:21
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chriadamwe should do it in the qtcontacts-sqlite backend, when the filter is a "MatchPhoneNumber" filter.  at the moment, I just strip out all (well, some, currently, because my sqlite-fu is weak) non-digit characters and compare directly, but presumably there are smarter algorithms than that :-P08:23
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specialI only know enough to say that phone numbers are totally inconsistent and awful.08:24
w00tI agree that the backend would be the right place for it to belong08:25
w00tchriadam: take a look at localPhoneNumber in qtc's source, it does some localisation that was generally good enoughâ„¢08:25
specialor don't worry about it for now and we'll evaluate when the time comes08:25
chriadamyeah, probably best to wait until we know exactly what we need08:25
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specialit needs at least a basic understanding of country codes, so :|08:26
w00tand then there's 00 pefixing vs + notation to screw with you just a bit more08:29
specialI wish libphonenumber wasn't such a huge and annoying library08:29
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sledgesSage, just baked a PB image from scratch (using builder.py and 0.19 mer-kickstarter)11:19
sledgesrunning zypper dup it wants to pull in mesa-llvmpipe*11:19
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sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, (Cc: w00t ) i was to start helping on a social qml app for Nemo (my long dream to learn some qml for greater good). But got carried away to make gst- hardware accelerated video/audio decoder plugins under nemo on pandaboard12:18
w00tsounds like the two of you can collaborate some :)12:19
sledgesthat's what I'm after at the moment :) receiving a great help from #pandaboard (some interest to test nemo there picked up too) /me is constantly haunted by hardware adaptation ghosts12:19
sledgesw00t, yes, to watch a video on facebook lol12:19
sledgeshand on a minute, facebook on pandaboard!? :DD12:19
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: :D12:20
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sledges(which is quite feasible if you want to put panda into your fridge ;P )12:25
sledges(you should see their faces light up when they open it :D )12:25
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sledges(not affiliating with animal cruelty )12:32
faenilw00t, do you know what's the status of Qt3D?12:33
faenilI was telling my housemate to use it for a uniproject12:33
faenilbut it seems #qt-3d is almost empty :/12:34
w00tfaenil: the irc channel has never been particularly active, but it does have a maintainer12:35
faenilw00t, alright...though there's still no rigging functionality right?12:36
w00tdon't know12:36
faenilok thanks anyway ;)12:36
sledgesfaenil, qmlgallery works like charm on pandaboard! didn't have to do anything:D12:37
faenilsledges, cool :)12:37
sledgesalthough when I view an image, bottom toolbar and upper nemo status bar hide away, and I can't bring them back :D12:37
sledges(haven't seen how it behaves on N9, might be some multitouch expectations (no touchscreen whatsoever on pb) )12:37
faeniloh alright, so I guess PinchArea is playing tricks there12:38
sledgescan be12:38
sledgesangry birds also cannot be run12:38
sledgeseven with resistive touchscreen :)12:38
sledgesmight be of the same qt expectations for mtev12:38
sledges(sad, you just see angry birds running, with a play button on the middle and can't touch it :D )12:39
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Sagesledges: hmmp... what mesa packages to be exact?16:40
sledgesEGL etc Sage16:44
sledgesmesa-llvmpipe, -libEGL, -libglapi, -libGLESv216:45
sledgesthese 416:45
Sagethat is wrong.16:45
Sagedid you update it?16:45
Sagegood. So can you do zypper install like 10 packages at the time and see what drags it in?16:46
sledgesget the list of all packages?16:47
sledgesand do divide and conquer? ;)16:47
Sagefirst do zypper dup and answer N and get the package list from there16:48
sledgesSage, no other packages16:48
sledgesI just baked a new .ks16:48
sledgesso all up-to-date16:48
sledgesexcept those mesa ones16:49
sledgesrrror :)16:49
Sagecan you pastebin: ssu s; ssu lr; zypper ref; zypper dup; (and don't install mesa ;))16:49
sledgesSage, https://pastee.org/supzw (a extra cherry bit on the top ;) to see how system looked before zypper ref)16:50
Sagesledges: rpm -qa | grep -i mesa16:51
SageStskeeps: lbt: ^16:52
SageI don't understand16:52
Sagepatterns are not installed with zypper dup16:52
sledgesit is an rnd image, maybe PB repo messed up with devel vs testing ?16:53
sledgesthough testing repo is empty(-ied by you Sage [due to errors probably]) ;)16:54
sledgesall looks succeeded in devel..16:54
SageI think there is some symlink thingy here that makes the fun.16:55
Sagedifferent file in mesa and pvr is symlink vs real binary and it doesn't conflict16:55
* sledges hides16:56
Sagesledges: add conflicts to the pvr driver against mesa-llvmpipe- and add that repo with "ssu ar" to the repo list then do "ssu ur" and zypper ref zypper dup and see what it says then16:56
Sagesledges: it is not your fault I would say. Just something in dependency resolving that goes wrong I guess16:57
sledgesas it worked before ;)16:57
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sledgesI've seen rcg pvr-omap4 repo, looked cleaner16:57
Sagemaybe it is the new mercore..16:58
sledgesbut I remember seeing tegra3 EGLs being pulled in at some point in the past16:58
sledgesso, might be an old zombie bug16:58
sledgesonce in a blue moon16:58
Sagesledges: populating the testing again and then you can try to check if the same thing happens there as it has not been updated to new mer core yet because of qt build fixes17:01
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sledgesok should look good: https://build.merproject.org/package/rdiff?linkrev=base&package=pvr-omap4&project=home%3Asledge%3Abranches%3Anemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Ati%3Aomap4%3Apandaboard&rev=417:02
Sagesledges: yes17:04
sledgesSage, what URI can `ssu ar` swallow17:05
sledgesah ok, forgot to give it a name17:06
sledges(params swapped than zyppers ;)17:06
Sagesledges: well it accepts the zypper order as well17:07
Sageor should accept17:07
sledgesah ok17:07
sledgesi forgot to give it a name at all, outsmarted all parties :))17:07
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sledgesSage, looks better already: https://pastee.org/8qyyr17:08
sledgesbut i'd like to try that from a kickstarter17:08
sledgesor shall I update and re-dup ?17:08
Sagesledges: do update and then do another zypper dup after upating those17:08
Sagebut that is strange that it needs that conflicts there17:09
sledgesok, mesa is gone now17:11
sledgespush to devel? ;)17:12
sledgesSage, ^17:12
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* sledges was a bit more proactive just now17:21
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#249 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/24917:27
Sagesledges: devel is empty?17:28
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sledgeshope not lol17:30
sledgesis not empty17:31
sledgesi just don't know why obs said, that my SR from my home to devel said that I could supersede your SR from devel to testing ;)17:31
sledgesI unchecked that box, not to supersede you anything17:32
vgradeSage: thanks for the tip on conflicts, I think I need that in RPi gfx package17:39
vgradeas I see similar with pi gfx package build over the weekedn17:40
Sagehmmp... it really worries me that we need that17:42
Sagevgrade: if you spot anything strange like that feel free to ask :)17:44
SageI think we should check zypper/libzypp/libsolv update17:45
vgradeIt was strange as I'd specifically removed all traces of X from my ks while working up the Qt5 Wayland Pi build17:45
vgradeso should only have been bringing in RPi gfx packages17:45
Sagewayland might need some new provides things there17:45
vgradewell I removed the x plugins and only built the brcm plugin, maybe some deps still there but I think I tried to install all of them to see if they brought in mesa libs. Will report back next time I have the Pi up17:48
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vgradeSage: anything specific you need re mesa deps?18:06
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Sagevgrade: say where you have the rpi grphics packaging and I'll check couple of things but not really18:42
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vgradeSage: https://build.merproject.org/project/show?project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Abrcm%3Abcm2835%3Arpi19:08
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juicemehi... what's with the tzdata?19:21
juicemeProblem: tzdata-timed-2011e-1.2.noarch requires tzdata = 2011e-1.2, but this requirement cannot be provided19:21
juicemewhat's the correct solution here, 1=deinstall stuff, 2=keep obsolete tzdata-2011e-1.2.noarch, 3=break tzdata-timed-2011e-1.2.noarch ?19:26
Sagejuiceme: hmmp19:27
Sagethere should be 2013 version available on both really19:28
juicemejust did zypper ref; zypper up19:29
juicemethis comes on zypper dup19:29
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juicemethedead1440, hi19:37
fw190do I only have to update nemomobile like maemo19:47
fw190withe the package interface19:47
fw190or I should put a new image on the cardfrom time to time19:48
Stskeepsthink you can update these days19:48
fw190Stskeeps: hello19:50
fw190I'm updating since a week19:51
fw190everything works ok19:51
fw190just wondering if it makes all the changes as in new images19:52
juicemefw190, updating is easy, just do "zypper ref; zypper up"19:56
juicemeand ""zypper ref; zypper dup"19:56
juicemealtough I just failed at the "dup" part, and am wondering what gives...19:57
fw190what is the root pasword19:58
fw190I have tried nemomobile first :)20:04
fw190the package interface is more confident for me20:05
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ljp hmm is github git down?21:04
ljp:( fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly21:05
specialthey claim to be up21:06
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ljphappens when I try and push21:18
ljpthere it goes21:22
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sledges!seen jukkaeklund21:48
Merbot`sledges: jukkaeklund was last seen in #nemomobile 2 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours, 58 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <jukkaeklund> morning21:48
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