Wednesday, 2013-04-24

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Sagesledges: so your -devel package is empty for the pvr, why?06:11
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#250 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#250 Accepted promotion request06:55
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Sagesledges: the current stuff now in testing ^06:58
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sledgesSage, there was a reason for that :) I'll suss it out again for you09:21
sledgesgreat Sage , all succeeded \o/09:23
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rozhkovw00t: can we drop /usr/bin/qmltestrunner symlink from qtest-qml for now?14:03
w00trozhkov: sync with Stskeeps about what he wants to do with it. just removing the symlink is likely going to break all tests packages as-is, so it's only one part of the resolution14:04
rozhkovw00t: ok. it's impeding browser development14:05
Stskeepsw00t: fugly solution, but, add a Requires: qt4-default and remove symlink14:09
Stskeepsuntil we get the correct solution in14:09
w00tStskeeps: what do you say the correct solution is?14:10
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Stskeepswell, Requires: qt-default is probably the saner option14:12
kaltsiStskeeps: what's keeping the correct qtchooser from being released? Or it just comes with the next mer release?14:14
Stskeepscomes with next mer release and util-linux blew up so that delayed things a bit14:17
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w00trozhkov: do you want to SR the above?14:20
w00tor shall I14:20
w00t(I can accept if you do it, and you can test that it works for your case, so perhaps that's best)14:20
rozhkovw00t: sure, will do14:20
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#251 waiting for review at
w00trozhkov: works for you?15:28
rozhkovw00t: please wait. romaxa says tests stopped to pass15:29
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rozhkovw00t: please proceed with the SR. turned out to be a wrong version of qtest-qml. still trying to figure out where it comes from16:17
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w00trozhkov: ok, so that one works for you?16:23
rozhkovw00t: yes, at least the package builds successfully now16:25
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#251 Accepted promotion request16:55
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faenilevening people o/19:44
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faenilw00t, so... :)19:54
w00twhat's first? :)19:55
faenilI wiped everything few days ago, i.e. I have nothing installed...just sailfish sdk19:55
faenilshall I just download stuff from the main sources or is there some special place to get latest nemo image, latest mer sdk, etc?19:56
sledgesoss faenil :))19:56
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faenilsledges, o/19:56
w00tplaces are more or less the same as normal/documented on the wiki afaik, not much has changed in terms of hosting19:56
faenillast nemo is from February :(19:57
faenillatest nemo image...24/02 iirc19:57
faenilthat's what's on the release server19:57
StskeepsSage: is most recent?19:57
faeniloh yeah sorry 24/3, my bad19:58
faenilI gave a quick look 1 hour ago and already forgot what I read, lol19:58
Stskeepseither way, should be zypperable i think19:58
faeniloh yeah sure19:58
w00tshould meaning is, and if it isn't, smack me or someone about it19:59
faeniloh look my clever alterego already started the download for 24/03 nemo before having dinner :)19:59
faenilw00t, :D19:59
faenilthis is reliable, right?
faenilI forgot everything about I set up Mer SDK last time XD20:00
faenil(and I'm only 23!)20:00
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w00tfaenil: yes, should be20:02
* w00t set it up a month or two ago at least20:02
w00tI wonder if we have documentation about using rootfs + mb somewhere20:03
faeniloh ok so it's newer, I disappeared in january, so... :)20:03
w00tthe page is old20:03
w00tI mean I followed the instructions a month or so ago :)20:03
faeniloh ok :D20:04
faenilvery slow server :P got to wait 25mins :D20:04
cybettefaenil: I just had dinner and I forgot what I ate. your condition isn't too bad :P20:05
faenilcybette, but you sleep 3h/night, that's normal :P20:06
cybettehehe yeah i need to work on that. actually i sleep a bit more than that but i am constantly trying to work in my dreams20:06
w00tSage: hmm.. do we have a generic ARM rootfs to use mb against? Stskeeps was complaining about using n9xx specific images the other day ;)20:08
faenilcybette, lol20:08
vgradew00t: what do you need, just a basic arm rootfs20:12
w00tvgrade: yeah, although that's a bit complicated in itself as i guess we need at least arm6, armv7, v7hl20:14
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faenilso, meanwhile Ryanair tries to prevent me from attending the summit, I'll install the sdk20:53
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faenilDirectory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug21:01
faenilStskeeps, ^21:03
*** npm_ has joined #nemomobile21:07
faenilI think he's sleeping21:08
faenilw00t, dbus error, is that known?21:08
w00tcan't say i've heard of it, lbt is probably a better person to poke about the platform SDK21:08
faenillbt, lbt lbt  :D21:09
sledgesthat's the spirit :D21:10
faenilanyway, the "only umount when you want to remove the sdk" that's a really BAD idea...21:10
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC21:11
faeniloh here he is :D21:12
lbtyou never umount the sdk21:12
lbtwhy would you?21:12
faenillbt, because otherwise I am forced to remember that if I want to remove the sdk, I have to umount it first21:13
faeniland what if I don't think about that? I get everything wiped off21:13
lbt"remove sdk".... does not compute21:13
faenilBecause of this you *MUST* 'umount' the SDK before deleting it - if you don't then you *WILL* lose data.21:14
faenilthat means if I forget to do umount that time21:15
faenilit will make my day very very bad21:15
lbtpretty much21:15
faenilso why risking?21:15
faenilif you umount all times you don't have to worry21:15
lbtyep it's true21:16
lbtbut it's also a PITA21:16
faenilyeah I know but you don't have to do that yourself :D21:16
faenilyou just have to tell people to do it21:16
lbthow many times have you ever removed the SDK ?21:16
faenillbt, it's not about that...I know it's unlikely but what if...21:17
faenila wipe off is a very very very very inconvenient thing :D21:17
faenilthe less you risk, the better21:17
lbtthere's a better solution coming soon anyhow21:17
lbtand you are half righ21:18
faeniloh ok, better then :)21:18
faenilmy advice is to write to always umount it21:18
faeniland then write that you could also avoid doing so21:18
lbtdoes every door *inside* your house have a deadlock?21:18
faenilmaybe between brackets21:18
lbtand when you go into the kitchen do you bolt it behind you?21:18
lbtthe trade off between safety and convenience is always a judgement21:19
faenillbt, people know you don't usually close doors INSIDE the house21:19
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile21:19
faenilwhilst people are not used to using SDKs this way21:19
faenilso they won't think about umounting the sdk21:19
lbtwell, most people reboot their machines a lot21:19
lbtie daily21:20
faeniloh yeah, it's a very unlikely event, I'm not discussing that21:20
faenilbut I mean, what do you gain by telling people it doesn't need to be umounted?21:20
faenilyou only gain some risk21:20
lbtno, actually, it's hard to be confident21:20
faenilwhat do you mean?21:21
lbtyou sugges a umount every time I exit ?21:21
faenilI suggest telling people to umount every time21:21
faeniland then maybe a sidenote telling that you can avoid doing that21:21
lbtevery time what ?21:21
faenileverytime you stop using the SDK21:21
lbtdefine stop21:21
lbtexit the subshell ?21:21
lbtwhat if I have 2 ?21:22
faenilwhen you exit both?21:22
faenilstop = when you're done with Mer SDK21:22
lbthow do I know? I have to implement a counter21:22
faenilwait I'm not following you21:22
lbtI have 2 SDKs open in 2 konsoles21:22
faeniloh I think you misunderstood me21:22
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:22
lbt(right now I have maybe 8 open)21:23
faenilI don't want the SDK to auto-umount it21:23
faenil(maybe that's what you're thinking)21:23
faenilis it?21:23
lbtyou want a sentence saying "to be safe then get into the habit of umounting when you stop using the SDK"21:23
faeniljust like it was before21:23
lbtlets say I forget21:24
faenilwhen I used it back in january21:24
lbtnow someone says "just rm -rf - you'll be fine"21:24
lbt"oh, wait - you *forgot* to umount" ?21:24
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile21:24
faenilthis happens in both cases, doesn't it21:24
lbtso ... actually, in my opinion, I'd rather have scary warnings :)21:24
faenillbt, you have to keep scary warnings too...21:25
lbtquestion.... are you scared of deleteing the SDK ?21:25
lbtie you'd be rather cautious/21:25
faenilno I'm not because I'd only do that after I've finished working with mer sdk21:25
faeniland when I finish working with I umount it21:25
faenilthat's what I learnt from wiki few months ago :)21:25
faenilwith it*21:25
lbtright - but the fact that we even have this discussion tells me you have the right ... cautious ... attitude.21:26
lbtso to me that is a success21:26
faenillbt, because I read the guide when it said to always umount it :D + it had the same scary warning21:26
faenilI don't want you to remove the warning :D21:26
lbtand I don't mind if you umount every time you stop working21:26
lbtpersonally I never bother21:27
faenilof course21:27
lbtanyhow... like I say ... there is a version using namespace which will fix this21:27
faenilI just think that the common user would be safer if he had the habit to umount it all times he's done with it21:27
faenillbt, yeah not worth discussing :)21:28
faenilanyway, I summoned you for another reason :P21:28
lbtoh, it's always worth reviewing old decisions21:28
lbtdbus thing?21:28
lbtyeah - I forget what that was about21:28
faenil<faenil> Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug21:29
lbtI think it's because something in the chroot should probably make that dir and doesn't21:30
lbtit should not complain anymore21:30
faenilso it actually is a bug :)21:31
lbtyou may be on an old SDK21:31
lbtah, no21:32
faeniljust downloaded it21:32
* lbt blushes - I think the download tarball is rather old21:33
faenilI'm glad I asked about that and I was told it was updated :D21:33
faenillbt, got it from here21:33
lbtsdk-version --latest --go21:33
faenilcd $HOME; curl -k -O;21:33
faenillbt, thanks :) don't remember to update it :)21:35
faenilI meant don't forget, of course XD21:35
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:36
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile21:40
faenillbt, there's no mention of the --go option on the wiki (fyi)21:42
lbtcan you add that?21:42
faenilsure, but I don't have a description for it21:43
faeniljust modify the update command?21:43
vgradew00t: these ok?
lbtfaenil: sdk-version -h21:49
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:49
faenillbt,  alright ;)21:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:50
* lbt is just trying to get some updates to our infra monitoring21:50
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile21:50
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:51
faenillbt, updated ;)21:54
*** Martix has quit IRC21:54
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile21:54
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:55
faenilmmm just flashed latest nemo and it's stuck on first boot :(21:58
faenilvgrade, any idea?21:58
vgradefaenil: how long you leave it21:59
faenilit's been 5 minutes21:59
vgradefirst boot is always looooong22:00
faenilalright...I'll leave it there then :/22:00
sledgesor needs to be massaged by rebootings :)22:02
faenilstill stuck on 8bit screen :P22:05
* sledges could always do with one or two reboots22:05
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile22:05
sledges8bit = MOSLO ?22:06
faenilmm still stuck22:13
faenilsledges, no the ugly Nemo image22:13
faenilhow many bits is that?22:13
faenilrebooting now22:13
sledgesi call it a palette skew :)22:13
faeniloh ok, that :P22:13
sledges(don't know the real cause ;P )22:14
faenilthough this would need investigation22:14
faenilit can't get stuck on first boot :(22:14
faenilouch still that awful regression with the homescreen horizontal scrolling22:15
sledges^ the reason why there has never been an investigation ;D22:16
sledgesalready two bugs registered ;) one duplicate :)22:16
faenillet's update packages first22:18
sledgesyou'll see hundreds of downgrades22:18
sledgesdue to switch to BMO/ssu22:18
w00t(make sure you're using zypper dup to do upgrades)22:19
sledges(which in reality are -upgrades- ;))22:19
faenil16 to upgrade22:20
faenil266 to downgrade22:20
sledgeswelcome to the club :)22:21
sledges*back ;)22:21
faenilw00t, ^22:21
sledges23:18 < sledges> you'll see hundreds of downgrades22:22
faenillol thanks22:22
faenilI completely skipped those msgs :P22:22
sledgesit's past midnight in Italy ;)22:23
faenilyeah xD22:23
sledgespoor w00t just had another micro heart attack :)22:23
faenilahahah :D22:23
faenilso how does this have to do with the switch to BMO/ssu?22:23
* faenil always wants to learn :P22:23
sledgesOBS resets release counter22:24
sledgesafter copying packages from COBS to MOBS :)22:24
faenilwhat's mobs now xD22:24
sledgesthey also loose all revision history22:24
sledgesjust sounds funny22:24
w00twe don't use meego obs anymore22:25
sledgesyup, Mer OBS22:25
faeniloh right, the switch was completed22:26
faenilI'm noticing the system is very slow while it's updating packages :/ didn't notice this before22:27
sledgesprobably it was just a matter of not noticing :D22:27
faenilsingle core single thread limit here :D22:28
sledgespandaboard ftw :D22:28
faenilwondering how it would behave on a nexus 422:28
sledgesjust awkward to make calls :)22:28
sledgesn7 is there. n4 adaptation is different.. folks quite silent about it here22:29
faeniloh right, n4 adaptation is missing22:30
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:30
faeniland I don't have an n4, so who cares, lol22:30
faenilw00t, so, the blue fairy tale told me you'll take care of making wayland work on n950, is that true?22:30
w00theh, i'd not call it likely (not really my area of experience), though i'd like to see it happen22:32
faenilI wanted to volunteer but I have no experience with that stuff and Stskeeps told me it was one of his worst periods22:34
faenilso, well, not really worth wasting my life on it xD22:34
faenil(when he worked on waylan for n950)22:34
w00tworst how? he got it working iirc, and that's what matters :-p22:39
sledgesisn't it all about making project zephyr to work? (wayland+qt5 etc)22:40
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:40
sledgesquestion, what hardware project zephyr has ever worked? ;)22:40
faenilw00t, yep but he said it wasn't easy at all22:40
sledgesi.e. whether that includes n95022:40
w00tsledges: wayland? works on pi (and assorted other ARM), works on android via libhybris, works on x8622:41
faenilw00t, and if he says that :D22:41
sledgeslatest pvr-omap4 drivers have wayland bindings22:41
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile22:41
w00tbut this is all new ground, so it's not really working anywhere, out of the box yet22:41
sledgesw00t, too true, I was referring to zephyr as a more 'boxed-up' version of wayland & co.22:42
faenilsounds cool22:43
sledgesin theory, zephyr needs a HA - and off it goes, but that's where faenil's question on n950 comes in22:43
sledgesas it's just a bunch of good old repos22:44
w00tsledges: i'd like to see it working on pi fairly soon, and vgrade has been working on the hardware side of that22:44
* sledges reminds himself a mental note: never use words 'just', 'only', and 'surely' :D22:44
sledgesesp. when in embedded world.. :)22:44
faenilw00t, %postun(ca-certifcates-2012.81-1.6.noarch) scriptlet failed, exit status 122:45
faenilnemo still updating :D22:48
faenillove when there are many updates :D22:48
sledgeswell probably only 20% contain actualy source code changes ;) but still loads of good stuff22:49
sledgesanother way is to build your nemo rootfs image yourself with mer-kickstarter and builder.py22:49
sledgeslatest and greatest, and just copy those onto Alt_OS22:50
faenilmm got to look into that :)22:50
sledgesthat's or future ref ;)22:51
faenilstill updating :)23:02
sledges*for very near future ref :D23:02
faenil:D :D23:03
faenilguess what, just finished :D23:11
faenilw00t, should be ready if I'm not missing anything23:12
sledgesnight lads23:16
faenilnight mate23:16
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*** phaeron has quit IRC23:23
faenilmmm I guess I'll go to bed then23:27
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