Thursday, 2013-04-25

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zchydemanyone dare to review:
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Sagew00t: not really no. you can use any armv7hl image to build against06:01
StskeepsSage: we should do a generic armv7hl target with mesa-llvmpipe-devel06:02
Stskeepsfor sb206:02
Stskeepsand no hw adaptation in it else06:02
Sagesure, you mean nemo or plain mer?06:02
Stskeepsnemo i think06:02
Stskeepspeople shouldn't build against a specific device anyhow so06:03
Sageexcept when doing the adaptation bits :)06:03
SageStskeeps: is there file in sb2 root that says that it is sb2 target?06:13
SageI mean when it is started and used does sb2 write any .sb2 files there where it could be identified as sb2 rootfs?06:14
Sagecan we make it do so? :)06:14
Sageor well, I can just touch .scratchbox2 file to / when doing image06:15
Sageor what would be the best?06:15
Sagewhat I'm after is that I would need a way for ssu to detect that it is sb2 target so everything would work for sure06:16
Sagecurrently it says UNKNOWN which isn't nice06:16
Stskeepsmm, well, can't you set boardname?06:18
Sageyes, but need to add support for that for ssu if there isn't one yet06:20
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Sageaard: ssu doesn't do that atm. right?06:21
Sageat least not documented06:22
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aardSage: boardname?07:31
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aardI can do a generic file.contains. I don't like that boardname stuff, it's just a dirty hack to not do proper systeminfo backends07:48
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aardStskeeps: we should have _one_ source giving system information on the device. board-info is an additional source, and one that does not make sense, as it'll only give you a subset of device-information full systeminfo would give you07:56
Stskeepsaard: boardname is one that states it's "this kind of device", nothing more, nothing less, :P07:56
aardyes, which systeminfo does (well, it would do, if it'd be not broken)07:57
aardplus some stuff more07:57
Stskeepshow would it do that? :P07:58
SageStskeeps: what you asked earlier07:58
Stskeepssysteminfo used to read into CAL and use sysinfod from recollection07:58
aardStskeeps: systeminfo has variable backends. we currently don't have a backend for all required parts. it does not necessarily have to read cal08:00
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Stskeepswell, from ssu pov you should probably use systeminfo, true08:01
Stskeepsbut systeminfo should take boardname into consideration08:01
Stskeepsas determining type of device08:01
Sageboardname is very lightweight and doesn't have large deps and is also easy to use really. It is used with for example pulseaudio atm.;a=blob;f=0205-Use-etc-boardname-to-load-a-hardware-specific-config.patch;h=b0c132e9ecd57083709e72c2ad928b621e62b73d;hb=HEAD08:03
Sagewhile talking about systeminfo I'm assuming qt?08:03
aardiirc boardname does two things: read /proc/cpuinfo, read the boardname file. sysinfo already reads cpuinfo, and the boardname file reading can be added08:03
aardit's qt, though imo a sane design would be sysinfod-like, where we do a systeminfo backend available via dbus08:05
* spiiroin thinks sysinfod was a simple creature that made life easier for everybody when low level things changed and moved about08:08
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Sagew00t: phaeron: Thinking about starting to do git packaging to stuff where nemo isn't upstream. I'm proposing of doing separate git tree for those instead of putting those to
w00tSage: probably a good idea09:39
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Sagecomments welcome. Purpose of the separete thing is to keep it clean which are git trees for only packaging and which are the upstreams.09:40
Sagefor me it makes sense in my brain but other comments welcome :)09:40
sledgeshow would you call that under ?09:48
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SageJan 01 14:00:18 localhost timed[247]: WARNING: can't read '/var/cache/timed/aegis/': No such file or directory09:51
SageJan 01 14:00:18 localhost timed[247]: WARNING: can't read '/var/cache/timed/aegis/': No such file or directory09:51
SagePMG: spiiroin: ^09:51
Sagespiiroin: 1.12.9 mce on n95009:53
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Sagejusa_: Jan 01 02:00:08 localhost tonegend[296]: xcb_connection_has_error() returned true10:00
sledgesSage, ^^10:01
sledges(above of what you said ;))10:02
Sagesledges: /nemomobile-pkgs/ or something maybe?10:03
w00tnemomobile-packages - would be consistent with the mer naming10:06
SageI'm fine with that10:07
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* Sage noted new bug in sgx packaging10:08
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PMGSage: checking10:09
Sagefirst boot doesn't get ui up10:09
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sledges+1 for nemomobile-packaging10:22
sledges-1 for nemomobile-packaging10:22
sledges+1 for nemomobile-packages10:22
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PMGSage: the timed warning about<.bak> will be printed unnecessary during first boot, but timed should create during first boot and not complain afterwards10:33
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SagePMG: can we get rid of that error even with first boot? Also reason for aegis there in dirname? :)10:34
PMGSage: the warning comes from libiodata, which timed uses to read its config files10:35
PMGSage: we can definetly get rid of the aegis stuff :)10:35
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Sage <- anyone interested to review sgx systemd patch?10:52
w00tSage: I don't feel comfortable, maybe sledges or someone else with hardware knowledge would be good?10:53
Sageit is mainly about systemd stuff not hw stuff :)10:55
Sageplundstr isn't here otherwise I would ask him to give it a go :)10:55
Sageanyway with that patch it makes sure that the sgx is starterd and _finished_ loading before user session is started.10:56
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#252 waiting for review at
spiiroinsage: nothing totally unexpected in the n950 mce pastie, mix of: 1st boot, nemo vs jolla, missing sysinfod, no color profile, etc10:58
jusa_Sage: that's since PA wasn't able to connect to X, and it should mean only that libpulse cannot get configuration from X10:59
jusa_libpulse wasn't able to connect to X10:59
Sagespiiroin: can we make it sound less bad? :)11:01
Sagespiiroin: also as we don't have sysinfod we should probably disable that for now from the mce code or so?11:02
spiiroinSage: sure, there is room at the end of the todo-list ;-)11:02
Sagespiiroin: :)11:03
w00tSage: well, i was looking at e.g. ignoring the return value of pvrsrvinit11:03
w00tI don't understand how that fits in with the rest of the change11:03
Sagew00t: when starting pvrsrvinit second time on same boot the pvrsrvinit_xxx returns always != 0 and i have no idea why. However it works fine still. If I return that to systemd then systemd says service failed and other stuff that depend on this service might not start11:07
spiiroinSage: while sysinfod access itself is already disabled (and no warnings from that), I left the missing calibration warnings in place as a reminder11:07
Sageas everything seems ok we just ignore it and return ok11:07
Sagespiiroin: add reminder to bugzilla? ;)11:07
w00tSage: guess it looks ok, then11:08
* spiiroin goes to file a bug ...11:09
Sagew00t: anyway after that ui comes up also on first boot :)11:09
w00tSage: hmm, I thought it used to11:09
w00tI wonder how that broke11:10
w00ts/how/how and when/11:10
Sagew00t: timing issues. We have different processes starting up and it was pure luck that it loaded the graphics before the ui started11:10
w00tand sometimes it didn't work? :P11:10
w00tI guess perhaps this explains the n900 problems a little?11:11
Sagewell, my previous sgx patch was more about the n900 problems. However this is in the same area as well11:11
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Sagein theory this shouldn't affect to anything else than first boot.11:11
Sageok, time to change testing to build also against new mer release11:15
* sledges sees a mushroom cloud11:17
sledgesSage, worth commenting this somewhere in relevant scripts: < Sage> w00t: when starting pvrsrvinit second time on same boot the pvrsrvinit_xxx returns always != 0 and i have no idea why.11:18
sledgesand why is this all only during the first ever boot11:18
Sagesledges: because the script is in general stupid :D11:19
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Sagesledges: script checks the chip version and based on that makes a symbolic links if not present. And usually that is only on first boot.11:20
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spiiroinSage: filed nemo#66711:23
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sledgesok, so it makes the two of us aware about it now Sage ;P11:28
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Sagelpotter: when tar_git used don't edit the .changes file in rpm after it was initially added. It is just used as a base and store for changelogs that are not in git tree commits.11:29
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#253 Rejected promotion request11:34
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#254 Rejected promotion request11:34
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#255 waiting for review at
Sageyey, some cleanup to do11:36
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Sagew00t: libquillmetadata missing old changes11:40
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#256 Rejected promotion request11:41
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* Sage ponders if died?11:45
Sageresponding to anyone?11:45
Stskeepsnot to me11:46
faenilo/ hi people11:47
Sagefaenil: hello11:47
faeniloh Sage! long time no talk, how you doing? :)11:47
Sagephaeron: lbt: I might have broken mer obs :)11:47
Sagefaenil: fine thanks. The same old stuff really. Trying to keep nemo sane etc. :)11:47
lbtSage: how?11:49
sledges(/me points to backlog on mushroom clouds )11:50
Sagelbt: well changed to new mer release on nemo testing and started to push creq's from devel :)11:50
Sageand not it doesn't respond anymore to me. Maybe it got angry after long sleep :)11:50
phaerononly cfe is not responding .. cbe and others are ok11:53
phaeronlbt: is cfe suffering something ?11:54
lbtCpu(s):  0.2%us,  0.6%sy,  0.0%ni,  0.0%id, 99.2%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st11:54
phaeronlbt: load 23 there11:54
faenilsledges, was the previous messages about why nemo gets stuck at first boot?11:55
Sagefaenil: yes11:56
Sagefaenil: I hope I have final fix for the issues on n950/n900 :)11:56
lbtphaeron: httpd2-workers are using 1.2Gb virt - seems a lot11:57
phaeronwaiting for passenger-status to return11:57
lbthow did you see that?11:58
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phaeronsee what ?11:58
lbt"waiting for passenger-status to return"11:58
phaeronI am waiting for the command "passenger-status" to print output for me11:58
phaeronnothing out of the ordinary there11:59
lbtthere are multiple /usr/bin/rake -s jobs:workerstatus running11:59
phaeronpassenger-memory-stats okish too12:00
lbtthere were 7 outstanding sh -c ping -c 1 >/dev/null 2>/dev/null12:01
phaeronis ldap and mysql ok  ? :)12:02
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#257 Rejected promotion request12:02
phaeronhmm it's running it's own mysql12:03
lbtyes, no choice12:03
phaeronanyway seems back to normal on its own12:03
phaeronmaybe just load spike12:03
lbtmessages has info about failed crond12:03
faenilSage, oh cool! :)12:04
lbtnah - something went wrong with pulling workerstatus12:04
* sledges feels just like
lbtyou have an image of the OBS ... where did you get that?12:05
phaeronI guess backend blocked on recalculating the effect of new mer on testing12:06
lbtcould be12:07
lbtI wonder if nagios can show mem/load graphs leading up to it12:08
lbtit shows mem went critical12:10
lbtno issues on cbe12:10
Sagelbt: phaeron: if you go to does it spike on somewhere?12:10
lbtyes - but not much12:11
Sagephaeron: bug in targit?12:12
Sagephaeron: the .yaml there that is12:12
phaeronlbt: it's just that obs backend code is blocking. so it could stop responding to frontend12:12
phaeronSage: you asked me before and I said it will pick the files in /rpm/12:13
Sagephaeron: I responded that it should match to package name :)12:13
Sagephaeron: it matches the .spec it should do the same for .yaml12:14
phaeronit matches the spec because there are two specs12:14
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#259 waiting for review at
Sagephaeron: can we make rule that .yaml is included only if basename matches to .spec? :)12:17
sledgesBMO not responding again12:18
Sagesledges: doing creq's again ;)12:18
sledgeslbt, phaeron ^ :)12:18
Sageand yes it got stuck again12:18
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* lbt can't find any load12:19
lbtcfe memory is spiked12:20
phaeronwell I guess it needs more raaaam12:21
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#258 waiting for review at
sledgesin my request on 13:17 BMO now writes: "We're sorry but the system is currently not able to handle your request in a reasonable time. Please try again later."12:23
sledgesso the timeout handling fe is not suffering12:23
SageI got: "504 Gateway Time-out"12:23
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lbtI'll reboot cfe12:42
lbtall done12:44
lbt4Gb now12:44
*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile12:56
* Sage waits phaeron to unlock the SR that went to ERROR state during the mess12:56
NetweaverGoodafternoon all, I have a corrupt RPM db after doing an 'zypper dup' on an N900, using latest public release of nemo. Anyone can help? I tried 'rpm --rebuilddb' to no avail.12:57
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sledgesNetweaver, ls /var/lib/rpm/.rpm.lock13:05
Netweaversledges: I just did a "rm __db*" and rerunning the "rpm --rebuilddb". It seems to do more than before. Before it stopped straight away with a message that it could not open "/var/lib/Packages". fingers crossed.13:08
sledgesNetweaver, if there's anything else than __db* , try rm __*13:08
sledgesfrom the past it appears running rebuilddb is irrelevant13:09
sledgesjust rm __* and then do zypper ref (followed by zypper dup )13:09
Sage^ should help at least it has been working for me13:10
Netweaversledges: ok, I'll stop the rebuild then ... still running13:10
SageI usually do the rpm --rebuilddb manually though13:10
sledgess/running rebuilddb/running 'rpm --rebuilddb'/13:10
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Netweaversage sledges: remeoving the __db* files and and the .rpm.lock file seems to have solved it. restarted to the zypper dup. 150 packages to upgrade, 34 to downgrade ... but at least running again. Thanks!13:15
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Sageplundstr: hi13:21
plundstrSage: hi13:21
plundstrwhat about it13:22
plundstrbased on .changes looks good :)13:23
sledgesNetweaver \o/, BTW: treat downgrades as a fact that we've migrated build servers ;)13:23
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Netweaversledges: I saw already a warning that 'downgrades' could happen :)  I hope afer the upgrade the phyiscal KB slider detection bug is fixed, I saw it sometime ago in the emo bug list but I forgot the status.13:26
Sageplundstr: :)13:26
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sledgesNetweaver, some time ago it changed to --<68%>-- type of slider?..13:28
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:30
Sageplundstr: well accepting to devel. Let mw know if there is issues with it.13:33
Sagesledges: about your pvr package thing. what was the reason the -devel is empty?13:33
plundstrSage: ok13:34
Sagethere is over 1k packages in build queue so time to do something else before verifying the stuff. :)13:35
sledgesSage, I took the -devel bits from
sledgesmy version of pvr didn't have any of */VG/openvg* :D13:38
sledgesso I didn't look for any .h files to place in devel13:39
sledgesand -devel was required by gst- fellowship13:39
sledgeswhich after seeing -devel existed compiled happily ;)13:39
sledges(empty -devel )13:39
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#252 Accepted promotion request13:42
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Netweaverfor Nemo on N900, is there a way to keep the screen on, when charging and/or keyboard is out ?14:01
SageNetweaver: try calling mcetool -Don from cmdline it should keep display on forever14:02
Sageif not then ping spiiroin about it not working properly ;)14:02
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile14:09
NetweaverSage: thanks. my zypper dup crashed again, i'm rebooting now as even Terminal refuses to relaunch. No easy traject :)14:09
sledgesdoes your SD card behave Netweaver ?14:10
*** npm_ has quit IRC14:12
Netweaversledges: brand new Lexar 8 GB Class 10 card. Seems Nemo gave up, at reboot funny yellow cloudish image, some messages abt not avail of rtc and blank screen ... long press of on/off button give me the normal shutdown messages and it goes down14:17
*** mikhas has quit IRC14:19
*** notmart has joined #nemomobile14:19
Netweaverslight short press of on/off give backlight on/off. but nothing on screen ... all black. It looks I'll have to wait till next release ... Every massive zypper dup breaks something. Now for good14:19
sledgesyup, Netweaver , it looks like graphics is not being brought up, but screen on/off works14:22
sledgescould you ssh in to help us with the problem ?14:22
sledgeswe haven't got many helpers around with n90014:23
SageNetweaver: try if usb networking is up and we can debug14:23
SageNetweaver: if you didn't update to latest rnd devel n900 probably broke graphics yes14:23
NetweaverI just took the standard image and did the screen/zypper dup as suggested. I was going to use the ssu to go rnd dev later on, after getting a stable system. but alas ...14:25
*** npm_ has joined #nemomobile14:26
Netweaverguess, help me out what you want me to do. I'm on Win XP, when connecting the N900 it recognized it as 'RNIS/ethernet something' so I guess networking is working14:26
sledgesNetweaver, go to Control Panel->Network Connection->(find your newly appeared RNDIS network adapter connection)->Set its static IP for
Netweavergrrrr, drivers not installed. I guess I cleaned a bit too much last spring cleaning ... Need to install Nokia stuff first14:28
sledgesphako, this is not a u-boot prompt :D14:28
sledgesNetweaver, a simple ubuntu on a virtualbox could easily the magic14:29
NetweaverI have an Mac OSX and another WinXP handy on vmware, the rest is at home :( I can quickly look for a clean vmware image to download14:31
sledgesNetweaver, a physical Mac could do better than a WinXP without RNDIS drivers14:32
Netweavertell me ... I've been involved in too many things recently. and still my managers think it's not enough14:33
sledgesnice to know you are having some fresh air on here ;)14:34
sledgescan you bringup mac terminal ?14:34
Netweaverstarting ... they want me to know everything and do everything but they only give new laptops every 4 years. and I'm due for replacement this year :(14:39
Netweaveranyway I'm in te termninal on my nice shiny virtual Mac :)14:40
sledgesermmmm you said virtual14:42
sledgesI thought you have a physical Mac14:42
* sledges has 7 years old laptop, happy bunny with Arch Linux ;) 14:44
sledges^ is the reason I'm having hard time helping you to install RNDIS Network drivers under windows, sorry14:44
sledgesI think there's no way to redirect non-driverd RNDIS to VMWare :(14:44
sledgesNetweaver, just got a hint from a colleague14:47
sledgesyou should be able to pass a USB device to a VM14:48
sledgesgo to your Mac's VMWare Player menu14:49
sledges"Removable Devices" -> and on the botton find your RNDIS Eth14:49
sledgesbefore and after that you can try ifconfig on your shiny Mac terminal ;)14:49
sledgesifconfig -a14:50
sledgesand see if output changes at all, after you pass--through RNDIS Eth for that VMWare Mac14:50
*** pcat has quit IRC14:51
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:56
Netweaversorry, laptop was unresponsive ... memory and disk on it's knees. Stupidly low combo and full-disk encryption ... not a good combo for a VMWARE host. Anyway, I have reclaimed some CPU cycles and killed some unneeded apps and now I'm back ok. Unfortunately when connecting the N900 USB connection to the VMWARE Mac image it give me an error : " RNDIS blabla ... driver error"14:57
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:57
Netweaverin the meantime my Ubuntu 12.04 vmware imgae should also almost be downloaded14:58
*** ggoebel has quit IRC14:58
sledgeslet's focus on ubuntu then :D14:59
*** ggoebel has joined #nemomobile14:59
Netweavernot my day ...I'll be back when the image  is unzipped and running fine15:04
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:09
NetweaverYES, USB0 is available in my Ubuntu box :)15:13
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*** ggoebel has quit IRC15:20
*** ggoebel_ is now known as ggoebel15:20
Netweaverany help now ? in the mean time I've upgrade my vmware tools in the ubuntu box and I'm changing the default passwords + upgrading all packages15:23
sledgesouch soz got carried away and was looking into this channel where my inexisting typing went :D15:28
sledgesifconfig usb0
sledgesNetweaver, ^15:29
sledgesssh nemo@
sledgespassword: nemo15:29
NetweaverI'm following this guide now :
sledgesthat a fella :)15:30
Netweavergrrrr, the usb0 doesn't get automatically configured with the correct ip address, I followed the isntruction as per Ubuntu 11.04, as that was closest. I then did a manual ifconfig as per udev rules section, both the ifconfig and the iptables. All accepted fine. ifconfig shows now all configured. but ssh hangs for a bit and then gives a connection refused :(shown15:39
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile15:39
NetweaverIn the wiki there is an error ... for sure the .14 in the ifconfig has to be .15 as in the iptables command ? "SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0421", ATTRS{idProduct}=="01c8", ATTRS{manufacturer}=="Nokia", ATTRS{product}=="N900 (PC-Suite Mode)", NAME="usb0", RUN+="/sbin/ifconfig usb0 up", RUN+="/sbin/iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE""15:42
NetweaverI can ping fine ... but no ssh :(15:43
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile15:43
sledgesNetweaver, is your ifconfig usb0 showing .1 IP address ?15:47
sledgesand the wiki is correct, 2.14 is the host's IP (just like 2.1 in our case, anything goes, except 2.15)15:48
sledges16:28 < sledges> ifconfig usb0
Netweavermy error, I'm ssh'd in the N900 now15:50
Netweaverfinally :)15:50
sledgessystemctl status15:50
sledgeslook for failed ones15:50
sledgesif none to be seen, type su (password: nemo), and repeat the command15:51
sledgeswell, you learned a lot how to help us to help you now ;)15:51
sledgesif TI OMAP3 SGX shows up as 'failed', you could try updating the system15:53
sledgeszypper ref15:53
sledgeszypper dup15:53
sledgesbest if you write this first, before you do anything ;)15:53
Netweaveronly this one is not active wl1251-cal.service15:54
sledgesso next time you can re-attach by:15:54
sledgesscreen -r15:54
sledgesso no failed ones?15:54
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:55
Netweaveronly the wifi drive one, shown as failed. all others are active15:55
sledgeslsmod | grep -E "pvr|omap"15:57
Netweavermmmm, connection is not v stable to the N900, I can see vmware messages popping up about disconnects. and another terminal session shows usb0 lost it's ip address :(16:00
sledgesjust do16:00
sledgesifconfig usb0
sledgesand it will all bring itself back16:00
sledgesyour usb jacket maybe cracky, common n900 prob16:00
sledgesdid I just say jacket ?!16:01
Netweaverthis is result :16:02
Netweaveromap3_isp             130337  016:02
Netweaverv4l2_common             9144  4 omap3_isp,et8ek8,ad5820,adp165316:02
Netweavervideodev               69328  5 v4l2_common,omap3_isp,et8ek8,ad5820,adp165316:02
Netweaveromap_ssi               15703  1 ssi_protocol16:02
Netweavermedia                  11757  5 videodev,omap3_isp,et8ek8,ad5820,adp165316:02
Netweaveromaplfb                 7437  116:02
Netweaverpvrsrvkm              149746  2 omaplfb16:02
sledgesps ax | grep pvr16:02
sledgestry running pvrsvrinit16:03
sledgesas root16:03
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:04
*** kavuri has quit IRC16:05
Netweaverdisconnects getting worse ... not even getting enough time to get into the ssh again :(16:07
sledgesdodgy connection, try to place the usb cable at a different angle16:08
sledgesand avoid moving it about16:08
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile16:10
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile16:14
Netweaverok, i could do the pvrsrvinit16:15
sledgeswhat does this report:16:15
*** zhxt has quit IRC16:15
sledgesls -l /lib/systemd/system/
Netweaverlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23 2013-04-25 15:20 /lib/systemd/system/ -> ../ti-omap3-sgx.service16:16
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile16:16
sledgesls -l /lib/systemd/system/ti-omap3-sgx.service16:16
Netweaver-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 169 2013-03-06 20:43 /lib/systemd/system/ti-omap3-sgx.service16:17
sledgespvrsrvinit reportedly didn't spit anything bad to you now did it16:17
Netweaverno, returned without any message16:17
sledgestry typing startū16:17
sledgessee what that does16:17
Netweaverfull path ?16:18
sledgesjust startx16:18
Netweaverbash: startx: command not found16:18
sledgesi might be missing something16:18
sledgesprobably XOrg manifestation is a bit different under n90016:18
Netweaverbash: /usr/bin/startx: No such file or directory16:19
sledgesthen just try Xorg16:19
*** rcg has quit IRC16:21
Netweaverserver is already active16:23
sledgesps ax | grep Xorg16:24
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile16:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:25
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:28
Netweaverconstant disconnects ... :(16:28
sledgesdo you loose ssh session every time?16:29
sledgesyou shouldn't16:29
sledgeseither way16:29
sledgesyou should now start operating in a screen16:30
sledgesbut to update your system you'll need a wifi connected16:30
sledgesit will be a pain unless you fix your usb cable crack issues16:30
kavuriI did a 'zypper update' and all my repos are lost. Is this a known problem? Any fixes available?16:31
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:32
sledgesit's most probably due to the switchover to the ssu , kavuri16:32
kavurisledges: any way to fix the situation?16:33
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile16:34
Netweaver  198 tty1     Ss+    0:00 /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -nolisten tcp -noreset -background none -nocursor vt116:34
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:34
sledgesNetweaver, login as non-root (as nemo)16:34
sledgesDISPLAY=:0 qmlcalc16:34
sledgeskavuri, have you had an old nemo installation ?16:34
sledgesif so, how old? and just updated ?16:34
sledges(best if that qmlcalc command is in a screen session, just like everything else )16:35
Netweaversledges: indeed, qmlcalc starts fine16:35
sledgeswhat do you mean starts?16:35
sledgesdo you see it on the screen !?16:35
sledgesjob done :DD16:35
sledges(only joking)16:35
kavurisledges: I did have a nemo installation, about a month old16:36
kavuriand updated it just today16:36
*** zhxt has quit IRC16:36
sledgeskavuri, zypper lr shows nothing? try ssu lr16:36
Netweaversledges: how do I start my desktop framwork ?16:37
kavurisledges: ssu lr gives the mer and nemo repos16:37
kavurissu lr16:37
kavuriEnabled repositories (global):16:37
kavuri - mer-core      ...
kavuri - nemo-platform ...
kavuriEnabled repositories (user):16:37
kavuriDisabled repositories (global, might be overridden by user config):16:37
kavuriDisabled repositories (user):16:37
Netweaversledges: I need to leave now, my significant other called to pick her up . Thanks so far, I'll be back for the rest of the troubleshooting16:41
sledgesNetweaver, there's a nemo-mobile-session but I forgot how to launch it :D16:47
sledgeskavuri, intuition tells me from now on you'll need to be doing ssu ref16:47
sledgesbut zypper dup and zypper up will still be ok16:47
sledgesspeak to you later Netweaver16:48
sledgesNetweaver, of course16:48
sledgesDISPLAY=:0 lipstick16:48
sledgeslol how could I forget16:48
kavurisledges: you meant ssu ur16:49
sledgesit will not bring up like the status bar on the top, so best if we sort this out when Sage's back16:49
*** kavuri has left #nemomobile16:49
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile16:49
kavurirunning zypper dup now16:49
sledgeskavuri, zypper ref will do ok as well16:49
sledgesno need to ssu ur16:50
sledgeszypper lr should point now to the ssu repos16:50
sledgeszypper lr -u16:50
sledgesthat is16:50
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#258 Accepted promotion request16:51
SageNetweaver: sledges: the disconnect is caused by network manager trying to be smart and configure the interface16:56
SageNetweaver: sledges: read the part about network manager16:56
sledgesarrrrrrgh it's been a long day Sage :)17:01
*** mric_ has joined #nemomobile17:01
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile17:02
sledgesin addition, I always fall for that :D17:04
sledgesthanks :)17:04
sledgesSage, why do you think Netweaver's n900 does not bring the GUI, even when Xorg is up and running ?17:04
sledgesand he can execute qml apps one by one17:04
* sledges off home, speak to you later17:07
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#255 Accepted promotion request17:07
mric_just wondering if notifications are now working under Nemo ? :)17:08
sledgeswb mric_ :)17:09
sledgesjolla showed some love to the notifications, their orientation iirc17:09
sledgesVesuri, ^17:09
Sagesledges: I bet it is the old sgx rpm17:09
mric_sledges: yes nice to see you again !17:09
*** notmart has quit IRC17:09
sledgesSage, so Xorg starts, but lipstick dies due to .service erring?17:09
Sagemric_: yes notifications are working now.17:09
Sagesledges: it is not service error. Just driver failing to load probably17:10
mric_sage: awesome :) I'm going to download the last snapshot than17:10
sledgesso without manually launching pvrsrvinit as we did ^ it wouldn't have worked17:10
sledgeshow were the notifications -not- working out of curiosity ? ;)17:10
Sagemric_: will do new snapshot hopefully soon (yes have been promising it over a week now)17:12
mric_sage:  no problem :), yeah the last one is just about 1 month old17:13
Sage yes17:13
mric_sledges: The primary function of my phone is to receive calls and texts. Before when I was receiving a  text nothing I had to open the message application to see my if had I had a new one ...17:15
sledgesSage, I don't think that works ;) ^17:17
mric_sledges: does a notification pop-up now ?17:17
sledgesphone wakes up17:17
sledgesmakes a sound17:18
sledgesmaybe a notification pops up, hopefully with text in it17:18
sledgesbut I believe it either hides soon, or stays hidden behind a lockscreen altogether17:18
sledgesthis is the status I've seen month ago or so17:18
mric_sledges: no notifications on the lockscreen ?17:19
sledgesall my hopes is that someone showed some love there in the UI over last month17:19
sledgesmric_, please do test :)17:19
sledgesI remember 100% that if the phone is unlocked (i.e. in use), a message comes and a notification pops up - yes17:20
sledgesbut might be hurdles in a locked state (at least it wakes up and makes a sound, so that made me more than happy about receiving texts last time I saw)17:20
mric_sledges: I will do  and report in bugzilla if it does not.17:21
sledges\o/ ta mric_17:21
mric_Ok, but there isn't an icon now saying "1 missed call" ""2 messages" on the lockscreen ?17:21
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile17:22
mric_As soon as nemo gets ths and a good e-mail client I'm on board :)17:22
Sagesledges: oh...17:23
sledgesI'd be on board to help writing one ;)17:24
mric_yes, I think a e-mail client app was planned. I have to check now if the coding has taken off :)17:30
*** sledges has quit IRC17:31
*** mric_ has quit IRC17:36
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