Tuesday, 2013-04-30

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chriadamrewriting history in qtcontacts-sqlite if anyone cares.06:08
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grygood morning06:53
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#271 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/27108:36
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sledgeschriadam, always nice to know ;) thanks \o/10:06
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okdamnhello is there anyone using/used Apache Cordova?11:31
phaeronokdamn: it's packaged in nemo , but I am not anyone put much effort into it yet11:32
phaeron*not sure11:32
phaeronokdamn: I tried a couple of months ago and some of the examples work11:32
okdamnsorry didn't catched you dude,11:32
okdamnoh great11:32
okdamni would just like to start it to check how the apps comes up11:33
okdamnbut i don't know where to start11:33
okdamnwould like to setup the envoirment to develop with it11:33
phaerondo you have a nemo vm or device ?11:33
okdamnehm what is that?:P11:33
okdamni have an android galaxy11:33
okdamnbut i would like some macosx emulator sincerilly11:34
okdamnand i usually work on Sublime Text , but i'm familiar with Ecplise for example11:34
phaeronSage: do we have a recent x86 emulator image ?11:34
okdamni'm asking the #cordova channel but no one since replying me :(11:34
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Sagephaeron: http://releases.nemomobile.org/snapshots/images/0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1/ 4 days old13:03
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phaeronwell he left already :/13:05
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gryurl for what Merbot said?13:48
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phaerongry: https://build.merproject.org//request/show/27113:55
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w1nterHi All, can somebody help me or at least point to where to look for? I repartitioned my N9 and installed nemo as AltOS - partition is there and everything seems to be cool, but once I boot to alt os (volume down in moslo) it just stays at black screen? wiki says - try again - this doesn't seem to help..19:56
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juicemew1nter, actually the same thing happened to me when I installed Nemo on a collegues device last week.20:13
juicemeThe solution was simple though :)20:13
juicemeSee, for some reason the UI does not start up correctly or show correctly, but the device is runnig allrigt.20:13
juicemeSo, what to do; Just connect the USB cable in, set up an IP address to your linux USB connection and ssh in as root (password is nemo)20:14
juicemeNow, you need to update the SW of the device, so you need to set up the USB connection as the default route since that is maybe easier than setting up device WLAN or GPRS connection without an UI.20:16
juicemeThis is how I did it in my system:20:17
juicemesudo iptables -A FORWARD -o eth0 -i usb0 -s -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j ACCEPT20:17
juicemeudo iptables -A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT20:18
juicemesudo iptables -t nat -F POSTROUTING20:18
juicemesudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE20:18
juicemesudo sh -c "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward"20:18
w1nterhm, okay - actually after third attempt it now booted :)20:19
juiceme(those commands on the linux host of course, and here I assuma that my eth0 is the thing connected to real world)20:19
w1nteryep I got what you do with those20:19
juicemeThen, on the Nemo, just do "route add default gw"20:19
juicemeyou good with that :)20:19
juicemeand when done, do "zypper ref ; zypper up"20:20
juicemeafter that when you boot the device, you got GUI :) :20:20
w1nterawesome, now let me try to switch from this nice theory to practice :)20:20
w1nterI think route for nemo should be over 2.14 though - 2.15 is its self IP20:21
juicemeshould not take long, had the thing up in half an hour, most of that downloading packets :)20:21
juicemeyes, made a typo on that :)20:22
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sledgeshi juiceme !20:30
sledgessorry for not having tried your triple bootloader ubiboot, imbstill hesitant in running open kernel in harmattan, as this my daily phone, so what happens when aegis goes bonkers :)20:32
juicemesledges, no problem :)20:32
sledgesam i thibking/acting right ij my situation , jui?20:33
juicemeThe first step really is to go open mode, and it's not a step that big. Sometimes you may be in situation where you have to go open mode, forex. when you do something to MALF your device. All the methods for saving your phone trigger open mode :)20:34
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juicemeOne thing everybody in closed mode should do, IMHO, is to remove the openmode warning. Just in case, if you accidentally trigger open mode.20:35
juicemeAs if you accidentally go to open mode, then the warning cannot be removed any more :)20:36
juicemeSo, just in case, if you are in closed mode do "disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode"20:37
juicemeThat will not harm you in any way, it will only remove the warning if you some day have to go open ode :)20:38
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sledgeswell i already have the boot Nash restart void screen as I've instal Nemo back in the day :) of that's what you mean. so yeah o might be late to remove disclaimer20:41
sledgesWhat i hard is that in open move aegis hours nuts and forgets your accounts passwords in harmattan :)20:43
w1nterwow my N9 haven't seen so many updates for a couple of years now :)20:43
* sledges I'd testing Swype ;)20:43
sledgesw1nter, we have 10 updates per week on average this year :)20:44
w1nterhm, I am trying to flash moslo to nand, and for whatever reason fail, what is the most up to date doc on that? I tried http://wiki.meego.com/User:Marquiz/N950 and https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Persistent_Single_Boot_by_Flashing_the_Dual_Boot but without much luck..21:04
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juicemew1nter, just to singleboot to Nemo without Harmattan at all?21:10
juicemeshould go by the book, nothing special there.21:11
w1nteractually I think issue is with my variant version - it's too high so perhaps loader just doesn't want to flash moslo thing...21:11
juicememeaning HWrev?21:12
w1nterVersion of 'sw-release': DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00621:12
juicemeshould not matter21:12
juicemeyeah. PR1.3's okay21:12
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w1nterwell problem is that it sends ape-algo and then dies21:13
juicemeuse ubiboot-02, even though it's multiboot you can just set it up to boot Nemo straight away :)21:13
w1nterwhere do I get the image?21:13
juicemedoes it do that on any kernel you want to flash, or just MOSLO?21:13
juicemeget it from http://www.swagman.org/juice/ubiboot for ex.21:14
w1nterwell I had the same issue when I wanted to flash different region like PR_00121:14
juicemeor http://juiceme.cloud-7.de/ubiboot/21:14
w1nterloader won't allow to flash something that is "earlier" version21:14
juicemethat's only when you flash the rootfs.21:15
juicemefor kernel, you can flash whatever you want.21:15
w1nter./flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo-n9/moslo.img -f -R this what I am trying21:15
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juicemefor example, ubiboot has integrated rootfs that's built into the kernel image, this way you can flash it on any whatsoever SW level you want to :21:16
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile21:16
juicemeah, I have not used that way to flash MOSLo.21:17
juicemeI guess that fails as it tries ro flash rootfs, not kernel.21:17
juicemease you having Nemo on mmcblk0p4 or did you replace your mmcblk0p2 with it?21:18
w1nteron 421:18
w1nterI used the way of booting with kernel/initrd21:19
juicemeokay... but it should not matter though21:19
w1nterso everything "should" be by the book :)21:19
w1nterit's just that now that we updated everything and it is supposed to be working I wanted to make it somewhat permanent21:19
juicemeyes, propably the wiki instructions are not updated...21:19
w1nterhonestly - neither of three wikis are updated :)21:20
juicemeWell I of course encourage you to use ubiboot, as it's the most advanced boot manager for N9(50)21:20
w1nteryep just downloaded it21:20
juicemeas well as boot manager it includes built-in repair mode and tons of fun stuff :)21:21
sledgescommunity = everyone's proactive and can update any docs anywhere, same about the source code ;)21:21
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w1ntersledges: well that is why I am installing all this - actually want to get updating some source code :)21:22
juicemesledges, true as water and holds like a sieve :) :)21:22
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sledges:D juiceme21:26
sledgesit is how it is, as self-organising organism ;)21:26
sledgesw1nter, welcome aboard! :)21:26
w1nterheh :) ok so ubiboot21:27
w1ntersame result21:27
w1ntersledges: thanks!21:27
juicemesledges, true. Only when it comes to documentation, usually that lags behind in community projects... sources usually keep being upated but docs are another thingy :)21:27
w1nter./flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR-MINIMAL_LEGACY_MR0_ARM.bin -k zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_050413 -f -R --flash-only=kernel21:27
w1nterand - nothing is updated21:27
juicemew1nter, that's odd21:28
Morpog_PCas soon as I got my Jolla device, I will try out ubiboot and nemo and nitdroid (and maybe sailfish too) on my N9 :-)21:28
juicemeso it loads APE and then ??21:28
juicemeMorpog_PC, don't we all :)21:29
w1nterjuiceme: then phone reboots21:29
sledgesjuiceme, sometimes the rate of change is so rapid, that documentation is lagging behind21:29
w1nterand shuts down21:29
juicemewell yes it should always boot after a flash...21:29
sledgesand this is quite prominent here. so you come to irc, and get the latest state and hacky install scripts :)21:29
juicemesledges, I wonder if your firmware.bin is too old or corrupted?21:31
juicemebecause when kernel is flashed the only thing it takes off the FW is the APE21:31
juicemeWhat is your running FW on the device?21:32
juicemearggh, i mean w1nter, not sledges21:32
w1nterjuiceme: DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_00621:32
juicemesorry for confucion21:32
w1nternah, I got that you were talking to me - no worries21:32
juicemeso, that's 006, and what's the "minimal legacy", could that be 001 ?21:33
w1nterthat's what I was saying that perhaps it's variant issue21:34
w1nterpulling 006 now21:34
juicemecould you download the correct firmware file? With that I guess you can also flash MOSLO21:34
w1nterwell since you recommended ubiboot - I guess that should be the way :)21:34
juicemeI really never thought about it, but it makes sense... The APE is the thing in the release that is responsible for checking the signatures of the FW archive, so...21:35
Morpog_PCHave you also seen the link with all N9 firmwares?21:36
w1nterjuiceme: reading through README for ubiboot - do I actually have to drop config for it before I do all the flashing stuff?21:38
juicemew1nter, yes, you should do that but it's not absolutely necessary21:39
*** ivanph1 has quit IRC21:39
juicemeIf you just flash the kernel without anything else, and keep the USB plugged in, you will get to maintanance mode21:39
juicemethen you can set up the ubiboot.conf and the cpio archive later.21:40
juicemealso you can boot to any OS you desire from the maintanance mode command line21:40
w1nterawesome, ok lets see 35 seconds to finish downloading the image..21:41
*** mvogt has joined #nemomobile21:41
w1nterhm.. same result, just reboots and nothing happens.. weird21:42
juicemewhat does flasher say on the linux side... does it still complain about APE?21:43
w1nteryep all the same output21:44
juicemewhat was the FW version you downloaded?21:44
juicemeand well, since you are running DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_006, do you have the files you used to flash it into that version still laying around somewhere?21:45
w1nteryep, just need to drop them to the box I am flashing on21:46
*** rcg has quit IRC21:46
juicemepropably you should try with that FW... I really had no idea it's that picky :(21:47
w1nteryep downloading it from box to box now.. sloooow network21:48
w1nterlol ok21:55
w1nterERROR: SU_BEGIN_IMAGE_UPDATE_REQ terminated with error code 10: Security failure21:55
w1nterguess that is when I need that beta flasher, that wiki talked about21:55
w1ntermmm.. if it says "devicelock on" - where do I turn it off?21:57
juicemeWot, you cannot have devicelock on, it's not possible siince you are in open mode :)22:10
juicemeI mean, it should nt be possible to flash anything else than nokia signed kernel if devicelock is on...22:12
juicemeBut yes, just maybe it is possible to _boot_ unsigned image without flashing... dunno? Jonni would know.22:12
juicemeCan you get back to Harmattan?22:13
w1nterjuiceme: yep22:13
w1nteractually I guess I'll reflash back into how it was and try to repeat the whole thing22:13
juicemeif so, just boot that up and go to settings->protection>device lock or something like that22:13
w1nterwell I had device in development mode so it's weird22:14
juicemewell as long as you have devicelock on, you _cannot_ flash any nonsigned binaries22:14
juicemedevelopment mode is OK, it's different22:14
juicemeeven R&D mode is different :)22:15
w1nterok, so once everything is back - I do that device lock thing and anything else I should consider setting/resetting? :)22:15
juicemehave you removed open mode warning?22:16
juicemethat should be done before entering open mode22:16
w1nterand which wiki tells me how to do that? ;)22:16
w1nterit was an average production phone a couple of hours ago and I just reflashed it so it is back to the same production state it was :)22:17
juicemeit's "disclaimer-cal remove OpenmodeWarning"22:17
juicemesorry, spelled it wrong, it's "disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode"22:18
juicemeIf you don't do that, every time you boot you will see the warning screen, saying device warranty is void22:19
w1nteryep I saw that screen :)22:20
juicemeSo, if you do not need to use Harmattan any mode, those things are just the only thing needed: 1.) no device lock, 2.) remove warning.22:21
juicemeah, if you saw that, then it's too late to remove it :(22:21
w1nterbut I just reflashed and now it was not there22:21
w1nterso I think it is still ok22:22
juicemeokay, then you need to do the removal first.22:22
w1nterthat screen says power off and reinstall native nokia OS - that is what I did, so it disappeared22:22
juicemeyes, it's just to scare people off :) :)22:23
w1nterhmm don't see where that device lock thing is22:24
juicemeunfortunately I have mine in finnish, I cannot tell you what the menu names are :)22:24
w1nterwell I have plenty of people around with finnish phones.. problem is that mine is in russian22:25
w1nterI guess it should be settings>security>device lock22:26
w1nterbut it was disabled anyways..22:26
juicemeyes, that one22:27
w1nterok, awesome - done with lock and warning22:28
juicemebut if iw was off, what is it complaining then?22:28
w1ntercorporate phone - perhaps some policy enabled it while it was still showing off in UI?22:28
juicemethat's possible22:29
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile22:29
w1nterok, so do I now go by the book - booting into moslo and such or is there a newer way? :)22:29
juicemeI know MS exchange at least can do that by itself...22:29
w1nteryep that is most likely the case22:30
w1nterhad my exchange account on this phone22:30
juicemeno, that's fine to do.22:30
juiceme^^^yes, that's it thn22:30
juicemeMSXCH sux22:30
w1ntercan't agree more22:31
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:31
juicemebut yes, too bad you need to reinstall Nemo but such is life22:32
w1nterit's not too hard22:32
w1nterand then at the end of the day anyways it gives me an idea of how it is working..22:32
juicemeYes, when you've done it once it goes quick. Unless like you get that dark screen and have to update it blind :)22:33
juiceme(I did not try to boot it more than once)22:33
sledges@nemomobile twitter account is back ours! Cc: Sage, jukkaeklund22:34
sledgesthanks lbt for main help!22:34
juicemebeautiful :)22:34
sledgesand gnite all for today :)22:34
juicememaybe I should also hit the sack... it's 01:30 here and I've been up since 05:40...22:38
w1ntergnite and thanks - 18:38 here22:38
w1nterstill plenty of time :)22:38
juicemeokay, good luck wit your dev :)22:38
juicemeIf you have anything to aask me, just PM, or drop line here or at #ubiboot.22:39
juicemeI may be away but am always logging at irc...22:40
w1nterthanks for help :)22:40
juicemenp :)22:40
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