Wednesday, 2013-05-01

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chriadamrewriting history in qtcontacts-sqlite, beware.06:59
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w00tsledges: start using it :)08:07
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chriadamrewriting history again in qtcontacts-sqlite - sorry folks08:13
* w00t eyes chriadam08:13
chriadamI know08:13
w00twhat on earth are you doing :-p08:13
chriadamfixing bugs.  afaik, only one (but admittedly major) bug left:08:14
chriadamupdates to aggregate contacts aren't propagated to local contacts properly (detail modifies are interpreted as detail additions, detail removes are silently ignored).  I'll fix that tomorrow.08:14
* chriadam sighs08:14
chriadamanyway, I have to head home.  have a good night, everyone08:15
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sledgesI need a screenshot of running nemo, preferable n9/950/900 <- in that order11:39
sledgesthe screenshot will appear on our twitter cover page (I will embed it into an N9 CGI rendered shot)11:40
sledgesso if you are ok with your operator (digits) being there, take a screen shot for me11:40
sledgesportrait app launcher11:40
sledgesgst-launch-0.10 ximagesrc num-buffers=1 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! pngenc ! filesink location=screenshot.png11:40
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sledges(can't do it myself because my nemo is months old)12:00
sledgesprobably nothing much's changed..12:01
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* sledges booting nemo :))12:01
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Morpog_PCjudging from nsuffys latest nemo video on youtube alot changed12:08
Morpog_PCit's more harmattan like than ever12:08
sledgesMorpog_PC, same looking as on pandaboard?
Morpog_PCseems so12:11
Morpog_PChe could give you a screenshot from N900 :-)12:11
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sledgesI got the same screen on n9 now :)12:14
sledgesbut some apps which appeared over last two months are missing12:14
sledgesNemo has been harmattanised by thp a while ago, I got that update in12:14
Morpog_PCah ok, thought, it was before12:14
Morpog_PCbecause you said months old :-)12:15
rikaneesledges: some resources in Blanco haven't been updated yet though, and they look slightly out-of-place12:15
rikanee(side note: is the boot splash not appearing for some of you? on the latest Nemo, it boots really fast, and in 5s, you're at Lipstick)12:17
sledgesok rikanee, I will get in a habit of updating my N9 often, and whenever something changes visually, I will update our twitter cover page with the latest visual - Nemo is eternally WIP ;)12:20
sledges( rikanee, side note: )12:20
MerbotNemo bug 632 in N950-N9 "boot-up splash screen does not appear" [Normal,New]12:20
sledgesfellows, what do you think:
rikaneesledges: I'd darken the background behind the N9, and do the same for the Twitter background12:41
rikaneeactually, if you could tile small RGB squircles on the Twitter background that'd work too12:42
sledges(I've just done that more crispy)12:43
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sledgesrikanee, you'd darken background because it is hard to read the white description text ?12:45
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rikaneewell, yeah, and black-on-white is passé ;)12:46
sledgessadly I cannot shade background behind N9 more, as it full of gradients and reflections12:46
rikaneesledges: how about a glossy black background, with a light source from above?12:47
sledges(just to point out that probably no-one complained: @JollaHQ also have readability problems :))12:49
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rikaneesledges: IIRC I discussed dynamic darkening and blurring behind text with a Jolla employee on here12:51
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sledgesI hacked around the text a bit just now12:56
rikaneemmm, the N9 covers more of it now.12:57
sledgesyes, it's the 100% zoom (before it was zoomed out and not so crispy)12:59
sledgesi.e. blurry even12:59
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sledgesin this way I could hide the nokia logo for infringements if any, and operator logo is also invisible, -- two birds with one stone :)12:59
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sledgesSage, it has been a while I updated nemo on N9, now it says: Problem: tzdata-timed-2011e-1.2.noarch requires tzdata = 2011e-1.2, but this requirement cannot be provided14:02
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sledgesn9 is threatening to remove ti-omap3-sgx-libEGL ti-omap3-sgx-libGLESv1 ti-omap3-sgx-libGLESv2  after going to ssu based BMO repos16:45
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sledgesargh! because it ti-omap3-sgx doesn't exist for mer-next ;) (im running mer-next enabled n9 nemo)16:48
Stskeeps.. why16:48
sledgesyes, Sage, why :)16:50
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sledgessome major overhaul @Jolla that everyone's silent? ;)18:00
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Stskeepsit's may day18:00
the-bossMorpog_Mobile: Error: "StskeepsLoveDay?" is not a valid command.18:03
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