Thursday, 2013-05-09

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aroman_hi. I'm putting together a car pc project and would like to try Nemo for the UI. While I decide on a more powerful board, I can get a Raspberry Pi locally to start playing with it. I am experienced in development and have no troubles building my own software. My question is: is there anything that would make running on the RPI not feasible? Any limitations that you know of?04:24
aroman_also, where can I get started if I want to build my own images, etc. I've set up a mer chroot and built a standard rpi image, just not sure where to go from there if I want to build the full Nemo UI (lipstick, homescreen etc)...04:25
aroman_other than picking all the source code from github and building manually -_-04:25
aroman_I'm guessing there is some sort of automated build process to build from repos/source since you build periodic images...04:25
aroman_thanks :)04:26
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azadpakihi all05:56
azadpakihw to install kde on the top of Nemo N90005:57
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Stskeepsaroman_: you'd probably want to go qt5 based UI for r-pi06:00
azadpakican you brief little bit more06:01
juicemeI somehow thought that qt4 is still the most used version, why go qt5?06:02
Stskeepsjuiceme: for raspberry pi qt5 is needed for gles06:02
juicemeah. that makes sense then06:02
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jalystIs there plans for a revamped website? The only thing up so far seems to be bugs.nemo…07:44
dm8tbrare you volunteering?07:50
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davide_Hi to all! I have successfully build a simple mer distribution for my nitrogen6x board. Now I would like to add to this build a graphic interface and nemo maybe is a good can I start? try some prebuild images? or maybe change my .ks file including some repos? thanks!08:59
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dm8tbrdavide_: I guess I'd just try installing additional packages if you have the image up with networking09:10
davide_dm8tbr: yes, I'm up with networking..where can I find out ehat packages to install?09:18
dm8tbrI'd look at the ks files for other nemo images09:18
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davide_dm8tbr: the directive under "%packages"?09:25
dm8tbrsome might be package groups, yes09:26
davide_dm8tbr: ok, thank you!09:27
dm8tbrif that works out for you, you should of course integrate that into your kickstart file09:27
dm8tbrbut for experimenting it might be easier/faster to add packages manually and mess with things09:28
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jalystMaybe, if resources are srsly that tight, which would be *somewhat* depressing…09:49
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dm8tbrjalyst: it's a community, it only lives by contributions from individuals that make together more than the sum of their individual values09:51
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jalystTrue, but such "communities" work waaay better when there's some rich benefactors (or many more not so rich ones) also in the picture :)09:55
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sledgespossessing the potential of "mobile linux done right" -- native platform without mutilations and/or overpatched kernel, freedom, emanating from the copious and friendly desktop communities: the amount of support for purified linux distros on the internet (not *rich* driven, think ArchLinux, Mozilla, LibreOffice etc), -- all of this could now in your pocket! -- it looks like most of people these days say no to all this (it also can be monetised i11:35
sledgesif you want, think Jolla), and want to be able to write a fart app collecting pennies for displaying ads..11:37
sledgesand if you want more *rich* factors - more companies like Jolla could emerge, re-using the same technology, it other form factors, and even in other vertical markets (embedded, ruggedised, industrial)11:39
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davide_hi! with that file "" I'm able to boot nemomobile on my nitrogen6x. But what must start at boot? A UI I guess...right?14:04
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davide_At boot doesn't start even X...14:22
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davide_mric_: I guess! but it doesn't start at boot and event X does...I think is not normal..14:36
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zhxt Sage, ping14:42
mric_davide_: sorry, I don't know but it does not seem to be normal14:44
davide_mric_: ok, thanks!14:45
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zhxt or, w00t, ping14:47
w00tzhxt: pong, caveat, I am on phone only so can't do too much14:48
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zhxtw00t: uhmmm. would you please help me to setup webhook when you are on PC?14:50
w00tI can, but sage probably has a lower latency unless the help you need is instructions.. I probably won't get to a keyboard until I get to Helsinki around midnight (/tomorrow)14:52
zhxtw00t:OK, another time is fine.14:56
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zhxtw00t: I'll try in another time .  thx  :)15:09
w00tping me tomorrow15:09
zhxtok. i will,  if sage does not pong.  :)15:11
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sledgesdavide_, launch Xorg from cmdline - says anything?15:21
sledgesinspect logs15:21
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sledgesi gather your hardware adaptation (namely video drivers) might be off track15:22
Sagezhxt: pong15:23
zhxtSage: hi, would you please help me to setup the webhook things?15:23
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zhxtSage: I learned from wiki.15:24
zhxtit says that the next step need to contact you to do some settings or something like that.15:25
Sagezhxt: sure15:25
Sagezhxt: what package to which project?15:26
davide_sledges: X from command line works quite well..I can even launch lipstick after X and so I can launch the applications, but there's no navigation betweeen apps...the X log seems ok..15:26
zhxtSage: voicecall, Nemo Qt 5 porting.15:26
Sagezhxt: what project in obs?15:26
Sagezhxt: done15:28
Sagezhxt: you can follow at #mer-boss channel the tags and commit15:28
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zhxt Sage: okay, thx! :)15:29
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zhxtSage: oh. sorry.15:29
zhxtSage: I want to use another source repo.15:30
sledgesdavide_, navigation between apps is swiping from the any screen edge inwards. if doesn't work, you need to zypper install meegotouch-compositor-gestures15:30
zhxt Sage: not the testing one.15:30
Sagezhxt: oh, what then?15:31
Sagethat was the one I saw in webhooks unmapped so though it was that one15:31
zhxt Sage: /zhxt/voicecall.git15:32
Sagezhxt: branch?15:33
Sage18:33.20 < Merbot`> Tag(s) by sage in master branch of, which will trigger build in project home:zhxt package voicecall-qt5  (
zhxt Sage: OK, thanks a lot. :P15:34
sledgesdavide_, Xorg is launched (indirectly) by user-session@1000.service15:35
sledgescheck systemctl for errors15:35
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davide_sledges: I can see some errors due to various services like: plymouth-start.service, display-manager.service, auditd.service...15:44
zhxt Sage: am I doing something wrong?  I just pushed, but the build seems not run.15:51
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zhxtdo I need to add a revision parameter for tar_service?15:52
sledgesdavide_, display manager service is the rootcause then15:54
Sagezhxt: does your home have cibot as maintainer?15:54
sledgessystemctl status display-manager.service15:54
Sagezhxt: ah, no.15:55
* Sage fixes the development wiki page a bit15:55
zhxtsledges: no.15:55
zhxtI need to add it ?15:55
davide_sledges: Loaded: error (Reason: No such file or directory) Active: incative (dead)15:56
zhxt Sage: ok, added.15:58
Sagezhxt: yes. Added to the guide as well now
zhxtyeah, great,  I've done that from web.16:03
sledgesdavide_, sorry, that file does not exist on your system (neither exists on mine)16:03
sledgesbut is wanted by graphics.target16:03
sledgesprobably irrelevant, but I don't know why it shows up on your systemctl16:04
sledgesdavide_, ran that command as root I presume?16:04
sledgesdavide_, perform: ls -l /lib/systemd/system/
davide_sledges: init-done.service -> ../init-done.service16:08
davide_user-session@1000.service -> ../user-session@.service16:08
zhxt Sage: do you know what should I do with this error: "nothing provides pkgconfig(Qt5OpenGL)..." when build.16:10
Sagezhxt: you have bad dependency there16:12
sledgesdavide_, check `systemd --user`16:12
Sageis it Qt53D ?16:13
Sagezhxt: not sure about the names. But are you sure you need that dep in the first place in your .spec file?16:13
zhxtI'm not sure. I'll check.16:13
Sageremove it and try if you need it later16:14
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sledgesdavide_, shit is not the output of systemd --user ;)16:19
* sledges still lauhhing from the type16:20
sledgestypo unnngh (been a long day)16:20
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davide_sledges: that's the output of "/lib/systemd/systemd --user"16:21
sledgesit has been a long day indeed16:21
sledges`systemctl --user`16:21
sledgesapologies davide_ :)16:21
davide_sledges: eh problem!!!16:22
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davide_sledges: "Failed to issue method call: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not sent a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken"16:25
sledgesdavide_, `DISPLAY=:0 systemctl --user`16:32
davide_sledges: the DISPLAY env var was already setted to the result is the same...16:34
sledgesif you are from ssh session, display is unset. and mind, it is ":0" not 0 ;)16:34
davide_sledges: yeah, I meant :0 not 0 and i'm working via serial console... uhm...16:37
sledgesvia serial, display is unset too16:38
zhxt Sage: from the package revision log, I noticed that it seems still not triggered, no cibot log there.16:38
sledgesbut something is fishy, because for me `systemctl --user` works without problems16:38
sledgesdavide_, try `zypper search xorg-launch-helper`16:39
davide_sledges: I think does not work even with DISPLAY setted inline... xorg-launch-helper is installed...16:40
sledgesdavide_, btw that command should be launched as user16:41
sledgesnot as root16:41
davide_sledges: yeah, I'm nemo user!16:41
sledgesdavide_, perform as nemo user `systemctl start xorg.service`16:43
sledgesmake suer Xorg is killed (or reboot your board)16:43
Sagezhxt: 19:22.55 < Merbot`> 1 commit(s) pushed by zhxt to master branch of
Sagezhxt: you have pushed only commits. And tags are the only things that trigger bulid16:44
zhxtSage: oh. I missed that. :P16:45
davide_sledges: after a reboot, a "X &" and a "DISPLAY=:0 systemctl --user" the error changed to: Failed to issue method call: Process /bin/false exited with status 116:45
davide_now I'm trying your last commands16:45
Sagezhxt: everything should be documented at :)16:45
zhxtSage: ok, I'll read that part again and try later. thx :)16:46
Sagezhxt: if something is missing like the cibot need to add those. Also improvements are welcome16:46
Sagelet me know if there is something you can't understand.16:46
zhxtSage: ok, I will.16:46
davide_sledges: "systemctl start xorg.service" leads to "Failed to issue method call: Access denied" error...16:48
sledgessystemctl --user start xorg.service16:49
davide_sledges: after setting DISPLAY=:0, get the error "Failed to get DBUS connection: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed."16:51
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davide_sledges: since it has been a long day for you (and even for me) can we keep on tomorrow?16:56
sledgesdavide_, why we ended up in this situation is because you are trying to launch Nemo on a new board16:56
Sagesledges: davide_: problems?16:56
Sagewhat new board?16:57
sledgesSage, he can't get Xorg started by systemd on nitrogen6x board, running this .ks:
sledgeswe gone to as close to the bottom as `systemctl --user` erroring out for various reasons16:57
sledgesXorg launches manually fine though16:57
sledgesSage, for more details, do /lastlog davide_>16:59
davide_sledges: you summed up perfectly...16:59
sledgesso as I was saying davide_ , your new board seems to like Xorg, so some rudimentary drivers kick in fine17:00
sledgeslike vesa or fb17:00
sledgesbut something in systemd doesn'ŧ liek the new board. or (/me eyes Sage) something is wrong with generic nemo patterns17:01
sledgeseither way, this can be resolved by you taking a simple mer kickstarter17:01
sledgesmer provides org17:01
sledgesand qmlviewer17:01
sledgessee if you can get Xorg autostarting there17:01
davide_sledges: so I should try a small .ks file with that few packages and see if Xorg autostart...right?17:05
sledgeslast known mer qmlviewer ks is here:
sledgesbut this points to an old release. just replace /0.20121224.1/ with  /latest/ in that file17:07
sledgesI'd advise you to merge a resulting .ks file into, and post it on #mer just to double-check you're on the best way17:08
sledgesthis is how I'd imagine freshest mer-qmlviewer to look like (ssu enabled):
sledgesis ssu relevant to that ^ , Sage ?17:10
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davide_sledges: I had already tried that .ks file and X autostarted well (even if X was empty so I can only saw a black screen at startup)...may tomorrow I can try the latest version but I think It'll work...then I think i can add to that .ks file the nemo repos and packages...and for that we'll meet again! ;)17:16
davide_sledges: thanks for your infinite patience!!17:16
sledges\o/ :)17:16
sledgesdi niente ;) ci sentiamo domani :D17:17
sledgesio mio piacere ;)17:17
* sledges goes home, too, cya!17:18
* panda84kde waves davide_17:19
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