Friday, 2013-05-10

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bunkSage: thanks, building orked now07:25
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StskeepsSage: how far are we with all nemo being webhooked btw?08:34
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davide_hi, where's the definition of the keyword "@Nemo Complete" ? thanks!09:29
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sledgesdavide_, and so on09:40
davide_sledges: thanks!09:41
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sledgescheers :)09:44
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SageStskeeps: I think most of the stuff in is done. At least the ones that have been touched lately as no SR's coming in09:54
SageStskeeps: would need to continue with tar_git with submodules for the parts with git upstream. Haven't had time to start that though. :/09:58
Sageguide is there and all the stuff related to that just manual work on converting stuff09:58
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#297 Rejected promotion request10:44
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SageStskeeps: ok I was wrong. Still 47 packages in to go11:13
Sage83 done11:13
Sagew00t: ^ quick statistics11:14
w00tSage: hmm, how did you measure?11:14
w00tbut a lot of the stuff on there is not priority anymore11:14
Sagewent through terpos :)11:14
w00tat least I haven't needed to touch a package that wasn't hooked recently11:14
Sagewell, those packages haven't mostly touched in over 2 months that haven't been mapped11:15
w00tSage: I still wonder if we should create a nemomobile-archive for old stuff we don't want to use (but keep around for reference) btw11:15
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Sagew00t: +1 from me at least11:16
SageI see on that list stuff that is still used. But anyway I'm not accepting stuff from with SR's anymore so at least when people touch packages they will be properly mapped11:18
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sledgeswhat about archiving the COBS cemetary ?11:54
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sledgesbefore takedown this month12:05
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Sagehmmp... rotation in homescreen doesn't seem to work on nemo anymore12:34
sledges"A new bug is better than an old bug", Linus Torvalds :)12:39
davide_sledges: Sage: hi!I'm here again! ;) I've done some tests starting from a .ks filewith minimal mer packages. Xorg autostarts well. then I added nemo packages and made that .ks file: and now I've got the same yesterday's "systemctl --user" problem... :(12:40
sledgesdid systemctl --user work with plain mer only?12:40
sledgesyou should start with the most up-to-date nemo file (as there sadly aren't any most up-to-date mer-only .ks files :( )12:42
Sagedavide_: pastebin "rpm -qa | sort"12:42
* Sage thinks he knows what is wrong but needs some more info12:42
sledgesdavide_, ignore my last phrase :)12:43
davide_sledges: I'm a fool...I didn't try systemctl on plain mer...12:52
sledgesthat's ok davide_ , i'm just dabbing around. Sage is the architect ;P12:57
Sagedavide_: if you call Xorg does it start?12:57
Sageas root user12:57
Sagedo first "systemctl stop user-session@1000.service" to make sure it is stopped12:58
davide_Sage: yes, it starts correctly (and it was previously down)!13:01
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Sagedavide_: and if you do: "Xorg&" and then "xterm" you can see xterm?13:25
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Sagesry... "su nemo;export DISPLAY=:0;xterm"13:25
davide_Sage: uhm...I don't have xterm and I can't install it via zypper...13:33
Sagecan't install via zypper? you mean no network?13:34
sledgesbut Sage , I remember davide_ saying that he could run apps13:34
Sagesledges: one thing at the time ;)13:34
sledges16:26 < davide_> sledges: X from command line works quite well..I can even launch lipstick after X and so I can launch the applications, but there's no navigation betweeen apps...the X log seems ok..13:34
Sageyes, one thing at the time.13:35
Sagety then "Xorg&;su nemo;export DISPLAY=:0;qmlcalc"13:35
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davide_Sage: the calculator appears on screen..(like sledges remember that was the only way for me to get some apps on the screen)13:36
Sagedavide_: call "systemctl start user-session@1000.service" and get what "journalctl -f" at the same time on other terminal for example13:41
davide_Sage: as root or nemo user?13:44
davide_Sage: called them as root user, and got (if could help, note that with the first test there was a freeze at boot because the kernel used didn't support I built a kernel with CGROUPS support and now I'm using that new kernel)13:51
sledgesdavide_, only CGROUPS is not enough13:52
panda84kdedavide_: maybe you need to add some more CGROUPS kernel "submodules"13:52
sledgesyou need sub CGROUPS flags13:52
* sledges moment13:52
Sagedavide_: pastie your kernel config13:52
Sagedavide_: you should do "mer_verify_kernel_config < your-kernel-config"13:53
Sagedavide_: which tells you if you are missing some kernel options that are required13:53
panda84kdedavide_: maybe this one can help:
Sagepanda84kde: complex13:54
panda84kdeSage: really interesting that mer_verify_kernel_config13:54
Sagepanda84kde: he might be missing quite a bit more options that should be there so that mer_verify_kernel_config should be really used13:54
Sageit tells you the mandatory and optional options that Mer expects13:55
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sledgesSage, I think I raised this in the past already, should've been more proactive and added that to kernel check - but refrained thinking it's subject only to pandaboard, apparently not13:56
sledgesit is not in the verifier13:56
sledgescgroups_sched etc13:57
sledgesthose got rid of the for me13:57
Sage16:56.46 < sledges> it is not in the verifier13:57
Sage ?13:58
Sagethose are there but those should really be optional afaik13:58
sledgesok, great you put them in, thanks!
sledgesi'm 100% certain those will fix davide_'s issue13:59
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sledgesso I start doubting on them remaining optional ;)14:01
sledgesper-device? / arch?14:01
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Sagesledges: well if you can verify those mandatory then we should change them so. But even optional things should be set on by default really14:17
sledgestrue. they might not be mandatory for x86 (?)14:17
sledgesapparently systemd/user-session.service wants them to be mandatory14:18
sledgesneeds some retests on other archs/devs14:18
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BGFHello all15:39
BGFanybody here willing to help me installing NEMO on n900 emmc>15:39
BGFI tried but failed miserably15:39
Sagewhat does failed miserably mean? :)15:40
BGFI think i flashed wrong kernel.. or kernel didnt flash15:40
BGFI gave me message about image wont fit in partition15:41
BGFthen flashed with mg-handset-armv7nhl-n900-ce-testing-
BGFand the nemo-armv7hl-n900-mmcblk0p.raw.bz215:42
Sageah ok15:43
Sageso the current kernel might infact be a bit too large to fit to the emmc partition15:43
SageI think there was some 2M limit or so, but now that we have been using u-boot to boot from sd card the kernel size haven't been a problem so nobody has checked that15:44
BGFis this the current kernel file?15:44
SageBGF: why are you trying to flash it to emmc? Any specific reason not to use sd card?15:45
Sagethat mg-handset image is quite old15:45
BGFnemo-armv7hl-n900-uImage is one is giving me the message about being too big15:46
BGFthe mg-handset is flashing ok15:46
BGFbut nemo cannot boot15:46
Sagewell, even if that nemo-armv7hl-n900-uImage would flash ok, it would search the rootfs from wrong partition.15:47
BGFso whats my option15:49
BGFflash pr 1.3 from nokia15:49
BGFand then dualboot to sd card15:49
SageBGF: well that is the currently supported method and well tested15:50
BGFok.. appreciate your help15:51
BGFlast question i promise15:51
BGFIs it possible to install on the sd but use the phone in usb mode to do it15:51
BGFthe reason is that I cannot for some reason expose the ssd directly to linux(vmware fusion)15:52
SageI don't undestand the question. Ps. Feel free to ask as many questions you want.15:52
BGFI am on mac, there is ubuntu running in vmware15:52
BGFbut when I put the microsd in adapted then in the laptop card reader15:52
BGFvmware cannot bring it to ubuntu15:53
BGFI brings usb devices..15:53
Sageif you can just get your device to pr1.3 and update the packages required there you can do the sdcard of nemo on windows or mac no need for usb for that15:53
SageI'm not sure what flashing of fremantle pr1.3 requires15:53
BGFIl try to get back to pr1.3 now15:53
BGFif success will check nemo on sd card15:54
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* Sage needs to go. cya in couple of hours or so15:57
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rsequeirHi, I am trying to build a Nemo image using "nemo-armv7hl-pandaboard-rnd.ks"18:00
rsequeirhave installed MIC2 v0.24.12 on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS18:01
rsequeirfollowing the tutorial (
rsequeirdoesn't work:18:02
rsequeirmic cr raw nemo-armv7hl-pandaboard-rnd.ks --outdir=tmp/ \   --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,FLAVOUR:devel --arch=armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp18:02
rsequeirI tried:18:03
rsequeirmic create --format=raw nemo-armv7hl-pandaboard-rnd.ks --outdir=tmp --arch=armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp18:03
rsequeirnow get:18:03
rsequeirError: No repositories found18:03
rsequeiranybody could enlighten me ?18:04
Sage21:01.19 < rsequeir> have installed MIC2 v0.24.12 on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS18:15
Sageprobably your problem :)18:15
Sagersequeir: are you using mer sdk and mic insdie it?18:15
Sagethere is your problem then18:16
rsequeirthere is another mic included in the SDK ?18:16
Sagemer doesn't provide any tools to specific host. All tools are inside the mer sdk and work on any linux platform18:16
Sage"any linux platform" there might be exceptions but if found those are usually fixed18:17
Sagersequeir: guide for installing mer platform sdk
Sagersequeir: after that you can use the mic inside the mer sdk to build that image18:17
rsequeirok perfect, will follow the instructions carefully :)18:18
Sagejust ask if you have problems. There are many here that can help.18:19
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zhxt hi, Sage,  is it true the project repositories can not change after setup for webhook?18:34
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rsequeir"Error <creator>: Command ''extlinux' is not available."18:45
rsequeirwhile executing   => mic cr raw nemo-armv7hl-pandaboard-rnd.ks --outdir=tmp/ \   --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,FLAVOUR:devel --arch=armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp18:45
rsequeirok will try again later...18:55
rsequeirthanks for you help Sage !18:55
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* zhxt need to go to sleep now, 3am here.19:11
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#299 waiting for review at
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Pytoxi have an error when installing the sdk21:19
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Pytoxsomething about Vboxmanage.exe21:23
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