Wednesday, 2013-05-15

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bartexhi, does anyone have succesfully compiled mlite from:
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bartexspecial:  sure thing. But I want to compile mlite on ma ubuntu and then continue with compiling lipstick07:40
bartexand qdbusxml2cpp (version 0.7) is having some problems wiht parsing notificationmanager.xml07:43
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bartexIf lipstick needs mlite5 to compile properly, do I need qt5 to compile mlite?08:42
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sledgesbartex, lipstick-qt5 is broken at the moment
sledges points to the head, so it's also qt5, and hence unstable/uncompilable08:48
sledgeslipstick 0.11.0 compiles fine (qt4) and you should take sources from there:
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bartexsledges: thanks. that make sens. so now lipstick wants just mlite08:52
bartexbo still, I can't compile mlite on ubuntu08:52
bartexqdbusxml is having some problems with parsing notificationmanager.xml08:53
sledgesbartex, I just compiled it without problems having installed Mer Platform SDK and using the mb tool08:54
sledgespackaging information (.spec) file specifies all needed dependencies, and mb tool puts them all together, compiles and gives you a nice rpm08:55
sledgesit's also cross compiling in the go08:55
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bartexso is there some info how to use the mb tool08:56
sledgesmb build -t <your_mer_sdk_target> <your_spec_file>08:57
bartexso why I can't build it i a regulard ubuntu? Or need to do this with mer sdk?09:01
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sledgesmer sdk is made for that purpose09:01
sledgeswe can't support building our packages for every linux distro, so provide an sdk instead09:01
sledgesit's just a chroot, and it can build for x86 architecture too, so you immediately try it out in a vm09:02
bartexsledges: is it possible to run some simple lipstick home on ubuntu?09:12
bartexjust to test it?09:12
sledgeslipstick as stand alone will show you nothing but 3 black screens, one of which will show you date and a line under it09:14
w00tbartex: the primary target is for mer-based products, so, not out of the box really, no09:14
w00twith effort, maybe09:15
sledgesbartex, your answer is a full fledged nemo in a VM09:15
bartexw00t:  ok09:16
sledgesthen, in mer sdk you can recompile lipstick-colorful-home and make things look different09:16
bartexsledges:  ok as well09:16
bartexsledges:  but it's possible to recompile lipstick for x86_6409:18
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sledgesthere is no nemo for x86_64:
sledgesbut it doesn't matter, because x86 nemo VM can perfectly run on your 64bit host machine09:21
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bartexok. I wil check that09:25
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sledgeshave fun! feel free to ask when you run in an obstacle :)09:27
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bartexsledges: sure thing. thanks very much for helping09:28
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fvlis there any plan to integrate a "blacklist" in a system?09:30
fvlfor calls, sms09:31
fvllike a firewall pro on nokia n909:31
fvli want a full integration with the system09:31
sledgesnot that i've heard of, but if you get a map, a ship, and a crew, very welcome to implement! :)09:32
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fvlits diffucult for my finance09:32
fvland a want a QR code reader in system09:33
fvllooks like "add contact->from QR" in contacts app09:33
sledgesqr code reader (meescan) is in harmattan, probably won't be to hard to code, or even to write it from scratch09:34
sledgeswell, we're all spare time coders here (those who don't work for jolla ;))09:39
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bartexsledges:  darn, virtualbox is complaining with the nemo-i586-vm.iso file that it can't be used as the requested device type.10:02
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bartexok got it done10:05
bartexfile permission issues :)10:05
sledgesbartex, where did you 'plug' it in?10:05
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sledgesit should be under: Settings->Storage->Controller: IDE10:06
sledgesah you sorted it out :) misread you lol ;P10:06
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#301 Accepted promotion request11:20
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sledgeshey macarena!11:22
sledgesay :D11:23
sledgesnemo party! :))11:24
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sledgeswelcome back norayr, have you tried kicking anyone with access to github/nemomobile ( w00t, lbt, sage (?) about ?11:27
Merbot`Nemo bug 629 in Nemo Bugzilla "clone meegotouch-community-i18n to github" [Normal,New]11:27
w00tI completely forgot that11:28
sledgesim sure you were overwhelmed by many other things w00t ;P11:28
w00ti'll see if i can think about translations this weekend, maybe11:29
w00ti don't think that repository is particularly useful anymore, especially with settings being replaced in the nearish future11:29
sledgesand veering away from mtf11:31
specialI would call it "setting fire to mtf and hurling it away with great force"11:35
sledgesjust throwing it from under water back into the burning platform :))11:35
w00tyeah, we can leave that bit on fire11:39
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norayrsledges: I don't feel comfortable keeping kicking people (:11:49
sledges:) poking also works11:49
norayrI believe when they have time they may kick themselves11:49
sledges(or forget ;P)11:50
norayrthank you (:11:50
sledgesnp :)11:50
sledgesnow we all know the situation11:50
sledgeslogical question to w00t: where will the translation to new settings app be kept?11:51
sledgesor maybe he'd already answered: it's yet to be though out this weekend ;)11:53
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faenilsledges, iekku, rcg sorry guys I was cooking pasta and missed the macarena party :D11:53
faenilspecial, how you doing man :) haven't seen you lately here :)11:53
specialfaenil: doing great, just busy I suppose11:54
sledges:D im sure macarena likes pasta, too11:54
specialI'm over visiting europe at the moment11:54
faenilspecial, oh cool :) guess you're in ruholahti's office11:54
faenilsledges, :D11:55
w00tsledges: right now there isn't really any translation for much any of the UI organised11:55
w00tso yes, needs a bit of thought applied11:55
sledgesokedoke w00t , probably jolla has already brewed something in-house for their ui ;)11:56
w00tit's handled a bit differently there yes :)11:56
sledgesa ok :)11:56
aard_hmm, pasta11:57
iekkufaenil, :D11:58
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Sage_sledges: kick w00t  ;)12:21
* Sage_ hides12:21
sledgesSage_, come back out, we're done kicking :D12:22
w00twhat did I do?12:26
rcgfaenil, wb then :)12:26
faenilrcg, :)12:27
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Sage_rcg: separating the n950-n9 related parts from it so that the moslo could be more generic13:23
Sage_rcg: that is not tested yet or anything just initial stuff from my laptop git tree13:23
dm8tbrgood stuff13:24
rcgSage_, cool :)13:28
rcglooks good13:28
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rcgi can give it a try tonight and see if i get the nexus 7 stuff integrated13:37
dm8tbris there some sort of image-choser?13:38
rcgSage_, i would file a pull request to your repository then13:38
dm8tbrThat was always quite handy for me to be able to select between several testing images13:38
rcgdm8tbr, you mean for multiboot?13:38
rcgaye, well so far there isn't afaik13:38
dm8tbryes, I wrote one of those for a different hardware13:38
rcgsome other guy had been working on multiboot for nexus 713:39
Sage_there isn't but that is currently a bit higher level than we are at13:39
dm8tbrsure, just saying :)13:39
dm8tbrif you go for graphical interface there is kexecboot, on the other end are text-ui interfaces13:40
Sage_rcg: yes, need to test it quite heavily also on n950/n9. Would be nice if you could test it on nexus 7 so I know what else it needs13:41
rcgSage_, i can test on n950 as well and dual boot on n9, but the n9 is my everyday's phone so i am a bit more careful with that one ;)13:43
sledgesdm8tbr, don't forget ubiboot for n9xx13:45
dm8tbrnever looked at that13:45
sledgesif you want graphical..13:45
faenilI have ubiboot with tripleboot Nemo/Harm/NitDroid :)13:48
* sledges still hasn't gone open mode kernel :")13:48
sledgesafraid of aegis going nuts13:48
rcgsledges, can aegis go much more nuts?13:50
rcgbut honestly, only thing i had to do was to re-setup my accounts after switching to open mode13:50
rcgexcept of that i didn't notice any side effects13:50
rcgi am not sure if i had to re-download all my e-mails etc. though13:51
rcgit's quite some time ago since i did this13:51
sledgesah ok, probably that's why i'm hesitant :) having bunch of accounts :D13:51
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faenilI have to change ISP ASAP :P13:55
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bartexwhile running 'zypper ref' it can't connect to repositores, any idea how to fix it?14:11
bartexI'm in chroot.14:12
sledgesmer-sdk bartex ?14:12
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bartexit can't connect to host.14:12
sledgesping google.com14:12
sledgessudo ping :D14:13
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bartexi'm root already ;)14:13
sledgeshm, I can use only sudo under mer-sdk..14:14
sledgesdo `zypper lr -u`14:14
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sledgesping releases.merproject.org14:15
sledgespaste zypper ref as well pls14:15
bartexbut if you do: sudo -i you will have root ;)14:15
sledges;) thanks14:16
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bartexit can't connect to releases.merproject.org14:17
bartexbut ping works14:17
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sledgeslbt, ^14:17
bartexwhen I want to ping it does not now how to resolve the host14:18
sledgesMurphy's law, as soon as I poked Murphy :D14:18
sledgesbartex, that's because you don't ping a protocol14:18
sledgesall ok14:18
sledgesyou still have a problem that is :D14:18
sledgesdo `wget`14:19
sledgesor curl14:19
sledgeson wget in mersdk ;P14:19
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bartexno wget in mersdk ... while using curl it can't connect to host14:19
sledgesare you behing proxy?14:19
bartexbut it's set14:20
sledgeswget messes up with licencing, os not our friend :))14:20
bartexuuu didn't new that.14:20
bartexone second ...14:21
bartexehhh .. fail14:21
bartexproxy ;) ... I though it was set14:21
sledgesnot in sdk :)14:21
bartexnow it's working fine. all repos refreshed14:22
bartexyes ... to much inception ;)14:22
sledgesprecisely ;)14:22
bartexanyway ... thanks again :D14:22
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sledgesenjoy! np :)14:22
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