Friday, 2013-05-17

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tachikomaI finally have nemo running - but how do i leave the flight mode?08:37
tachikomai can switch it of in the settings app, but it gets turned back on immediatly08:37
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spiirointachikoma: does anything interesting show up in the journal?08:41
tachikomaspiiroin: where would the journal be?08:43
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spiirointachikoma: as in run "journalctl -fa" from shell and then toggle the flight mode in settings ui -> does something show up08:45
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tachikomanow it worked08:47
tachikomamh, but only wifi connected, cellular still now connecting, shows me a little antenna with a 'x' beside it08:49
tachikomathe very first time i botted i was asked for my cellular pin, then i was connected, but since then - no luck. Is there a way to trigger that pin request/a cellular connect once more?08:50
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tachikomaand btw - how do i end a running application? ;)08:51
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sledgestachikoma, there is the "PIN Entry" app for PIN entries :)09:33
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sledgesto close an app: you swipe from either edge09:33
sledgesto close it, press and hold on any app in the AppSwitcher screen09:34
tachikomayes, i can minimise them, but after some time i have a lot of them running ;)09:34
tachikomaah, ok thx09:34
sledgesif you find your SIM card not connecting to the GSM network, please file a bug, this is invaluable for us09:35
sledgeswould be great if you could try another operator SIM if possible09:35
tachikomaI'll do09:36
sledgescheers :)09:36
sledgeshappy you got it running! \o/09:36
tachikomabut can't do that now, have to work ;)09:36
sledges;) me too lmao09:36
sledgess/lmao/roflol/ :)09:37
sledges(it's a very decent channel ;))09:37
tachikomayay, pin entry app helped :)09:38
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tachikomanow trying to setup gprs and then back to the coal mines ...09:39
sledgesinteresting work you have09:39
*** faenil is now known as faenil_universit09:39
sledgesstrange, pin entry should autostart :{ (a bug! ;) )09:39
tachikomaI'll have some longer stay in bugzilla tonight i think09:39
sledgesgprs is untested, so you're on ;)09:41
tachikomayes, saw that matrix already09:41
tachikomabeside teh debugging docu page in the wiki09:42
tachikomai just need ssh access to the device09:42
sledgesset your hosts usb0 dev static ip to
sledges(when you have usb cable plugged ofc)09:43
sledgesjust added N900 to the matrix ;)09:44
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tachikomawow, was able to receive a phone call :)10:18
sledges\o/ one box in the matrix ticked off ;)10:19
tachikomai was not able to start the dialer app though, so no outgoing phonecalls yet10:19
tachikomagprs also works, ping is fine, but browser just crashes after entering an url10:19
sledgesok, adjusting... :D10:19
sledgeshmmm, you can debug it from ssh10:20
sledgesDISPLAY=:0 heliumreborn10:20
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tachikomayeah, will do all that later, just could not resisting to try10:20
sledgesyou betcha :))10:21
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valdur55Oh yea... I wait exam presion ending.. then i will "play" with my mobile10:42
sledgesrock on10:44
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juicemesilly question, really. As I still feel a bit mystified each time I have to work with RPM, I cannot even find what package provides a certain utility :(11:33
juicemefor example, I would like to install "less", but how do I find it?11:33
juiceme"rpm -q --whatprovides less" does not work, and neither does "zypper search less"11:34
juicemeon DEB I would just use apt-cache, like "apt-cache search less | grep pager"11:36
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sledgesrpm -qf /usr/bin/less11:48
sledgesbut only for installed packages11:48
sledgesjuiceme, ^11:48
tachikomaaccording to the zypper man page, -d is needed to also search summary and descriptions of packages11:49
juicemeokay... any way to do a _full_ search on anything not installed yet?11:49
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juicemeit's possible I need to install some repos first?11:50
tachikomajuiceme: haven't seen one, you mean search the package file list?11:50
tachikomajuiceme: sorry, no idea about what packages are available, I booted my nemo yesterday the first time11:53
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sledgesi never knew apt-cache search less find among non-installed11:54
sledgesthe only thing that worked was apt-file search /usr/bin/less11:54
sledgesbut probably I confuse filename vs feature ;P11:55
juicemeit might depend on the version of apt, maybe?11:55
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile11:55
juicemebut what it does, it searches all packages, installed and not installed11:55
sledgeslook for apt-file11:55
sledgesin general, a golden link that is11:56
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tachikomaok, one more issue - i can only connect to open wlan networks, unencrypted ones.12:28
tachikomaAnd it seems to just connect to the next best open one, I am unable to actively select one12:28
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#303 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#303 Rejected promotion request12:41
sledgesI can connect to a WEP network here no problem12:50
sledgeswith N912:50
sledgesyou should be able to select where you want to connect via settings-connections-wifi...12:50
sledgesbut I noticed that the behaviour of that one is a bit flaky indeed12:50
sledgesin any case, a new setting app is coming, isn't it w00t?12:51
sledgesoh, he's not in, must be busy Jolling ;)12:51
tachikomaah, nice to know13:15
tachikomayes, i see all networks in the settings=connection-wifi ui, but i can tap them all i want, nothing happening13:15
tachikomai just tried systemctl restart connman.service to see if that helps13:18
sledgesbut you can always connect to your favourite AP via connman test ;)13:19
tachikomathanks for the link13:22
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faeniltachikoma, solved the issue?13:30
tachikomafaenil: not yet, still have to work, just when waiting for something i can continue on the phone ;)13:31
tachikomaalso no network access to it yet, would like to do all the configs via ssh13:31
faenilwhy is it so hard getting nemo on n900? I didn't know there were such problems13:32
faenilsledges, are those new problems?13:32
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tachikomafaenil: I'll later tonight file bugreports for the issues i encounter13:35
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sledgesfaenil, I haven't got an N900 :(13:37
sledgesover past many months there hasn't been much interest/testing on n900, until recently however ;) people want change!13:41
sledgesthanks to PR and nsuffys' awesome n900 nemo videos13:41
cxl000n7tachikoma  zypper se will search the refreshed repos. Also try search in OBS. You need mer tool repo for less13:42
tachikomacxl000n7: i see13:42
sledgesjuiceme, ^13:43
tachikomaactually, i only found nemo via jolla ;)13:43
* sledges was about to write "..and thanks to jolla" ;)13:43
sledgessome movement around nemo has been around TMO as well recently13:43
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ajalkane Trying to update my nemo installation from last year.15:42
ajalkaneI thought that since I already have the dual boot, It'd be enough to copy the rootfs with this command: sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/15:42
ajalkaneBut when I booted to Nemo it seems I have still the old version. Any idea what could be wrong?15:43
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:43
sledgesdid you do sync15:46
sledgesafter extracting15:46
ajalkaneNo but I think I see what's heppning... I got /media/Alt_OS and /media/Alt_OS_15:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:47
ajalkaneapparently Alt_OS_ is the one automounted15:47
ajalkaneSo I'll just extract there15:47
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:47
ajalkaneBut what is this sync you mentioned?15:47
ajalkaneOr is sync automatically done when doing umount?15:49
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ajalkane... as other people are going to have drinks to bar and having a decadent life, I'm using my friday installing Nemo mobile. Hah, I'm winning in life!15:53
* sledges is straight edge :)15:55
*** alexxy has joined #nemomobile15:55
sledgesso no need for a bar on friday night :)15:57
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC15:58
faenilajalkane, winning!15:59
ajalkanesledges: good for you, winning every day then15:59
ajalkanefaenil: \o/ for winning15:59
*** panda84kde has quit IRC16:01
ajalkaneSo I'm just untarring over the previous rootfs? Tar says "tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors16:01
*** soldoKyn has joined #nemomobile16:01
ajalkaneBut it's I guess due to stuff like this "tar: ./var/run: Cannot open: File exists". Not a problem I gather?16:01
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC16:05
sledgeslkane :)16:06
faenilI rm -r everything before untarring new image :)16:06
sledgesyou should wipe what's existing16:06
* sledges what he said ^ ;)16:06
faenillooks like star wars ship16:06
faenil|o| ------> |o|16:06
faenilpew pew16:07
faenil /o|16:07
faenilgotcha sledges!16:07
faenilpew pew16:07
ajalkaneAye, will do that then16:07
* sledges there's a video shots of people sitting in a cinema theatre, and changing seats making it look like a galaga game16:12
sledgescan't find it now. I don't think i've seen it on the internet :D it was in a bar ;P ;D16:13
*** rcg has quit IRC16:13
*** Artox has joined #nemomobile16:13
sledgesa small restaurant, called "Atomic Burger"16:13
dm8tbrthat sounds tempting!16:17
sledgesis the awesomest place ever, wait16:18
* sledges uploading the picture16:18
* dm8tbr hopes it comes with awesome sauce16:19
sledgeswell, you've just literraly asked for one more picture16:19
sledgesand they have video projection with 50s-80s sci fi movie trailers and crazy videos like galaga with people :)16:21
sledgesso, whoever comes to visit me in Bristol - I'll take you there! :D16:22
ajalkaneI just get first the good old blue Nemo boot background, and then the familiar psychedelic yellow-bluish horror picture - nothing else. So I guess my update don't work.16:22
sledgesajalkane, reboot one or two times16:23
dm8tbrsledges: I like the challenge, I'll have to visit you some time and try it16:23
sledgesdo you like spicy?16:23
dm8tbrI made it 2/3 through the jack the rooster death burger16:23
dm8tbrI spice up my food with ground up naga morichi16:24
sledgesI was to answer any possible phrase of yours "well then you don't know what spicy is"16:24
sledgesbut now I'm starting to reconsider...16:24
ajalkaneAh thanks... another reboot and the glory of new Nemo unleashed itself16:24
sledgesajalkane, \\o//16:25
dm8tbrafter the death burger my stomach complained for 2 days straight ;)16:25
sledgesgood it didn't live up for the name at least :)16:26
dm8tbrI would have eaten the whole burger, but then I would still have had to finish the fries to complete the challenge16:26
dm8tbrso I decided to spare my stomach a bit16:26
dm8tbrthe burger did taste good though16:27
dm8tbrthe sauce was made fresh, probably from naga morichi and tomato16:27
dm8tbrthe fries were nasty, very salty and chili powdered16:27
faenilyou should have finished the burger :D16:29
sledgesmate signing a legal waiver two days ago:
sledgeshe failed:
sledgesit was our birthday present for him :D16:34
sledgeswhat did you have as a drink dm8tbr ?16:34
ajalkaneIs there some good resource on porting Harmattan app to Nemo?16:35
dm8tbrsledges: pint of lager16:35
sledgesfair enough :)16:35
dm8tbrdoesn't help. at. all.16:36
dm8tbrthey don't allow stronger alcohol or milk during and after the challenge16:36
sledgesyou know what does?16:36
sledgeshere they allowed milkshakes16:36
sledgessince they were in the menu16:36
dm8tbrbah, sissies16:37
sledgesbutterscotch thick - was the way to go for him16:37
sledgeshe still failed ;P16:37
dm8tbrI wonder if their sauce is just some blair monstrosity or something fresh made16:37
dm8tbrsledges: are you coming over for devaamo2013?16:38
sledgesnopes :{16:38
dm8tbrtoo bad, would have treated you to a death burger16:38
sledgesI'd rather go for a quantity challenge than a spicyness ;)16:39
*** faenil has quit IRC16:40
ajalkaneOh damn... would require digging into RPM packaging and figuring out what's Nemo's method of launching daemons. Better to leave into another friday winning night.16:51
sledgesnemo-specific daemons will be launched by systemd, yes dm8tbr, and listed under /usr/lib/systemd/user/
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:52
ajalkaneAh... I gather I better not have too much winning today lest I get too high an opinion of my winningness. Better leave this systemd stuff to another friday.16:58
ajalkaneAnyway, the new Nemo mobile seems great. Great progress indeed.16:58
*** faenil has quit IRC17:02
*** thauta has joined #nemomobile17:03
*** Martix has quit IRC17:08
sledgescheers mate! I can't wait to embed it into a fridge on my part (on pandaboard e.g.)17:09
*** ajalkane has quit IRC17:11
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sledgesand have it used by housemates to browse/check emails/play angry birds while cooking's in progress :)17:15
sledgesneed to figure out multi user profiles though17:15
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