Tuesday, 2013-05-21

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martyonehi, since commit https://github.com/nemomobile/libmlocale/commit/361a784e2f572aecfb53deaf1a58b27d3a8f688a#L0R1800 libmlocale ignores LANG env variable, It's been two years now - maybe nobody rely on this feature. Should I fix it or remove? w00t?08:07
w00tmartyone: is it much work to fix? being able to set locale through LANG is a nice thing08:12
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martyonew00t: not much work, but then there are two questions: (1) why it only considers LANG and ignores LC_* -- should this be extended? (2) Is it ever going to be used? This way it is only possible to switch language with restarting application/session -- not an option on device, right?08:18
rikaneemartyone: it'd be just like how it is on Maemo (IIRC) - language changes need a reboot.08:19
w00tmartyone: for 1) i'd say it's ok to leave it unless you're feeling bored or someone needs it, for 2) it's useful for development purposes, even if it won't be used during production08:19
rikaneeNo idea if Nemo has i18n support, but it wouldn't hurt to leave it there.08:20
martyonew00t: ok, so I will just fix it and leave it only interpret LANG08:20
martyonerikanee: thanks08:20
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martyoneVesuri: hi, I would like to ask you regarding https://github.com/nemomobile/mlite/commit/a0a41f2d5625d90052a4ff00ee7626a66e52a399 Do I understand it correctly the translator is installed application-wide? If yes, is it OK? Should not be libmlocale used here instead? I am now fixing tests for libcontentaction and, as far as I understand it, it expects translations to desktop entries are handled with libmlocale.08:29
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martyonew00t, rikanee: any idea? ^08:35
* w00t doesn't really know the answer to that, sorry08:35
veskuhpvuorela, do you have anysight on martyone's question?08:42
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pvuorelamartyone: yeah, they get loaded application-wide. it would be nicer if those would get loaded only internally to mlite. but how is mlocale or libcontentaction involved here?08:55
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pvuorelamlocale installs the translators to qApp anyway, so don't see how it would matter if it gets used or not.08:58
martyonepvuorela: libcontentaction sets search paths for libmlocale -> it expects desktop entry names will be translated using libmlocale. Probably this was the original scenario before the two projects went async.08:58
pvuorelawhat search paths?08:59
pvuorelais it using mdesktopentry or parsing .desktop files itself?09:00
martyonepvuorela: ML10N::MLocale::addTranslationPath() in lca-tool.cpp . Yes, using mdesktopentry. If I understand it correctly, MLocale does not install translator to qApp if you do not work with the system locale instance.09:01
pvuorelaah, right.09:03
pvuorelawell, anyway, if libcontentaction is assuming anything on usage of mlocale, it sounds wrong.09:04
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martyonepvuorela: I understood it mlocale was part of the platform, i.e. "mandatory" to use -- it is not like that?09:10
pvuorelano, it's not mandatory and would like to get rid of it eventually.09:11
pvuorelai created the initial implementation to overcome some shortcomings of l10n in Qt by that time (Qt 4.4 or something) but since then Qt4 has gotten better and Qt5 even more so.09:14
martyonepvuorela: ok, If we decide to go without mlocale, what would be best way to make mdesktopentry search translations in a specified directory? Needed for testing..09:17
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pvuorelamartyone: hmh, that hard-coding of /usr/share/translations is not necessarily nice now. one option could be including the absolute path in .desktop files.09:24
pvuorelaor then introducing a setter for translation file search path.09:25
pvuoreladunno how much it helps the test case there.09:25
pvuorelaor how about just installing the proper translators in the test?09:28
pvuorelaaway for lunch for a while ->09:29
martyonepvuorela: I like the idea with the absolute path.09:30
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w00tVesuri: https://github.com/nemomobile/lipstick/commit/7db6115e65123b8dc940b04f231901ddcd7a0d96 is wrong; that changes file is only for historical purposes to populate the changelog from pre-git-changelogs, new changes are supposed to come from git (via [foo] did bar commit messages)10:30
w00thttps://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=_service%3Atar_git%3Alipstick.changes&package=lipstick&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Amw&rev=579009d799df2a6716e5639cc34d6827 <- so your changes file is now a little confused10:30
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rantomI think I found a bug, can someone confirm it for me (requires using a hidden network)?10:41
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