Wednesday, 2013-05-22

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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#311 waiting for review at
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#312 Rejected promotion request06:07
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#313 waiting for review at
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bartexhow to easily build an rpm package? do I need to use the OSC tool for that?07:27
dm8tbrnot sure, but I think the platform SDK should be able to build it locally too07:28
dm8tbrotherwise, learning how to use OBS is always good07:28
dm8tbrit can also build locally and you can chroot into the environment07:28
bartexbut with the osc tool, right?07:29
bartexor rpm-build?07:29
bartexbecause I'm a bit confused07:29
veskuhyou can build rpms locally with mb script in platform sdk07:29
bartexany info for that?07:30
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veskuhhmm.. mb --help07:32
bartexstill not enoguth ;) ... only mb build and mb clean07:32
veskuhbartex, for example:  mb build -t nemo-x86 rpm/tweetian.spec07:34
veskuhsb2 target name in sdk would be nemo-x86 and the spec file would be rpm/tweetian.spec07:34
bartexa yes :) ... got that, but is complaining that /root/temp.spec: no such file or direc07:35
veskuhit retrieves dependencies, compiles and packages07:35
bartexbo eve if that files is there - still nothing07:35
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veskuhand you have a proper .spec file ?07:35
bartexI'm trying to build the hello example pacakage07:36
bartexmy mistake, becasue I was doing it as root ... as an regular user I've got error: make: no targets specified and no makefile found07:36
veskuhAnd this is within sdk? You did "sdk enter" ?07:37
veskuhand you are able to compile stuff with sb2 qmake ?07:38
bartexsb2 - yes, with qmake maybe, didn't tried it.07:39
veskuhcheck the target name with sb2-init and try using the same one with mb07:40
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bartexthe target is correct07:41
Sagemb expects that the .spec file is rpm directory of the source tree07:42
bartexit's there07:42
bartexmb build -t my_target rpm/hello.spec07:42
bartexmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.07:42
bartexerror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.8K6m1c (%build)07:42
Sagebartex: ok so you have in %build make call in .spec but you are missing instructions for that in your source tree07:43
bartexit doesn't make sense. because the target is specified.07:43
Sagebartex: can you show the .spec file and then content of your source tree ls ./07:44
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bartexthe hello.tar.gz if from here:
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veskuhYou don't have sources and makefile in that dir just rpm subdir?07:47
bartexveskuh: that's why i wanted to now, whats the issue. becasue I couldn't find any info about the structure of the spec, yaml, etc. files07:49
bartexin rpm dir I need only the spec file?07:50
Sagebartex: ok. So As I said the mb expects the source dir with rpm directory and spec file there. You should extract that tar.gz file content to your ./ if you use mb. However if you use rpmbuild straight and not mb you can use the tarball as such07:50
bartexso I will unpack the tar.gz07:51
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bartexso right now I should have: rpm and hello-0.1 directory07:52
Sagebartex: actually you should have content of hello-0.1 in ./ and then ./rpm/ that contains the .spec07:53
Sagebartex: this is for mb07:53
bartexhow about for rpmbuild07:53
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bartex+ /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress07:54
bartexone error :) but the makefile was found07:55
bartexand it's compiled.07:55
bartex  /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.4xR2vV: line 39: /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress: No such file or director07:55
Sagehmmp... that is new07:55
Sagesb2 -t YOUR_TARGET rpm -qf /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress07:57
Sagedoest that return something like rpm-build-
bartexstrange, its returning: rpm: rpm: is a directory07:59
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bartexok, never mind07:59
bartexthis command returns: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.4xR2vV: line 39: /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress: No such file or director07:59
bartexerror: file /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress: No such file or directory07:59
bartexso it's true. brp-compress is not found07:59
Sageit should be installed with rpm-build by mb to the target when called08:00
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bartexso what to do?08:03
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Sagebartex: does "rpm -q sdk-utils" in mer sdk tell you that you have sdk-utils version 0.29 or newer installed08:04
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Sageok update your sdk it is quite old apparently08:08
bartexhm, ok08:09
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bartexwell, I'm having some connection issues, because of my proxy - even if it's set correctly ... but I've put one line to hello.spec: %define __os_install_post /bin/true  and is not complaining for the brp-compress08:12
bartexProcessing files: hello-0.1-1.armv7hl08:12
bartexerror: No file attributes configured08:12
Sagesry, but I would prefer to fix the connection issues and update your sdk as otherwise we are going to just solve problems that are already solved in newer ones.08:14
bartexhm. ok then. so tell me what sdk version after upgrade should I have?08:15
SageI have sdk-utils version 0.29 atm. installed08:16
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bartexso after I will upgrade the sdk, will it build the rpm correctly?08:22
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Sagebartex: should yes08:31
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bartexSage: still brp-compress: no such file or directory after upgrade08:41
bartexrpm -q sdk-utils -> sdk-utils-0.26-1.21.1.noarch08:42
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bartexis there a way to update zypper repo?09:04
bartexsomething like zypper ref, zypper update is fine?09:05
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w00tupdate from repositories? zypper ref -f, zypper dup09:14
bartexSage: got it:). thank so musz. I've update zypper repo, and installed rpm-buld with all the depencencies and it's done :)09:15
bartexw00t: thank :)09:15
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w00tStskeeps: any objections to my emptying stuff out of xdg autostart10:10
w00tSage: ^10:11
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w00tas in "yes, I have objections"?10:17
Stskeepsyes, PA doesn't do user sessions to my knowledge10:18
Stskeepsand it doesn't harm, either10:18
w00tit doesn't harm, but it's annoying ;)10:19
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SageStskeeps: sure about pa using xdg still?10:27
SageI though they did user sessions already10:27
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SageStskeeps: w00t: we can drop xdg stuff as pa is using systemd as well10:50
Stskeepsjust be aware that their kinit or whichever might use autostart10:50
Sagethey are not using it like we are as they have only one large script that starts everything but it is started as user session10:50
Sage13:51.17 < Sage> notmart: do you rely on stuff that is in /etc/xdg/autostart/ ?10:52
Sage13:51.35 < notmart> no not really10:52
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Sageplundstr: do we have any reason why nemo-mobile-configs-x86-vm/60-nemo-mobile-hw.conf is exactly that name in systemd environment dir?11:06
plundstrSage: needs to be bigger than  50 (read after 50-...)11:06
plundstrso Hw adaptation can override env variables11:07
Sageok I'm pondering of merging x86 configs packages to one source tree11:07
Sageso need to have differnet names for those but th ename doesn't matter anymore so I can just rename and easily put to same source tree11:10
bartexdoes any one know in which package I can find: makedepend command11:13
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sledgesbartex, imake12:03
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bartexsledges: thanks :)13:06
bartexmaybe you have some idea how to upragde a rpm package, i.e.: i've build libdrm and right now I wan't to install it13:07
bartexsb2 -t targer rpm -U libdrm-xx-.rpm is not working.13:08
sledgeszypper in libdrm-xx-.rpm13:08
sledgestry ^13:08
sledgesit worked for me on opensuse the other day, i was surprised zypper does cmdline .rpms too13:08
sledgesbut if fails, just go13:08
sledgessb2 -t target rpm -i libdrm-xx-.rpm13:09
sledgesand if that fails13:09
sledgessb2 -t target rpm -e libdrm-xx-.rpm13:09
sledgesfirst ;)13:09
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sledgessb2 -t target rpm -e libdrm13:09
bartexnice. it worked.13:09
sledgeswhich 1?13:10
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bartexoption 1 worked13:11
sledgeshave fun :)13:11
bartexok. thanks :)13:12
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w00trpm -U --force <rpm> will work13:18
w00tthe --force says "do it even if it's an older version just shut up i don't care do it already" :)13:18
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#313 Rejected promotion request17:47
Sageljp: libqofono needs to be pushed properly with tar_git instead. If you need help feel free to ask.17:48
Sage+su -l $USER -c "systemctl --user stop phonesim.service"17:48
Sagethat doesn't work in rpm as the $USER is there root when package is installed afaik. And root user doesn't have --user option available17:49
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#299 Rejected promotion request17:50
SageStskeeps: do we have any guide how user sessions services are supposed to be restarted during rpm package update?17:50
Sageas I really don't know how to do that17:50
Sagecc: aard_ plundstr phaeron et al. ;)17:51
phaeronthere's a try-restart afair and it should be guarded with || true17:51
SageI can't see how that helps17:52
Sagesystemctl --user restart xyz.service17:52
Sageroot can't use --user so we can't have that in rpm also when installing user is not really known17:52
SageOnly way I see it would happen is to do restart for the whole user session but that would mean it boots the whole ui ;)17:53
phaeronah user session , sorry missed that part. imho systemd should be fixed to allow root to control user sessions17:56
phaeronand --user doesn't need specific user17:56
Sagesure I don't disagree but question was do we have currently any means to do that really :)17:58
phaeronnot that I know of.17:59
Sageljp: I would recon for now just remove those systemctl --user calls from rpm if there isn't any proper way of doing it automatically18:05
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ljpI could swear those systemctl calls worked for me18:34
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#310 Accepted promotion request18:37
ljpSage: I dont think I have permissions to setup those webhooks on libqofono. I don't have any settings tab on that page18:37
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ljpcant log into that18:42
phaeronlbt: can you give ljp super powers ?18:43
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iekkuahoy cub18:59
faenilahoy mommy19:00
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Sageljp: mapped the master to nemo:devel:mw myself19:42
Sageuntil lbt gives you super powers ;)19:43
ljpok. I think I have a couple other repos I need to do as well19:44
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Sagelbt: ^ ping pong ;)19:47
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lbtI need to make a better ldap tool20:08
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lbtnooo java broke20:10
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lpotterSage: $USER is nemo when root :) so it works20:10
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lbtsorry guys - my ldap tool didn't survive debian upgrade20:14
lbtgoddam ljp ... I'm trying to autocomplete your nick to see if it's a I or an l or a | and you quit!!20:15
lpottersorry.. killed connman by mistake :)20:15
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lbtso a question for you20:17
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lbtI have a device with 2 eth ports - I want one to come up dhcp as normal20:17
lbtand the other I want to manually configure "later"20:17
lbtbasically I want to use a config in a potenrtially slow mount point to set the IP20:18
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile20:19
lbtbasically what is the correct way to setup a manual config like that?20:19
lpotterhmm.. hang on20:20
lbtno rush - I'm doing it tomorrow20:20
Sagelpotter: well, if you login as root originally it is root I would hope at least :)20:20
lbtI plan to use systemd and may need a 'set eth config' service which depends on mount point20:20
w00t[root@localhost ~]# echo $USER20:21
w00tseems to be20:21
w00tsame when using su -, as it should be as that gives a clean environment20:22
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lpotterlbt: might try a pre-provisioned service
lbtok - ty20:33
lpotterneed mac address though20:33
lbtthat should be OK20:34
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lpotterlbt: could you give me super powers as mentioned ^^^ ?20:35
lbtyep - just downloading a new LDAP editor :/20:35
lbtit's java so it's 134Mb for a compressed executable ...20:36
lpotterok, no worries20:36
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lpotter <said in my best fake aussie accent>20:37
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lbtlpotter: should be OK now - stupid java decided that after 3 years of working perfectly it would hang quietly for 5mins until it decided it won't do file locking on NFS21:23
lbtSage: what's ljp's username - any ide?21:23
faenilwhat if I just updated my -next image and it says "no screens found"21:26
faeniland x doesn't start? :D21:27
lpotterlbt: I'l lpotter21:28
lpotterI'm, even21:28
lbtyep - you're done21:28
lbtfor webhook I mean21:28
faenilis there anything I can try?21:34
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